06 juillet 2014

Sur le tournage de "The Prince and the Showgirl" 4

Le prince et la danseuse
Sur le tournage - scène 4

 > Photographies de Milton Greene
Photographs of Milton Greene

- Laurence Olivier et Marilyn Monroe
sc04-set-MHG-MMO-PR-541 sc04-set-MHG-MMO-PR-542 sc04-set-MHG-MMO-PR-543
sc04-set-MHG-MMO-PR-544 sc04-set-MHG-MMO-PR-563 sc04-set-MHG-MMO-PR-557
sc04-set-MHG-MMO-PR-561 sc04-set-MHG-MMO-PR-554 sc04-set-MHG-MMO-PR-555
sc04-set-MHG-MMO-PR-562 sc04-set-MHG-MMO-PR-556 sc04-set-mmmg243 
sc04-MHG-MMO-PR-2621  img-Marilyn   

- L'acteur jouant le majordome
sc04-set-MHG-MMO-PR-2266a sc04-set-MHG-MMO-PR-2128

- Laurence Olivier
sc04-set-MHG-MMO-PR-2276 sc04-set-MHG-MMO-PR-1592

- Olivier réalisateur
sc04-set-MHG-MMO-PR-636 sc04-set-MHG-MMO-PR-1484

> Scène du repas dans le sofa

- retouche maquillage et coiffure pour Marilyn
sc04-set-MHG-MMO-PR-250 sc04-set-MHG-MMO-PR-2583 
sc04-set-MHG-MMO-PR-569  sc04-set-MHG-MMO-PR-235
sc04-set-MHG-MMO-PR-536 sc04-set-MHG-MMO-PR-1843

- le buffet
sc04-set-MHG-MMO-PR-1993 sc04-set-MHG-MMO-PR-1992 sc04-set-MHG-MMO-PR-1987
sc04-set-MHG-MMO-PR-1791  sc04-set-MHG-MMO-PR-2299a
sc04-set-MHG-MMO-PR-2279 sc04-set-MHG-MMO-PR-2283 sc04-set-MHG-MMO-PR-693
sc04-set-MHG-MMO-PR-570 sc04-set-MHG-MMO-PR-2277 sc04-set-MHG-MMO-PR-2315a
sc04-set-MHG-MMO-PR-236  sc04-set-MHG-MMO-PR-2534 
sc04-set-MHG-MMO-PR-1852 sc04-set-MHG-MMO-PR-567 
sc04-set-MHG-MMO-PR-200 sc04-set-MHG-MMO-PR-321 
 sc04-set-MHG-MMO-PR-1828 pr-sc04-set-113 sc04-set-MHG-MMO-PR-1830
sc04-set-MHG-MMO-PR-188 sc04-set-MHG-MMO-PR-189 sc04-set-MHG-MMO-PR-212
sc04-set-MHG-MMO-PR-1829 sc04-set-MHG-MMO-PR-1832 sc04-set-MHG-MMO-PR-1831
 sc04-set-MHG-MMO-PR-1857 sc04-set-MHG-MMO-PR-1855
sc04-set-MHG-MMO-PR-240 sc04-set-MHG-MMO-PR-2418
sc04-set-MHG-MMO-PR-1854 sc04-set-MHG-MMO-PR-1853
sc04-set-MHG-MMO-PR-1840 sc04-set-MHG-MMO-PR-1837 sc04-set-MHG-MMO-PR-1827
sc04-set-MHG-MMO-PR-2419 sc04-set-MHG-MMO-PR-277
sc04-set-MHG-MMO-PR-1839 sc04-set-MHG-MMO-PR-1838
sc04-set-MHG-MMO-PR-1826  sc04-set-MHG-MMO-PR-243  sc04-MHG-MMO-PR-2528 
sc04-MHG-MMO-PR-2529 sc04-MHG-MMO-PR-840 sc04-set-MHG-MMO-PR-1842
 sc04-set-MHG-MMO-PR-1841 sc04-MHG-MMO-PR-283 pr-sc04-set-112
sc04-set-MHG-MMO-PR-1858 sc04-set-MHG-MMO-PR-1859 sc04-set-MHG-MMO-PR-1860
sc04-set-MHG-MMO-PR-1833 sc04-set-MHG-MMO-PR-163 sc04-set-MHG-MMO-PR-246
sc04-set-MHG-MMO-PR-791a sc04-set-MHG-MMO-PR-795a sc04-set-MHG-MMO-PR-799
sc04-set-MHG-MMO-PR-1835  sc04-set-MHG-MMO-PR-208
sc04-set-MHG-MMO-PR-1834  sc04-set-MHG-MMO-PR-214
sc04-set-MHG-MMO-PR-2193 sc04-set-MHG-MMO-PR-292

