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03 décembre 2022

17/12/2022, HERITAGE "Hollywood & Entertainment Signature": Lots

2022-12-17-HERITAGE-Hollywood_Entertainment_Signature-1 Enchères "Hollywood & Entertainment Signature"
17 décembre 2022
- 29 lots avec Marilyn Monroe -

> 17/12/2022, HERITAGE "Hollywood & Entertainment Signature": Vente

Lot 89077: Marilyn Monroe in Los Angeles, 1945, by André de Dienes (3)
Vintage original gelatin silver matte and semi-gloss borderless double-weight 20" x 15- ½", 17-¾" x 16", and 19" x 16" prints of Marilyn Monroe in Los Angeles, 1945, by André de Dienes, with A. Diénes signature in ink on the recto of one, PHOTO / ANDRE DE DIENES / 1401 SUNSET PLAZA DRIVE / HOLLYWOOD, CALIF. 90069 blue and black rubber stamps and copyright stamps on the verso. Printed 1960s.
Sold: -

2022-12-17-HERITAGE-Hollywood_Entertainment_Signature-lot89077a  2022-12-17-HERITAGE-Hollywood_Entertainment_Signature-lot89077b 

Lot 89078: Marilyn Monroe in Los Angeles, 1945, by André de Dienes (2)
Vintage original gelatin silver semi-gloss and glossy borderless double-weight 13" x 11" and 13-½" x 10-¾" prints of Marilyn Monroe in Los Angeles, 1945, by André de Dienes, with PHOTO / ANDRE DE DIENES / 1401 SUNSET PLAZA DRIVE / HOLLYWOOD, CALIF. 90069 black rubber stamps on the verso of each and PHOTO / ANDRE DIENES on the verso of one. Printed 1960s.
Sold: - 

2022-12-17-HERITAGE-Hollywood_Entertainment_Signature-lot89078a  2022-12-17-HERITAGE-Hollywood_Entertainment_Signature-lot89078b 

Lot 89079: Marilyn Monroe at Mt. Hood, Oregon, 1945, by André de Dienes (2)
Vintage original gelatin silver glossy borderless double-weight 13" x 10-½" and 10-½" x 13-½" prints of Marilyn Monroe at Mt. Hood, Oregon, 1945, by André de Dienes, with PHOTO / ANDRE DE DIENES / 1401 SUNSET PLAZA DRIVE / HOLLYWOOD, CALIF. 90069 black rubber stamp and PHOTO / ANDRE DIENES on the verso of each. Printed 1960s.
Sold: - 

2022-12-17-HERITAGE-Hollywood_Entertainment_Signature-lot89079a  2022-12-17-HERITAGE-Hollywood_Entertainment_Signature-lot89079b  

Lot 89080: Marilyn Monroe at Malibu Beach, 1946 and Tobey Beach, 1949 by André de Dienes (3)
Vintage original gelatin silver semi-gloss borderless double-weight 9-½" x 12-3/16", 13-½" x 10-14/16", and 13" x 9-½" prints of Marilyn Monroe at Malibu Beach, 1949, by André de Dienes, with PHOTO / ANDRE DE DIENES / 1401 SUNSET PLAZA DRIVE / HOLLYWOOD, CALIF. 90069 /TELEPHONE 652-6737 black rubber stamp and dedication by Shirley de Dienes in black ink (1) on the verso. Printed 1960s.
Sold: -

2022-12-17-HERITAGE-Hollywood_Entertainment_Signature-lot89080b  2022-12-17-HERITAGE-Hollywood_Entertainment_Signature-lot89080b1  2022-12-17-HERITAGE-Hollywood_Entertainment_Signature-lot89080c 

Lot 89081: Marilyn Monroe at Tobey Beach, 1949, by André de Dienes (2)
Vintage original gelatin silver glossy and semi-gloss borderless double-weight 13-½" x 10-¾" and 13-¼" x 10-½" prints of Marilyn Monroe at Tobey Beach, 1949, by André de Dienes, with PHOTO / ANDRE DE DIENES / 1401 SUNSET PLAZA DRIVE / HOLLYWOOD, CALIF. 90069 and ANDRE / Dienes / 1401 SUNSET PLAZA DRIVE / HOLLYWOOD CALIFORNIA 90069 / 652-1727 black rubber stamps on the verso. Printed 1960s.
Sold: - 

2022-12-17-HERITAGE-Hollywood_Entertainment_Signature-lot89081a  2022-12-17-HERITAGE-Hollywood_Entertainment_Signature-lot89081b 

Lot 89082: Marilyn Monroe at Malibu Beach, 1949, by Andre de Dienes (1)
Vintage original gelatin silver semi-gloss double-weight 10" x 8" print of Marilyn Monroe posing on driftwood, at Malibu Beach, 1949, by Andre de Dienes, with red and black rubber stamps and Kim Goodwin collection stamp on the verso. Printed 1960s.
Sold: - 


Lot 89083: Marilyn Monroe at Malibu Beach, 1945, by André de Dienes (2)
Vintage original gelatin silver glossy borderless double-weight 13-¾" x 10- ¼" and 12-¼" x 10" prints of Marilyn Monroe at Malibu Beach, 1945, by André de Dienes, with PHOTO / ANDRE DE DIENES / 1401 SUNSET PLAZA DRIVE / HOLLYWOOD, CALIF. 90069 and PHOTO / ANDRE DIENES black and red rubber stamps on the verso. Printed 1960s.
Sold: - 

2022-12-17-HERITAGE-Hollywood_Entertainment_Signature-lot89083a  2022-12-17-HERITAGE-Hollywood_Entertainment_Signature-lot89083b  

Lot 89084: Marilyn Monroe at Tobey Beach, 1949, by André de Dienes (3)
Vintage original gelatin silver glossy borderless double-weight 13-¾" x 10-¾", 11-¼" x 8-¾", and 13-½" x 10-14/16" prints of Marilyn Monroe at Tobey Beach, 1949, by André de Dienes, with PHOTO / ANDRE DE DIENES / 1401 SUNSET PLAZA DRIVE / HOLLYWOOD, CALIF. 90069 black rubber stamp on the verso of each. Printed 1960s.
Sold: - 

2022-12-17-HERITAGE-Hollywood_Entertainment_Signature-lot89084a  2022-12-17-HERITAGE-Hollywood_Entertainment_Signature-lot89084b  2022-12-17-HERITAGE-Hollywood_Entertainment_Signature-lot89084c  

Lot 89085: Marilyn Monroe at Her Bungalow at the Bel Air Hotel, 1953 by André de Dienes (2)
Vintage original gelatin silver glossy borderless double-weight 13-½" x 10-¾" and 13- ¾ x 11" prints of Marilyn Monroe at the Bel Air Hotel, 1953, by André de Dienes, with PHOTO / ANDRE DE DIENES / 1401 SUNSET PLAZA DRIVE / HOLLYWOOD, CALIF. 90069 red and black rubber stamp on the verso. Printed 1960s and printed later.
Sold: - 

2022-12-17-HERITAGE-Hollywood_Entertainment_Signature-lot89085a  2022-12-17-HERITAGE-Hollywood_Entertainment_Signature-lot89085b 

Lot 89086: Marilyn Monroe at Her Bungalow at the Bel Air Hotel, 1953 by André de Dienes (2)
Vintage original gelatin silver glossy borderless double-weight 13-½" x 10-¾" and 13- ¾ x 11" prints of Marilyn Monroe at the Bel Air Hotel, 1953, by André de Dienes, with PHOTO / ANDRE DE DIENES / 1401 SUNSET PLAZA DRIVE / HOLLYWOOD, CALIF. 90069 red and black rubber stamp on the verso. Printed 1960s and printed later.
Sold: -  


