12 mars 2016

New York Mirror 12/11/1960

1960-11-12-new_york_mirror-usa  Le journal américain New York Mirror du 12 Novembre 1960, consacrait sa couverture à Marilyn Monroe et Yves Montand intitulé "MM and Miller Call it Quits" pet un article "Marilyn Monroe Admits It's Over" par Sheilah Graham.

1960-11-12-new_york_mirror-usa-p1  1960-11-12-new_york_mirror-usa-p2 
1960-11-12-new_york_mirror-usa-p1a  1960-11-12-new_york_mirror-usa-p2a  


The celebrated "perfect marriage" of sexy glamor girl Marilyn Monroe and eggheard, Lincolnesque playwroght Arthur Miller has broken up after four years.
Marilyn will file for a divorce, though she hasn't been to see her lawyer yet, she admitted yesterday.
Fighting her way out of her swank apartment building at 444 E. 57th St. at 4:30 p.m, trough a crush of newsmen, photographers, and celebrity-chasers, she looked pale and on the verge of tears. She had little makeup on. Her skin seemed blotchy rather than blooming. Her hai was hidden under a beige babushka and she kept her hands in the pockets of a double-breasted black seal sportcoat.
ASKED ABOUT THE impending divorce, she said in a tired, squeakly voice, "I'm very sorry, I have nothing to say about my personal life" but she confirmed the separation.
Where was she going ?
"I don't think I have to tell you that" she said, fighting her way through the crush to the curb where a hired limousine had been waiting. It took her five minutes to get across the lobby and sidewalk.
"I'll be in New York quite a while; those are my only plans right now", she breathed, looking as if she were ready to cry as the chauffeur, managed to get her into the car.
He drove her to the Central Park West apartment of Lee Strasberg, her drama coach and father of actress Susan Strasberg.
Friends of the couple cautiously blame "clashing careers" -but in thruth it's been apparent for a long time that they were bored to death with each other.
The marriage would have broken up anyhow, even if French movie star Yves Montand hadn't come into her life -but when he did, Marilyn was ripe for a romance.
Don't be surprised if she suddenly departs for Paris on a vacation. That's where Montand is, until he leaves for Japan to make a picture there.
Miller is camping out in a hotel -probably under another name, to keep himself elusive.
The were keeping up pretenses until now, sharing a hotel bungalow in Hollywood, but on Satursay they took separate planes East.
Miller went up to his Connecticut farm on Tuesday to vote, and the two have met twice in New York during the week, but only to discuss business matters.
"It is not an embittered estrangement; there is no bitterness on either side," claimed James Proctor, a friend of both. He explained it in these terms: "Marilyn is not just a star, she is an institution - and must constantly be in the center of excitement and activity. The nature of Miller requires ...
There are lots of reasons why. Mostly it's that Miller was intolerably bored, with this beautiful sex symbol, whom he found really a dull creature full of complexes. She tried to make him her father, her mother, her uncle. All his creative powers were stifled.

Friends Say Breakup Will Have No Effect on Montand
PARIS, Nov, 11 (UPI) - Marilyn Monroe's divorce plans will not change anything in the life of French singer and actor Yves Montand, friends of Montand said today.
The friends ventured the confident prediction in the absence from Paris of the handsome French movie star, who was rumored to have scored a romantic hit with Miss Monroe when they made the movie "Let's Make Love" together in Hollywood early this year.
Montand was spending the Armistice Day national holiday in the country with his wife, Oscar winning actress Simone Signoret.
THE RUMORS OF Montand's success with Marilyn created a stormy passage in the Frenchman's own married life at the time, friends reported. But now he and his wife are solidly re-united, the friends said.
"But Miss Monroe's divorce will change nothing in Montand's life".
Miss Signoret stayed in Hollywood with Montand during most of the shooting of "Let's Make Love". The two couples lived next door to each other and spent many evenings together. The couple is expected back in Paris tomorrow.


