11 décembre 2022

31/12/2022, NEST EGG "New Year's Eve": Vente


Vente aux enchères "New Year's Eve Auction 2022" le 31 décembre 2022 en ligne sur le site de NEST EGG AUCTION .

Auction "New Year's Eve Auction 2022" on December, 31, online on the website of NEST EGG AUCTION.

La vente aux enchères présente 388 lots de diverses pièces d'art (objets, tableaux, meubles, vêtements et accesoires de luxe -comme Chanel et Vuitton - bijoux -en diamants et pierres précieuses-);
Les lots avec leur description sont en consultation libre sur nesteggauctions.com

Il y a 1 lot concernant Marilyn Monroe: un gilet de soirée à perles et sequins, qui provient de Mary Lynn Chako Pupello, une journaliste spécialisée dans le divertissement qui connaissait Marilyn.

Pas de catalogue édité.


The auction presents 388 lots of various pieces of art (objects, paintings, furniture, luxury clothing and accessories -such as Chanel and Vuitton - jewelry -in diamonds and precious stones-);
The lots with their description are available for free consultation on nesteggauctions.com

There is 1 lot relating to Marilyn Monroe: a pearl and sequin evening vest, which comes from Mary Lynn Chako Pupello, an entertainment journalist who knew Marilyn.

No published catalog.   

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31/12/2022, NEST EGG "New Year's Eve": Lots

2022-12-17-NEST_Egg-NewYearsEve-01  Enchères "New Year's Eve Auction: 2022"
31 décembre 2022
- 1 lot avec Marilyn Monroe -

> 31/12/2022, NEST EGG "New Year's Eve": Vente

Lot 12: Marilyn Monroe's Beaded Evening Sweater
An amazing piece of American Pop Culture! A beaded evening sweater owned by the magnificent Marilyn Monroe (Norma Jeane Baker, 1926 - 1962). Along with a notarized letter of authenticity from American Memorabilia, Inc., signed by Mary Lynn Chako Pupello, an entertainment writer who personally knew Monroe. This sweater is off white and includes many beads and sequins. It is a glitzy, glamorous sweater befitting Hollywood royalty. A fascinating piece of history. Has tag on collar with "42" in two rings. Good condition. 20" long (body), 18" arm length. Keywords: entertainer, actress, model, vintage, fashion, collection, collectible, collector, movie, movies, film, films, star, bombshell.
Estimate: $1,000 - $3,000 / Sold: $ -

2022-12-17-NEST_Egg-NewYearsEve-lot12b  2022-12-17-NEST_Egg-NewYearsEve-lot12c 
2022-12-17-NEST_Egg-NewYearsEve-lot12d   2022-12-17-NEST_Egg-NewYearsEve-lot12e 
2022-12-17-NEST_Egg-NewYearsEve-lot12f  2022-12-17-NEST_Egg-NewYearsEve-lot12g 
2022-12-17-NEST_Egg-NewYearsEve-lot12h  2022-12-17-NEST_Egg-NewYearsEve-lot12i 

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