21 août 2011

DiMaggios & O’Doul Mobbed By Fans On Flight Line

DiMaggios & O’Doul Mobbed By Fans On Flight Line
article publié sur Itami Airport in old days 
By Donald S. Ford

NEWLY-WEDS-Joe Demaggio and his bride, Marilyn Monroe, were served refreshments in the Japan Air Lines Terminal during a brief layover en route to Fukuoka, Kyushu.The famous couple signed autographs and met base officials while at Itami AB.(Itami Air Base Photo)

1954_monroe2Joe DiMaggio, his bride, the much publicized film star, Marilyn Monroe, and Lefty O’Doul stopped briefly at Itami Air Base last Monday evening en route to Fukuoka, Kyushu, via a Japan Air Lines flagship. DiMaggio and O’Doul were scheduled to spend three or four days on the southern island coaching baseball players in the Central League before returning to the Kansai District “to help get the baseball season underway in Kobe and Osaka.After the Japan Air Lines DC-4 was parked, the “YankeeClipper”stood on the Loading platform and talked with the large crowd of military personnel, dependents and Japanese Nationals who had come to see the famous newly-weds. Later Marilyn appeared in the doorway of the flagship and posed for photographers.The 20th Century Fox actress did not appear “misty eyed and moisty-lipped” etc.,etc. She simply looked like the beautiful wife of an exbase-ball star, apparently happyand very much in love with her husband.During the ten minute press conference in the JAL terminal, DiMaggio reiterated his reasons for combining his honeymoon with a baseball visit to Japan. His wife sat beside him patiently while photographers took more pictures and the crowd passed bits ofpaper through a terminal window for her to autograph.
Asked if she thought her squabble with 20th Century Fox would be ironed out soon, Marilyn said, “I certainly hope so, I am definitely against making ‘Pink Tights.’The picture has been produced three or four times under various different names. I would like to appear in more musicals like ‘Gentlemen Prefer Blondes”. Marilyn seemed anxious to get started on her scheduled trip to Korea the 16th. She will make as many stops as possible during the four-day tour, traveling from post to post by helicopter.The DiMaggios will leave for the states on Feb. 24, Joe will proceed to New York immediately, and ifMarilyn’s suspension has not ended by then, she is expected to accompany her husband East.

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18 août 2011

LIFE 29/11/1954

mag_life_1954_11_29_coverLe magazine américain Life du 29 novembre 1954 consacrait un article d'une page sur la soirée donnée en l'honneur de Marilyn à Romanoffs, intitulé "Life goes to A select supper for Marilyn".


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LIFE 30/05/1955

mag_LIFE_1955_05_30_coverLe magazine américain Life du 30 mai 1955 consacrait un article intérieur de 2 pages au film The Seven Year Itch, avec Marilyn Monroe et Tom Ewell, intitulé "A gay witch for 'itch'".

mag_LIFE_1955_05_30_p1 mag_LIFE_1955_05_30_p2

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28 juillet 2011

LIFE 16/07/1956

mag_LIFE_1956_07_16_coverLe magazine américain Life du 16 juillet 1956 consacrait un article intérieur de 3 pages au mariage de Marilyn Monroe avec Arthur Miller, intitulé "Wedding, wine for Marilyn. She becomes Mrs Miller in simple religiouse ceremony with her husband's family".

mag_LIFE_1956_07_16_p2 mag_LIFE_1956_07_16_p3

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26 juillet 2011

Motion Picture January 1953

mag_motion_picture_1953_USA_coverLe magazine américain Motion Picture de janvier 1953, consacrait sa couverture à Marilyn Monroe et un article de 5 pages.

mag_motion_picture_1953_USA_p2 mag_motion_picture_1953_USA_p3
mag_motion_picture_1953_USA_p4 mag_motion_picture_1953_USA_p5

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25 juillet 2011

Ecran 1961

romy_mag_ecran_1961_coverLe magazine chilien Ecran de 1961, rédigé en espagnol, avec Romy Schneider en couverture, proposait un article en publiant des photographies de Brigitte Bardot, Marilyn Monroe et Sophia Loren.


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22 juillet 2011

Picture Week 26/02/1955

mag_week_picture_1955_coverLe magazine américain Picture Week du 26 février 1955, consacrait sa cover à Marilyn Monroe et un article de 6 pages intitulé "A Glimpse into Marilyn's future".


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20 juillet 2011

US Camera Juillet 1955

mag_US_camera_1955_coverLe magazine américain US Camera de juillet 1955, consacrait sa cover au film Seven Year Itch, et un article de 3 pages sur le film.

 mag_US_camera_1955_p1 mag_US_camera_1955_p2 mag_US_camera_1955_p3 

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02 juillet 2011

Catalogue Taschen Printemps / été 2011

taschen_img222Le magazine catalogue des éditions Taschen de Spring / Summer 2011, avec Paul McCartney en couverture, contient un article d'une page pour la réédition du livre d'André de Dienes en coffret, avec une photographie de Marilyn Monroe.  (scans perso).


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02 juin 2011

Münchner Illuftrierte 27/02/1954

mag_munchere_1954_coverLe magazine allemand Münchner Illuftrierte, n°9, du 27 février 1954, publiait en couverture Marilyn Monroe et Jane Russell, pour illustrer un article sur les 25 ans de sex-appeal au cinéma, avec une photographie de Marilyn Monroe en pages intérieures. 


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