- Olivier réalisateur
sc04-set-MHG-MMO-PR-1114  sc04-set-MHG-MMO-PR-1115
sc04-set-MHG-MMO-PR-1112 sc04-set-MHG-MMO-PR-1113 sc04-set-MHG-MMO-PR-1111
sc04-set-MHG-MMO-PR-1110 sc04-set-MHG-MMO-PR-1106 sc04-set-MHG-MMO-PR-1116
sc04-set-MHG-MMO-PR-1783 sc04-set-MHG-MMO-PR-571
sc04-set-MHG-MMO-PR-263 sc04-set-MHG-MMO-PR-2536 pr-sc04-set-img2324
sc04-set-MHG-MMO-PR-159 pr-sc04-set-Princ241
sc04-set-MHG-MMO-PR-314 sc04-set-MHG-MMO-PR-909 sc04-set-MHG-MMO-PR-2535
sc04-set-MHG-MMO-PR-2212 sc04-set-MHG-MMO-PR-1800 sc04-set-MHG-MMO-PR-574

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07 juin 2014

Sur le tournage de "The Prince and the Showgirl" 5

Le prince et la danseuse
Sur le tournage - scène 5

 > Photographies de Milton Greene
Photographs of Milton Greene

- Laurence Olivier et Sybil Thorndike
sc05-set-MHG-MMO-PR-572 sc05-set-MHG-MMO-PR-171 sc05-set-MHG-MMO-PR-573

 - Sybil Thorndike
sc05-set-MHG-MMO-PR-1977 sc05-set-1 sc05-set-MHG-MMO-PR-975

- Laurence Olivier, Sybil Thorndike, Marilyn Monroe et Jack Cardiff 
sc05-set-MHG-MMO-PR-181  sc05-set-MHG-MMO-PR-838 
sc05-set-MHG-MMO-PR-1089 sc05-set-MHG-MMO-PR-1090

Marilyn Monroe et Sybil Thorndike
sc05-set-MHG-MMO-PR-1982 sc05-set-MHG-MMO-PR-1983 sc05-set-MHG-MMO-PR-1975 
sc05-set-MHG-MMO-PR-2258  sc05-set-MHG-MMO-PR-2262
sc05-set-MHG-MMO-PR-841 sc05-MHG-MMO-PR-796a sc05-MHG-MMO-PR-845 
sc05-set-MHG-MMO-PR-846 sc05-set-MHG-MMO-PR-837
sc05-set-MHG-MMO-PR-801 sc05-set-MHG-MMO-PR-792a sc05-set-MHG-MMO-PR-839
sc05-set-MHG-MMO-PR-793a  sc05-set-MHG-MMO-PR-2214  set-MHG-MMO-PR-2216

- Marilyn Monroe
pr-sc05-set-011-1 sc05-set-MHG-MMO-PR-735 sc05-set-MHG-MMO-PR-707
sc05-set-H3257-L44539973 sc05-set-H3257-L44539970 
sc05-set-MHG-MMO-PR-1600  sc05-set-MHG-MMO-PR-265
sc05-set-MHG-MMO-PR-313  sc05-set-MHG-MMO-PR-1468
sc05-set-MHG-MMO-PR-1472 sc05-set-MHG-MMO-PR-293 sc05-set-MHG-MMO-PR-597
sc05-set-MHG-MMO-PR-1981  sc05-set-MHG-MMO-PR-2210 
 MHG-MMO-PR-1929  MHG-MMO-PR-1930   
 MHG-MMO-PR-2195 MHG-MMO-PR-276 MHG-MMO-PR-1928 
MHG-MMO-PR-2190 MHG-MMO-PR-1925 MHG-MMO-PR-1926 
MHG-MMO-PR-1932 sc04-set-MHG-MMO-PR-630 sc04-set-MHG-MMO-PR-627 
pr-sc04-set-img586gf sc04-set-MHG-MMO-PR-1810 
MHG-MMO-PR-2126 MHG-MMO-PR-2127 imgPrinc306 
MHG-MMO-PR-2233 sc05-set-MHG-MMO-PR-1439 sc05-set-H3257-L44539983 
MHG-MMO-PR-2120  MHG-MMO-PR-2121  MHG-MMO-PR-2122 
sc05-set-MHG-MMO-PR-942 sc05-set-MHG-MMO-PR-255 MHG-MMO-PR-2124 
sc05-set-MHG-MMO-PR-941 sc05-set-MHG-MMO-PR-241 pr-sc05-set-010-1
pr-sc05-set-013-1 sc05-set-MHG-MMO-PR-1440 sc05-set-MHG-MMO-PR-1444