Lot 89087: Marilyn Monroe by Philippe Halsman, for LIFE, 1952 (1)
Edition 235 of 250, printed 1981. Vintage original gelatin silver semi-gloss double-weight 14" x 11" print of Marilyn Monroe by Philippe Halsman, for LIFE cover variant, April 7, 1952, Edition 235 of 250, printed 1981, with HALSMAN/MARILYN copyright rubber stamp and numbered (graphite addition) on the verso.
Sold: -


Lot 89088: Marilyn Monroe at Her Bungalow at the Bel Air Hotel, Los Angeles, 1953, and at Mt. Hood, Oregon, 1945, by André de Dienes (2) .
Vintage original gelatin silver matte double-weight 23" x 19-½" and 22-¼" x 19- ½" prints of Marilyn Monroe at her Bungalow at the Bel Air Hotel, Los Angeles, 1953, and at Mt. Hood, Oregon, by André de Dienes, with 53 and Diénes signature in black ink on the recto and blue rubber stamp on the verso of one; and brown rubber stamp and extensive dedication by Shirley de Dienes in blue ink on the verso of one. Printed 1960s. 
Sold: - 


Lot 89088: Marilyn Monroe at the Bel Air Hotel, 1953, Oversize Gelatin Silver Prints by André de Dienes (3)
Vintage original gelatin silver glossy borderless double-weight 13- ½" x 10-¾", 13-¾" x 10", and 12" x 10- ¾" prints of Marilyn Monroe at the Bel Air Hotel, 1953, by André de Dienes, with PHOTO / ANDRE DE DIENES / 1401 SUNSET PLAZA DRIVE / HOLLYWOOD, CALIF. 90069 black rubber stamp and 1953 - MM / AD / SD / 6/85 in blue ink (1) on the verso. Printed ca. 1985, and printed 1960s.
Sold: -


Lot 89089: Marilyn Monroe Lifting Barbells at the Bel Air Hotel, 1953, by André de Dienes (2)
Vintage original gelatin silver glossy borderless double-weight 11 x 13-½" and 11" x 13" prints of Marilyn Monroe lifting barbells at the Bel Air Hotel, 1953, by Andre de Dienes, with PHOTO / ANDRE DE DIENES / 1401 SUNSET PLAZA DRIVE / HOLLYWOOD, CALIF. 90069 black rubber stamp on the verso of each. Printed 1960s.
Sold: -


Lot 89090: Marilyn Monroe in a Book Store, 1953, by André de Dienes (2)
Vintage original gelatin silver glossy and semi-gloss borderless double-weight 8" x 7-½" and 13-¾" x10-¾" prints of Marilyn Monroe in a book store, 1953, by Andre de Dienes, with Dienes signature in black ink on the recto of one, and PHOTO / ANDRE DE DIENES / 1401 SUNSET PLAZA DRIVE / HOLLYWOOD, CALIF. 90069 black and red rubber stamp on the verso. Printed 1960s.
Sold: -

2022-12-17-HERITAGE-Hollywood_Entertainment_Signature-lot89091a  2022-12-17-HERITAGE-Hollywood_Entertainment_Signature-lot89091b 

Lot 89091: Marilyn Monroe at Malibu Beach, 1945, by André de Dienes (1)
Vintage original semi-gloss borderless double-weight 11" x 14" print of Marilyn Monroe at Malibu Beach, 1945, by André de Dienes, with PHOTO / ANDRE DE DIENES / 1401 SUNSET PLAZA DRIVE / HOLLYWOOD, CALIF. 90069 black rubber stamp on the verso. Printed 1960s.
Sold: - 


Lot 89092: Marilyn Monroe at the Barnum & Bailey Circus, Madison Square Garden, 1955, by Wegee (Arthur Fellig) (1)
Vintage original gelatin silver semi-gloss double-weight 14" x 11" print of Marilyn Monroe at the Barnum & Bailey Circus, Madison Square Garden, 1955, by Wegee (Arthur Fellig).
Sold: -  


 Lot 89094: Marilyn Monroe at the Actor's Studio, by Roy Schatt (1)
Vintage original gelatin silver semi-gloss double-weight 17" x 14" print of Marilyn Monroe at the Actor's Studio by Roy Schatt, printed 1987, with signature and "taken in 1955 - this print done in 1987" in black ink on the verso.
Sold: -  


Lot 89095: Marilyn Monroe in Los Angeles, 1962, by George Barris (4)
Vintage original gelatin silver semi-gloss double-weight 17" x 14" print of Marilyn Monroe at the Actor's Studio by Roy Schatt, printed 1987, with signature and "taken in 1955 - this print done in 1987" in black ink on the versoVintage original gelatin silver matte double-weight (2) and semi-gloss (2) 7" x 5" prints of Marilyn Monroe in Los Angeles, 1962, by George Barris, with signature in black ink on the recto and Kim Goodwin collection stamp on the verso of each. Printed later.
Sold: - 

2022-12-17-HERITAGE-Hollywood_Entertainment_Signature-lot89095a  2022-12-17-HERITAGE-Hollywood_Entertainment_Signature-lot89095b 
2022-12-17-HERITAGE-Hollywood_Entertainment_Signature-lot89095c  2022-12-17-HERITAGE-Hollywood_Entertainment_Signature-lot89095d 

Lot 89096: Marilyn Monroe Signed Photograph
Vintage original silver gelatin photograph signed by legendary icon Marilyn Monroe. Monroe has inscribed in blue ink, "To Vernon, the customer is always right Marilyn Monroe". The signature is clear and legible.    
Bid: $8,000  - Sold: -

2022-12-17-HERITAGE-Hollywood_Entertainment_Signature-lot89096a  2022-12-17-HERITAGE-Hollywood_Entertainment_Signature-lot89096b  

Lot 89097: Marilyn Monroe "Angela Phinlay" Jumper from The Asphalt Jungle (MGM, 1950)
Vintage original 2-piece bespoke beige crepe jumper with integral blouse with short shawl collar, ¾-sleeves with crème stripes, and hoop and button front closure. Integral pleated pants match the design of the crème-striped sleeves and feature a banded waist with self-fabric belt hoops and zipper front closure. Includes the beige web belt with self-fabric covered brass buckle. Interior unlined. Highly visible in the scene when "Emmerich" (Louis Calhern) discovers "Angela" (Marilyn) sleeping on a sofa and throughout the scene. Exhibiting age and production wear.
Bid: $60,000  - Sold: -

2022-12-17-HERITAGE-Hollywood_Entertainment_Signature-lot89097a  2022-12-17-HERITAGE-Hollywood_Entertainment_Signature-lot89097b  2022-12-17-HERITAGE-Hollywood_Entertainment_Signature-lot89097c 

Lot 89098: Marilyn Monroe "Nell Forbes" Dress with Belt from Don't Bother to Knock (TCF, 1952)
Vintage original green and black patterned cuffed short-sleeve, knee length, shift dress with white cotton, lace-edged Peter Pan collar, and snap front closure. Created by legendary film, stage, and screen costume designer William Travilla, who designed some of Marilyn's most famous costumes. Altered for subsequent production, the collar has been added, sleeves shortened and cuffed, front buttons removed and self-belt not included. Visible throughout the movie and in the trailer and other publicity materials. Retaining the internal fabric bias label handwritten, "1-27-1-7611 Marilyn Monroe A-661-05" sewn in at the seam. Exhibiting wear and age and some fading to areas.
Bid: $20,000  - Sold: -

2022-12-17-HERITAGE-Hollywood_Entertainment_Signature-lot89098a  2022-12-17-HERITAGE-Hollywood_Entertainment_Signature-lot89098b  2022-12-17-HERITAGE-Hollywood_Entertainment_Signature-lot89098c 
2022-12-17-HERITAGE-Hollywood_Entertainment_Signature-lot89098d 2022-12-17-HERITAGE-Hollywood_Entertainment_Signature-lot89098g 
2022-12-17-HERITAGE-Hollywood_Entertainment_Signature-lot89098e  2022-12-17-HERITAGE-Hollywood_Entertainment_Signature-lot89098f 

