05 septembre 2015

Hollywood Auction 74 - 09-10/2015 - Photos

 Photographies de Joe Jasgur

(Day 2) Lots 1104, 1105, 1107, 1108, 1109, 1110Marilyn Monroe early color photographs by Joseph Jasgur. (1946)
Young Norma Jeane Dougherty a few years before her metamorphosis into Marilyn Monroe.
Estimate: $200 - $600

Lot 1104:
lot1104-H3257-L78858197  lot1104-H3257-L78858199  lot1104-H3257-L78858204 
lot1104-H3257-L78858201 lot1104-H3257-L78858211 
lot1104-H3257-L78858206   lot1104-H3257-L78858217  lot1104-H3257-L78858224 

Lot 1105:
lot1105-H3257-L78858231  lot1105-H3257-L78858232 
lot1105-H3257-L78858234  lot1105-H3257-L78858236 

Lot 1106:
lot1106-H3257-L78858171  lot1106-H3257-L78858174  lot1106-H3257-L78858177 

Lot 1107:
lot1107-H3257-L78858181  lot1107-H3257-L78858183  lot1107-H3257-L78858187 
lot1107-H3257-L78858188  lot1107-H3257-L78858194  
lot1107-H3257-L78858189  lot1107-H3257-L78858192 

Lot 1108:
lot1108-H3257-L78858272  lot1108-H3257-L78858276  lot1108-H3257-L78858279
lot1108-H3257-L78858278  lot1108-H3257-L78858289 
 lot1108-H3257-L78858282  lot1108-H3257-L78858284  lot1108-H3257-L78858287

Lot 1109:
lot1109-H3257-L78858293  lot1109-H3257-L78858295  lot1109-H3257-L78858296  

Lot 1110:
lot1110-H3257-L78860342  lot1110-H3257-L78860345 
lot1110-H3257-L78860349  lot1110-H3257-L78860354  

Photographies de Marilyn en Corée

(Day 2) Lot 1162. Marilyn Monroe Korean tour (7) vintage original candid photographs. (1954) Vintage gelatin silver glossy 5 x 8 in. prints (7) of Marilyn Monroe posing and performing on her 1954 Korean War tour for the American troops. Fine to very fine.
Estimate: $200 - $300
lot1162-H3257-L78859971  lot1162-H3257-L78859973  
lot1162-H3257-L78859977  lot1162-H3257-L78859982 
lot1162-H3257-L78859988  lot1162-H3257-L78859998  lot1162-H3257-L78860010 

(Day 2) Lot 1163. Marilyn Monroe Korean tour (5) vintage original candid photographs. (1954) Vintage gelatin silver double-weight matte 5 x 7 in. prints (5) of Marilyn Monroe posing, dining, and performing on her 1954 Korean War tour for the American troops. Fine to very fine.
Estimate: $200 - $300
lot1163-H3257-L78860024  lot1163-H3257-L78860031  lot1163-H3257-L78860037 
lot1163-H3257-L78860043  lot1163-H3257-L78860047 

(Day 2) Lot 1164. Marilyn Monroe Korean tour (7) vintage original candid photographs. (1954) Vintage gelatin silver glossy approx. 5 x 7 in. prints (6) of Marilyn Monroe posing and performing, and (1) of Joe DiMaggio in audience (trying to avoid camera) on her 1954 Korean War tour for the American troops. (1) includes military-press text and photographer’s credit on verso. Occasional creasing and minor handling; very good to fine.
Estimate: $200 - $300
lot1164-H3257-L78859842  lot1164-H3257-L78859848  lot1164-H3257-L78859851 
lot1164-H3257-L78859857  lot1164-H3257-L78859870 
lot1164-H3257-L78859863  lot1164-H3257-L78859866  

(Day 2) Lot 1165. Marilyn Monroe mixed lot of (14) vintage original photographs from Korean tour. (1954) Vintage gelatin silver glossy (3), semi-gloss (10) and double-weight matte (1) prints, ranging from 5 x 7 to 5 x 8 in., of Marilyn Monroe posing and performing (6), soldiers reactions (7), and travel partner Jean O’Doul (1) on Marilyn’s 1954 Korean War tour for the American troops. (1) includes “Pan Asia News” credit on verso. Occasional creasing and minor handling; very good to fine.
Estimate: $200 - $300
lot1165-H3257-L78859876  lot1165-H3257-L78859880 
lot1165-H3257-L78859887  lot1165-H3257-L78859892 

 Photographies de "There's no business..."

(Day 2) Lot 1166. Marilyn Monroe (4) vintage original photographs with Donald O’Connor for There’s No Business Like Show Business. (TCF, 1954) Vintage (4) gelatin silver 8 x 10 in. glossy photographs of Marilyn Monroe with Donald O’Connor. Each is from a special portrait series highlighting these two in their most glamorous costumes from this film. (3) bear keybook punch-holes and are in vintage fine condition, and the 4th bears studio text and publication stamps on verso, with marginal wear, therefore good only.
Estimate: $400 - $600
lot1166-H3257-L78859900  lot1166-H3257-L78859902 
lot1166-H3257-L78859907  lot1166-H3257-L78859911 

(Day 2) Lot 1167. Marilyn Monroe vintage original photograph with hair stylist for There’s No Business Like Show Business. (TCF, 1954) Vintage gelatin silver 8 x 10 in. double-weight matte photograph of Marilyn Monroe. Behind the scenes candid of Marilyn in her most glamorous costume from this film having her hair perfected before filming. With “Photofest” agency sticker on verso. In vintage fine condition.
Estimate: $200 - $300

 Photographies de "The Seven Year Itch"

(Day 2) Lot 1169. Marilyn Monroe vintage original oversize photograph from The Seven Year Itch. (TCF, 1954)
Vintage gelatin silver oversize double-weight glossy 11 x 14 in. production photographic portrait of Marilyn Monroe posed seductively on a staircase on the set. Clean pinhole in the upper blank boarder and minor corner bumping. In vintage fine condition.
Estimate: $600 - $800

(Day 2) Lot 1171. Marilyn Monroe (3) vintage original photographs from The Seven Year Itch. (TCF, 1955)
Vintage (3) gelatin silver 8 x 10 in. glossy photographs of Marilyn Monroe alone and with Tom Ewell. Includes an exceptional rarely-seen portrait of Marilyn in bathrobe waving out her apartment window. In vintage fine condition.
Estimate: $300 - $500
lot1171-H3257-L78855667  lot1171-H3257-L78855669 

(Day 2) Lot 1172. Marilyn Monroe (6) vintage original keybook glamour photographs for fantasy number in The Seven Year Itch. (TCF, 1955)
Vintage (6) gelatin silver 8 x 10 in. glossy photographs of Marilyn Monroe in a special fantasy-number glamour series. We have never before encountered these exceptionally sexy photos of her from this special “D” and “E” coded series. All have keybook punch-holes in margin, and some have minor toning and handling; in vintage very good condition.
Estimate: $1,000 - $1,500
lot1172-H3257-L78855652  lot1172-H3257-L78855655  lot1172-H3257-L78855657 
lot1172-H3257-L78855659  lot1172-H3257-L78855662  lot1172-H3257-L78855665 

(Day 2) Lot 1173. Marilyn Monroe (13) vintage original candid photographs for The Seven Year Itch. (TCF, 1955/circa 1972)
Vintage (13) gelatin silver 8 x 8 in. glossy photographs (shot 1955, printed circa 1972) of Marilyn Monroe behind the scenes with director Billy Wilder, producer Charles K. Feldman and co-stars Tom Ewell and Robert Strauss. We are not aware of any of these remarkable candid shots surfacing before in the marketplace, and each bears the credit stamp of [Helene] Roger-Viollet in Paris. Overall in vintage fine condition.
Estimate: $600 - $800
lot1173-H3257-L78855624  lot1173-H3257-L78855626  lot1173-H3257-L78855629 
lot1173-H3257-L78855631  lot1173-H3257-L78855632  lot1173-H3257-L78855633 
lot1173-H3257-L78855635  lot1173-H3257-L78855637 
lot1173-H3257-L78855640  lot1173-H3257-L78855641  lot1173-H3257-L78855644 
lot1173-H3257-L78855648  lot1173-H3257-L78855650  

(Day 2) Lot 1174. Marilyn Monroe (10) vintage original photographs for The Seven Year Itch including original news photo of the subway scene. (TCF, 1955) Vintage (10) gelatin silver approx. 8 x 10 in. glossy photographs of Marilyn Monroe alone and with Tom Ewell. Includes a rarely-seen news photo of the movie camera filming Marilyn in bathrobe waving out her apartment window, a lovely publicity portrait in nightgown with toothbrush (to spend the night) and a rare news photo with snipe and stamps of the legendary subway scene. Subway photo is creased, handled, and dampstained at corner; remainder are in vintage very good to fine condition.
Estimate: $600 - $800  
lot1174-H3257-L78855602  lot1174-H3257-L78855605 
lot1174-H3257-L78855607  lot1174-H3257-L78855609 
lot1174-H3257-L78855611  lot1174-H3257-L78855613  lot1174-H3257-L78855615 
lot1174-H3257-L78855617  lot1174-H3257-L78855619  lot1174-H3257-L78855621 

 Photographies de "The Misfits"

(Day 2) Lot 1195. Henri Cartier-Bresson vintage original print of Marilyn Monroe and Arthur Miller for The Misfits. (UA, 1961)
Vintage gelatin silver 6.3 x 9.4 in. double-weight semi-gloss photograph of Marilyn Monroe and Arthur Miller on location. With Cartier-Bresson’s “Magnum” agency credit-stamps (which also forbids trimming for publication). Just a trace of marginal handling, in vintage fine condition.
Estimate: $1,000 - $1,500

(Day 2) Lot 1196. Henri Cartier-Bresson vintage original print of Marilyn Monroe in The Misfits. (UA, 1961)Vintage gelatin silver 6.2 x 9.25 in. double-weight semi-gloss photograph of Marilyn Monroe on location set. With Cartier-Bresson’s “Magnum” agency credit-stamps (which also forbids trimming for publication). Just a trace of marginal handling, in vintage fine condition.
Estimate: $1,000 - $1,500

 (Day 2) Lot 1197. Henri Cartier-Bresson vintage original print of Marilyn Monroe and Kevin McCarthy in The Misfits. (UA, 1961)
Vintage gelatin silver 6.25 x 9.3 in. double-weight semi-gloss photograph of Marilyn Monroe and Kevin McCarthy. With Cartier-Bresson’s “Magnum” agency credit-stamps (which also forbids trimming for publication). In vintage very fine condition.
Estimate: $1,000 - $1,500

(Day 2) Lot 1198. Marilyn Monroe (2) vintage original photographs with Clark Gable at Kay Spreckels’ birthday party. (UA, 1961)
Vintage gelatin silver 8 x 10 in. double-weight glossy photographs of Marilyn Monroe and Clark Gable attending Kay Spreckels’ (Gable’s wife) birthday party. One also includes director John Huston seated aside Marilyn. Her look toward Gable in both photos is one of a young woman totally enamored with this rugged handsome older man. In vintage fine condition.
Estimate: $300 - $500
lot1198-H3257-L78858702  lot1198-H3257-L78858705 

 Photographies Diverses

(Day 1) Lot 248. Female bombshells of the 1950s (250+) vintage photographs including Marilyn Monroe and others. (ca. 1950s) Large collection of (250+) gelatin silver single-weight and double-weight glossy and matte approx. 8 x 10 in. portrait and production photographs of female bombshells including Raquel Welch, Kim Novak, Sophia Loren, Natalie Wood, Ann-Margret, and others. Includes a number of Marilyn Monroe images. In generally good to fine condition. Interested bidders are encouraged to view this lot in person by appointment at our offices.
Estimate: $300 - $500
lot248-H3257-L78854113  lot248-H3257-L78854114 
lot248-H3257-L78854115  lot248-H3257-L78854116 
lot248-H3257-L78854121  lot248-H3257-L78854122 
lot248-H3257-L78854123  lot248-H3257-L78854124 

(Day 1) Lot 334. Studio (17) vintage negatives of Marilyn Monroe, Audrey Hepburn, Carroll Baker and Janet Leigh. (ca. 1950s) Collection of (17) vintage original approx. 8 x 10 in. camera negatives including glamour portraits and production images of Marilyn Monroe, Audrey Hepburn, Carroll Baker, and Janet Leigh. With some exhibiting photographer retouching including handwritten India ink captions and codes. All with minor handling. Generally in vintage fine condition.
Estimate: $200 - $300
lot334-H3257-L78852788  lot334-H3257-L78852789 

(Day 2) Lot 1111. Marilyn Monroe (8) black & white and color photographs including an early Joseph Jasgur swimsuit pose. (1946-1955; majority printed later) Gelatin silver and RC (7) plus color (1) approx. 8 x 10 in. photographs of Marilyn Monroe. Image of Monroe on beach in striped bikini, though not stamped, is by Joseph Jasgur and is one of the earliest images created for teenage Norma Jeane. Very fine.
Estimate: $200 - $300
lot1111-H3257-L78860322  lot1111-H3257-L78860326  lot1111-H3257-L78860328 
lot1111-H3257-L78860320  lot1111-H3257-L78860331  
lot1111-H3257-L78860334  lot1111-H3257-L78860338  lot1111-H3257-L78886244 

(Day 2) Lot 1113. Marilyn Monroe (8) black & white and color photographs, including (1) with Cecil Beaton and (1) with Bob Beerman credits. (1948-1956; majority printed later) Gelatin silver and RC (6) plus color (2) approx. 8 x 10 in. photographs of Marilyn Monroe, at home on Doheny Drive, 1953 is stamped on verso with Bob Beerman credit, and melancholy portrait against wallpaper is later-sniped with Cecil Beaton credit and Camera Press Ltd. Stamp. Very fine.
Estimate: $200 - $300
lot1113-H3257-L78860357  lot1113-H3257-L78860360  lot1113-H3257-L78860363 
lot1113-H3257-L78860365  lot1113-H3257-L78860369  lot1113-H3257-L78860372 
lot1113-H3257-L78860375  lot1113-H3257-L78860379 

(Day 2) Lot 1114. Marilyn Monroe (8) black & white and color photographs including uncommon early cheesecake images. (1946-1957; majority printed later) Gelatin silver and RC (6) plus color (2) approx. 8 x 10 in. photographs of Marilyn Monroe. (3) images are later prints of remarkable and uncommon early cheesecake poses. Very fine.
Estimate: $200 - $300
lot1114-H3257-L78860390    lot1114-H3257-L78860397  lot1114-H3257-L78860399 
lot1114-H3257-L78860393   lot1114-H3257-L78860412 
lot1114-H3257-L78860403  lot1114-H3257-L78860406  lot1114-H3257-L78860408 