Marilyn Monroe et Jack Cardiff
sc05-set-MHG-MMO-PR-721a sc05-set-MHG-MMO-PR-724a sc05-set-MHG-MMO-PR-577
sc05-set-MHG-MMO-PR-185 pr-sc05-set-020-1 sc05-set-MHG-MMO-PR-723a

 - Laurence Olivier et Marilyn Monroe 
sc05-set-MHG-MMO-PR-582 sc05-set-MHG-MMO-PR-810 sc05-set-MHG-MMO-PR-802

> En répétition:

- Laurence Olivier, Sybil Thorndike et Marilyn Monroe
sc11-set-MHG-MMO-PR-1075 sc05-set-MHG-MMO-PR-1119
sc05-set-MHG-MMO-PR-800 sc03-MHG-MMO-PR-1579 sc05-set-MHG-MMO-PR-1074

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Niagara Falls’ two weeks with Marilyn


Niagara Falls’ two weeks with Marilyn
Article published on July, 23, 2012
on niagarathisweek.com

Some 60 years before Nik Wallenda walked a tightrope and focused attention from across the world on Niagara Falls; nearly two decades before the Christopher Reeve’s Superman made his famous flight over the mighty cataract to save a young boy’s life in 1979, Marilyn Monroe brought the bright lights of Hollywood north of the border to Niagara Falls.

niagara-1The soon-to-be screen goddess was in Niagara Falls for the filming of Niagara, a film noir classic with co-star Joseph Cotten. In total, the star was in the city for about two weeks, from June 5 to 18, 1952.

She stayed at the General Brock Hotel — now the Crowne Plaza. She stayed in Room 801,” says Sherman Zavitz, historian for the City of Niagara Falls. And when she wasn’t working on the film, Monroe took pleasure with the same activities as most tourists did during the time period, he says.

When she had some free time she took a ride on the Maid of the Mist. She shopped. She toured the Oneida silverware plant,” Zavitz says. That plant is long gone — the property is now occupied by Casino Niagara — but Pauline Tanos remembers Marilyn’s visit well. Her husband, Alex, who has since passed away, was a foreman in the hammer room at the Falls Avenue facility.
He saw her. He thought she was very beautiful,” Pauline says. “He whistled at her. She just kind of smiled.”

niagara-2Monroe had become a well-known name by the time filming on Niagara began and thus became as big an attraction as the falls itself while she was here.
She was certainly noticed by people around the falls,” Zavitz says. “She was a well-known name at that point. She was a great looking girl — very photogenic.”

Monroe had appeared in several films before Niagara including All About Eve and Monkey Business, but her role as Rose Loomis in Niagara is considered to be the one that put her career on the fast track. In the same year (1953) Niagara hit the theatres, Monroe also starred in Gentlemen Prefer Blondes as well as How to Marry a Millionaire.

niagara-3Photographer George Bailey was just eight years old at the time of Monroe’s visit to Niagara but he remembers his father, Manny, talking about his many encounters with her. “My dad, who was second mate of the Maid of the Mist, had the chance to be near her many times,” Bailey says. “His impression was that she was most definitely a beautiful lady but very shy or perhaps insecure.”
Manny Bailey even made it into the final cut of the movie, Bailey says.
Don’t blink. He’s in a scene on the plankway of the Maid of the Mist. Now, how many people can say they know someone who appeared in a movie with Marilyn Monroe ?

Ron Dewberry and his sister, Sandra Jeanneret, were just little — Ron was five and Sandra was two — but they remember their father, Hank, telling them stories around the dinner table.
He served them (Monroe and Cotten) dinner,” Ron says. “He came home and raved about it. We didn’t know what the heck was going on.
Dad was a server at the Rapids Tavern on River Road,” Sandra adds.

niagara-4The movie centres around married couple George (Cotten) and Rose Loomis (Monroe), who are vacationing in Niagara Falls. George, a Second World War veteran is experiencing mental health issues that he thinks are due to his war experiences. Rose, meanwhile has taken on a lover and plots to have George murdered. Polly Cutler, in Niagara Falls with her husband, Ray, on their honeymoon, is in the neighbouring cabin to the Loomises and becomes the unfortunate bystander who gets caught up in the intrigue between the unhappy couple.