Lot 89099: Marilyn Monroe "Lorelei Lee" Showgirl Leotard Worn for Promotion of Gentlemen Prefer Blondes (MGM, 1953)
Vintage original bespoke showgirl leotard constructed of form-fitted nude nylon panels ornamented with sunflower yellow and jet-black sequins, clear and black strung bugle beads, faceted crystals, black bead tassels and sprays, with large crystal embellishment of a variety of shapes and sizes of faceted crystals ringing the halter collar and culminating in a cluster of brooch-style crystals at the plunging v-neckline of the garment. With zipper and hook and eye back closure, and black lace over nude fabric at the hips. Worn by Marilyn for publicity appearances alongside her Gentlemen Prefer Blondes co-star Jane Russell, who wore an identical custom costume. The interior has been reinforced for display with 2-web bands, which are gently thread-basted and easily removed. The leotard retains its original internal 20th Century-Fox bias label handwritten in ink, "M. Monroe" and an interior studio paper laundering tag. Exhibiting wear, rubbing to base fabric, exposed elastic shoulder straps, and sequin and bead loss, soiling throughout, not detracting from the spectacular effect of the dazzling, glamorous, and revealing costume.   
Bid: $40,000  - Sold: -

2022-12-17-HERITAGE-Hollywood_Entertainment_Signature-lot89099a  2022-12-17-HERITAGE-Hollywood_Entertainment_Signature-lot89099b 
2022-12-17-HERITAGE-Hollywood_Entertainment_Signature-lot89099c   2022-12-17-HERITAGE-Hollywood_Entertainment_Signature-lot89099f 
2022-12-17-HERITAGE-Hollywood_Entertainment_Signature-lot89099d  2022-12-17-HERITAGE-Hollywood_Entertainment_Signature-lot89099e 

Lot 89100: Marilyn Monroe "Elsie" Signature Pearl-Encrusted Mermaid Gown from The Prince and the Showgirl (Warner Bros., 1957)
Vintage original short-sleeved, floor-length mermaid ball gown constructed of crème silk, and sheer organza sleeve with pearl-beaded sweetheart neckline and form-fitted bodice, embellished with delicate seed pearls and faceted rhinestones and beads on ruched bust, left sleeve, and lower sleeve above the voluminous, heavily-weighted ivory satin "mermaid tail" hem. Left sleeve with top hook and eye closure extending to the side zipper closure surrounded by more hook and eye closures.
Custom designed and constructed to Marilyn Monroe's legendary form by British designer Beatrice Dawson. The iconic Monroe shows off this dramatic hourglass silhouette and dramatically sweeping skirt throughout many principal scenes in the film. This gown is also featured in images of Monroe in this form-fitting garment in much of the film's publicity materials. Retaining the internal Western Costume bias label handwritten "#5 Marilyn Monroe".
Exhibiting expected age and production wear. Of the three examples of this dress we've encountered, this is by far the prime article. The quality and preservation of materials and embellishments are unparalleled. Most minor soiling from age and storage can be easily reversed and the appearance of the gown further enhanced by the new owner.
Bid: $80,000  - Sold: -

2022-12-17-HERITAGE-Hollywood_Entertainment_Signature-lot89100a  2022-12-17-HERITAGE-Hollywood_Entertainment_Signature-lot89100b  2022-12-17-HERITAGE-Hollywood_Entertainment_Signature-lot89100c 
2022-12-17-HERITAGE-Hollywood_Entertainment_Signature-lot89100d  2022-12-17-HERITAGE-Hollywood_Entertainment_Signature-lot89100e   2022-12-17-HERITAGE-Hollywood_Entertainment_Signature-lot89100f 
2022-12-17-HERITAGE-Hollywood_Entertainment_Signature-lot89100g  2022-12-17-HERITAGE-Hollywood_Entertainment_Signature-lot89100h  

Lot 89101: Marilyn Monroe's Personal Custom-Made 3-Piece Mirror from Her Dressing Room In Her Final Brentwood, California Home (1963)
Vintage original, full-length 3-paneled dressing mirror, hinged between mirror panels and adjustable to see a subject from all angles. This custom-made mirror was installed in Marilyn Monroe's third bedroom, which she used as her committed dressing and fitting room. The central stationary mirror panel measures 42" x 96", while the side wing mirror panels measure 24" x 96" each. Originally acquired by Dr. and Betty Nunez, the first purchasers of Monroe's house in 1963 after her untimely death in late 1962. Comes with a copy of a notarized letter from Michael Nunez, whose parents, Dr. and Betty Nunez, purchased Marilyn's home in 1963 and an LOA from the consignor, whose parents were gifted the mirror by the Nunez family in 1976 after escrow fell through on them purchasing Marilyn's home from the Nunez's.
Bid: $5,000  - Sold: -

2022-12-17-HERITAGE-Hollywood_Entertainment_Signature-lot89101a   2022-12-17-HERITAGE-Hollywood_Entertainment_Signature-lot89101b 
2022-12-17-HERITAGE-Hollywood_Entertainment_Signature-lot89101c  2022-12-17-HERITAGE-Hollywood_Entertainment_Signature-lot89101d  

Lot 89102: Marilyn Monroe's Wall Sconce from her Master Bedroom in her Brentwood, California (1960s)
Vintage original tin framed, smoked glass paneled wall lighting sconce from Marilyn Monroe's Brentwood, California home. The sconce was originally a candle holder with the front glass panel retaining the hinge and latch, which allows it to be opened for access. Measuring 12" x 9" x 4.5". Acquired directly from the wall in the master bedroom next to the door of Marilyn's home by the consignor's parents in 1976 while they were in escrow to buy Marilyn's house before the deal ultimately fell through. Exhibiting age, oxidization, and with bulb and some electronics present but untested. In vintage Very Good to Fine condition. Accompanied by a LOA from the consignor who was present at the time of acquisition from Monroe's home.
Bid: $3,000  - Sold: -

2022-12-17-HERITAGE-Hollywood_Entertainment_Signature-lot89102a  2022-12-17-HERITAGE-Hollywood_Entertainment_Signature-lot89102b 
2022-12-17-HERITAGE-Hollywood_Entertainment_Signature-lot89102c  2022-12-17-HERITAGE-Hollywood_Entertainment_Signature-lot89102d 

Lot 89103: Marilyn Monroe's Decorative Striped Tiles (36) from Her Brentwood, California Home (1960s)
Vintage original (36) striped ornamental ceramic tiles from Marilyn Monroe's Brentwood, California home. These tiles were personally chosen and purchased by Marilyn Monroe in Taxco, Mexico, to redecorate her new home. These were replacement tiles kept by Marilyn in the event of damage. Measuring 1.5" x 4.5" x .5". Acquired by the consignor's parents in 1976 while they were in escrow to buy Marilyn's house before the deal ultimately fell through. Exhibiting age and minor chipping. In vintage Very Good to Fine condition. Accompanied by a LOA from the consignor who was present at the time of acquisition at Monroe's home.
Bid: $775  - Sold: -


 Lot 89104: Marilyn Monroe's Decorative Orchid Tiles (22) from Her Final Home in Brentwood, California (1960s)
Vintage original (22) orchid motif ornamental ceramic tiles from Marilyn Monroe's Brentwood, California home. These tiles were personally chosen and purchased by Marilyn Monroe in Taxco, Mexico, to redecorate her new home. These were replacement tiles kept by Marilyn in the event of damage. Measuring 1.5" x 4.5" x .5". Acquired by the consignor's parents in 1976 while they were in escrow to buy Marilyn's house before the deal ultimately fell through. Exhibiting age and minor chipping. In vintage Very Good to Fine condition. Accompanied by a LOA from the consignor who was present at the time of acquisition from Monroe's home.
Bid: $825  - Sold: -


 Lot 89105: Bette Davis "Margo Channing" Costume Sketch by Edith Head for All About Eve (TCF, 1950)
Vintage original costume sketch accomplished in pencil and gouache on 13" x 17" artist's paper leaf. Featuring a pencil skirt gown with jewel encrusted neckline and sable stole. Handwritten at the top left corner of the page, "Bette Davis" and signed in the lower right "Edith Head". Exhibiting age and production wear with some chipped edges and water staining to lower edge of paper.
 Sold: -


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07 août 2013

15/09/1954 NYC - Sur le tournage de The Seven Year Itch partie 2

Sept ans de réflexion
Sur le tournage - scène 11   

Date: le 15 septembre 1954, à une heure du matin.
Lieu: entre la 51 et 52st Street, au croisement de Lexington Avenue.
Scène: il s'agit d'une scène mythique, l'une des plus célèbres de l'histoire du cinéma, qui reste sans doute la "scène la plus vue au monde", celle où la robe blanche de Marilyn se soulève entraînée par l'air d'une grille de métro. La presse en parla comme de "l'exhibition la plus intéressante depuis Lady Godiva".