(Day 2) Lot 1116. Marilyn Monroe extraordinary early signed and inscribed oversized photograph, also signed by Laszlo Willinger. (ca, 1949) Vintage gelatin silver 9.4 x 13.8 in. double-weight photograph of Marilyn Monroe in white one-piece swimsuit and heels posed perfectly against black background, shot by Laszlo Willinger. Neatly and floridly inscribed by Marilyn to her agent in white ink against the black background, “To Ferdinand, Many thanks for your encouragement and friendship. Sincerely, Marilyn Monroe”. Also signed by Willinger in black ink in lower right margin. Accompanied by 1974 sales receipt from Hollywood Book Service on Hollywood Blvd. Easily the most spectacular signed Marilyn Monroe photograph we have ever encountered. Very minor creasing and handling at corners and occasionally through background, in vintage very good condition.
Estimate: $50,000 - $70,000

(Day 2) Lot 1117. Marilyn Monroe (8) black & white photographs including (1) with Eve Arnold/ Magnum Photos credit. (1948-1960; majority printed later) Gelatin silver and RC (8) approx. 8 x 10 in. photographs of Marilyn Monroe. Image of Monroe topless from back for The Misfits bears Eve Arnold/ Magnum Photos credit. Very fine.
Estimate: $200 - $300
lot1117-H3257-L78860414  lot1117-H3257-L78860416  lot1117-H3257-L78860420 
lot1117-H3257-L78860422  lot1117-H3257-L78860426  lot1117-H3257-L78860429 
lot1117-H3257-L78860433  lot1117-H3257-L78860437 

(Day 2) Lot 1118. Marilyn Monroe (7) vintage original photographs by Bruno Bernard. (circa 1949) Vintage (7) gelatin silver approx. 8 x 10 in. glossy photographs of Marilyn Monroe by Bruno Bernard, each with either his credit stamp, studio sticker, or both. A nice mix of early swimsuit and sweater-girl poses, plus a charming shot of young Marilyn towering over pint-sized powerhouse agent Johnny Hyde dancing at a party. Most, if not all, are likely printed later by Bernard in the 1960s from his own negatives. Only occasional signs of handling or loss, overall in vintage fine condition.
Estimate: $600 - $800
lot1118-H3257-L78860478 lot1118-H3257-L78860482  lot1118-H3257-L78860485 
lot1118-H3257-L78860487  lot1118-H3257-L78860491  lot1118-H3257-L78860494 

(Day 2) Lot 1119. Marilyn Monroe (8) black & white and color photographs including (1) with Cecil Beaton and (1) with Charles Varon credits. (1949-1961; majority printed later) Gelatin silver and RC (6) plus color (2) approx. 8 x 10 in. photographs of Marilyn Monroe. Image of Monroe at microphone with Arthur Miller is crayon marked with Charles Varon credit, and girlish portrait with bird is later-sniped with Cecil Beaton credit and Camera Press Ltd. Stamp. Very fine.
Estimate: $200 - $300
lot1119-H3257-L78860446  lot1119-H3257-L78860450  lot1119-H3257-L78860455 
lot1119-H3257-L78860459  lot1119-H3257-L78860462  lot1119-H3257-L78860466 
lot1119-H3257-L78860470  lot1119-H3257-L78860474  

(Day 2) Lot 1120. Marilyn Monroe (8) black & white and color photographs including (1) with Burt Glinn/Magnum Photos credit. (1949-1962; majority printed later) Gelatin silver and RC (7) plus color (1) approx. 8 x 10 in. photographs of Marilyn Monroe. Image of Monroe at a banquet for Nikita Krushchev is sniped on verso with Burt Glinn/ 1962 Magnum Photos credit, and image from River of No Return is later-sniped with John Swope credit. Very fine.
Estimate: $200 - $300
lot1120-H3257-L78854938  lot1120-H3257-L78854940 
lot1120-H3257-L78854941  lot1120-H3257-L78854948  lot1120-H3257-L78854945 
lot1120-H3257-L78854942  lot1120-H3257-L78854944  lot1120-H3257-L78854947 

(Day 2) Lot 1121. Marilyn Monroe (8) black & white and color photographs including a remarkable Bert Stern portrait. (1949-1962; majority printed later) Gelatin silver and RC (6) plus color (2) approx. 8 x 10 in. photographs of Marilyn Monroe. Soft-focus portrait appears to be vintage, and is attributed to Bert Stern. Very fine.
Estimate: $200 - $300
lot1121-H3257-L78854949  lot1121-H3257-L78854951  lot1121-H3257-L78854952 
lot1121-H3257-L78854954  lot1121-H3257-L78854955  lot1121-H3257-L78854956 
lot1121-H3257-L78854958  lot1121-H3257-L78854959 

(Day 2) Lot 1125. Marilyn Monroe and Anne Baxter vintage original photograph behind the scenes on All About Eve by Frank Powolny. (TCF, 1950) Vintage gelatin silver 8 x 10 in. double-weight matte photograph of Marilyn Monroe and Anne Baxter behind the scenes by Frank Powolny, with his credit stamp on verso. The two ladies are smiling in conversation as Baxter has her hair touched-up. Exceedingly rare early candid moment for Marilyn. In vintage very fine condition.
Estimate: $400 - $600

(Day 2) Lot 1126. Marilyn Monroe (4) vintage original photographs for All About Eve, one by Andre de Dienes. (TCF, 1950) Vintage (4) gelatin silver approx. 8 x 10 in. glossy photographs of Marilyn Monroe as general publicity, one of which is credit-stamped by Andre de Dienes (later prints have stamp with zip code on recto, which these do not), arguably her most influential early photographer. Two bear original CBS NEWS credit stamps that have been obscured by “Photofest” agency stickers. In vintage fine condition.
Estimate: $400 - $600
lot1126-H3257-L78856705  lot1126-H3257-L78856708 
lot1126-H3257-L78856712  lot1126-H3257-L78856715 

(Day 2) Lot 1128. Marilyn Monroe vintage original photograph seductive pose in the grass. (TCF, 1951) Vintage gelatin silver 8 x 10 in. glossy photograph of Marilyn Monroe posing seductively in the grass. Verso stamp indicates publishing in “Film Comment” magazine #102. Also bears “Photofest” agency sticker. One light corner crease, otherwise in vintage fine condition.
Estimate: $200 - $300

(Day 2) Lot 1129. Marilyn Monroe (4) vintage original photographs for River of No Return and Hometown Story. (TCF, 1951/1954) Vintage (4) gelatin silver approx. 8 x 10 in. glossy photographs of Marilyn Monroe, (1) Home Town Story seductive sweater-pose with “Photofest” agency sticker, and (3) River of No Return showgirl and candid poses, one of which bears Frank Powolny’s credit-stamp. Minor to moderate handling including a corner crease, overall in vintage very good to fine condition.
Estimate: $300 - $500
lot1129-H3257-L78856462  lot1129-H3257-L78856464 
lot1129-H3257-L78856466  lot1129-H3257-L78856469 

(Day 2) Lot 1131. Marilyn Monroe (6) vintage original publicity photos with Chicago White Sox players. (TCF, 1952) Vintage gelatin silver glossy 4 x 5 in. studio “fan” prints (5) of Marilyn Monroe in short-shorts and tight sweater, posing with team members of the Chicago White Sox, plus (1) in one-piece bathing suit and acrylic high-heels. Scarce images, most of which we have previously never seen. Fine.
Estimate: $200 - $300
lot1131-H3257-L78856247  lot1131-H3257-L78856249  lot1131-H3257-L78856252 
lot1131-H3257-L78856256  lot1131-H3257-L78856258  lot1131-H3257-L78856261 

(Day 2) Lot 1132. Marilyn Monroe (4) vintage original photographs in revealing and seductive poses. (TCF, 1952) Vintage (4) gelatin silver approx. 8 x 10 in. glossy photographs of Marilyn Monroe, (1) Love Nest seductive close-up, (1) lingerie pose for Don’t Bother to Knock with “Photofest” agency sticker, and (2) general publicity seductive portraits. Trace of handling, in vintage fine condition.
Estimate: $400 - $600
lot1132-H3257-L78856238  lot1132-H3257-L78856240 
lot1132-H3257-L78856243  lot1132-H3257-L78856245 

(Day 2) Lot 1133. Marilyn Monroe (4) vintage original photographs perfecting her makeup. (Columbia, 1952) Vintage (4) gelatin silver 8 x 10 in. glossy photographs of Marilyn Monroe from a make-up session originally from Ladies of the Chorus and recycled here for its 1952 reissue. In vintage fine condition.
Estimate: $600 - $800
lot1133-H3257-L78856230  lot1133-H3257-L78856232 
lot1133-H3257-L78856234  lot1133-H3257-L78856236 

(Day 2) Lot 1134. Marilyn Monroe (8) small vintage original keybook photographs for Monkey Business. (TCF, 1952) Vintage (8) gelatin silver 4 x 5 in. keybook photographs each depicting Marilyn Monroe with one or more of her co-stars in Monkey Business. (2) of them nicely depict Marilyn with the 1952 MG TD which this company sold in part I of the historic Debbie Reynolds prop and costume collection. With keybook punch-holes in left margins, otherwise in vintage very fine condition.
Estimate: $400 - $600
lot1134-H3257-L78883753  lot1134-H3257-L78883754  lot1134-H3257-L78883755 
lot1134-H3257-L78883756  lot1134-H3257-L78883757  lot1134-H3257-L78883758 
lot1134-H3257-L78883759  lot1134-H3257-L78883760 

(Day 2) Lot 1135. Marilyn Monroe (5) vintage original photographs including Monkey Business and Some Like it Hot. (Various, 1950-1959) Vintage (5) gelatin silver 8 x 10 in. glossy photographs of Marilyn Monroe from A Ticket to Tomahawk, Monkey Business, There’s No Business Like Show Business, and Some Like it Hot. In vintage fine condition.
Estimate: $300 - $500
lot1135-H3257-L78856278  lot1135-H3257-L78856281  lot1135-H3257-L78856283 
lot1135-H3257-L78856287  lot1135-H3257-L78856290 

(Day 2) Lot 1138. Marilyn Monroe (8) black & white and color photographs, including (1) with Eve Arnold/ Magnum Photos credit. (1952-1961; majority printed later) Gelatin silver and RC (6) plus color (2) approx. 8 x 10 in. photographs of Marilyn Monroe. Image of Monroe in white cherry dress with dog for The Misfits bears Eve Arnold/ Magnum Photos credit. Very fine.
Estimate: $200 - $300
lot1138-H3257-L78856212  lot1138-H3257-L78856214  lot1138-H3257-L78856217 
lot1138-H3257-L78856218  lot1138-H3257-L78856221  lot1138-H3257-L78856224 
lot1138-H3257-L78856225  lot1138-H3257-L78856228  

(Day 2) Lot 1139. Marilyn Monroe (8) black & white and color photographs, including (1) with Phil Stern and (1) with Frank Edwards credits. (1952-1962; majority printed later) Gelatin silver and RC (6) plus color (2) approx. 8 x 10 in. photographs of Marilyn Monroe. Image of Monroe with Jack Benny is stamped on verso with Phil Stern/ Globe Photos credit, and sleepy-eyed close portrait is later-stamped with Frank Edwards/ Fotos International credit. Very fine.
Estimate: $200 - $300
lot1139-H3257-L78856199  loT1139-H3257-L78856204  lot1139-H3257-L78856206 
lot1139-H3257-L78856207  lot1139-H3257-L78856208  lot1139-H3257-L78856211 

(Day 2) Lot 1140. Marilyn Monroe (6) vintage original proof prints majority stamped by Milton Greene. (1953) Vintage gelatin silver double-weight semi-gloss 5 x 7 and 5 x 8 in. proof prints (5) of Marilyn Monroe by Milton Greene, with his credit stamp on each verso. All are from the 9/2/53 “Balalaika” sitting, one of the earliest between Monroe and Greene. Plus vintage 3.5 x 4.5 in. double-weight matte print by Greene (not stamped) of Marilyn playing “dress-up” with Marlon Brando for Actors’ Studio benefit event. Occasional handling including minor creases, overall fine.
Estimate: $200 - $300
lot1140-H3257-L78857139  lot1140-H3257-L78857141 
lot1140-H3257-L78857145  lot1140-H3257-L78857147  lot1140-H3257-L78857150 

(Day 2) Lot 1141. Marilyn Monroe (5) vintage original photographs with white fur boa. (TCF, 1953) Vintage (5) gelatin silver 8 x 10 in. glossy photographs of Marilyn Monroe from her general publicity series (though appear to be circa Gentlemen Prefer Blondes), wearing a white fur boa. (3) bear Frank Powolny’s TCF credit stamp on verso, and (1) bears a “Photofest” agency sticker. Occasional toning and minor handling, in vintage very good to fine condition.
Estimate: $400 - $600
lot1141-H3257-L78857155  lot1141-H3257-L78857158  lot1141-H3257-L78857161 
lot1141-H3257-L78857164  lot1141-H3257-L78857167  

(Day 2) Lot 1142. Marilyn Monroe (3) vintage original photographs in bathing suit for July 4th publicity. (TCF, 1953) Vintage (3) gelatin silver 8 x 10 in. glossy photographs of Marilyn Monroe from her general publicity series (circa How to Marry a Millionaire) in one-piece swimsuit and acrylic platform shoes, as a 4th of July promotion. Minor toning, otherwise in vintage fine condition.
Estimate: $400 - $600
lot1142-H3257-L78857116  lot1142-H3257-L78857118  lot1142-H3257-L78857120 

(Day 2): Lot 1143. Marilyn Monroe (6) vintage original photographs in low-cut gowns. (TCF, 1953) Vintage (6) gelatin silver 8 x 10 in. glossy photographs of Marilyn Monroe from her general publicity series, each with her wearing various low-cut gowns. (3) bear “CBS NEWS” verso stamps, of which two have been obscured by “Photofest” agency stickers. (1) with marginal dampstain, remainder in vintage fine condition.
Estimate: $400 - $600
lot1143-H3257-L78857123  lot1143-H3257-L78857126  lot1143-H3257-L78857128 
lot1143-H3257-L78857131  lot1143-H3257-L78857134  lot1143-H3257-L78857136 

(Day 2) Lot 1144. Marilyn Monroe (4) vintage original photographs in bathing suit poses. (TCF, 1953) Vintage (4) gelatin silver approx. 8 x 10 in. glossy photographs of Marilyn Monroe from her general publicity series (one is production-coded for River of No Return), each with her wearing various bathing suits. (2) bear “Photofest” agency or other stickers which obscure older credit stamps. (1) with background dampstain and lower margin trim, (1) with 2 in. corner crease, overall in vintage very good to fine condition.
Estimate: $400 - $600
lot1144-H3257-L78854661  lot1144-H3257-L78854662 
lot1144-H3257-L78854664  lot1144-H3257-L78854666 

(Day 2): Lot 1145. Marilyn Monroe (2) vintage original transparencies for Niagara. (TCF, 1953) Vintage (2) studio-produced 8 x 10 in. double-image transparencies of Marilyn Monroe posed against Niagara Falls. Created with double image to facilitate faster print-reproduction for general publicity. In vintage fine condition.
Estimate: $200 - $300
lot1145-H3257-L78854668  lot1145-H3257-L78854670 