The Rainbow Cabins were built specifically for the movie and were taken down at the end of shooting. But buildings used in the movie can still be seen around the city, including City Hall, although the building was remodelled two years later in 1954. The former morgue located at Zimmerman Avenue and Park Street, used for the police station in the movie, still stands. The boat launch were Joseph Cotten’s character steals a boat is located along Bridgewater Street in Chippawa. The building which is now the Riverside Tavern can be seen in the background. But most notably, the carillon tower near the Rainbow Bridge still stands, although the chimes are now pre-recorded. The structure plays a pivotal role in the film including its climax.


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03 juin 2014

11/10/1954 Sur le tournage de "There's no business..."

Le 11 octobre 1954, Marilyn Monroe sur le tournage du film "La Joyeuse Parade". 
In October, 11, 1954 Marilyn Monroe on the set of "There's no business like show business".
> voir les photographies de Marilyn sur le tournage de There's no business 1 


 tnb_sc01_set_mm_010_1 tnb_sc01_set_mm_010_2 

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29 mai 2014

Sur le tournage de "The Prince and the Showgirl" 6

Le prince et la danseuse
Sur le tournage - scène 6 

> Photographies de Milton Greene
Photographs of Milton Greene

- Laurence Olivier, Richard Wattis, Marilyn Monroe

sc06-set-MHG-MMO-PR-1641 sc06-set-MHG-MMO-PR-825 sc06-set-MHG-MMO-PR-2130
sc06-set-mmmg202 sc06-set-mmmg209 sc06-set-mmmg201
sc06-set-MHG-MMO-PR-2030 sc06-set-MHG-MMO-PR-830 sc06-set-MHG-MMO-PR-832
sc06-set-MHG-MMO-PR-826 sc06-set-MHG-MMO-PR-828 sc06-set-MHG-MMO-PR-834
sc06-set-MHG-MMO-PR-1636 sc06-set-MHG-MMO-PR-1629 sc06-set-MHG-MMO-PR-1626a
sc06-set-MHG-MMO-PR-1620 sc06-set-MHG-MMO-PR-1628
sc06-set-MHG-MMO-PR-1030 sc06-MHG-MMO-PR-1658
sc06-set-MHG-MMO-PR-2183 sc06-set-MHG-MMO-PR-2184 sc06-set-MHG-MMO-PR-2188 
sc06-set-MHG-MMO-PR-108 pr-sc06-set-011-1 sc06-set-MHG-MMO-PR-2246a
sc06-set-MHG-MMO-PR-681 pr-sc06-set-011-2 sc06-set-MHG-MMO-PR-2520 
sc06-set-MHG-MMO-PR-685 sc06-set-MHG-MMO-PR-683 sc06-set-MHG-MMO-PR-2521
sc06-set-MHG-MMO-PR-686 sc06-set-MHG-MMO-PR-687 sc06-set-H3257-L44539991
sc06-set-MHG-MMO-PR-1647  sc06-set-MHG-MMO-PR-1649
sc06-set-MHG-MMO-PR-2510 sc06-set-marilyn-monroe-PR-021 pr-sc06-set-010-1 

 - Marilyn avec Jack Cardiff
sc06-set-MHG-MMO-PR-764  sc06-set-MHG-MMO-PR-120 

- Marilyn avec Laurence Olivier et Jack Cardiff 
sc06-set-MHG-MMO-PR-733a sc06-set-MHG-MMO-PR-175 sc06-set-MHG-MMO-PR-734a
sc06-set-MHG-MMO-PR-1714 sc06-set-MHG-MMO-PR-2245a 
film-pr-set-1a film-pr-set-1b film-pr-set-1c 
 sc06-set-MHG-MMO-PR-739a  sc06-set-MHG-MMO-PR-740a 
sc06-set-MHG-MMO-PR-736a  sc06-set-MHG-MMO-PR-737a
sc06-set-MHG-MMO-PR-1651 sc06-set-MHG-MMO-PR-1655 sc06-set-MHG-MMO-PR-1690
sc06-set-MHG-MMO-PR-1706  sc06-set-MHG-MMO-PR-2512

