03 décembre 2011

Seven Days 19/11/1989

mag_sevendays_coverLe magazine Seven Days du The Sunday Telegraph, du 19 novembre 1989, consacrait sa couverture à Norma Jeane, intitulée "Memories of Marilyn", avec un article de 5 pages "The Magic that was Marilyn".
(scans d'Emma). 

mag_sevendays_p1 mag_sevendays_p2
mag_sevendays_p3 mag_sevendays_p4

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22 novembre 2011

Catalogue Taschen Winter 2011/2012

taschen_winter2011_coverLe magazine catalogue des éditions Taschen de l' hiver 2011/2012, contient un article de dix pages pour la sortie du livre "Norman Mailer, Bert Stern: Marilyn Monroe" avec des photographies de Marilyn Monroe prises par Bert Stern.  
(scans perso).

> sommaire

> article
taschen_winter2011_p58 taschen_winter2011_p59
taschen_winter2011_p60 taschen_winter2011_p61 taschen_winter2011_p62 taschen_winter2011_p63
taschen_winter2011_p64 taschen_winter2011_p65 taschen_winter2011_p66 taschen_winter2011_p67

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20 novembre 2011

Julien's Auction 12/2011 - Magazine

A first issue of Playboy magazine (HMH Publishing, 1953) featuring Marilyn Monroe on the cover. The magazine, which launched in December 1953, sold for 50 cents a copy. 11 by 8 1/2 inches
Estimate: $1 000 - $ 1 500

lot64342 lot64343 lot64344

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18 novembre 2011

Catalogue Taschen Trade Automne / été 2011

taschentrade_coverLe magazine catalogue Taschen Trade des éditions Taschen de Automne / été 2011, contient un article de deux pages pour la promotion du livre Norman Mailer, Bert Stern: Marilyn Monroe


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07 novembre 2011

Révélation sur la vie très privée de Paul Newman

paul_newman_bookA 83 ans, le 26 septembre 2008, Paul Newman s'en est allé en laissant un vide immense dans le monde du showbizz.
L'an passé, Darwin Porter sortait une biographie sur Paul Newman qui a fait scandale: Paul Newman, The man behind the baby blues: his secret life exposed (des extraits du livre sur amazon.com). L'écrivain parlait des prétentues liaisons de la star avec des stars hollywoodiennees comme Grace Kelly, Judy Garland, Natalie Wood et de Marilyn Monroe. L'auteur a une conversation avec Marlon Brando dans son livre dans lequel ce dernier révèle la bisexualité de Paul et de sa relation avec James Dean.
Cette année, on revient à la charge avec les histoires d'amour de Paul Newman avec Nathalie Wood et Marilyn Monroe et on ajoute Jackie Kennedy à la liste.
Paul Newman et Marilyn Monroe font la couverture du journal américain National Examiner du 7 au 14 novembre 2011.
national_examiner_2011_nov_1 national_examiner_2011_nov_2
Extrait (en ligne sur vanityfair.com):
The first time I saw Paul Newman he was dancing with Marilyn Monroe. It was the summer of 1959 at a noisy Actors Studio party in New York’s Greenwich Village. I had just passed my audition and was being introduced to everyone as a new member by the Broadway producer Cheryl Crawford, one of the Studio’s heads.

Nobody was paying me much attention—understandably, since they were all watching a barefoot Marilyn, in a skintight black dress, undulate around the living room with Newman, lithe and sinewy in chinos and T-shirt.
They seemed to be dancing with such rapture; they both kept changing rhythms and sometimes they walk-stepped to the beat. They didn’t dance for very long—maybe three minutes—but what a hot, pulsing three minutes it was! They broke apart, Marilyn gave a giggle and a curtsy, and Newman bowed and moved directly past me through the crowd to get a beer. 

> sur le web
article sur
Merci à Daniel pour les scans du National Examiner.

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05 novembre 2011

Star Inc Novembre 2011

mag_starINC_coverLe magazine québécois Star Inc de novembre 2011, n°9 Vol. 13, consacre un article de 2 pages sur Michelle Williams, à l'affiche du film My week with Marilyn.
/!/ merci à Daniel pour les scans du magazine.

mag_starINC_p55 mag_starINC_p56

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02 novembre 2011

You 30/10/2011

Le magazine You du 30 octobre 2011, consacre un article de quatre pages intitulé "My week with the ultimate Marilyn" sur le film My week with Marilyn, inspiré du livre de Colin Clark.

mag_you_2011_10_30_p1 mag_you_2011_10_30_p2
mag_you_2011_10_30_p3 mag_you_2011_10_30_p4

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14 septembre 2011

Epoca 17/01/1954

mag_epoca_1954_jan_ronr_cover1Le magazine italien Epoca du 17 janvier 1954, n°172, consacrait sa couverture à Marilyn Monroe et un article de 4 pages sur le tournage de River of no return (La rivière sans retour). 

mag_epoca_1954_jan_ronr_italie_p1 mag_epoca_1954_jan_ronr_italie_p1a
mag_epoca_1954_jan_ronr_italie_p2 mag_epoca_1954_jan_ronr_italie_p2a

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30 août 2011

Master Detective September 2011

MDSEPT11Le magazine britannique Master Detective de septembre 2011 nous offre en couverture Marilyn Monroe et développe un dossier sur sa mort: Was Marilyn Murdered ?
2,80 Livres sur truecrimelibrary.com

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21 août 2011

DiMaggios & O’Doul Mobbed By Fans On Flight Line

DiMaggios & O’Doul Mobbed By Fans On Flight Line
article publié sur Itami Airport in old days 
By Donald S. Ford

NEWLY-WEDS-Joe Demaggio and his bride, Marilyn Monroe, were served refreshments in the Japan Air Lines Terminal during a brief layover en route to Fukuoka, Kyushu.The famous couple signed autographs and met base officials while at Itami AB.(Itami Air Base Photo)

1954_monroe2Joe DiMaggio, his bride, the much publicized film star, Marilyn Monroe, and Lefty O’Doul stopped briefly at Itami Air Base last Monday evening en route to Fukuoka, Kyushu, via a Japan Air Lines flagship. DiMaggio and O’Doul were scheduled to spend three or four days on the southern island coaching baseball players in the Central League before returning to the Kansai District “to help get the baseball season underway in Kobe and Osaka.After the Japan Air Lines DC-4 was parked, the “YankeeClipper”stood on the Loading platform and talked with the large crowd of military personnel, dependents and Japanese Nationals who had come to see the famous newly-weds. Later Marilyn appeared in the doorway of the flagship and posed for photographers.The 20th Century Fox actress did not appear “misty eyed and moisty-lipped” etc.,etc. She simply looked like the beautiful wife of an exbase-ball star, apparently happyand very much in love with her husband.During the ten minute press conference in the JAL terminal, DiMaggio reiterated his reasons for combining his honeymoon with a baseball visit to Japan. His wife sat beside him patiently while photographers took more pictures and the crowd passed bits ofpaper through a terminal window for her to autograph.
Asked if she thought her squabble with 20th Century Fox would be ironed out soon, Marilyn said, “I certainly hope so, I am definitely against making ‘Pink Tights.’The picture has been produced three or four times under various different names. I would like to appear in more musicals like ‘Gentlemen Prefer Blondes”. Marilyn seemed anxious to get started on her scheduled trip to Korea the 16th. She will make as many stops as possible during the four-day tour, traveling from post to post by helicopter.The DiMaggios will leave for the states on Feb. 24, Joe will proceed to New York immediately, and ifMarilyn’s suspension has not ended by then, she is expected to accompany her husband East.

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