(Day 2): Lot 1146. Marilyn Monroe (9) vintage original unpublished candid negatives attending formal events. (circa 1953) Vintage candid unpublished (9) camera negatives of Marilyn Monroe attending formal events, of which (5) are 620 format 2.25 x 3.75 in. and (4) are 120 format 2.25 x 2.25 in.; (1) is somewhat unfocused, remainder very fine.
Estimate: $200 - $300
lot1146-H3257-L78857170  lot1146-H3257-L78857172  lot1146-H3257-L78857181  
lot1146-H3257-L78857175  lot1146-H3257-L78857177  lot1146-H3257-L78857179 
lot1146-H3257-L78857184  lot1146-H3257-L78857186  lot1146-H3257-L78857189 

(Day 2) Lot 1151. Marilyn Monroe (4) vintage original photographs in showgirl costume for Gentlemen Prefer Blondes. (TCF, 1953) Vintage (4) gelatin silver 8 x 10 in. glossy photographs of Marilyn Monroe. Each is from a special portrait series highlighting one of Marilyn’s most attractive costumes from this film. (2) bear keybook punch-holes in top margin, otherwise in vintage fine condition.
Estimate: $600 - $800
lot1151-H3257-L78856935  lot1151-H3257-L78856937 
lot1151-H3257-L78856940  lot1151-H3257-L78856942 

(Day 2) Lot 1152. Marilyn Monroe vintage original transparency for Gentlemen Prefer Blondes. (TCF, 1953) Vintage studio-produced 8 x 10 in. double-image transparency of Marilyn Monroe and Jane Russell in their short showgirl outfits. Created with double image to facilitate faster print-reproduction for general publicity. In vintage fine condition.
Estimate: $200 - $300

(Day 2) Lot 1158. Marilyn Monroe (14) vintage original photographs by Phil Stern. (1953/ printed later) Vintage gelatin silver custom-fiber 8 x 10 in. photographs of Marilyn Monroe by Phil Stern (printed and credit-stamped by him later from circa 1953 shots) including a number of the most iconic portraits ever taken of Marilyn. All but one bear photographer’s and “Globe Photos” agency stamps. In very fine condition.
Estimate: $600 - $800
lot1158-H3257-L78858497  lot1158-H3257-L78858499  lot1158-H3257-L78858501 
lot1158-H3257-L78858508  lot1158-H3257-L78858510 
lot1158-H3257-L78858511  lot1158-H3257-L78858514 
lot1158-H3257-L78858516  lot1158-H3257-L78858505 
lot1158-H3257-L78858519 lot1158-H3257-L78858528  
lot1158-H3257-L78858521  lot1158-H3257-L78858523  lot1158-H3257-L78858526 

(Day 2) Lot 1159. Marilyn Monroe (18) vintage original photographs by Darlene Hammond. (TCF, 1953/printed later) RC paper 8 x 10 in. photographs of Marilyn Monroe by Darlene Hammond (printed and credit-stamped by her later from circa 1953 shots) including many remarkable and seldom-seen candid shots of Marilyn with Jack Benny, Danny Kaye, Danny Thomas, Ken Murray, and most notably with Jane Russell for the Chinese Theater ceremony (one of these is a double). All but one bear photographer’s credit-sticker, and several are also signed on verso by photographer as well. In very fine condition.
Estimate: $600 - $800
lot1159-H3257-L78859391  lot1159-H3257-L78859394  lot1159-H3257-L78859396 
  lot1159-H3257-L78859400  lot1159-H3257-L78859403 
lot1159-H3257-L78859406  lot1159-H3257-L78859408 
lot1159-H3257-L78859410  lot1159-H3257-L78859412  lot1159-H3257-L78859399 
lot1159-H3257-L78859415  lot1159-H3257-L78859417  lot1159-H3257-L78859419 
lot1159-H3257-L78859421  lot1159-H3257-L78859425 
lot1159-H3257-L78859428  lot1159-H3257-L78859431  lot1159-H3257-L78859433 

(Day 2) Lot 1160. Marilyn Monroe (9) 2.25 inch vintage original candid transparencies on location for River of No Return. (TCF, 1954) Vintage 2.25 x 2.25 transparencies (9) loose in original cardboard mounts of Marilyn Monroe on location in Banff, Canada for River of No Return. All are candids either alone or with cast and crew members, and (5) depict Monroe in camisole lingerie worn in numerous scenes throughout the film. Also depicted is her ankle injury incurred during filming. All have shifted toward pink due to ephemeral nature of the film stock, though this is easily corrected for printing. Aside from color shift, all appear fine and remarkably well-preserved.
Estimate: $400 - $600
lot1160-H3257-L78859919  lot1160-H3257-L78859923  lot1160-H3257-L78859928 
lot1160-H3257-L78859932  lot1160-H3257-L78859936  lot1160-H3257-L78859942 
lot1160-H3257-L78859947  lot1160-H3257-L78859953  lot1160-H3257-L78859958 

(Day 2) Lot 1161. Marilyn Monroe (2) vintage original candid photographs for River of No Return premiere by Bruno Bernard. (TCF, 1954) Vintage (2) gelatin silver 8 x 10 in. glossy photographs of Marilyn Monroe from the premiere of River of No Return by Bruno Bernard. The portrait of Marilyn with Robert Mitchum bears Bernard’s credit stamp on verso. Minor handling, in vintage very good to fine condition.
Estimate: $400 - $600
lot1161-H3257-L78859963  lot1161-H3257-L78859967 

(Day 2) Lot 1178. Marilyn Monroe (4) vintage original unpublished candid negatives wearing stylish sunglasses. (circa 1955)
Vintage candid unpublished (4) camera negatives of Marilyn Monroe out in public wearing remarkable stylish sunglasses, signing autographs. All are 620 format 2.25 x 3.75 in.; (1) is slightly unfocused, remainder very fine.
Estimate: $200 - $300
lot1178-H3257-L78855683  lot1178-H3257-L78855689  lot1178-H3257-L78855692 

(Day 2) Lot 1179. Marilyn Monroe (2) vintage original photographs with gossip columnist Sidney Skolsky. (circa1955)
Vintage (2) gelatin silver 8 x 10 in. glossy photographs of Marilyn Monroe in her apartment with gossip-columnist Sidney Skolsky at the time of The Seven Year Itch. The two are discussing favorite books and Marilyn’s childhood photos. Minor dampstain on one, otherwise in vintage very good to fine condition.
Estimate: $300 - $500
lot1179-H3257-L78855676  lot1179-H3257-L78855680 

(Day 2) Lot 1180. Marilyn Monroe (2) vintage original photograph and contact sheet by Carl Perutz. (1958/ circa 1972)
Vintage gelatin silver 8 x 10 in. double-weight semi-gloss photograph of Marilyn Monroe, plus gelatin silver 8.5 x 11 in. glossy contact print with (7) 2 ¼ frames from same session (though not including this exact frame) by Magnum photographer Carl Perutz, believed to be for a “Cosmopolitan” magazine spread. Printed circa 1972 for the “Photoreporters Inc.” image agency, with their credit stamps, one of which is obscured by “Photofest” agency sticker. Contact sheet displays some marginal handling, otherwise in vintage very good to fine condition.
Estimate: $400 - $600
lot1180-H3257-L78859641  lot1180-H3257-L78859643  

(Day 2) Lot 1182. Marilyn Monroe vintage original candid photograph for Bus Stop. (TCF, 1956)
Vintage gelatin silver 7.5 x 9.3 in. double-weight semi-gloss candid photograph of Marilyn Monroe by William Read Woodfield. With Woodfield’s credit-stamp, plus “Globe Photos” agency stamp and snipe on verso. Very minor handling, in vintage fine condition.
Estimate: $200 - $300

(Day 2) Lot 1183. Marilyn Monroe (2) vintage original candid portrait photographs on location for Bus Stop. (TCF, 1956)
Vintage (2) gelatin silver 8 x 10 in. glossy candid photographs of Marilyn Monroe on location. Includes a wonderful smiling Marilyn in sunglasses, deplaning for the Idaho location shoot with co-star Don Murray, and a rare behind the scenes café or nightclub set with studio light looming over Marilyn’s shoulder, credited to Al Brack of Sun Valley. In vintage fine condition.
Estimate: $200 - $300
lot1183-H3257-L78857610  lot1183-H3257-L78857614  

(Day 2) Lot 1185. Marilyn Monroe (2) vintage original classic glamour wire-photos. (1953, 1962)
Vintage original (2) gelatin silver approx. 8 x 10 in. glossy wire-service news photographs of Marilyn Monroe. Earlier shot is from Gentlemen Prefer Blondes of Marilyn with her current stand-in, and later shot is of a totally ethereal and effervescent sequined Marilyn out and about with her Mexican lover Jose Bolanos, about whom she declared her “best lover ever”. Both bear wire-service agency stamps on verso; in vintage fine condition.
Estimate: $200 - $300
lot1185-H3257-L78859623  lot1185-H3257-L78859626 

(Day 2) Lot 1187. Marilyn Monroe (5) vintage original photographs for The Prince and the Showgirl. (Warner Bros., 1957)
Vintage (5) gelatin silver 8 x 10 in. glossy photographs of Marilyn Monroe. (1) bears studio snipe with text referring to The Sleeping Prince, the film’s working title. Occasional handling, in vintage very good condition.
Estimate: $200 - $300
lot1187-H3257-L78859607  lot1187-H3257-L78859610  lot1187-H3257-L78859612 
lot1187-H3257-L78859615  lot1187-H3257-L78859618  

(Day 2) Lots 1188-1189-1190. Richard Avedon’s “Marilyn Monroe as Lillian Russell / Clara Bow / Jean Harlow” poster. Signed by Avedon. (Life Magazine, 1958/1972)
Vintage 20 x 28 in. first-edition poster print (released for 10th anniversary of Marilyn’s death) of Marilyn Monroe as Lillian Russell, Clara Bow and Jean Harlow, originally for a “Life” magazine spread by Richard Avedon. Signed above title by Avedon. Unfolded, in vintage very fine condition.
Estimate each: $300 - $500
lot1188-H3257-L78857536  lot1189-H3257-L78857543  lot1190-H3257-L78855738 


(Day 2) Lot 1191. Marilyn Monroe candid vintage original photograph with Arthur Miller at Hotel del Coronado for Some Like it Hot. (UA, 1959)
Vintage gelatin silver glossy 7.75 x 10 in. candid photograph of Marilyn Monroe on location walking on the beach with husband Arthur Miller, Hotel del Coronado in the background. Pencil note on verso mentions Mary Pickford’s close friend at United Artists Tess Michaels as the original source of this photo to the publication that has stamped its credit. Just a trace of handling, in vintage fine condition.
Estimate: $200 - $300

(Day 2) Lot 1200. Marilyn Monroe vintage original photograph singing ‘Happy Birthday’ to John F. Kennedy. (1962)
Vintage (2) gelatin silver 7.25 x 9 in. glossy press photograph of Marilyn Monroe viewed from behind, singing “Happy Birthday” to President Kennedy in May, 1962. A fair amount of general handling, with multiple “Photofest” and other agency stickers and notations on verso. In vintage very good condition.
Estimate: $400 - $600

(Day 2) Lot 1201. Marilyn Monroe (3) vintage original contact-sheets attending 1962 Golden Globes Awards by Sylvia Norris. (Hollywood Foreign Press, 1962)
Vintage (3) gelatin silver 8.5 x 11 in. glossy contact-sheets with (110) [visible] 35mm frames shot by Sylvia Norris at the 1962 Hollywood Foreign Press “Golden Globes” ceremony, majority of which feature Marilyn Monroe. She is featured principally with her Mexican filmmaker lover Jose Bolanos, as well as talking with Rock Hudson, who presented her with “World’s Film Favorite” award. Other stars pictured include Judy Garland (a nominee), Maximilian Schell (winner), Glenn Ford (winner), George Chakiris (winner), Janet Leigh, Joan Crawford, Barbara Stanwyck and others. Just one portrait frame of Marilyn has been grease-pencil marked for presumed publication, and all three sheets bear photographer’s credit stamp on verso. Vast majority of these remarkable Marilyn images have not likely appeared anywhere else in publication. Very minor handling, in vintage fine condition.
Estimate: $600 - $800
lot1201-H3257-L78860115  lot1201-H3257-L78860120  lot1201-H3257-L78860124 

(Day 2) Lot 1203. Marilyn Monroe (4) vintage original photographs for Something’s Got to Give. (TCF, 1962)
Vintage gelatin silver (3) 8 x 10 in. and (1) 7 x 9 in. glossy photographs of Marilyn Monroe for her uncompleted final film. In each of them Marilyn is proudly showing off her newly slimmed-down figure, a far cry from her zaftig look in Let’s Make Love and Some Like it Hot. Each bears “Photofest” agency stickers and various notations on verso. In vintage fine condition.
Estimate: $400 - $600
lot1203-H3257-L78860133  lot1203-H3257-L78860136 
lot1203-H3257-L78860141  lot1203-H3257-L78860143 

(Day 2) Lot 1204. Marilyn Monroe (5) vintage original photographs signed by George Barris. (1962/ circa 1972)
Vintage (shot 1962, printed circa 1972) gelatin silver 7.8 x 9.8 in. double-weight matte custom-print photographs of Marilyn Monroe at home and in her car by George Barris, each signed in lower image area by Barris. All but one retain display-mount tagboard or remnant thereof, and all are rarely-seen candid moments of Marilyn looking absolutely fabulous just weeks before her death. Apart from display-mountings, in vintage fine condition.
Estimate: $600 - $800
lot1204-H3257-L78860081  Lot1204-H3257-L78860085 
lot1204-H3257-L78860088  lot1204-H3257-L78860091  lot1204-H3257-L78860094 


(Day 2) ot 1205. Marilyn Monroe (8) vintage original photographs at the Beverly Hills Hotel by Eric Skipsey. (1962/1978)
RC-paper 8 x 10 in. photographs (shot 1962, printed 1978) of Marilyn Monroe at the Beverly Hills Hotel by Eric Skipsey, whose credit-sticker displays on each verso. All depict an apparently happy Marilyn, some with her beloved dog “Maf” (named for Frank Sinatra and his purported mafia connections). Just a trace of handling, in very fine condition.
Estimate: $400 - $600
lot1205-H3257-L78860051  lot1205-H3257-L78860054  lot1205-H3257-L78860057 
lot1205-H3257-L78860061  lot1205-H3257-L78860064  lot1205-H3257-L78860068 
lot1205-H3257-L78860073   lot1205-H3257-L78860076 


(Day 3) Lot 1265: George Christy’s (13,000+) personal career archive of celebrity photographs.
Comprising many thousands (13,000+) of primarily gelatin-silver and RC 8 x 10 in. glossy photographs, almost without exception genuine studio or press agency-generated publicity portraits and scenes depicting Hollywood, music, literary and arts celebrities, plus high-society socialites and European aristocrats. Includes photos stamped and signed by Helmut Newton, and many more major photographers. Personalities include Jean Harlow, Marilyn Monroe, Jacqueline Bisset, Roy Lichtenstein, Bob Dylan, Truman Capote, Audrey Hepburn, Tennessee Williams, Harper Lee, Monica Lewinsky, Judy Garland, Elizabeth Taylor, Charlie Chaplin, Michael Jackson, Steven Spielberg, George Lucas, Barbra Streisand, Grace Kelly, Woody Allen, Farrah Fawcett and countless more; films Mildred Pierce, The Shop Around the Corner, Gone With the Wind (roadshow 1st-run keybook portrait), The Postman Always Rings Twice, Grand Hotel, The Third Man, Baby Doll, Citizen Kane, The Wages of Fear, Dumbo, La Dolce Vita, Pather Panchali, Los Olvidados, Rome Open City, etc. Vast majority in very fine condition.
Estimate: $1,000 - $1,500
lot1265-H3257-L78858318 lot1265-H3257-L78858320 lot1265-H3257-L78858322 
lot1265-H3257-L78858326  lot1265-H3257-L78858328 

14 décembre 2014

Décès de Phil Stern

Décès du photographe Phil Stern, 95 ans, ce samedi 13 décembre 2014.