Date: September 15, 1954, at one o'clock.
Location: between 51 and 52st Street on the corner of Lexington Avenue.
Scene: it is a mythical scene, one of the most famous in the history of cinema, which is probably the "most scene view in the world," the one where the white dress of Marilyn Monroe rises, driven by the blow of the subway grate. The press spoke of as "the most interesting exhibition since Lady Godiva".

Marilyn Monroe, Tom Ewell, le réalisateur Billy Wilder (homme en noir, chapeau noir), Johnny Graham (homme en costume, chapeau et cigar), manager de production de la Côte Est qui organisa la logistique pour le tournage des scènes à New York, et Natasha Lytess, la coach de Marilyn.

>> Photographies de George Barris
syi_sc11_on_set_by_barris_030_1 syi_sc11_on_set_by_barris_030_2 
syi_sc11_on_set_by_barris_040_1 syi_sc11_on_set_by_barris_040_1a
syi_sc11_on_set_by_barris_040_2 syi_sc11_on_set_by_barris_040_2a
syi_sc11_on_set_by_barris_010_1 syi_sc11_on_set_by_barris_010_1a syi_sc11_on_set_by_barris_010_2
syi_sc11_on_set_by_barris_020_1 syi_sc11_on_set_by_barris_020_2 syi_sc11_on_set_by_barris_020_3 syi_sc11_on_set_by_barris_020_4 

tsyi-299  tsyi-300  tsyi-301
syi_sc11_on_set_by_barris_021_1a syi_sc11_on_set_by_barris_021_2 syi_sc11_on_set_by_barris_021_3
syi_sc11_on_set_by_barris_021_4 syi_sc11_on_set_by_barris_021_5 syi_sc11_on_set_by_barris_021_6
syi_sc11_on_set_by_barris_021_6a syi_sc11_on_set_by_barris_022_1 

>> Photographies de Sam Shaw
syi_sc11_on_set_contact_by_shaw_1 syi_sc11_on_set_by_sam_shaw_010_1  
syi_sc11_on_set_by_sam_shaw_011_1 syi_sc11_on_set_by_sam_shaw_011_2 syi_sc11_on_set_by_sam_shaw_011_3
syi_sc11_on_set_013_1  syi_sc11_on_set_by_sam_shaw_021_1 
syi_sc11_on_set_by_sam_shaw_030_1 syi_sc11_on_set_by_sam_shaw_030_2 syi_sc11_on_set_by_sam_shaw_031_1
 syi_sc11_on_set_by_sam_shaw_031_2 syi_sc11_on_set_by_sam_shaw_031_3 syi_sc11_on_set_by_sam_shaw_041_2 
syi_sc11_on_set_by_sam_shaw_033_1 syi_sc11_on_set_by_sam_shaw_033_1a syi_sc11_on_set_by_sam_shaw_033_2
syi_sc11_on_set_by_sam_shaw_040_1 syi_sc11_on_set_by_sam_shaw_040_2 syi_sc11_on_set_by_sam_shaw_041_1 
syi_sc11_on_set_by_sam_shaw_042_1 syi_sc11_on_set_by_sam_shaw_050_1 syi_sc11_on_set_by_sam_shaw_050_1c

>> Photographie de Matthew Zimmerman

>> Photographie de Sam Goldstein

 >> Photographies de Weegee
syi_sc11_on_set_by_weegee_1 syi_sc11_on_set_by_weegee_2

>> Photographie de Tom Caffrey 

>> Photographies de Kas Heppner

>> Photographies de Frank Worth

>> Photographies de Milton Greene
syi_sc11_on_set_by_greene_02_1 syi_sc11_on_set_by_greene_marilyn_monroe_7yr_04 syi_sc11_on_set_by_greene_marilyn_monroe_7yr_05 syi_sc11_on_set_by_greene_01_1
syi_sc11_on_set_by_greene_marilyn_monroe_7yr_22 syi_sc11_on_set_by_greene_marilyn_monroe_7yr_23
syi_sc11_on_set_by_greene_marilyn_monroe_7yr_24 syi_sc11_on_set_by_greene_marilyn_monroe_7yr_25 syi_sc11_on_set_by_greene_marilyn_monroe_7yr_26

1954-syi-by_gr-1-2  lot129d  

>> Photographies de George S. Zimbel
syi_sc11_on_set_by_george_s_zimbel_010_1 syi_sc11_on_set_by_george_s_zimbel_011_1 syi_sc11_on_set_by_george_s_zimbel_012_1
syi_sc11_on_set_by_george_s_zimbel_020_1 syi_sc11_on_set_by_george_s_zimbel_021_1 syi_sc11_on_set_by_george_s_zimbel_022_1 syi_sc11_on_set_by_george_s_zimbel_022_1a
syi_sc11_on_set_by_george_s_zimbel_023_1 syi_sc11_on_set_by_george_s_zimbel_024_1 syi_sc11_on_set_by_george_s_zimbel_025_1
syi_sc11_on_set_by_george_s_zimbel_042_1 syi_sc11_on_set_by_george_s_zimbel_024_1a syi_sc11_on_set_by_george_s_zimbel_043_1
syi_sc11_on_set_by_george_s_zimbel_030_1 syi_sc11_on_set_by_george_s_zimbel_031_1 syi_sc11_on_set_by_george_s_zimbel_032_1 syi_sc11_on_set_by_george_s_zimbel_033_1
syi_sc11_on_set_by_george_s_zimbel_040_1 syi_sc11_on_set_by_george_s_zimbel_041_1
syi_sc11_on_set_by_george_s_zimbel_044_1 syi_sc11_on_set_by_george_s_zimbel_044_2 syi_sc11_on_set_by_george_s_zimbel_joe_leaving
syi_sc11_on_set_by_george_s_zimbel_045_1 syi_sc11_on_set_by_george_s_zimbel_046_1 syi_sc11_on_set_by_george_s_zimbel_047_1
syi_sc11_on_set_by_george_s_zimbel_047_2 syi_sc11_on_set_by_george_s_zimbel_047_3 syi_sc11_on_set_by_george_s_zimbel_050_1

>> Photographies de Elliot Erwitt
syi_sc11_on_set_by_elliott_erwitt_020_1 syi_sc11_on_set_by_elliott_erwitt_020_2 syi_sc11_on_set_by_elliott_erwitt_020_3
syi_sc11_on_set_by_elliott_erwitt_020_4 syi_sc11_on_set_by_elliott_erwitt_020_5 syi_sc11_on_set_by_elliott_erwitt_020_6 syi_sc11_on_set_by_elliott_erwitt_020_7 
syi_sc11_on_set_by_elliott_erwitt_021_2 syi_sc11_on_set_by_elliott_erwitt_021_1 syi_sc11_on_set_by_elliott_erwitt_021_1a syi_sc11_on_set_by_elliott_erwitt_010_1
1954_eliott_erwitt_syi__2_ 1954_eliott_erwitt_syi__3_ 1954_eliott_erwitt_syi__4_ 1954_eliott_erwitt_syi 