- Marilyn avec Laurence Olivier
sc06-set-MHG-MMO-PR-1688 sc06-set-MHG-MMO-PR-1692 sc06-set-MHG-MMO-PR-1694
sc06-set-mmmg199  sc06-set-mmmg200
sc06-set-MHG-MMO-PR-2438 sc06-set-MHG-MMO-PR-2249a sc06-set-MHG-MMO-PR-1712
sc06-set-MHG-MMO-PR-1708 sc06-set-MHG-MMO-PR-1715
sc06-set-mmmg192 sc06-mmmg205 sc06-set-mmmg206
sc06-set-mmmg207 sc06-set-mmmg208
 sc06-set-MHG-MMO-PR-2248b sc06-set-MHG-MMO-PR-2247a
sc06-set-MHG-MMO-PR-1687 sc06-set-MHG-MMO-PR-1691
 sc06-set-MHG-MMO-PR-2525 sc06-set-MHG-MMO-PR-2526 sc06-set-MHG-MMO-PR-192
sc06-set-MHG-MMO-PR-3004 sc06-set-with_olivier_cardiff-1 sc06-set-MHG-MMO-PR-926
sc06-set-MHG-MMO-PR-730a sc06-set-MHG-MMO-PR-2619
sc06-set-MHG-MMO-PR-2584 sc06-set-MHG-MMO-PR-2194
sc06-set-MHG-MMO-PR-1668 sc06-set-MHG-MMO-PR-2431 sc06-set-MHG-MMO-PR-1700
sc06-set-MHG-MMO-PR-762 sc06-set-MHG-MMO-PR-141 
sc06-set-MHG-MMO-PR-233 sc06-set-MHG-MMO-PR-2514 sc06-set-MHG-MMO-PR-763
sc06-set-MHG-MMO-PR-323 film-pr-tipoff8573 pr-sc06-set-020-1
sc06-set-MHG-MMO-PR-156 sc06-set-MHG-MMO-PR-1613
sc06-set-mmmg226 sc06-set-mmmg210 sc06-set-mmmg212
pr-sc06-set-030-1 sc06-set-MHG-MMO-PR-1683 sc06-set-MHG-MMO-PR-1676
sc06-set-MHG-MMO-PR-1699 sc06-set-MHG-MMO-PR-1684 sc06-set-MHG-MMO-PR-1703
sc06-set-MHG-MMO-PR-166  sc06-set-MHG-MMO-PR-1710  sc06-set-MHG-MMO-PR-2516
sc06-set-MHG-MMO-PR-2031  sc06-set-MHG-MMO-PR-1667 
sc06-set-MHG-MMO-PR-2019 sc06-set-MHG-MMO-PR-1674 sc06-set-MHG-MMO-PR-769
sc06-set-mmmg229 sc06-set-MHG-MMO-PR-165 pr-sc06-set-031-1

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27 mai 2014

Stunning rare photos of Marilyn Monroe relaxing on movie sets

Some Like It Hot! Stunning rare photos of Marilyn Monroe relaxing on movie sets can be seen in new travelling exhibition
Article published on 26 May 2014
by Iona Kirby
online on dailymail.co.uk

More than 50 years after her death, fans of Marilyn Monroe can see rare and some never-before-seen photos of the actress in a new exhibition.
Taken between 1952 and 1956, the images give an intimate look at the star, capturing her vivacious nature and beautiful smile.
The photos can be viewed as part Limited Runs' collection and travelling exhibition, which launches in Los Angeles in June and will then go on to San Francisco and New York City.

True beauty:
Marilyn Monroe is seen just before Gentlemen Prefer Blondes

in a rare photo from Limited Runs' Travelling Exhinition

One of the more recognisable images shows Marilyn just before 'Gentlemen Prefer Blondes', lounging around in a cream bikini and displaying her famously voluptuous and gorgeous figure.
A photo from the following year, 1953, has not been seen before and shows the iconic actress cuddling up to a horse.
In the snapshot Marilyn is wearing a low-cut frilly top and jeans, while on the set of 'The River of No Return'.

Horsing around:
The actress cuddles up to a furry friend on set of The River Of No Return

In her natural state:
One photo from the same movie set shows Marilyn

make-up free and dressed casually, which was rarely seen.