>> Voir les photos de Marilyn par Phil Stern

1955_mm_by_phil_stern   1956-03-03-BeverlyGlenBoulevard-press_party-012-by_phil_stern-1a
1953_02_24_martin_lewis_show_mm_011_1  1953_03_09_Photoplay040_Gala00600_byFlorea_010 1953_06_26_graumans_chinese_theatre_by_phil_stern  
MONROE__MARILYN___PHIL_STERN_1953373_1_   1953_09_13_jack_benny_show_by_phil_stern   


 Famed Hollywood photographer Phil Stern who captured some of the most iconic portraits of stars including Marilyn Monroe, James Dean and Frank Sinatra dies at 95
By Sophie Jane Evans for MailOnline
Published: 20:41 GMT, 14 December 2014 | Updated: 22:23 GMT, 14 December 2014
online on 

Phil Stern, 95, passed away in California on Saturday, agent confirmed
He was responsible for some of the most iconic portraits of celebrities
These included stars Marilyn Monroe, James Dean and Marlon Brando
He also captured President Kennedy's inauguration and Lauren Bacall
Stern become renowned for his photography during Second World War
Director Brett Ratner has paid tribute to the 'legendary photographer'

Photographer Phil Stern, who was responsible for some of the most iconic portraits of Hollywood stars including Marilyn Monroe, James Dean and Frank Sinatra, has died at the age of 95.
Stern, who also photographed John Wayne, Marlon Brando, Lauren Bacall, Humphrey Bogart and President Kennedy’s inauguration, passed away in California on Saturday, his agent confirmed.


On Sunday morning, director Brett Ratner took to Instagram to express his sadness at his longtime friend's death, writing: 'My good friend pictured here passed today! #PhilStern 95 year old.'


Posting a photo of himself walking with Stern on a film set, he added: 'Legendary photographer with an amazing life! Grateful that I was there for his 95th birthday!'
On Sunday afternoon, he uploaded another photo of himself posing with the photographer on his 90th birthday. Despite looking frail and being hooked to tubes, Stern was seen beaming widely. 

phil_stern-2  phil_stern-2-2 

During his career, 'Snapdragon' Stern worked as a special still cameraman on an array of films, including 'Guys and Dolls'  and 'Close Encounters of the Third Kind', Variety reported.
He also become renowned for his photography while serving as a U.S. Army Ranger in the 'Darby's Rangers' unit in the North African and Italian campaigns during World War II.

phil_stern-4 phil_stern-6 

'There were a lot of very ugly things during the war - and a lot of very beautiful things,' Stern told the magazine earlier this year. 'I photographed everything.”
He was later decorated with a Purple Heart for his services. Ater the war, Stern settled in Los Angeles, where he became a staff photographer for LOOK magazine.
Over the past few decades, his photos of Marilyn Monroe and James Dean have gained iconic status, while he has also photographed Louis Armstrong, Orson Welles and Joan Crawford.
He even contributed photos for albums by artists Liza Minnelli, Ella Fitzgerald and Count Basie.

Celebrated: Stern is pictured at Photo LA's
22nd Annual Photographic Art Exposition in January last year

For the final years of his life, Stern resided at the Veterans Home of California, where he continued to wear a camera around his neck and take photographs of those around him.
In a touching tribute, Stern's worldwide agent, Geoff Katz, of Creative Photographers Inc, described the photographer as a 'one-of-a-kind' talent who lived a 'full and exciting life'.
He told MailOnline: 'I am honored and privileged to have worked with Phil over the last 20 years. It has been an amazing journey, he was one of a kind. I will treasure the time I spent with Phil and his family, His legacy will live on through his iconic images.'

Stern's sons, Peter and Tom, have donated 95 prints from their father's work (WW2, Jazz and Hollywood) to the the West Los Angeles VA Hospital as a permanent exhibition.
The photographer's autobiography, 'Phil Stern: A Life’s Work', was published in October 2003.

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30 avril 2014

3/03/1956 Press Party

Le samedi 3 mars 1956, se tient une "press party" en l'honneur de Marilyn Monroe pour son prochain film "Arrêt d'Autobus", dans la maison où elle vit, louée par Milton Greene pour la durée du tournage, au 595 North Beverly Glen Boulevard à Los Angeles.
Photographies en noir et blanc de Earl Leaf.
On Saturday, March 3, 1956, helds a "press party" in honor of Marilyn Monroe for her upcoming film "Bus Stop" in the house where she lives, rented by Milton Greene during the filming of the movie, at 595 North Beverly Glen Boulevard in Los Angeles. 
Black and white photographs by Earl Leaf.

> Devant la porte / Mur
1956-03-03-BeverlyGlenBoulevard-press_party-013-1 1956-03-03-BeverlyGlenBoulevard-press_party-014-by_earl_leaf-1 1956-03-03-BeverlyGlenBoulevard-press_party-014-by_earl_leaf-2
1956-03-03-BeverlyGlenBoulevard-press_party-014-by_earl_leaf-3 1956-03-03-BeverlyGlenBoulevard-press_party-015-1 1956-03-03-BeverlyGlenBoulevard-press_party-016-1 
1956-03-03-BeverlyGlenBoulevard-press_party-010-1-by_earl_leaf-1  1956-03-03-BeverlyGlenBoulevard-press_party-011-1
1956-03-03-BeverlyGlenBoulevard-press_party-010-2 1956-03-03-BeverlyGlenBoulevard-press_party-011-2 1956-03-03-BeverlyGlenBoulevard-press_party-011-3

- photographies de Phil Stern -
1956-03-03-BeverlyGlenBoulevard-press_party-012-by_phil_stern-1 1956-03-03-BeverlyGlenBoulevard-press_party-012-by_phil_stern-1a
1956-03-03-BeverlyGlenBoulevard-press_party-012-by_phil_stern-2 1956-03-03-BeverlyGlenBoulevard-press_party-012-by_phil_stern-3 1956-03-03-BeverlyGlenBoulevard-press_party-012-by_phil_stern-4
1956-03-03-BeverlyGlenBoulevard-press_party-012-by_phil_stern-5 1956-03-03-BeverlyGlenBoulevard-press_party-012-by_phil_stern-6 1956-03-03-BeverlyGlenBoulevard-press_party-012-by_phil_stern-7 

> Debout
1956-03-03-BeverlyGlenBoulevard-press_party-020-1-by_earl_leaf 1956-03-03-BeverlyGlenBoulevard-press_party-020-2 1956-03-03-BeverlyGlenBoulevard-press_party-021-1
1956-03-03-BeverlyGlenBoulevard-press_party-023-2 1956-03-03-BeverlyGlenBoulevard-press_party-023-3 1956-03-03-BeverlyGlenBoulevard-press_party-025-3
1956-03-03-BeverlyGlenBoulevard-press_party-024-2  1956-03-03-BeverlyGlenBoulevard-press_party-025-2 
1956-03-03-BeverlyGlenBoulevard-press_party-024-1-by_earl_leaf  1956-03-03-BeverlyGlenBoulevard-press_party-025-1 

- avec les Soeurs Churchill -
1956-03-03-BeverlyGlenBoulevard-press_party-022-with_churchill_sisters-1 1956-03-03-BeverlyGlenBoulevard-press_party-023-1-with_churchill_sisters-1

- avec le photographe Earl Leaf -
1956-03-03-BeverlyGlenBoulevard-press_party-026-with_earl_leaf-1 1956-03-03-BeverlyGlenBoulevard-press_party-026-with_earl_leaf-2 
1956-03-03-BeverlyGlenBoulevard-press_party-030-with_earl_leaf-1 1956-03-03-BeverlyGlenBoulevard-press_party-030-with_earl_leaf-2 1956-03-03-BeverlyGlenBoulevard-press_party-030-with_earl_leaf-3
1956-03-03-BeverlyGlenBoulevard-press_party-030-with_earl_leaf-1a  1956-03-03-BeverlyGlenBoulevard-press_party-030-with_earl_leaf-3a 

> Assise
1956-03-03-BeverlyGlenBoulevard-press_party-031-1 1956-03-03-BeverlyGlenBoulevard-press_party-033-3
 1956-movieland8561 1956-north_beverly-Page 1956 08 56 no source 1 1956-03-03-BeverlyGlenBoulevard-press_party-031-2 
1956-03-03-BeverlyGlenBoulevard-press_party-031-3  1956-03-03-BeverlyGlenBoulevard-press_party-032-by_mhg-2
1956-03-03-BeverlyGlenBoulevard-press_party-032-by_mhg-1 1956-03-03-BeverlyGlenBoulevard-press_party-033-1-by_earl_leaf-1 1956-03-03-BeverlyGlenBoulevard-press_party-033-2
1956-03-03-BeverlyGlenBoulevard-press_party-034-1 1956-03-03-BeverlyGlenBoulevard-press_party-034-2-by_mhg-1 1956-03-03-BeverlyGlenBoulevard-press_party-034-2-by_mhg-1a
1956-03-03-BeverlyGlenBoulevard-press_party-035-1 1956-03-03-BeverlyGlenBoulevard-press_party-035-2-by_leaf-1 1956-03-03-BeverlyGlenBoulevard-press_party-035-3
1956-03-03-BeverlyGlenBoulevard-press_party-035-4-by_leaf-1 1956-03-03-BeverlyGlenBoulevard-press_party-035-5 1956-03-03-BeverlyGlenBoulevard-press_party-036-1-by_leaf-1
1956-03-03-BeverlyGlenBoulevard-press_party-036-1-by_leaf-2 1956-03-03-BeverlyGlenBoulevard-press_party-036-1-by_leaf-3 1956-03-03-BeverlyGlenBoulevard-press_party-036-1-by_leaf-4
1956-03-03-BeverlyGlenBoulevard-press_party-036-2 1956-03-03-BeverlyGlenBoulevard-press_party-037-1 1956-03-03-BeverlyGlenBoulevard-press_party-037-2
1956-03-03-BeverlyGlenBoulevard-press_party-037-3-by_leaf-1 1956-03-03-BeverlyGlenBoulevard-press_party-037-3-by_leaf-2 

> Dans les escaliers
1956-03-03-BeverlyGlenBoulevard-press_party-040-1 1956-03-03-BeverlyGlenBoulevard-press_party-040-2
1956-03-03-BeverlyGlenBoulevard-press_party-041-1  1956-03-03-BeverlyGlenBoulevard-press_party-041-2
1956-03-03-BeverlyGlenBoulevard-press_party-041-3-by_earl_leaf-1 1956-03-03-BeverlyGlenBoulevard-press_party-042-1
1956-03-03-BeverlyGlenBoulevard-press_party-043-1 1956-03-03-BeverlyGlenBoulevard-press_party-043-1a 1956-03-03-BeverlyGlenBoulevard-press_party-044-1 
1956-03-03-BeverlyGlenBoulevard-press_party-045-1 1956-03-03-BeverlyGlenBoulevard-press_party-045-2-by_earl_leaf-1
1956-03-03-BeverlyGlenBoulevard-press_party-045-2-by_earl_leaf-1a 1956-03-03-BeverlyGlenBoulevard-press_party-045-3 1956-03-03-BeverlyGlenBoulevard-press_party-045-3c 
1956-03-03-BeverlyGlenBoulevard-press_party-050-1-by_earl_leaf-1 1956-03-03-BeverlyGlenBoulevard-press_party-051-1-by_earl_leaf-1
1956-03-03-BeverlyGlenBoulevard-press_party-051-1-by_earl_leaf-1a 1956-03-03-BeverlyGlenBoulevard-press_party-051-2
1956-03-03-BeverlyGlenBoulevard-press_party-052-1 1956-03-03-BeverlyGlenBoulevard-press_party-052-2
1956-03-03-BeverlyGlenBoulevard-press_party-053-1 1956-03-03-BeverlyGlenBoulevard-press_party-053-2 1956-03-03-BeverlyGlenBoulevard-press_party-053-2a 
1956-03-03-BeverlyGlenBoulevard-press_party-055-1 1956-03-03-BeverlyGlenBoulevard-press_party-056-1 1956-03-03-BeverlyGlenBoulevard-press_party-056-2 

- photographies de Phil Stern -
1956-03-03-BeverlyGlenBoulevard-press_party-054-1-by_phil_stern-1 1956-03-03-BeverlyGlenBoulevard-press_party-054-1-by_phil_stern-1a 1956-03-03-BeverlyGlenBoulevard-press_party-054-1-by_phil_stern-1b

- avec Joshua Greene, le fils de Milton- 
photographies de Milton Greene
1956-03-03-BeverlyGlenBoulevard-press_party-060-by_mhg-1 1956-03-03-BeverlyGlenBoulevard-press_party-060-by_mhg-1a 1956-03-03-BeverlyGlenBoulevard-press_party-060-by_mhg-1b 
1956-03-03-BeverlyGlenBoulevard-press_party-061-1  1956-03-03-BeverlyGlenBoulevard-press_party-061-2-by_mhg-2 1956-03-03-BeverlyGlenBoulevard-press_party-061-2-by_mhg-1 
1956-03-03-BeverlyGlenBoulevard-press_party-062-1  1956-03-03-BeverlyGlenBoulevard-press_party-062-2

> planches contact

- par Earl Leaf -

-par Phil Stern -

-par Milton Greene -

> dans la presse

 >> sources:

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10 septembre 2013

3/10/1952 Fête Photoplay

Le 3 octobre 1952, Marilyn Monroe à la fête organisée en l'honneur de Ruth Waterbury (rédactrice en chef des magazines 'Photoplay' et 'Silver Screen') pour le magazine 'Photoplay'.
In October, 3, 1952, Marilyn Monroe at the Ruth Waterbury party (editor of 'Photoplay' and 'Silver Screen' magazines), for Photoplay editions.


> Avec George Delacorte, directeur des éditions "Dell Publishing Company".
with George Delacorte, director of the "Dell Publishing Company."

