12 octobre 2007

1953 Canada Marilyn à Becker et Jasper

La rivière sans retour
Sur le tournage

Marilyn Monroe loin du monde des strass et paillettes d'Hollywood, au naturel, signant un autographe en 1953 pendant le tournage du film La Rivière sans retour, à Becker au Canada, où séjourna l'actrice.

> photographie de Alan Whitey Snyder
09_ss_120313_marilyn_cr_6 article-mm03


> Marilyn avec Norm Charach, qui utilisait une cabine téléphonique pour contacter sa femme Evelyn qui était enceinte. Marilyn attendait son tour, pour appeler Joe DiMaggio, et Norm et Marilyn ont discuté ensemble.
Marilyn with Norm Charach, who was using a pay phone to phone his wife Evelyn, who was then pregnant. Marilyn was waiting her turn to use the pay phone to call Joe DiMaggio, and Norm and Marilyn struck up a conversation
(source: Blog poshtodd)
1953-withNorm Charach 

 film_ronr_set_Ronr98721 film_ronr_set_Ronr98721a film_ronr_set_cap_en_jasper

 > Marilyn à Jasper, Canada.

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29 septembre 2007

Article Screen World - May 1954

Article du magazine Screen World de mai 1954, Marilyn Monroe est alors en plein tournage du film River of no return (La Rivière sans retour) au Canada; elle s'est fracturée la jambe pendant les scènes de cascade; elle porte alors un plâtre et se trouve en congé (arrêt maladie). Elle en profite donc pour visiter la région montagneuse, faisant un tour en canöé, visitant les roches du Banff et des réserves indiennes.

mag_screen_world_1954_may_p01 mag_screen_world_1954_may_p02 mag_screen_world_1954_may_p03 mag_screen_world_1954_may_p04

Retranscription de l'article

When M-M-M-Marilyn showed up at glorious Banff for some movie-making, old timers noticed a new note in the air ... could it be that our girl makes even the ancient mountains give with a wolf whistle? ...
Marilyn Monroe has never exactly claimed to be the outdoor type. That's why she was a trifle skeptical when her director ordered her up to the Canadian Rockies for the shooting of 20th Century Fox's "River of No Return". What does a city girl do admidst all that wild, primitive beauty ? Well - first thing this city gal did was tear a ligament in her lovely ankle while gamely trying to wade across a madly rushing river. Marilyn was shipped back to the luxurious hotel at Banff, looking more fetching than ever. There she proved to be tough competition for the famous Banff scenery, with tourists training their cameras at Marilyn instead of the mountains. Luckiest tourists there were the ones with movie cameras -'cause till you've seen the famous Monroe wiggle enhanced by having to be performed on one foot, you ain't seen nothin'. Gave good-natured Marilyn some hearty laughs - and photographers some shots they'll treasure.

Légendes des photos

(légende photo 1)- p.26
Marilyn makes with the big pout to indicate her dissatisfaction with the crutches-plastercast situation that's holdin up shooting on her new picture.

(légende photo 2)- p.27
But this girl is no pouter - at least not for long. From accross the hotel's pool comes a shout of greeting from a new friend, and she's all smiles.

(légende photo 3)- p.27
Handsome swimming instructor Wolfgang Karbe comes up to offer his sympathy, finds the glamorous star ready to joke about her accident.

(légende photo 4)- p.27
Marilyn decided not to let her bad ankle interfere with seeing the sights. First step: a visit to the stables and a chat with a Mountie.

(légende photo 5)- p.27
Here's one spot where not being able to walk is no handicap ! Marilyn decided now is the time to learn to paddle her own canoe.

(légende photo 6)- p.28
Like every Banff visiter, Marilyn was breathless with the thrilling view from the chair lift that carries tourists to dizzy heights.

(légende photo 7)- p.28
The curiously shaped pine ans spruce free entrance sign to the Banff makes a perfect background for the not so curiously shaped Monroe.

(légende photo 8)- p.28
While Marilyn took pictures of the mountain scenery, everybody else was taking pictures of Marilyn. But she's used to this sort of thing.

(légende photo 9)- p.29
Just as Marilyn hit this pose, a car drove by with some new visitors. Darned near went out of control as Poppa dived for his camera.

(légende photo 10)- p.29
Next part of call on the visiting list is the Indian Trading Post where Marilyn marveled at the displays, fell in love with this bear.

23 août 2007

Gif River of no Return (3) - i'm gonna file my claim

Marilyn se prépare dans la loge du saloon
(où la rejoint Robert Mitchum et le petit garçon)
source: gif provient de Marilyn Monroe Animations sur CanalBlog 


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Gif River of no Return (2) - i'm gonna file my claim

Marilyn chante I'm gonna file my claim dans le saloon
source: gif provient de Marilyn Monroe Animations sur CanalBlog 


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Gif River of no Return (1) - i'm gonna file my claim

Marilyn chante I'm gonna file my claim dans le saloon
source: gif provient de Marilyn Monroe Animations sur CanalBlog 


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