Another photo from the same film set shows the star in a very rare casual state with no make-up and her platinum locks unstyled, although she wears sunglasses over her bare face.
Marilyn is pictured alongside two black bears while dressed down in a grey jumper and baggy black trousers, but of course still looks stunning.
The 'Some Like It Hot' star relaxes against some rocks in front of a lake while wearing a grey pencil skirt, red top and matching lipstick in one of the shots, taken on set of 'Niagara' in upstate New York.

Catching some sun:
The star rests on a rock in between takes for 'Niagara' in this gorgeous image

Marilyn's famous smile and gorgeous figure
can be seen in the pictures, such as this one from 1952

The more recent of the collection of images were taken on the snowy set of Bus Stop.
Marilyn is wrapped up warm in a grey fur coat and boater hat in one photo and a black coat and green scarf in another.
The star, whose real name was Norma Jeane Mortenson, was 36 when she died of a barbiturate overdose in 1962.

Bundled up:
Marilyn wrapped up warm
in a grey fur coat while filming scenes for 'Bus Stop' in 1956

Lights, camera, action:
The exhibition, which will travel from Los Angeles to San Francisco and New York,
contains another photo from the set of 'Bus Stop'.

21/02/1952 Sur le tournage de "Don't Bother to Knock"

Le 21 février 1952, Marilyn Monroe tourne une scène du film "Troublez-moi ce soir" dans les studios de la Fox à Hollywood.
In February, 21, 1952, Marilyn Monroe shoots a scene for the movie "Don't Bother to Knock", in the Fox studios.
> voir les photographies de tournage de Don't Bother to Knock

 - (photographie de Lester Grady) -

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24 mai 2014

Sur le tournage de "The Prince and the Showgirl" 7

Le prince et la danseuse
Sur le tournage - scène 7 

> Photographies de Milton Greene
Photographs of Milton Greene

sc07-set-MHG-MMO-PR-1177 sc07-set-MHG-MMO-PR-1178 sc07-set-MHG-MMO-PR-1181
sc07-set-MHG-MMO-PR-1183 sc07-set-MHG-MMO-PR-1180 sc07-set-MHG-MMO-PR-1959

- Marilyn Monroe avec son maquilleur Whitey Snyder
sc07-set-MHG-MMO-PR-1505 sc07-set-MHG-MMO-PR-1507 sc07-set-MHG-MMO-PR-1483
sc07-set-MHG-MMO-PR-2325a  sc07-set-MHG-MMO-PR-2326a
sc07-set-mmmg090  sc07-set-MHG-MMO-PR-757  sc07-set-mmmg094 
sc07-set-H3257-L44539965  sc07-set-H3257-L44539963 
sc07-set-MHG-MMO-PR-1965  pr-sc07-set-PR_1965

> En répétition:

- Marilyn Monroe porte un peignoir blanc
sc07-set_reh-MHG-MMO-PR-2226  sc07-set_reh-mmmg105
sc07-set_reh-mmmg101 sc07-set_reh-mmmg106 sc07-set_reh-mmmg107
sc07-set_reh-MHG-MMO-PR-2622 pr-sc07-set-rehearsal-1

- Laurence Olivier porte un peignoir rayé
sc07-set_reh-MHG-MMO-PR-989 sc07-set_reh-MHG-MMO-PR-984
sc07-set_reh-MHG-MMO-PR-985 sc07-set_reh-MHG-MMO-PR-983
(avec Jeremy Spencer et Richard Wattis)

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Sur le tournage de "The Prince and the Showgirl" 8

Le prince et la danseuse
Sur le tournage - scène 8 

> Photographies de Milton Greene
Photographs of Milton Greene

- Laurence Olivier
sc12-set-MHG-MMO-PR-1378 sc08-set-1 sc12-set-MHG-MMO-PR-1380

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23 mai 2014

13/09/1956 Sur le tournage de "The Prince and the Showgirl"

Le 13 septembre 1956, Marilyn Monroe tourne une scène du film "Le Prince et la danseuse" dans les studios de Pinewood, situés dans le Comté du Buckinghamshire près de Londres.
In September 13, 1956, Marilyn Monroe shots a scene for the movie "The Prince and the Showgirl" in the Pinewood Studios, situated in Iver Heath, in Buckinghamshire, near from London.
photographies de Milton H Greene.
> voir les photographies de Marilyn et Laurence Olivier sur le tournage de The Prince and the Showgirl .

sc09-set-MHG-MMO-PR-1454  sc09-MHG-MMO-PR-721  pr-sc09-film-020-1a 

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