 > Marilyn dans les coulisses
1953_02_24_martin_lewis_show_mm_010_1 1953_02_24_martin_lewis_show_mm_010_2 1953_02_24_martin_lewis_show_mm_010_3
1953_02_24_martin_lewis_show_mm_010_4 1953_02_24_martin_lewis_show_mm_010_5 1953_02_24_martin_lewis_show_mm_010_6
1953_02_24_martin_lewis_show_mm_011_1 1953_02_24_martin_lewis_show_mm_011_2 1953_02_24_TvShow_RedBookAward_00210_1
1953  1953-redbook1 
1952-10-03-photoplay_party-for_Ruth_Waterbury-01-1a 1952-10-03-photoplay_party-for_Ruth_Waterbury-01-1b 1952-10-03-photoplay_party-for_Ruth_Waterbury-01-1c 

> photographie de Phil Stern
1952_photoplay_1b 1952_photoplay_1a 

- Bonus sur le blog -
article Les Robes de Cocktail brodées de Ceil Chapman

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16 août 2011

12/12/1955 Première de The Rose Tattoo

Le 12 décembre 1955, Marilyn Monroe se rend à la première du film de Daniel Mann The Rose Tattoo (La Rose Tatouée) à l'Astor Theatre de New York, avec dans les rôles principaux, Anna Magnani et Burt Lancaster, pourtant absents à cette première new-yorkaise. Marilyn, resplendissante dans une robe noire assortie de longs gants noirs et d'un fourreau blanc, portant de longues boucles d'oreilles, pose avec malice et glamour devant les photographes et les caméramen venus spécialement filmer l'arrivée des stars.

On December 12, 1955, Marilyn Monroe goes to the premiere of Daniel Mann's movie The Rose Tattoo at the Astor Theater in New York, with Anna Magnani and Burt Lancaster in the main roles, not present at this premiere. Marilyn, resplendent in a black dress matched with long black gloves and a white sheath, wearing long earrings, poses with mischief and glamor in front of the photographers and the cameramen who came specially to film the arrival of the celebrities.


  L'arrivée de Marilyn

1955_12_12_astor_theater_01_arrive_020_1  1955_12_12_astor_theater_01_arrive_021_1  1955_12_12_astor_theater_01_arrive_022_1
1955_12_12_astor_theater_01_arrive_010_1 1955_12_12_astor_theater_cap_1_1
1955_12_12_astor_theater_01_arrive_010_1a 1955_12_12_astor_theater_01_arrive_030_2 1955_12_12_astor_theater_01_arrive_030_1
1955_12_12_astor_theater_01_arrive_040_1 1955_12_12_astor_theater_01_arrive_040_1a 1955_12_12_astor_theater_cap_1_2
1955_12_12_astor_theater_01_arrive_050_1 1955_12_12_astor_theater_01_arrive_060_1 1955_12_12_astor_theater_01_arrive_060_1a 1955 

 Photographie de Peter Haas

 Photographie de Paul Slade

  video de l'arrivée de Marilyn

1955_12_12_astor_theater_cap_010_1 1955_12_12_astor_theater_cap_011_1 1955_12_12_astor_theater_cap_012_1
1955_12_12_astor_theater_cap_013_1 1955_12_12_astor_theater_cap_014_1 1955_12_12_astor_theater_cap_015_1
1955_12_12_astor_theater_cap_016_1 1955_12_12_astor_theater_cap_017_1 1955_12_12_astor_theater_cap_018_1
1955_12_12_astor_theater_cap_019_1 1955_12_12_astor_theater_cap_020_1 1955_12_12_astor_theater_cap_021_1
1955_12_12_astor_theater_cap_022_1 1955_12_12_astor_theater_cap_023_1 1955_12_12_astor_theater_cap_024_1

 Dans le hall du cinéma

  1955_12_12_astor_theater_02_hall_010_1a 1955_12_12_astor_theater_02_hall_020_1
1955_12_12_astor_theater_02_hall_050_1 1955_12_12_astor_theater_02_hall_040_1 
lot89018f  1955-rose_tatoo-fmf_mhg_rose_tattoo  

 1955-12-12-rose_tatoo-collection_frieda_hull-246219_0a 1955-12-12-rose_tatoo-collection_frieda_hull-246219_0c 1955-12-12-rose_tatoo-collection_frieda_hull-246219_0b 
1955-12-12-rose_tatoo-collection_frieda_hull-246219_0d  1955-12-12-rose_tatoo-collection_frieda_hull-246219_0e 
 1955-12-12-rose_tatoo-collection_frieda_hull-246219_0  1955-12-12-rose_tatoo-collection_frieda_hull-246220_0
- de la collection de Frieda Hull, une fan des Monroe Six
-from the personal collection of Frieda Hull, one of the 'Monroe Six'

Après la projection du film, les célébrités se rendent à une soirée tenue au Sheraton Astor Hotel, dans le but de récolter des fonds pour l'Actors Studio (100 000 dollars seront obtenus), lors d'un dîner et d'une soirée dansante où les reporters sont nombreux. Marilyn est escortée par Marlon Brando, avec qui elle vit alors une aventure amoureusement secrète à cette période. Parmi les invités, se trouvent Lee, Paula et Susan Strasberg, le couple Rosten, Arthur Jacobs, Jayne Mansfield et Arthur Miller, qui sera photographiée publiquement pour la première fois au côté de Marilyn.

After the screening of the film, the celebrities go to a party held at the Sheraton Astor Hotel, with the aim of raising funds for the Actors Studio (100,000 dollars will be obtained), with a dinner and a dance party where reporters are numerous. Marilyn is escorted by Marlon Brando, with whom she then lives a lovingly secret adventure during this period. Among the guests are Lee, Paula and Susan Strasberg, the Rosten couple, Arthur Jacobs, Jayne Mansfield and Arthur Miller, who will be pictured publicly for the first time alongside Marilyn.

 Marilyn & Marlon Brando

1955_12_12_astor_theater_03_brando_010_1 1955_12_12_astor_theater_03_brando_011_1 1955_12_12_astor_theater_03_brando_020_1
1955_12_12_astor_theater_03_brando_031_1 1955_rose_tatoo_mb_3 1955_rose_tatoo_mb_4
1955_rose_tatoo_mb_2 1955-actors 1955_12_12_astor_theater_03_brando_030_1b  
1955_12_12_astor_theater_03_brando_030_1 1955_rose_tatoo_mb_1 1955_12_12_astor_theater_03_brando_040_1
1955-rose_tatoo-z__57   1955_12_12_astor_theater_03_brando_040_1a
1955_12_12_astor_theater_03_brando_050_1 1955_12_12_astor_theater_03_brando_050_2 1955_12_12_astor_theater_03_mm_020_1a 
1955_12_12_astor_theater_03_brando_060_1  1955_12_12_astor_theater_03_brando_070_1a  1955_12_12_astor_theater_03_brando_070_1
1955_12_12_astor_theater_03_mm_010_1 1955_12_12_astor_theater_03_mm_020_1 1955_12_12_astor_theater_03_mm_030_1 

  Marilyn et Marlon Brando en interview pour la BBC

1955_12_12_astor_theater_04_interview_040_1a  1955_12_12_astor_theater_04_interview_040_1
1955-rose-62 The Man Behind Marilyn aa  
1955_rose_tatoo_interv_1  1955_12_12_astor_theater_04_interview_010_1  
1955_12_12_astor_theater_04_interview_020_1  1955_12_12_astor_theater_04_interview_030_1 1955_rose_tatoo_interv_2

-photographie de Nate Cutler >>

-photographie de Sid Caesar >>

- L'interview -

 >> Marilyn au dîner
1955_12_12_astor_theater_05_mm_010_1   1955_12_12_astor_theater_05_mm_010_1a 
1955-rose-62 The Man Behind Marilyn a  1955_rosetatoo_1 
1955_12_12_astor_theater_05_party_050_1  1955_12_12_astor_theater_05_party_051_1  1955_12_12_astor_theater_05_party_052_1  

 >> Marilyn avec l'écrivain Bill Denby et sa soeur Dorothy Denby
photographie de Max Peter Haas


 >> Marilyn avec les Strasberg

  >> Marilyn avec Susan Strasberg et Jayne Mansfield
1955_12_12_astor_theater_05_party_020_1  1955_rosetatoo 
lot1117-H3257-L78860433 1955_12_12_astor_theater_05_party_040_1 

> Helen Hayes et Joan Crawford
1955-rose_tatoo-Helen Hayes_ Joan Crawford 

  >> Marilyn danse dans les bras de Marlon Brando
1955_12_12_astor_theater_06_brando_010_1a  1955_12_12_astor_theater_06_brando_020_1  

>> Photos de Roy Schatt: Marilyn et Arthur Miller
1955_12_12_by_roy_schatt_with_miller_1  1955_12_12_by_roy_schatt_with_miller_1a  

>> Photo de Phil Stern 

Séance "Actors Studio"
- Milton H Greene -

1955-12-12-NY-premiere_rose_tattoo-by_mhg-010-2-ACS_23  1955-12-12-NY-premiere_rose_tattoo-by_mhg-010-3-ACS-07  1955-12-12-NY-premiere_rose_tattoo-by_mhg-011-1-ACS_20 
1955-12-12-NY-premiere_rose_tattoo-by_mhg-011-2-ACS-02  1955-12-12-NY-premiere_rose_tattoo-by_mhg-012-1-ACS_19  1955-12-12-NY-premiere_rose_tattoo-by_mhg-013-1-ACS_22 
1955-12-12-NY-premiere_rose_tattoo-by_mhg-014-1-ACS-06  1955-12-12-NY-premiere_rose_tattoo-by_mhg-014-2-ACS_18  1955-12-12-NY-premiere_rose_tattoo-by_mhg-014-3-ACS_24 
1955-12-12-NY-premiere_rose_tattoo-by_mhg-020-1-ACS-05   1955_12_12_by_mhg_marilyn_monroe_ACS_21  
1955_12_12_by_mhg_marilyn_monroe_ACS_a  1955_12_12_by_mhg_marilyn_monroe_ACS_b  
  1955_12_12_by_mhg_marilyn_monroe_ACS_03  1955_12_12_by_mhg_marilyn_monroe_ACS_03a  H3257_L44538773  

1955_rose_tatoo_by_greene_1 1955_rose_tatoo_by_greene_2 1955_rose_tatoo_by_greene_3 1955_rose_tatoo_by_greene_4
1955_rose_tatoo_by_greene_5 1955_rose_tatoo_by_greene_6 1955_rose_tatoo_by_greene_7 1955_rose_tatoo_by_greene_8  

 dans la presse

1955_12_12_astor_theater_mag_noiretblanc_1967  mag_italie_1994 
1955-rose-Blondes At Bay b  1955-rose_tatoo-article

All photos are copyright and protected by their respective owners. 
copyright text by GinieLand.  


24 février 2011

26/06/1953 Grauman's Chinese Theater

jean_harlow_graumanMarilyn Monroe, enfant, avait souvent essayé de mettre ses mains et ses pieds dans les empreintes des stars de cinéma (comme celles de Jean Harlow, photo ci-contre), devant le Grauman's Chinese Theater. "Je n'ai jamais pu trouver pieds à ma taille, ils étaient toujours trop grands", raconta-t-elle.
Le 26 juin 1953, peu avant la sortie de 'Les hommes préfèrent les blondes',
Marilyn Monroe et Jane Russell, les deux actrices du film, sont invitées à poser leurs empreintes dans le ciment frais. Marilyn suggére que pour mieux rester fidèles à leurs célébrités, Jane (pour laquelle Howard Hugues avait dessiné un soutien-gorge spécial) aurait dû se coucher par terre pour poser la forme de ses seins, et qu'elle-même se serait assise pour laisser celle de ses fesses! L'idée n'ayant bien sûr pas été retenue, elle demande qu'un diamant soit posé pour le point de son "i" de "Marilyn" en l'honneur de la chanson du film "Diamonds are the girls best friends". Un diamant de fantaisie est placé, mais rapidement descellé et volé.
Marilyn Monroe, as a child, had often tried to put her hands and feet in the footprints of movie stars (such as Jean Harlow, see picture above) before the Grauman's Chinese Theater: "I never could find my feet in size, they were always too big", she told.
In June 26 , 1953, shortly before the release of 'Gentlemen Prefer Blondes' on screen, Marilyn Monroe and Jane Russell, the two actresses of the film, are invited to put their footprints in the wet cement. Marilyn suggests that in order to remain faithful to their celebrities, Jane (for whom Howard Hughes had designed a special bra) should lie on the ground to put the shape of their breasts, and they would sit to let prints of their ass ! The idea have obviously been unsuccessful, so she asks that a diamond is put to point the "i" in "Marilyn" in honor of the song from the movie "Diamonds are the girls best friends". A fancy diamond is placed, but quickly loosened and stolen.