26 février 2012

Modern Screen September 1954

mag_ModernScreenMag_US_1954_sept_cover_1Le magazine américain Modern Screen, de septembre 1954, consacrait sa couverture à Marilyn Monroe et un article intitulé "Marilyn talks about Joe and Babies" par Sheilah Graham.

mag_ModernScreenMag_US_1954_sept_p1 mag_ModernScreenMag_US_1954_sept_p2 mag_ModernScreenMag_US_1954_sept_p67 mag_ModernScreenMag_US_1954_sept_p69a mag_ModernScreenMag_US_1954_sept_p69b mag_ModernScreenMag_US_1954_sept_p70

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26 décembre 2007

14/02/1953 Mariage de Sheilah Graham

Le 14 février 1953, Marilyn Monroe, accompagnée du chroniqueur Sidney Skolsky (aussi écrivain, producteur et scénariste et surtout ami proche de Marilyn), sont invités au mariage de la chroniqueuse Sheilah Graham (aussi écrivain et actrice) dont la réception a lieu au domicile de Graham à Beverly Hills.
On February 14, 1953, Marilyn Monroe and columnist Sidney Skolsky (also writer, producer, screenwriter and especially close friend of Marilyn), are invited to the marriage of the columnist Sheilah Graham (also writer and actress) at the Graham'home in Beverly Hills.

> Marilyn & Sheilah Graham
1953_event_1_marilyn_with_sheila_graham_010_1 1953_shelley_1 
1953-03-05-by_bert_parry-1 1953-03-05-by_bert_parry-3 1953-03-05-2  

- photographie de Bert Parry -

> Marilyn & Sidney Skolsky
sheilah_graham2  1953_skolsky_1
1953_event_1_marilyn_with_sidney_skolsky_020_1 1953_event_1_marilyn_with_sidney_skolsky_030_1 sheilah_graham 

1952_marilynmonroe_bew2EFC0A 1953_Happynewyear_5_ 1952_mm 

> Marilyn & Mitzi Gaynor

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09 décembre 2007

13/05/1953 Ciro's Party à Hollywood

Marilyn Monroe à la soirée caritative Damon Runyon (afin de récolter des fonds pour la recherche sur le cancer), qui était aussi la fête d'anniversaire de Walter Winchell, le 13 mai 1953 au nightclub Ciro's à Hollywood, avec Betty Grable, Herman Hover, Jane Russell, Walter Winchell, Louella Parsons, Darryl Zanuck, Joseph Schenck, Sheilah Graham, Sybil Brand...

Marilyn Monroe at a benefit party (the Damon Runyon Cancer Fund), and also Walter Winchell's birthday party, in 1953, May, 13, at Ciro's, in Los Angeles, with Betty Grable, Herman Hover, Jane Russell, Walter Winchell, Louella Parsons, Darryl Zanuck, Joseph Schenck, Sheilah Graham, Sybil Brand...  

> Arrivée avec Betty Grable
1953_04_07_Gala_010_020_withBettyGrable_1_a 1953_betty 
1953_04_07_Gala_010_010_withBettyGrable_1 1953_04_07_Gala_010_010_withBettyGrable_1_a 1953_04_07_Gala_010_010_withBettyGrable_1_b 
1953-05-13-lot631-246117_0d 1953_04_07_Gala_010_020_withBettyGrable_1_c_b 
1953_mag53augmovielife6 1953_05_13_a_006
1953_04_07_ciros_marilyn_betty_1_GF_1 1953_04_07_Gala_010_031_withBettyGrable_1_a1 1953_05_13_03 

1953_04_07_Gala_010_030_withBettyGrable_1_a1 1953_04_07_Gala_010_033_Marilyn_01 1953_04_07_Gala_010_033_Marilyn_01a1 
1953_04_07_Gala_011_010_withBettyGrable_01  1953-05-13-lot631-246117_0c 
1953_05_13_3078688335_1_9_v0Fup2qh 1953_04_07_Gala_011_010_withBettyGrable_1_b 1953_05_13_ciros_party_louella_parson 