>> Photographies de Garry Winogrand
syi_sc11_on_set_by_garry_winogrand_1_1 syi_sc11_on_set_by_garry_winogrand_5
syi_sc11_on_set_by_garry_winogrand_2_1 syi_sc11_on_set_by_garry_winogrand_2_2 syi_sc11_on_set_by_garry_winogrand_3 syi_sc11_on_set_by_garry_winogrand_4 

1954-syi-by_garry_winogrand_pp_17   1954-syi-by_garry_winogrand_pp_18 

>> Photographies de Charles Hagedorn
syi_sc11_on_set_by_charles_hagedorn_1 syi_sc11_on_set_by_charles_hagedorn_2 syi_sc11_on_set_by_charles_hagedorn_3

>> Photographies de John Randolph Hearst

>> Photographies de Bill Kobrin
syi_sc11_on_set_by_bill_kobrin_1 syi_sc11_on_set_by_bill_kobrin_2 syi_sc11_on_set_by_bill_kobrin_3
syi_sc11_on_set_By_Bill_Kobrin_4 syi_sc11_on_set_by_bill_kobrin_photos 

>> collection de Frieda Hull
1954-09-15-ny-collection_frieda_hull-246146_0  1954-09-15-ny-collection_frieda_hull-246148_0 
1954-09-15-ny-collection_frieda_hull-246145_0  1954-09-15-ny-collection_frieda_hull-246146_0b 

>> Photographies de Bruno Bernard
syi_sc11_on_set_by_bruno_bernard_1 syi_sc11_on_set_by_bruno_bernard_2 

Extraits du journal de Bruno Bernard:
- Le magazine Redbook engagea Bruno Bernard pour couvrir le tournage de Marilyn dans The Seven Year Itch.
- New York - 14/09/1954. Si cela n'avait pas été pour mon travail (la couverture de Redbook) et Marilyn, dix chevaux ne m'auraient pas traîné sur le tournage de Seven year Itch. Zut. J'ai attendu trois heures au milieu des odeurs transpiration et des cris de la foule et d'une bande de paparazzis (...). Soudain, la foule a poussé un formidable hurlement. Marilyn apparaissait en chair et en os. Lorsque Billy Wilder, le metteur en scène, a dit "On tourne", Marilyn est sortie du théâtre, a fait quatre pas sur la gauche avant de s'arrêter juste au-dessus d'une grille d'aération. A ce moment précis, on doit imaginer qu'un métro quitte la station, l'air qu'il déplace soulevant la jupe de Marilyn. Pour mieux contrôler l'action, les accessoiristes ont disposé un ventilateur directement sous la grille. Dans certaines prises, la jupe blanche de Marilyn s'est soulevée au point de lui couvrir le visage, à la grande joie des spectateurs hystériques. D'après le scénario, Marilyn doit simplement dire: "Ah, quel soulagement ! N'est-ce pas délicieux ?!" tandis qu'elle prend plaisir à sentir cet air frais. 
La scène a été refaite trente fois parce que Marilyn se trompait à chaque fois dans son texte. Sous sa robe, elle ne portait qu'une petite culotte de soie blanche transparente. (...) DiMaggio, qui se trouvait juste en face de moi et près de walter Winchell, regardait le spectacle. Je me rendais nettement compte que la gêne de DiMaggio tournait à la fureur. Je me frayais rapidement un chemin à travers la foule, dans l'espoir de le calmer. Mais, avant que je n'arrive près de lui, il avait déjà quitté les lieux très en colère. Winchell (...) m'a dit que DiMaggio était parti "apaiser son tempérament de macho italien au Toot's Shor's". Roy Croft nous rejoignit: "Nous devrions plutôt nous réjouir qu'elle porte au moins quelque chose dessous".
L'absence de DiMaggio ne la troubla pas, et la déesse de l'amour poursuivit ses interminables prises devant son public new-yorkais extasié.
- J'ai vraiment besoin de faire ces photos de Joe et Marilyn pour boucler mon article. Depuis le couloir de leur appartement du Saint Regis, je peux entendre les éclats d'une querelle passionnée suivie par des pleurs hystériques. Je suis parti et je n'ai pas fait mes photos. (...) J'étais abbatu et silencieux. Rencontrant Roy dans l'ascenceur, il tenta de me consoler: "Tout n'est pas perdu. Comme il y avait trop de bruits de fond en extérieur, Wilder a décidé de refaire toute la scène à Hollywood." 

>> sources:
- Livres: Bernard of Hollywood's Marilyn / De Norma Jean à Marilyn, de Susan Bernard / Marilyn among friends, Sam Shaw / L'Encyclopédie d'Adam Victor / Marilyn Monroe et les caméras, de Georges Belmont / Les trésors de Marilyn Monroe, de Jenna Glatzer / Les vies secrètes de Marilyn Monroe, d'Anthony Summers.

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16 avril 2013

30/03/1955 Ringling Brothers Circus

Action Caritative

La soirée du 30 mars 1955: Marilyn Monroe participa à la grande cérémonie de bienfaisance organisée par Mike Todd et son cirque (Ringling Brothers Circus) dont les bénéfices étaient reversés à une fondation qui lutte contre l'arthrose et les affections rhumatismales.
C'était la première apparition en publique de Marilyn depuis son départ de Los Angeles. Le contrat de la Fox lui interdisait la participation à des spectacles rémunérés, mais les soirées de bienfaisance n'entraient pas dans cette catégorie.
Marilyn se rendit de son hôtel au Madison Square Garden en limousine avec Dick Sheperd (qui était alors agent au département cinéma de MCA à New York). Elle réussit à se faufiler dans les couloirs de l'établissement, gagna sa loge et put s'habiller dans le calme relatif. 
The evening of March 30, 1955: Marilyn Monroe participated to the great charity ceremony organised by Mike Todd and his circus (Ringling Brothers Circus) to benefit the Arthritis Foundation and Rhumastismales disorders.
It was the first public appearance of Marilyn since her departure from Los Angeles. Fox's contract forbade participation in paid shows, but charity evenings did not fall into this category.  
Marilyn was accompanied by Dick Shepperd for the trip from the hotel to Madison and photographed by Ed Feingersh. She managed to sneak into the corridors of the school, won his lodge and could dress in relative calm.  

> Marilyn et Dick Sheperd (photos de Ed Feingersh)
1955_03_30_ny_madison_square_arrival_01_by_feingersh_1 1955_03_30_ny_madison_square_arrival_02_by_feingersh_1 
1955_03_30_ny_madison_square_arrival_01_by_feingersh_1a MONROE__MARILYN_-_ED_FEINGERSH_1955_REDBOOK_SHOOT_FOU_22092 1955_03_30_ny_madison_square_arrival_04_by_feingersh_1a
1955_03_30_ny_madison_square_arrival_03_by_feingersh_1_with_dick_sheperd 1955_03_30_ny_madison_square_arrival_04_by_feingersh_1 1955_03_30_limousine
1955_03_30_ny_madison_square_arrival_05_by_feingersh_1 1955_03_30_ny_madison_square_arrival_06_by_feingersh_1 1955_03_30_ny_madison_square_arrival_06_by_feingersh_1a
1955_03_30_ny_madison_square_arrival_07_by_feingersh_1a 1955_03_30_ny_madison_square_arrival_08_by_feingersh_1 1955_03_30_ny_madison_square_arrival_08_by_feingersh_1a
1955_03_30_ny_madison_square_arrival_07_by_feingersh_1 1955_03_30_arrive
1955_03_30_ny_madison_square_arrival_09_by_feingersh_1 1955_03_30_ny_madison_square_arrival_10_by_feingersh_1
1955_03_30_ny_madison_square_arrival_11_by_feingersh_1 1955_03_30_ny_madison_square_arrival_12_by_feingersh_1 

1955_03_30_ny_madison_square_circus_044_6_signedDans les coulisses, Marilyn s'est préparée, soutenue par Milton Berle et la jeune Alice Fitzpatrick; Milton Greene et Peter Leonardi (son secrétaire et coiffeur à cette époque) sont aussi présents, dans l'ombre. Elle lui dédicacera une des photos de la soirée (voir ci-contre).
Behind the scenes, Marilyn prepared, supported by Milton Berle, the young Alice Fitzpatrick; but also Milton Greene and Peter Leonardi (his secretary and hairdresser at the time) who were also presents in the shadows. She will dedicate him one of the photos of the evening.   