>> Marilyn et Jane s'installent
1953_06_26_graumans_chinese_01_2 1953_06_26_graumans_chinese_03_1  1953-gpb_print
1953_06_26_graumans_chinese_01_1 1953_06_26_graumans_chinese_02_1 1953_Clip_44

>> Marilyn et Jane signent leurs noms
1953_06_26_graumans_chinese_04_01 1953_06_26_graumans_chinese_04_03_1 1953_06_26_graumans_chinese_04_03_2
1953_06_26_graumans_chinese_04_04 1953_06_26_graumans_chinese_04_06_2 1953_06_26_graumans_chinese_capture_3
1953_06_26_graumans_chinese_04_05 1953_grauman 1953_06_26_graumans_chinese_04_06_1 
lot1159-H3257-L78859400  lot1159-H3257-L78859403  1953-06-26-LA-graumans-collection_frieda_hull-2-1d 
1953_06_26_graumans_chinese_04_07 1953_graumans_1 1953_06_26_graumans_chinese_04_09
1953_06_26_graumans_chinese_04_08 1953_06_26_graumans_chinese_04_11 1953_06_26_graumans_chinese_04_10
1953_06_26_graumans_chinese_04_12 1953_06_26_graumans_chinese_04_13 1953-13427081_2 

 >> Marilyn et Jane posent leurs mains
1953_06_26_graumans_chinese_05_01 1953_06_26_graumans_chinese_05_02 1953_06_26_graumans_chinese_05_04
1953_06_26_graumans_chinese_05_05 1953_06_26_graumans_chinese_05_06 1953_06_26_graumans_chinese_05_4a 1953_MM___Jane_Hand_Prints__3D_Mag_ 
1953_06_26_graumans_chinese_05_07 1953_06_26_graumans_chinese_06_01 1953_06_26_graumans_chinese_06_02
1953_06_26_graumans_chinese_06_03  1953_06_26_graumans_chinese_06_02a 
1953__57   1953_06_26_graumans_chinese_06_05  
1953_06_26_graumans_chinese_06_04 1953_06_26_graumans_chinese_06_06 1953_06_26_grauman2
1953_06_26_grauman 1953_06_26_graumans_chinese_capture_2 1953_06_26_graumans_chinese_capture_1

>> Marilyn et Jane posent leurs pieds
1953_06_26_graumans_chinese_07_01 1953_06_26_graumans_chinese_07_03 1953_feet_prints
1953_06_26_graumans_chinese_07_04 1953_06_26_graumans_chinese_07_05 1953_06_26_graumans_chinese_07_05a
1953_06_26_graumans_chinese_07_06 1953_graumans 1953_prints
1953-jrg  lot1159-H3257-L78859410  lot1159-H3257-L78859433 

>> Marilyn et Jane prennent la pose
1953_06_26_graumans_chinese_08_01 1953_06_26_graumans_chinese_08_03 1953_06_26_graumans_chinese_08_02_1
1953_06_26_graumans_chinese_08_02_2 1953_06_26_graumans_chinese_08_02_3
1953_graumans_col3 1953_graumans_col2
1953_graumans_col1 1953_graumans_col4  

1953-grauman-1  1953-grauman-3  1953-grauman-3b 

>> Marilyn dans les coulisses
1953_06_26_graumans_chinese_09_01 1953_06_26_graumans_chinese_09_02 1953_06_26_graumans_chinese_09_03
1953_06_26_graumans_chinese_09_04 1953_06_26_graumans_chinese_09_05

>> Photos de Darlene Hammond
 1953_06_26_graumans_chinese_04_02a 1953_06_26_graumans_chinese_07_02 1953_Annex___Monroe__Marilyn_269
1953_06_26_graumans_chinese_04_02 1953_06_26_graumans_chinese_05_03 

>> Photos de Murray Garrett
1953_06_26_grauman_by_murray_garrett_01a 1953_06_26_grauman_by_murray_garrett_02 1953_06_26_grauman_by_murray_garrett_03
1953_06_26_grauman_by_murray_garrett_04 1953_06_26_grauman_by_murray_garrett_05 1953_06_26_grauman_by_murray_garrett_05a
at_the_grohmanns 1953_06_26_grauman_by_murray_garrett_06 1953_06_26_grauman_by_murray_garrett_07
1953_06_26_grauman_by_murray_garrett_08 1953_06_26_grauman_by_murray_garrett_09  

>> Photos de Phil Stern



> photographies collection Frieda Hull

1953-06-26-LA-graumans-collection_frieda_hull-1  1953-06-26-LA-graumans-collection_frieda_hull-2-1 

"C'est pour toujours, n'est-ce pas ?" demande Marilyn à Jane au moment fatidique. Elle est submergée par l'émotion tant cet honneur est réservée aux plus grandes stars.
This is forever, isn't it ?" asks Marilyn to Jane at the fateful moment. She is overcome with emotion as this honor is reserved for the biggest stars.

>> Les empreintes
1953_06_26_graumans_prints_4 1953_06_26_graumans_prints_2
1953_06_26_graumans_prints_1 1953_06_26_graumans_prints_3

>> Jayne Mansfield et Suzie Kennedy
dans les empreintes de Marilyn
1953_06_Jayne_Mansfield_puts_hands_in_Marilyn_hand_prints_outside_Grauman_Chinese_Theater_19april1955 1953_06_Suzie_kennedy

>> Captures
1953_06_26_grauman_cap_movietone_01 1953_06_26_grauman_cap_movietone_02 1953_06_26_grauman_cap_movietone_03
1953_06_26_grauman_cap_movietone_04 1953_06_26_grauman_cap_movietone_05 1953_06_26_grauman_cap_movietone_06
1953_06_26_grauman_cap_movietone_07 1953_06_26_grauman_cap_movietone_08 1953_06_26_grauman_cap_movietone_09
1953_06_26_grauman_cap_movietone_10 1953_06_26_grauman_cap_movietone_11 1953_06_26_grauman_cap_movietone_12

>> video Movietone sur fan.tcm.com 

>> video

 Le jour même de la cérémonie, Gladys Whitten Rasmussen, sa coiffeuse, reçoit un coup de fil affolé de Marilyn: "J'ai besoin de toi, s'il te plaît Gladness. S'il te plaît, vient, et amène aussi ta maman." La situation semble grave à en juger par la voix, jusqu'à ce que Marilyn explique: "Je ne sais pas quelle robe mettre !" Gladys, qui habite dans un autre quartier de Los Angeles, bondit dans sa voiture: "On aurait dit une gamine ! Je ne pouvais pas m'empêcher de l'aider."
The day of the ceremony, Gladys Whitten Rasmussen, her hairdresser, receives a frantic phone call from Marilyn: "I need you, please Gladness. Please, come and take also your mom." The situation seems serious judging by her voice, until Marilyn says: "I don't know how to dress!" Gladys, who lived in another part of Los Angeles, jumps in her car: "She looked like a little girl ! I couldn't prevent to help her."

- Dans les coulisses -

>> Marilyn et Danny Thomas
1953_06_26_grauman_award_with_Danny_Thomas_1 1953_06_26_grauman_award_with_Danny_Thomas_1a  1953_06_26_grauman_award_02 

1953_06_26_grauman_award_01  1953_402342252 
lot89025m  1953-06-26-LA-graumans-collection_frieda_hull-2-1b 1953-06-26-LA-graumans-collection_frieda_hull-2-1c 

 Après la cérémonie, Marilyn rejoint Joe DiMaggio au restaurant Chasen's. 
 After the ceremony, Marilyn joined Joe DiMaggio at Chasen's restaurant.

>> Marilyn et Joe DiMaggio au Chasen's
1953_06_26_chasens_restaurant_with_joe_01 1953_06_26_chasens_restaurant_with_joe_02
1953-86 MM JD 01 1953_06_26_chasens_1a 1953_06_26_chasens_1
1953_296282638o men_joe_marilyn_en_joe_dimaggio

>> Dans la presse
1953-article-86 MM JD 01 
1953_06_26_chasens_mag_1 1953_06_26_chasens_mag_2 06_20110107_monroe_slide_PLDU_slide

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30 juillet 2010

3/08/1952 Ray Anthony Party

Le 3 août 1952, Marilyn Monroe est l'invitée d'honneur de la fête Ray Anthony Party, organisée par l'attaché de presse de Ray Anthony, Red Doff, et par la Fox pour promouvoir leur nouvelle star, car Marilyn accédait peu à peu à une certaine notoriété: elle était en tournage du film Niagara et son film Don't bother to knock était encore à l'affiche sur les écrans américains et de grandes pancartes publicitaires étaient disposées pour promouvoir le film. La fête s'est tenue dans la villa de Ray Anthony à Sherman Oaks, dans le district de Los Angeles, situé dans la vallée de San Fernando, avec près de 500 invités (Sammy Davis Jr, Mickey Rooney). Ventura Boulevard a été embouteillée pendant des heures. Marilyn est vêtue de la robe rouge du film Niagara.
Le magazine Look couvre l'événement. Les photographes présents: Bob Willoughby, Leni Carlson, Bruno Bernard, Phil Stern et Earl Theisen.
On August, 3, 1952, Marilyn Monroe is the guest of honor of the Ray Anthony Party, organised by Ray Anthony's press secretary Red Doff, and by Fox to promote their new star, as Marilyn accessed gradually to the celebrity: she was filming Niagara her movie Do not bother to knock was still showing on U.S. screens and large advertising signs were willing to promote the film. The party is held in the Ray Anthony's home, at Sherman Oaks, in the district of Los Angeles, located in the San Fernando Valley, with 500 guests (Sammy David Jr, Mickey Rooney). Ventura Boulevard was bottled for hours. Marilyn is wearing the red dress of the film Niagara.
Look magazine covers the event. Photographers who are present: Bob Willoughby, Leni Carlson, Bruno Bernard, Phil Stern and Earl Theisen.

>> Sur le blog: voir les vidéos de Ray Anthony Party.

>> Marilyn et Ray Anthony

1952_08_03_RAP_backstage_mm_RayAnthony_010_1 1952_08_03_RAP_backstage_mm_RayAnthony_011_1 1952_08_03_RAP_backstage_mm_RayAnthony_020_2
1952_08_03_RAP_backstage_mm_RayAnthony_012_1 1952_08_03_RAP_backstage_mm_RayAnthony_021_3
1952_08_03_RAP_backstage_mm_RayAnthony_020_1 1952_08_03_RAP_backstage_mm_RayAnthony_021_1 1952_08_03_RAP_backstage_mm_RayAnthony_021_2c 

La légende raconte que Marilyn est arrivée en hélicoptère, ce qui est faux. Marilyn est en réalité arrivée en voiture, et l'hélicoptère s'est posé avec quelques difficultés liées au vent, dans le terrain de la propriété.
Legend tells that Marilyn is arrived by helicopter, which is false. Marilyn is actually arriving by car and the helicopter landed with some difficulty due to the wind in the property's garden. 

1952_08_03_RAP_001_helico_1 1952_08_03_RAP_001_helico_2 

> captures
1952-ray_anthony-cap01 1952-ray_anthony-cap02 1952-ray_anthony-cap03
1952-ray_anthony-cap04 1952-ray_anthony-cap05 1952-ray_anthony-cap06
1952-ray_anthony-cap07 1952-ray_anthony-cap08 1952-ray_anthony-cap09
1952-ray_anthony-cap10 1952-ray_anthony-cap11 1952-ray_anthony-cap12
1952-ray_anthony-cap13 1952-ray_anthony-cap14 1952-ray_anthony-cap15
1952-ray_anthony-cap16 1952-ray_anthony-cap17 1952-ray_anthony-cap18

En attendant Marilyn, le chien vedette de la série Lassie a posé dans l'hélico. 
Before Marilyn arrives, the dog star of Lassie posed in the helicopter. 

> captures
1952-ray_anthony-cap19 1952-ray_anthony-cap20 1952-ray_anthony-cap21 

Marilyn arrive en voiture et descend les escaliers où elle pose pour les photographes.
Marilyn arrives by car and down the stairs where she poses for photographers. 

mm_niagra_dress  1952_08_03_RAP_10_car_010_1

>> Marilyn et Sammy Davis Jr.

1952_08_03_RAP_cap_lassie_1 1952_08_03_RAP_cap_lassie_2 1952_by_phil_stern_1
1952_08_03_RAP_12_marilyn_010_1 1952_08_03_RAP_12_marilyn_011_byBobWilloughby_1
1952_08_03_RAP_12_marilyn_017_1 1952_08_03_RAP_12_marilyn_012_1
1952_08_03_RAP_12_marilyn_013_1 1952_08_03_RAP_12_marilyn_014_1 1952_rayanthony_1 

>> Photographie de Bruno Bernard

 Marilyn et les pancartes de Don't Bother to Knock

 1952_09_14_hollywood_bowl_01_2 1952_09_14_hollywood_bowl_01_1 1952_09_14_hollywood_bowl_01_3
rap73 1952_09_14_hollywood_bowl_01_4a 1952_09_14_hollywood_bowl_01_4 Wgby65

Photographies de Earl Theisen
1952_by_earl_theisen_521301_03119  1952_by_earl_theisen_521332_03120 


1952-ray_anthony-cap22-3min02 1952-ray_anthony-cap23 1952-ray_anthony-cap24
1952-ray_anthony-cap25 1952-ray_anthony-cap26 1952-ray_anthony-cap27
1952-ray_anthony-cap28 1952-ray_anthony-cap29 1952-ray_anthony-cap30
1952-ray_anthony-cap31 1952-ray_anthony-cap32 1952-ray_anthony-cap33
1952-ray_anthony-cap34 1952-ray_anthony-cap35 1952-ray_anthony-cap36

Marilyn pose avec le chien star de la série Lassie.
Marilyn and celeb dog Lassie pose for the photographers.

1952_08_03_RAP_13_lassie_010_1 1952_08_03_RAP_13_lassie_030_1 1952_niagara_party_lassie_0012136
1952_08_03_RAP_13_lassie_040_1 1952_08_03_RAP_13_lassie_071_1
1952_08_03_RAP_13_lassie_020_2 1952_08_03_RAP_13_lassie_020_1 1952_08_03_RAP_13_lassie_031_1 1952_08_03_RAP_13_lassie_050_1
 1952_08_03_RAP_13_lassie_061_1 1952-08-03-lassie 1952_08_03_RAP_13_lassie_070_1

>> Photographies de Lani Carlson
catalogue_bonhams_p3 1952-ray-by_lani_carlson-10 

> captures
1952-ray_anthony-cap37 1952-ray_anthony-cap38 1952-ray_anthony-cap39
1952-ray_anthony-cap40 1952-ray_anthony-cap41 1952-ray_anthony-cap42
1952-ray_anthony-cap43 1952-ray_anthony-cap44 1952-ray_anthony-cap45
1952-ray_anthony-cap46 1952-ray_anthony-cap47 1952-ray_anthony-cap48

Marilyn pose ensuite devant l'hélicoptère, avec le pilote et Ray Anthony.
Marilyn then pose in front of the helicopter, with the pilot and Ray Anthony.

1952_08_03_RAP_01_helico_010_1 ray_Sans_titre 1952_08_03_RAP_01_helico_012_1
1952_08_03_RAP_01_helico_012_2 1952_08_03_RAP_01_helico_012_3 1952_08_03_RAP_01_helico_012_4
1952_08_03_RAP_01_helico_012_6 1952_08_03_RAP_01_helico_012_7 1952_08_03_RAP_01_helico_012_8
1952_08_03_RAP_01_helico_012_9  1952_RAP_anthony02 1952-rayanthony-2
1952_08_03_RAP_01_helico_051_1 1952_08_03_RAP_01_helico_051_2 1952_08_03_RAP_01_helico_060_1
1952_ray_anthony_rare_1 1952_08_03_RAP_01_helico_050_1 1952-rayanthony
1952_08_03_RAP_01_helico_070_1 1952_by_bob_willoughby_1 1952_08_03_RAP_01_helico_071_1 1952_08_03_RAP_01_helico_042_1
1952_08_03_RAP_01_helico_040_by_bob_willoughby_1 1952-ray_anthony-lot1139-H3257-L78856207 1952_08_03_RAP_01_helico_041_by_bob_willoughby_1 
1952_08_03_RAP_12_marilyn_016_1  1952_08_03_RAP_12_marilyn_016_2 
1952-08-03-ray_anthony-juliens-1c  1952-08-03-ray_anthony-juliens-2a 

>> Photographie de Bruno Bernard

>> Photographies de Bob Willoughby  
1952_08_03_RAP_01_helico_013_by_bob_willoughby_1 1952_by_bob_willoughby_1

>> Photographies de Lani Carlson
1952-ray-by_lani_carlson-15   catalogue_bonhams_p6 
1952-ray-by_lani_carlson-11  bonhams_4053f  1952-ray-by_lani_carlson-6
1952-ray-by_lani_carlson-14    catalogue_bonhams_p4 
article-mm05 1952-ray-by_carlson-limited-ray

> captures
1952-ray-flowers-cap10 1952-ray-flowers-cap11 1952-ray-flowers-cap12
1952-ray-flowers-cap13 1952-ray-flowers-cap14 1952-ray-flowers-cap15
1952-ray-flowers-cap16 1952-ray-flowers-cap17 1952-ray-flowers-cap18
1952-ray-flowers-cap19 1952-ray-flowers-cap20 1952-ray-flowers-cap21
1952-ray-flowers-cap22 1952-ray-flowers-cap23 1952-ray-flowers-cap24
1952-ray-flowers-cap25 1952-ray-flowers-cap26 1952-ray-flowers-cap27
1952-ray-flowers-cap28 1952-ray-flowers-cap29 1952-ray-flowers-cap30
1952-ray-flowers-cap31 1952-ray-flowers-cap32 1952-ray-flowers-cap33
1952-ray_anthony-capture-01-4min30 1952-ray_anthony-capture-02 1952-ray_anthony-capture-03
1952_ayanthony_aa 1952_08_03_RAP_cap_helico_1 1952_08_03_RAP_cap_helico_2
1952-ray_anthony-capture-04 1952-ray_anthony-capture-05 1952-ray_anthony-capture-06
1952-ray_anthony-capture-07 1952-ray_anthony-capture-08 1952-ray_anthony-capture-09
1952-ray_anthony-capture-10 1952-ray_anthony-capture-11 1952-ray_anthony-capture-12
1952-ray_anthony-capture-16 1952-ray_anthony-capture-17 1952-ray_anthony-capture-18

On fait porter à Marilyn un collier de fleurs blanches autour du cou.
Marilyn is wearing a necklace of white flowers around her neck.