1953-Does Hollywood Want Marilyn a 

> Avec Herman Hover (propriétaire du Ciro's)
1953_04_07_Gala_020_010_wHermanHover_byFrankWorth_1 1953_04_07_Gala_020_010_wHermanHover_byFrankWorth_3 1953_04_07_Gala_020_020_wHermanHover_010

> Avec le journaliste Army Archerd
1953_avec_army_arched_32093 1953_win_Archerd__gossip_columnist_with_Marilyn_Monroe_in_1953

> Avec Betty Grable, Walter Winchell, Jane Russell (debouts)
et Darryl Zanuck, Louella Parson (assis)
1953_05_13_walter_winchell_party_birthday_111 1953_Win11 
 1953_04_07_Gala_030_021_wParsonsWinchell_010 1953_04_07_Gala_030_021_wParsonsWinchell_010_a 1953_05_13_lf1d 
1953_04_07_Gala_031_010 1953_05_13_walter_winchell_party_birthday_scan0003 1953_05_13_walter_winchell_party_birthday_scan0001
  1953_05_13_unknown2 1953_Win38

> Avec l'actrice Jane Kean et Walter Winchell

> Avec Joseph Schenk
1953_04_07_Gala_053_010_withJosephSchenck_1_a 1953_MM_Schenck_44 1953_04_07_Gala_053_020 

> Avec Jimmy Mc Hugh et Herman Hover
1953-05-12-ciros-with_Jimmy McHugh_and_H 

> Avec Walter Winchell

1953_MM_Winchell_10 1953_05_13_ciros2611165851 
1953_04_07_Gala_040_020_withWinchell_010 1953_winchell_party_marilyn3Db
1953_64 1953_04_07_Gala_051_011_Marilyn_1 1953_04_07_Gala_051_020_wWinchell_1

1953_04_07_Gala_052_010_wWinchell_1 1953_04_07_Gala_052_020

1953_05___KGrHqN__ikE2LkYsvkOBNu05Byw9____3_1_ 1953_04_07_Gala_054_020 1953_mm
1953_04_07_Gala_054_040_b 1953_04_07_Gala_055_010_wGrable_Winchell_010
1953_Win49 1953_04_07_Gala_055_030_wGrable_Winchell_010_a1953_04_07_gala_050_010_1
1953_04_07_Gala_070_010  1953_Win13
1953_04_07_Gala_055_040_wGrable_Winchell_010_i 1953_04_07_Gala_055_040_wGrable_Winchell_010
1953_04_07_Gala_055_050_wGrable_Winchell_010 1953_lf1c 
1953_04_07_Gala_055_020_wGrable_Winchell_010 1953 1953_05_13_ciros1165851

> Avec la journaliste Sheila Graham
1953_04_07_Gala_060_010_withSheilaGraham_010 1953_05_13_cinerama 1953_04_07_Gala_060_010_withSheilaGraham_010_a
1953_04_07_Gala_060_020_withSheilaGraham_010 1953_04_07_Gala_060_020_withSheilaGraham_020

> Avec Jane Russell
1953_05_13_ciros_MM_and_JRussell__1953 1953_05_13_profimedia_0097458477 

>> Photo de Frank Worth>>

>> Photos de James Haspiel / Frieda Hull >>
ph_haspiel_003_6  1953-05-13-lot631-246117_0d 

>> Photos de Murray Garrett >> 
1953_ciros_by_murray_garrett_1 murray_garrett_191953_ciros_by_murray_garrett_3
1953_ciros_by_murray_garrett_2 1953_ciros_by_murray_garrett_4
1953_ciros_by_murray_garrett_5 murray_garrett_18 murray_garrett_17

 >> Photos de Darlene Hammond >> 
1953-05-13-lot631-246117_0a 1953-05-13-lot631-246117_0b  

> photo de presse

> presse magazine

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