> Dans les coulisses
1955_03_30_ny_madison_square_circus_backstage_1 1955_03_30_ny_madison_square_circus_backstage_3_by_mhg 1955_03_30_ny_madison_square_circus_backstage_2a

> Arrivée de Marilyn (avec Milton Greene)
1955_03_30_ny_madison_square_circus_010_1 1955_03_30_ny_madison_square_circus_011_1 1955_03_by_haspiel_candids_1 
lot89019a  lot89019b 
1955_03_30_ny_madison_square_circus_020_1_by_weegee 1955_03_30_ny_madison_square_circus_020_2 1955-circus-51 Page no date etc 03
1955_03_30_ny_madison_square_circus_021_1 1955-movieland7552a 1955_03_30_ny_madison_square_circus_021_2 
  1955-circus-movieshow11552  1955-madisonsquare
1955_03_30_ny_madison_square_circus_021_3 1955_03_30_ny_madison_square_circus_021_4 1955_03_30_ny_madison_square_circus_022_1 1955_03_30_ny_madison_square_circus_022_1a 

1955-03-30-madison-collection_frieda_hull-2a 1955-03-30-madison-collection_frieda_hull-2b 
- de la collection de Frieda Hull, une fan des Monroe Six
-from the personal collection of Frieda Hull, one of the 'Monroe Six'

 - photo de Max Peter Haas ->  
- photos de Marvin Scott ->
1955_03_30_ny_madison_square_by_Marvin_Scott_01 1955_03_30_ny_madison_square_by_Marvin_Scott_02 1955_03_30_ny_madison_square_by_Marvin_Scott_03
1955_03_30_ny_madison_square_by_Marvin_Scott_03b 1955_03_30_ny_madison_square_by_Marvin_Scott_04 1955_03_30_ny_madison_square_by_Marvin_Scott_04b
- photo de Weegee ->
 - autres photos ->
1955-circus-1  1955-circus-hollywoodconfidential8551
1955_03_30_ny_madison_square_circus_030_1 1955_03_30_ny_madison_square_circus_031_1 1955_03_30_ny_madison_square_circus_033_1a
 - photo de Sam Goldstein ->

Le grand show, qui se tient au Madison Square Garden à New York, était présenté par Milton Berle, qui officiait en tant que "Monsieur Loyal", le 'maître de cérémonie', et qui présente Marilyn en ces termes: "Voici la seule femme au monde à côté de qui Jane Russell ressemble à un homme!", provoquant l'hilarité dans la foule. Plus de 25 000 spectateurs étaient présents; ils avaient payer 50 dollars leurs places; dont Joe DiMaggio, l'ex-époux de Marilyn.
Dans la salle, deux cents photographes s'arrachaient les meilleures places (Ed Feingersh, Milton Greene, Marvin Scott, Walter Carone, Weegee, Sam Goldstein, Erika Stone...). Lorsqu'enfin elle entra en scène, Milton Berle dut leur demander de s'accroupir pour ne pas gêner les autres spectateurs. Marilyn Monroe fit une entrée triomphale, juchée sur le dos d'un éléphant indien peint en rose, nommé Karnaudi (ou Kinardy), appartenant au cirque Barnum & Bailey. Elle déclarera plus tard: "C'était très important pour moi, je n'étais jamais allée au cirque quand j'étais enfant."
The big show, which held at the Madison Square Garden in New York, was presented by Milton Berle, who was the "Master of the Ceremony". More than 25,000 spectators were presents, including Joe DiMaggio in the stands; and two hundred photographers snatched the best seats (Ed Feingersh, Milton Greene, Marvin Scott, Walter Carone, Weegee, Sam Goldstein, Erika Stone...). When finally she came on the stage, Milton Berle, had to ask them to squat to not to interfere with other spectators. Marilyn Monroe made a triumphal entrance, perched on the back of an indian elephant painted pink, named Karnaudi (or Kinardy) and belonging to the Barnum & Bailey circus.

Le magazine Variety écrivit: "Marilyn Monroe juchée sur un pachyderme peint en rose fut le clou de la soirée. Malheureusement, les photographes agglutinés autour de la star à demie nue l'empêchaient d'avancer. On put difficilement admirer les charmes de Miss Monroe, mais en définitive, la foule ne s'était déplacée pas pour rien." Les autres stars présentes furent toute au plus citées.
Variety Magazine said: "Marilyn Monroe perched on an elephant painted pink was the highlight of the evening. Unfortunately, photographers clustered around the half naked star prevented her from advancing. We could hardly see the charms of Miss Monroe, but ultimately, the crowd had not moved for nothing. "Other present stars have not been mentionned. 

> Entrée de Marilyn qui monte sur l'éléphant
- photos de Ed Feingersh ->
1955_03_30_ny_madison_square_circus_040_1_by_feingersh 1955_03_30_ny_madison_square_circus_041_1_1
1955_03_30_ny_madison_square_circus_041_1_1a 1955_03_30_ny_madison_square_circus_041_1_1b 1955_03_30_ny_madison_square_circus_042_2_by_feingersh_2 
1955_03_30_ny_madison_square_circus_041_1_3 1955_03_30_ny_madison_square_circus_041_1_4 1955_03_30_ny_madison_square_circus_041_1_4a
1955_03_30_ny_madison_square_circus_041_1_5 1955_03_30_ny_madison_square_circus_042_1_by_feingersh 1955_03_30_ny_madison_square_circus_042_2_by_feingersh_1
1955_03_30_ny_madison_square_circus_042_4 1955_03_30_ny_madison_square_circus_042_5
- autres photos (Marvin Scott, Weegee, Sam Goldstein...) ->   
1955_03_30_ny_madison_square_circus_044_1_1_by_weegee_1 1955_03_30_ny_madison_square_circus_044_1_2a 1955_03_30_ny_madison_square_circus_044_1_2 
1955-movieland7553a 1955_03_30_ny_madison_square_circus_044_1_3 
1955_03_30_ny_madison_square_circus_043_1 1955_03_30_ny_madison_square_circus_043_1a 1955_03_30_ny_madison_square_circus_043_2  
1955_03_30_ny_madison_square_circus_044_2_by_weegee_1 1955_03_30_ny_madison_square_circus_044_5_by_weegee_1 1955_circus_321
1955_03_30_ny_madison_square_circus_044_3 1955_03_30_ny_madison_square_circus_044_4 1955_03_30_ny_madison_square_circus_044_6_by_sam_goldstein_1
1955_03_30_ny_madison_square_circus_045_1 1955_03_30_ny_madison_square_circus_045_2 1955_03_30_ny_madison_square_circus_045_3
1955_03_30_ny_madison_square_circus_045_4 1955_03_30_ny_madison_square_circus_045_5 
1955_03_30_ny_madison_square_circus_050_1 1955_03_30_ny_madison_square_by_Marvin_Scott_06 1955_03_30_ny_madison_square_circus_051_2_by_weegee_1 
1955-movieland7551 1955_03_30_ny_madison_square_circus_052_1_by_weegee_2 
1955_03_30_ny_madison_square_by_Marvin_Scott_07 1955_03_30_ny_madison_square_circus_053_2 1955_03_30_ny_madison_square_circus_081_1 
1955_03_30_ny_madison_square_circus_060_1 1955_03_30_ny_madison_square_circus_053_3 1955_03_30_ny_madison_square_by_Marvin_Scott_08 
1955_03_30_ny_madison_square_circus_061_1 1955_03_30_ny_madison_square_circus_061_1a 1955_03_30_ny_madison_square_circus_061_3
1955_03_30_ny_madison_square_circus_061_3a 1955_03_30_ny_madison_square_circus_062_1
1955_03_30_ny_madison_square_circus_063_1 1955_03_30_ny_madison_square_circus_063_2 1955_03_30_ny_madison_square_circus_063_3a 
1955_03_30_ny_madison_square_circus_063_3 1955_03_30_ny_madison_square_circus_064_1a
1955_03_30_ny_madison_square_circus_064_1 1955_03_30_ny_madison_square_circus_065_1 1955_03_30_ny_madison_square_circus_065_1a
1955-03-30-madison-01 1955_03_30_ny_madison_square_by_Marvin_Scott_09a 
1955_03_30_ny_madison_square_circus_070_1_by_weegee 1955_03_30_ny_madison_square_circus_070_2 1955_03_30_ny_madison_square_circus_071_1 
1955-circus-tempo12551 1955_03_30_ny_madison_square_circus_070_4_by_weegee 
1955_03_30_ny_madison_square_circus_071_4  1955-movieland7553 
1955_03_30_ny_madison_square_circus_071_3  1955_madison_1 
1955_03_30_ny_madison_square_circus_080_1 1955_03_30_ny_madison_square_circus_080_2_by_erika_stone 1955_03_30_ny_madison_square_circus_080_3
- photos de Walter Carone -> 