1952_08_03_RAP_01_helico_030_1 1952_08_03_RAP_01_helico_030_2 1952_08_03_RAP_01_helico_031_1
 1952_08_03_RAP_01_helico_033_1 1952_08_03_RAP_01_helico_033_2
1952_08_03_RAP_01_helico_020_by_bob_willoughby_1 1952_08_03_RAP_01_helico_021_by_bob_willoughby_1 1952_rayanthony2
1952_08_03_RAP_01_helico_035_1 1952_08_03_RAP_01_helico_036_1 1952_08_03_RAP_01_helico_037_1

>> Photographies de Charlotte Brooks
1952_by_charlotte_brooks_pool_521569_03116 1952_by_charlotte_brooks_521569_03122  

>> Photographie de Bob Willoughby

>> Photographies de Lani Carlson

1952-ray-by_lani_carlson-12 1952-ray-by_lani_carlson-2 1952-ray-by_lani_carlson-3 

>> Photographie de Frank Worth

>> Marilyn et les musiciens:
Ray Anthony
et Mickey Rooney (trompettes)
  1952_08_03_RAP_07_musicians_020_1 1952_rayanthony 1952_08_03_RAP_07_musicians_021_1


>> Photographie de Art Weissman

> captures 
1952-ray-flowers-cap01 1952-ray-flowers-cap02 1952-ray-flowers-cap03
1952-ray-flowers-cap04 1952-ray-flowers-cap05 1952-ray-flowers-cap06
1952-ray-flowers-cap07 1952-ray-flowers-cap08 1952-ray-flowers-cap09

Avant de rejoindre la fête, Marilyn répond aux interviews des journalistes avec Ray Anthony à ses côtés.
Before joining the party, Marilyn answers to the journalists's interviews with Ray Anthony at her side.

1952_08_03_RAP_08_musicians_010_1 1952-ray_anthony-lot1111-H3257-L78860331 1952_08_03_RAP_08_musicians_010_2
1952_08_03_RAP_08_musicians_011_1 1952_08_03_RAP_08_musicians_021_1 1952_08_03_RAP_08_musicians_020_1

> captures 
1952-ray_anthony-capture-21 1952-ray_anthony-capture-22 1952-ray_anthony-capture-24
1952-ray_anthony-capture-25 1952-ray_anthony-capture-26 1952-ray_anthony-capture-27
1952-ray_anthony-capture-28 1952-ray_anthony-capture-30 1952-ray_anthony-capture-32
1952-ray_anthony-capture-34 1952-ray_anthony-capture-35 1952-ray_anthony-capture-36

Marilyn traverse la foule pour rejoindre l'estrade et participer au numéro musical avec Ray Anthony à la trompette et Mickey Rooney à la batterie. Elle se prête au jeu des photographes en faisant mine de jouer des instruments, pendant que Ray Anthony chantait une chanson spécialement dédiée à Marilyn pour cette occasion, intitulée My Marilyn.
Marilyn crosses through the crowd to reach the stage and participate in the musical number with Ray Anthony playing trumpet and Mickey Rooney on drums. She poses for photographers, pretending to play instruments while Ray Anthony sings a song specially dedicated to Marilyn for the occasion, entitled 'My Marilyn'.

1952_niagara_party_mickeyrooney_0012135 1952_08_03_RAP_06_trompette_010_mickey_rooney_1
1952_08_03_RAP_04_musicians_010_1 1952_08_03_RAP_04_musicians_020_1 1952_08_03_RAP_04_musicians_021_1
1952_08_03_RAP_04_musicians_030_1 1952_08_03_RAP_04_partition_020_2 1952_08_03_RAP_05_drumer_040_1
1952_08_03_RAP_05_drumer_010_1 1952_08_03_RAP_05_drumer_020_by_bob_willoughby_1 1952_08_03_RAP_05_drumer_030_1
1952_08_03_RAP_05_drumer_031_1 1952_131651497 1952_08_03_RAP_05_drumer_041_1 
1952_08_03_RAP_05_drumer_050_1 1952_08_03_RAP_05_drumer_051_1 1952_08_03_RAP_05_drumer_052_1
1952_08_03_RAP_05_drumer_060_1 1952_08_03_RAP_05_drumer_061_1 1952_08_03_RAP_05_drumer_061_2

>> Photographies de Lani Carlson
bonhams_4053e 1952-ray-by_lani_carlson-16  bonhams_4053i
1952-ray-by_lani_carlson-13   1952_08_03_RayAnthonyParty_by_lani_carlson_4
1952-ray-by_lani_carlson-4 1952-ray-by_lani_carlson-5

> captures
1952-ray_anthony-cap_party-01-7min00 1952-ray_anthony-cap_party-02 1952-ray_anthony-cap_party-03
1952-ray_anthony-cap_party-04 1952-ray_anthony-cap_party-05 1952-ray_anthony-cap_party-06
1952-ray_anthony-cap_party-07 1952-ray_anthony-cap_party-08 1952-ray_anthony-cap_party-09
1952-ray_anthony-cap_party-10 1952-ray_anthony-cap_party-11 1952-ray_anthony-cap_party-12
1952_08_03_RAP_cap_musicians_1 1952_08_03_RAP_cap_musicians_2 1952_08_03_RAP_cap_musicians_3
1952-ray_anthony-cap_party-13 1952-ray_anthony-cap_party-14 1952-ray_anthony-cap_party-15
1952-ray_anthony-cap_party-16 1952-ray_anthony-cap_party-17 1952-ray_anthony-cap_party-18
1952-ray_anthony-cap_party-19 1952-ray_anthony-cap_party-20 1952-ray_anthony-cap_party-21
1952-ray_anthony-cap_party-22 1952-ray_anthony-cap_party-23 1952-ray_anthony-cap_party-24
1952_08_03_RAP_cap_musicians_4 1952_08_03_RAP_cap_musicians_5 1952_08_03_RAP_cap_musicians_6
1952-ray_anthony-cap_party-25 1952-ray_anthony-cap_party-26 1952-ray_anthony-cap_party-27
1952-ray_anthony-cap_party-28 1952-ray_anthony-cap_party-29 1952-ray_anthony-cap_party-30

>> Marilyn devant les partitions
1952_08_03_RAP_03_partition_010_1 1952_08_03_RAP_03_partition_010_2 1952_08_03_RAP_03_partition_020_1
1952_08_03_RAP_03_partition_011_1 1952_08_03_RAP_03_partition_012_1 1952_08_03_RAP_03_partition_013_1

>> Photographies de Lani Carlson 
 bonhams_4053b  1952-ray-by_lani_carlson-8  1952-ray-by_lani_carlson-1

Marilyn se joint à la fête et discute avec les invités. Le prénom "Marilyn" est écrit en majuscule avec des fleurs posées sur la piscine.
Marilyn joins the party and discussed with the guests. The name "Marilyn" is written in uppercase with flowers placed on the pool.

>> Marilyn et les invités
1952_08_03_RAP_02_arrive_021_1 1952_08_03_RAP_02_arrive_022_1 1952_08_03_RAP_05_drumer_062_1
1952_08_03_RAP_02_arrive_030_1 1952_08_03_RAP_02_arrive_by_willoughby_1 1952_08_03_RAP_05_drumer_062_2
1952_08_03_RAP_10_crowd_010_1 1952_08_03_RAP_10_crowd_011_1 1952mmelle
1952_08_03_RAP_11_marilyn_020_1 1952_RAP_anthony21 

>> Photographie de Bruno Bernard

>> Bob Willoughby, Marilyn et Phil Stern

- Marilyn et le photographe Earl Theisen -

>> Marilyn assise à une table
1952_RAP_1005ez10 1952_08_03_RAP_08_musicians_031_by_Bob_Willoughby_1 1952_08_03_RAP_09_pause_012_2
1952_08_03_RAP_09_pause_010_1 1952_08_03_RAP_09_pause_011_1 1952_08_03_RAP_09_pause_012_1

>> Photographies de Bob Willoughby  
 1952_08_03_RAP_09_pause_024_by_Bob_Willoughby_2 1952_08_03_RAP_09_pause_022_by_bob_willoughby_1
 1952_niagara_party_by_bob_willoughby_2 1952_08_03_RAP_09_pause_022_by_bob_willoughby_2
1952_08_03_RAP_09_pause_021_1 1952_08_03_RAP_09_pause_023_by_Bob_Willoughby_1

> captures
1952-ray_anthony-cap_party-31 1952-ray_anthony-cap_party-32 1952-ray_anthony-cap_party-33
1952-ray_anthony-cap_party-34-10min15 1952-ray_anthony-cap_party-35 1952-ray_anthony-cap_party-36
1952-ray_anthony-cap_party-37 1952-ray_anthony-cap_party-38 1952-ray_anthony-cap_party-39
1952-ray_anthony-cap_party-40 1952-ray_anthony-cap_party-41 1952-ray_anthony-cap_party-42
1952-ray_anthony-cap_party-43 1952-ray_anthony-cap_party-44 1952-ray_anthony-cap_party-45
1952-ray_anthony-cap_party-46 1952-ray_anthony-cap_party-47 1952-ray_anthony-cap_party-48

Les musiciens, avec Ray Anthony et Marilyn en tête, font le tour de la piscine en jouant de la musique; et se réunissent devant l'estrade.
The musicians, with Ray Anthony and Marilyn forward, go around the pool playing music; and gather in front of the stage.

1952_08_03_RAP_02_arrive_011_1 1952_08_03_RAP_02_arrive_010_1 1952_08_03_RAP_06_trompette_020_1
1952_08_03_RAP_06_trompette_031_1 1952_08_03_RAP_06_trompette_030_1 1952_08_03_RAP_06_trompette_021_1

> captures
1952-ray_anthony-cap_party-49 1952-ray_anthony-cap_party-50 1952-ray_anthony-cap_party-51
1952-ray_anthony-cap_party-52 1952-ray_anthony-cap_party-53 1952-ray_anthony-cap_party-54
1952-ray_anthony-cap_party-55 1952-ray_anthony-cap_party-56 1952-ray_anthony-cap_party-57 

>> Planches Photos / Snapshots
1952_08_03_RAP_contact_sheet_010_1 1952_08_03_RAP_contact_sheet_by_bob_willoughby_1_1 
1952-08-03-ray_anthony-juliens-1  1952-08-03-ray_anthony-juliens-2 

>> Videos

Marilyn Monroe Party thrown at Ray Anthony's Home 1952 from Ray Anthony on Vimeo.

> couvertures de magazines:
mag_familje mag_teenetwenty mag_vision
mag_familieblad mag_movielafilm mag_wereld
mag_downbeat mag_rayanthony mag_rythme
1952_08_03_RAP_mag_movie_fan_1 mag_trio_cover ray_NOUSDEUX1953a
mag_prevue mag_wienefilm mag_music_1952_anthony_ray_party_tyy catalogue_bonhams_14decembre2011

> timbre:

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20 septembre 2008

4/12/1953 Children's Benefit

Le 4 décembre 1953, Marilyn Monroe participa au "Children's Benefit" (un gala de charité pour les enfants) au Shrine Auditorium de Los Angeles. Au cours de cette soirée, Marilyn dansa avec Danny Thomas, puis discuta avec Jack Carson et les comiques Jack Benny et Bob Hope.

1953_award 1953-jack_benny 

> Marilyn avec Danny Thomas
(photographies de Nat Dillinger)

1953_03_09_Photoplay030_Gala0010_withDannyThomas_01  1953-with_danny_thomas-by_nat_dillinger-1 lot1159-H3257-L78859417

> Marilyn avec Jack Benny
1953-jack_benny-5520170895_a7ed5bc04b_b 1953_03_09_Photoplay030_Gala00202_withJackBenny_010
Children_s_Benefit_03  lot1139-H3257-L78856201 
1953-12-04-benefit   lot1159-H3257-L78859391  lot1159-H3257-L78859415 
lot1158-H3257-L78858523  lot1158-H3257-L78858514  lot1158-H3257-L78858511

> Marilyn avec Jack Benny et Bob Hope 
1953_03_09_Photoplay030_Gala00200_withJackBenny_BobHope_010   lot1159-H3257-L78859406 

> Marilyn avec son maquilleur Whitey Snyder
et sa coiffeuse Gladys Rasmussen

1953_charity_event_gladys_rasmussen_marilyn_whitey_snyder_1 1953_hair 

lot1159-H3257-L78859419  lot1159-H3257-L78859394  
1953_charity_event_gladys_rasmussen_marilyn_whitey_snyder_2 1953_charity_event_gladys_rasmussen_marilyn_whitey_snyder_by_phil_stern_1 1953_uu885

> Marilyn et Vincent X Flaherty

>> photographies de Phil Stern
1953_03_09_Photoplay040_Gala00110_byPhilStern_010 1953_03_09_Photoplay040_Gala00400_byPhilStern_01 1953_03_09_Photoplay040_Gala00500_1 PH_PHIL_STERN14 

lot1158-H3257-L78858505 lot1158-H3257-L78858499 lot1158-H3257-L78858501  
1953-by_phil_stern-1  1953-by_phil_stern-2 
lot1158-H3257-L78858528  lot1158-H3257-L78858519  lot1158-H3257-L78858497 
1953_03_09_Photoplay040_Gala00200 1953_03_09_Photoplay040_Gala00210_byPhilStern_010 1953_03_09_Photoplay040_Gala00211_1 PH_PHIL_STERN11
1953_03_09_Photoplay040_Gala00610_1 1953_03_09_Photoplay040_Gala00600_byFlorea_010 1953_charity_event_by_phil_stern_060_1 1953_03_09_Photoplay030_Gala00210_withJackBenny_011

1953-by_phil_stern-3  1953-by_phil_stern-4  lot1158-H3257-L78858516 
lot1158-H3257-L78858510 1953_12_LA_philstern 
1953_charity_event_by_phil_stern_081_1 1953_03_09_Photoplay040_Gala00100_2 1953_03_09_Photoplay040_Gala00700_byPhilStern_010

****** colorisations ******
1953_03_09_Photoplay030_Gala00211_byPhilStern_010 1953_03_09_Photoplay040_Gala00110_byPhilStern_010_2c 1953_03_09_Photoplay040_Gala00210_byPhilStern_010a
1953_03_09_Photoplay040_Gala00200_1c 1953_03_09_Photoplay040_Gala00211_color 1953_charity_event_by_phil_stern_070_1
1953_03_09_Photoplay040_Gala00400_byPhilStern_010c 1953_03_09_Photoplay040_Gala00500_2c 1953_03_09_Photoplay040_Gala00100_1



05 septembre 2008

09/02/1953, Beverly Hills Hotel - Marilyn reçoit le prix Photoplay

1952_photoplay_price_1Le 9 février 1953, Marilyn Monroe reçoit le prix "The New Star Award" ("Le prix de la nouvelle star") du magazine Photoplay de "Rapid Rise to Stardom in 1952" ("L'accès le plus rapide à la célébrité pour l'année 1952"). La remise de prix eut lieu dans une salle du Beverly Hills Hotel. C'est Fred Sammis qui lui remet le prix et Marilyn est arrivée avec deux heures de retard.
In February 9, 1953, Marilyn Monroe is awarded the "The New Star Award" by 'Photoplay' magazine of the "Rapid Rise to Stardom in 1952". The award ceremony tooks place in a room at the Beverly Hills Hotel. This is Fred Sammis who gives her the price.