- Photographies de Milton H Greene -

1955-03-30-NY-Circus-by_mhg-011-1-MHG-MMO-CS-092  1955-03-30-NY-Circus-by_mhg-011-2-MHG-MMO-CS-093  
by_mhg_CS_089 by_mhg_CS_091 

1955-03-30-NY-Circus-by_mhg-021-1-MHG-MMO-CS-116  1955-03-30-NY-Circus-by_mhg-022-1-MHG-MMO-CS-088  1955-03-30-NY-Circus-by_mhg-023-1-MHG-MMO-CS-103 
1955-03-30-NY-Circus-by_mhg-024-1-MHG-MMO-CS-005  1955-03-30-NY-Circus-by_mhg-025-1-MHG-MMO-CS-106  1955-03-30-NY-Circus-by_mhg-026-1-MHG-MMO-CS-097 
1955-03-30-NY-Circus-by_mhg-030-1-MHG-MMO-CS-100  1955-03-30-NY-Circus-by_mhg-030-2-MHG-MMO-CS-101  1955-03-30-NY-Circus-by_mhg-030-3-MHG-MMO-CS-102 
1955-03-30-NY-Circus-by_mhg-040-1-MHG-MMO-CS-098  1955-03-30-NY-Circus-by_mhg-040-2-MHG-MMO-CS-108  1955-03-30-NY-Circus-by_mhg-040-3-MHG-MMO-CS-006 
1955-03-30-NY-Circus-by_mhg-041-3-MHG-MMO-CS-105  1955-03-30-NY-Circus-by_mhg-041-1-MHG-MMO-CS-004  1955-03-30-NY-Circus-by_mhg-041-2-MHG-MMO-CS-099 
1955-03-30-NY-Circus-by_mhg-042-1-MHG-MMO-CS-094  1955-03-30-NY-Circus-by_mhg-042-2-MHG-MMO-CS-095  1955-03-30-NY-Circus-by_mhg-042-3 
1955-03-30-NY-Circus-by_mhg-050-1-MHG-MMO-CS-117  1955-03-30-NY-Circus-by_mhg-050-2-MHG-MMO-CS-109  1955-03-30-NY-Circus-by_mhg-051-1-MHG-MMO-CS-110 
1955-03-30-NY-Circus-by_mhg-051-2-MHG-MMO-CS-111  1955-03-30-NY-Circus-by_mhg-051-3-MHG-MMO-CS-112 
1955-03-30-NY-Circus-by_mhg-051-4-MHG-MMO-CS-113  1955-03-30-NY-Circus-by_mhg-051-5-MHG-MMO-CS-114 

> Le public (on distingue Joe DiMaggio)

> captures
1955_03_30_ny_madison_square_cap02_1 1955_03_30_ny_madison_square_cap02_2 1955_03_30_ny_madison_square_cap02_3
1955_03_30_ny_madison_square_cap05_1 1955_03_30_ny_madison_square_cap05_2 1955_03_30_ny_madison_square_cap05_3
1955_03_30_ny_madison_square_cap03_1 1955_03_30_ny_madison_square_cap03_2 1955_03_30_ny_madison_square_cap03_3
1955_03_30_ny_madison_square_cap01_1 1955_03_30_ny_madison_square_cap01_2 1955_03_30_ny_madison_square_cap01_3
1955_03_30_ny_madison_square_cap01_4 1955_03_30_ny_madison_square_cap01_5 1955_03_30_ny_madison_square_cap01_6
1955_03_30_ny_madison_square_cap04_1 1955_03_30_ny_madison_square_cap04_2 1955_03_30_ny_madison_square_cap04_3

> videos

Marilyn Madison Square Garden 1955 par MissYria

 > dans la presse
press_Madison_Square_Marilyn1  press_Madison_Square_Marilyn2 
mag_circus mag_pic mag_picture_week

Le soir du spectacle, Milton Greene loua la suite Cecil Beaton de l'Ambassador Hotel de New York, où lui-même, Amy Greene et Marilyn purent s'habiller et accueillir une poignée de visiteurs en provenance de la Côte Ouest. Michael Todd, toujours généreux avec ses invités, avaient fait venir les stars en avion et en première classe: Jeannette MacDonald et Gene Raymond, James Cagney, Red Buttons, Martha Raye, Terry Moore, Julius LaRosa, Sammy Davis Jr, Sonja Henie et Bess Myerson. Amy Greene avait commandé à Norman Norrel la robe se soie noire que MM devait porter jusqu'au Madison Square Garden et pendant les mondanités.
(> voir les photos de l'essayage de la robe par Ed Feingersh).

The night of the show, Greene rent a room (the 'Cecil Beaton suite') at the Ambassador Hotel in New York, where he himself, Amy and Marilyn dressed and could receive visitors from the West Coast. Michael Todd, always generous with his guests, had made come by plane and first class some movie stars like Jeanette MacDonald and Gene Raymond, James Cagney, Red Buttons, Martha Raye, Terry Moore, Julius LaRosa, Sammy Davis Jr, Sonja Henie and Bess Myerson. Amy Greene commanded the Norman Norrell black silk dress black that Marilyn was wearing at her arrival to the Madison Square Garden and for the party in the hotel.

sources pour l'article: 
Magazines: Paris Match 9 avril 1955 / Redbook 1955, July 
Livres: Marilyn édition de La Martinière, photos de Ed Feingersh

Marilyn Monroe et les caméras  .
web: article "Do you want to see her?" sur le blog / le site d'images corbis
Photos de Milton Greene: a huge thanks to Maarit !

All photos are copyright protected by their respective owners.




05 mai 2012

9/09/1954 Arrivée à New York

Le 8 septembre 1954, Marilyn Monroe s'envole à 21 heures de Los Angeles, d'où Joe DiMaggio est venu l'accompagner à l'aéroport pour l'embrasser et lui dire au revoir, pour se rendre à New York, où elle doit tourner des scènes extérieures du film The Seven Year Itch (Sept ans de réflexion). Joe ne l'accompagne pas. Elle porte un tailleur moulant avec un gros noeud, une tenue qu'elle a emprunté aux studios, qu'elle avait porté dans There's no business like show business (La joyeuse parade) dont le tournage venait à peine de se terminer.

>> Le départ de Los Angeles
1954_09_08_los_angeles_010_1 1954_09_08_los_angeles_010_1_press  

Arrivée à l'aéroport de New York le lendemain, le 9 septembre à 8h15, le Idlewild Airport, Marilyn est assaillie par la foule de curieux et de journalistes: des reporters, des photographes et même les caméras sont présentes. Marilyn se prête au jeu et prend la pose longuement sur le tarmac; puis, escortée par la police, elle rentre dans le hall de l'aéroport, où elle est interviewée.
Parmi les photographes présents: Sam Schulman, Paul Schumach, Weegee, Sam Shaw.