165390_0  165393_0 

1952_photoplay01_award010_1 1953_photoplay_52 1953_02_Award
1953_02_09_Award 1952_photoplay01_award032_1 1952_photoplay01_award033_1 rare_1952_marilyn_1953 

Son fiancé Joe DiMaggio ayant horreur des galas hollywoodiens, Marilyn était ainsi accompagnée de son ami journaliste Sidney Skolsky.
Her fiance Joe DiMaggio hates Hollywood Party, so Marilyn was accompanied by friend and journalist Sidney Skolsky.

1952_photoplay01_award0300_withSidneySkolsky_010 1952_photoplay01_award0300_withSidneySkolsky_02 1952_0012178  

Pour cette réception, Marilyn Monroe porta la désormais célèbre robe en lamé doré, cousue sur elle, et conçue par Billy Travilla, le costumier styliste des studios de la Fox. Une robe créée pour le film Les Hommes préfèrent les Blondes, et dont la majorité de la scène sera finalement coupée au montage, et on pense en deviner la raison: lors de cette soirée de la remise du prix Photoplay, Marilyn va déclencher à nouveau un scandale dont l'origine n'est autre que sa tenue, jugée -encore une fois- vulgaire et provocante ! Dès son arrivée, l'acteur Jerry Lewis -l'un des maîtres de la cérémonie- a sauté sur une table en hurlant comme un loup.

For the reception party, Marilyn wears the now famous gold lamé dress, sewn on her, and designed by Billy Travilla, the costume designer of Fox studios. A dress created for the film Gentlemen Prefer Blondes, and from it the majority of the scene will be eventually edited out, and we think guess why: during the evening of the award Photoplay, Marilyn will trigger a new scandal whose origin is none other than her outfit, judged -again- vulgar! The launch of the anti-Marilyn campaign was led by actress Joan Crawford who was present at this event. Marilyn has stolen the limelight, Crawford attacked Marilyn by jealousy.

> Marilyn entourée de Dean Martin et Jerry Lewis

Les journalistes commenteront dans la presse l'apparition de Marilyn et surtout sa tenue:

- Dès le lendemain, la chroniqueuse Florabel Muir écrit dans le Los Angeles Daily Mirror : "Avec une petite torsion de son derriere, Marilyn Monroe a volé la vedette... Les invités rassemblés ont éclaté sous des applaudissements féroces, [tandis que] deux autres stars de l'écran, Joan Crawford et Lana Turner, n'ont attiré qu'une attention occasionnelle. Après Marilyn, toutes les autres filles paraissaient bien ternee par contraste."

- La journaliste échotière Sheilah Graham dit de Marilyn, qu'elle “se tortilla, vêtue de la plus serrée des robes dorées moulantes. Tandis que tout le monde la regardait, la blonde se balançait sinueusement dans la longue pièce jusqu'à sa place sur l'estrade. Elle avait arrêté le spectacle à froid.

- Le journaliste Jim Bacon (de l'Associated Press), compare le fessier de Marilyn à "deux chiots se battant sous un drap de soie" (la formule restera célèbre dans les citations sur Marilyn).
- Quand à Joan Crawford, elle exprime son ressentiment à travers un article de son chroniqueur préféré, Bob Thomas, qui va la citer: "C'était comme un spectacle burlesque. Le public a crié et crié, et Jerry Lewis s'est levé sur la table et a sifflé. Mais ceux d'entre nous dans l'industrie ont juste frissonné. . . Le sexe joue un rôle extrêmement important dans la vie de chaque personne. Les gens s'y intéressent, en sont intrigués. Mais ils n'aiment pas le voir étalé sur leurs visages. . . La publicité est allée trop loin. Elle fait l'erreur de croire sa publicité. Quelqu'un devrait lui faire voir la lumière. Il faut lui dire que le public aime les personnalités féminines provocantes; mais il aime aussi savoir que sous tout cela, les actrices sont des dames."

The journalists will comment in the press the appearance of Marilyn and specially her outfit:

- The next day, the gossip columnist Florabel Muir writes in the Los Angeles Daily Mirror that "With one little twist of her derriere, Marilyn Monroe stole the show… The assembled guests broke into wild applause, [while] two other screen stars, Joan Crawford and Lana Turner, got only casual attention. After Marilyn every other girl appeared dull by contrast."

- The gossip columnist Sheilah Graham says of Marilyn that she “wriggled in, wearing the tightest of tight gold dresses. While everyone watched, the blonde swayed sinuously down the long room to her place on the dais. She had stopped the show cold.
- The reporter Jim Bacon (from the Associated Press) compares the buttocks of Marilyn like “two puppies fighting under a silk sheet.

- As for Joan Crawford, she expresses her resentment through an article by her favorite columnist, Bob Thomas, who will quote her: "It was like a burlesque show. The audience yelled and shouted, and Jerry Lewis got up on the table and whistled. But those of us in the industry just shuddered. . .Sex plays a tremendously important part in every person’s life. People are interested in it, intrigued with it. But they don’t like to see it flaunted in their faces. . . The publicity has gone too far. She is making the mistake of believing her publicity. Someone should make her see the light. She should be told that the public likes provocative feminine personalities; but it also likes to know that underneath it all, the actresses are ladies."

La réponse de Marilyn à Joan Crawford sera rapportée par un article de Louella Parsons:
"Bien que je ne connaisse pas très bien Mlle Crawford, elle était pour moi un symbole de gentillesse et de compréhension envers ceux qui ont besoin d’aide. Au début, tout ce à quoi je pouvais penser était pourquoi m'aurait-elle choisi pour lancer son venin ? C'est une grande star. Je ne fais que débuter. Et puis, après le premier choc, je me suis dit qu'elle avait dû parler à M. Thomas impulsivement, sans réfléchir."

Marilyn's response to Joan Crawford will be reported in an article by Louella Parsons:
"Although I don’t know Miss Crawford very well, she was a symbol to me of kindness and understanding to those who need help. At first, all I could think of was why should she select me to blast ? She is a great star. I’m just starting. And then, when the first hurt began to die down, I told myself she must have spoken to Mr. Thomas impulsively, without thinking."


1952_photoplay01_diner010_0010 1952_photoplay01_diner010_020 1952_photoplay01_diner020_00200
1952_photoplay01_diner020_00200_c1 1952_photoplay01_diner020_010 1952_photoplay01_diner021_0010

1953_mm_with_McKrimphotoplay 1953_mm_with_McKrimphotoplay2 1952_photoplay 1952_photoplay01_diner023_0010a
1952_photoplay01_diner026_010_1  1952_photoplay01_diner022_0010_2  1952_photoplay01_diner023_0010 
1952_photoplay01_diner022_0010 1952_photoplay01_diner022_0020 
1952-MONROE__MARILYN_-_1952_PHOTOPLAY_AWARDS_FASTEST_RISING_STA 1952_photoplay01_diner025_0010 

1953-02-09-photoplay-juliens-02 1953-02-09-photoplay-juliens-03 1953-02-09-photoplay-juliens-04a 

> Marilyn avec Dan Dailey

>> Photo de Murray Garrett >> 
ph_murray_garrett_1953_photoplay murray_garrett_14 

>> Photo de Phil Stern >> 
Marilyn avec Bill Goetz


 > encart publicitaire de 1953

>>  captures 1 (remise du prix)
1953-photoplay-cap2-01  1953-photoplay-cap2-02  1953-photoplay-cap2-03 
1953-photoplay-cap2-04  1953-photoplay-cap2-05  1953-photoplay-cap2-06 
1953-photoplay-cap2-07  1953-photoplay-cap2-08  1953-photoplay-cap2-09 
1953-photoplay-cap2-10  1953-photoplay-cap2-11  1953-photoplay-cap2-12 
1953-photoplay-cap2-13  1953-photoplay-cap2-14  1953-photoplay-cap2-15 

       >>  captures 2 (répétitions) 
1953-photoplay-cap1-01  1953-photoplay-cap1-02  1953-photoplay-cap1-03 
1953-photoplay-cap1-04  1953-photoplay-cap1-05  1953-photoplay-cap1-06 
1953-photoplay-cap1-07  1953-photoplay-cap1-08  1953-photoplay-cap1-09 
1953-photoplay-cap1-10  1953-photoplay-cap1-11  1953-photoplay-cap1-12 
1953-photoplay-cap1-13  1953-photoplay-cap1-14  1953-photoplay-cap1-15 
1953-photoplay-cap1-16  1953-photoplay-cap1-17  1953-photoplay-cap1-18 
1953-photoplay-cap1-19  1953-photoplay-cap1-20  1953-photoplay-cap1-21 
1953-photoplay-cap1-22  1953-photoplay-cap1-23  1953-photoplay-cap1-24 
1953-photoplay-cap1-25  1953-photoplay-cap1-26  1953-photoplay-cap1-27 
1953-photoplay-cap1-28  1953-photoplay-cap1-29  1953-photoplay-cap1-30 
1953-photoplay-cap1-31  1953-photoplay-cap1-32  1953-photoplay-cap1-33 
1953-photoplay-cap1-34  1953-photoplay-cap1-35  1953-photoplay-cap1-36 
1953-photoplay-cap1-37  1953-photoplay-cap1-38  1953-photoplay-cap1-39 

>>  captures 3 (présentation du prix) 
1952-photoplay-cap1  1952-photoplay-cap2  1952-photoplay-cap3 

 >> Vidéo 1: remise du prix

>> Vidéo 2: reception du prix et tournage des remerciements

> dans la presse
23fevrier1953_time_magazine 2mars1953_Fitchburg_Sentinel__Massachusetts 
Article 1/
TIME Magazine article of February 23, 1953
Article 2/
Fitchburg Sentinel Massachusetts of March 2, 1953

Sources article
- en ligne: article "...the real fight between Crawford / Monroe..." sur Vanity Fair
- livre "Marilyn Monroe", l'encyclopédie, d'Adam Victor

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05 décembre 2007

13/09/1953 coulisses du Jack Benny Show

Le 13 septembre 1953: Marilyn Monroe et Jack Benny pendant l'enregistrement de l'émission The Jack Benny Show.
In September 13, 1953: Marilyn Monroe and Jack Benny during the recording of the TV show The Jack Benny Show. 

1953_09_13_JackBennyShow_0020_0271 1953_09_13_JackBennyShow_0040_022_020 1953_09_13_JackBennyShow_0040_027_020
1953_jackbenny 1953_09_13_JackBennyShow_0040_022_020_1 1953_09_16_jackbennyshow_onset_00411_020
1953_Jack_Benny_21 1953_09_13_JackBennyShow_0040_026_020 1953_09 1953_jackbenny_MBEN
1953_09_13_jackbenny04 1953_09_13_JackBennyShow_00411_010 1953_09_13_JackBennyShow_0040_OnSet_00100
1953_09_13_JackBennyShow_00412_010 1953_09_13_JackBennyShow_0040_OnSet_0020_byFrankWorth_1 1953_09_13_JackBennyShow_00412_020
1953_09_13_jackbenny14 1953_09_13_jackbenny12 1953_09_13_jackbenny13
1953_09_13_JackBennyShow_00412_030 1953_09_13_JackBennyShow_00413_010 1953_09_13_JackBennyShow_00413_030_1
1953_09_13_JackBennyShow_00413_030 1953_jbs_2 1953_09_13_jack_benny_marilyn_pic_1
1953_09 1953_09_13_JackBennyShow_004_OnSet_0010_010 1953_jbs_108425
1953_09_13_JackBennyShow_00420_010 1953_09_13_jackbenny11 1953_09_13_jbs_sketch_010_1 
 1953_marilynmonroejackbenny 1953_09_13_JackBennyShow_0051_OnSet_00110 1953_09_13_JackBennyShow_0051_OnSet_00120
1953_jackbenny_c2ac_1 1953_09_13_JackBennyShow_0051_OnSet_00200 1953_jbs_for_my42
1953_jackbenny_mm 1953_09_13_JackBennyShow_00413_0200 
1953_09_13_JackBennyShow_0052_OnSet_00100 1953_09_13_JackBennyShow_0052_OnSet_00110 1953_09_13_JackBennyShow_0052_OnSet_00120
1953_09_16_jackbennyshow_onset_00413_030 1953-jbs 1953_09_13_JackBennyShow_00413_021
1953 1953 1953
1953_09_16_jackbennyshow_onset_00100_010_1 1953_09_13_JackBennyShow_OnSet_00100_010
1953_09_13_JackBennyShow_OnSet_0020_010 1953_09_13_JackBennyShow_OnSet_00300_010 1953_jbs_2637596_10 
  1953_09_13_jackbenny29 1953_jbs_128490743_o 1953_htm 

> Marilyn avec sa coach Natasha Lytess;
se faisant coiffer par Gladys Rasmussen,
et maquiller par Whitey Snyder.
   1953_09_13_jackbennyshow_onset_with_natasha_lytess_1 1953_09_16_jackbennyshow_set_with_lytess_makeup_1  1953_jack_benny_1
1953_4767431201_c78babf67f_b 1953_09_13_jbs_set_make_up_010_1 rare_jbs_Benny 

>> Photos de Phil Stern>>


>> Photo de Frank Worth>>

>> Photo publicitaire>> 
1953-with_jack_benny-57  1953-with_jack_benny-57b 

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