>> L'arrivée à Idlewild Airport - sur le tarmac
1954-ny-by_shaw-2  1954-09-09-Press
1954_09_08_new_york_idlewild_airport_010_1 1954_09_08_new_york_idlewild_airport_010_2 1954_09_08_new_york_idlewild_airport_010_2a
1954_09_08_new_york_idlewild_airport_011_1 1954-ny-by_shaw-1 
1954_09_08_new_york_idlewild_airport_020_1 1954_09_09_NY_airport_011_010_by_sam_shaw_1 1954_ny 
1954_09_08_new_york_idlewild_airport_021_1 1954_09_08_new_york_idlewild_airport_021_1a 1954_09_08_new_york_idlewild_airport_022_by_sam_schulman_1 1954_sam_shaw4
1954_09_08_new_york_idlewild_airport_023_1 1954_09_08_new_york_idlewild_airport_023_1a 1954_09_08_new_york_idlewild_airport_024_1
1954_09_08_new_york_idlewild_airport_030_1 1954_09_09_NY_airport_012_010_by_sam_shaw_1 1954_09_08_new_york_idlewild_airport_030_1a

 >> La police escorte Marilyn

 >> Dans le salon de l'aéroport, poses glamour et interview
1954_09_08_new_york_idlewild_airport_041_by_sam_schulman_1 1954_09_08_new_york_idlewild_airport_042_1 1954_09_08_new_york_idlewild_airport_043_by_sam_schulman_1 

1954_09_08_new_york_idlewild_airport_044_by_weegee_1 1954_09_08_new_york_idlewild_airport_044_by_weegee_2 1954_09_08_new_york_idlewild_airport_044_by_weegee_2a
1954_09_08_new_york_idlewild_airport_050_1 1954_09_08_new_york_idlewild_airport_050_2 1954_09_08_new_york_idlewild_airport_050_3
1954_09_08_new_york_idlewild_airport_050_4 1954_09_08_new_york_idlewild_airport_050_5 1954_09_08_new_york_idlewild_airport_050_5a
1954_09_08_new_york_idlewild_airport_050_6 1954_09_08_new_york_idlewild_airport_050_7
1954_09_08_new_york_idlewild_airport_051_1 1954_09_08_new_york_idlewild_airport_051_2 1954_09_08_new_york_idlewild_airport_051_3
1954_09_08_new_york_idlewild_airport_051_4 1954_09_08_new_york_idlewild_airport_051_4a 1954_09_08_new_york_idlewild_airport_051_5
1954_09_08_new_york_idlewild_airport_052_1 1954_09_08_new_york_idlewild_airport_052_2 1954_09_08_new_york_idlewild_airport_snapshots_1

 >> Le départ en limousine
1954-ny-syi-1 1954_09_08_new_york_idlewild_airport_061_1

 >> videos

L'arrivée à l'aéroport d'Idlewild, descente de l'avion

Marilyn fait sa star, accentuant ses célèbres mimiques

Marilyn se prépare pour l'interview

Un journaliste interviewe Marilyn

  >> captures
1954_09_08_ny_cap_01_1 1954_09_08_ny_cap_01_2 1954_09_08_ny_cap_01_3
1954_09_08_ny_cap_01_4 1954_09_08_ny_cap_01_5 1954_09_08_ny_cap_01_6
1954_09_08_ny_cap_02_01 1954_09_08_ny_cap_02_02 1954_09_08_ny_cap_02_03
1954_09_08_ny_cap_02_04 1954_09_08_ny_cap_02_05 1954_09_08_ny_cap_02_06
1954_09_08_ny_cap_02_07 1954_09_08_ny_cap_02_08 1954_09_08_ny_cap_02_09
1954_09_08_ny_cap_02_10 1954_09_08_ny_cap_02_11 1954_09_08_ny_cap_02_12
1954_09_08_ny_cap_02_13 1954_09_08_ny_cap_02_14 1954_09_08_ny_cap_02_15
1954_09_08_ny_cap_03_01 1954_09_08_ny_cap_03_02 1954_09_08_ny_cap_03_03
1954_09_08_ny_cap_03_04 1954_09_08_ny_cap_03_05 1954_09_08_ny_cap_03_06
1954_09_08_ny_cap_03_07 1954_09_08_ny_cap_03_08 1954_09_08_ny_cap_03_09
1954_09_08_ny_cap_03_10 1954_09_08_ny_cap_03_11 1954_09_08_ny_cap_03_12
1954_09_08_ny_cap_04_01 1954_09_08_ny_cap_04_02 1954_09_08_ny_cap_04_03
1954_09_08_ny_cap_04_04 1954_09_08_ny_cap_04_05 1954_09_08_ny_cap_04_06
1954_09_08_ny_cap_04_07 1954_09_08_ny_cap_04_08 1954_09_08_ny_cap_04_09
1954_09_08_ny_cap_04_10 1954_09_08_ny_cap_04_11 1954_09_08_ny_cap_04_12
1954_09_08_ny_cap_05_01 1954_09_08_ny_cap_05_02 1954_09_08_ny_cap_05_03
1954_09_08_ny_cap_05_04 1954_09_08_ny_cap_05_05 1954_09_08_ny_cap_05_06
1954_09_08_ny_cap_05_07 1954_09_08_ny_cap_05_08 1954_09_08_ny_cap_05_09
1954_09_08_ny_cap_05_10 1954_09_08_ny_cap_05_11 1954_09_08_ny_cap_05_12
1954_09_08_ny_cap_05_13 1954_09_08_ny_cap_05_14 1954_09_08_ny_cap_05_15
1954_09_08_ny_cap_06_01 1954_09_08_ny_cap_06_02 1954_09_08_ny_cap_06_03
1954_09_08_ny_cap_08_01 1954_09_08_ny_cap_08_02 1954_09_08_ny_cap_08_03
1954_09_08_ny_cap_08_04 1954_09_08_ny_cap_08_05 1954_09_08_ny_cap_08_06
1954_09_08_ny_cap_08_07 1954_09_08_ny_cap_08_08 1954_09_08_ny_cap_08_09
1954_09_08_ny_cap_08_10 1954_09_08_ny_cap_08_11 1954_09_08_ny_cap_08_12
1954_09_08_ny_cap_08_13 1954_09_08_ny_cap_08_14 1954_09_08_ny_cap_08_15
1954_09_08_ny_cap_08_16 1954_09_08_ny_cap_08_17 1954_09_08_ny_cap_08_18
1954_09_08_ny_cap_09_01 1954_09_08_ny_cap_09_02 1954_09_08_ny_cap_09_03
1954_09_08_ny_cap_09_04 1954_09_08_ny_cap_09_05 1954_09_08_ny_cap_09_06
1954_09_08_ny_cap_09_07 1954_09_08_ny_cap_09_08 1954_09_08_ny_cap_09_09
1954_09_ny_cap_06_1 1954_09_ny_cap_06_2 1954_09_ny_cap_06_3
1954_09_ny_cap_06_4 1954_09_ny_cap_06_5 1954_09_ny_cap_06_6
1954_09_ny_cap_06_7 1954_09_ny_cap_06_8 1954_09_ny_cap_06_9

Elle prend ensuite une limousine qui l'amène au Saint Regis Hotel, dans Manhattan.

  > Photographies de Sam Shaw >
1954_09_09_NY_010_011_by_sam_shaw_1 1954_09_09_NY_010_012_by_sam_shaw_1 1954_09_09_NY_010_013_by_sam_shaw_1
1954_09_09_NY_010_014_by_sam_shaw_1 1954_09_09_NY_010_015_by_sam_shaw_1 1954_09_09_NY_010_016_by_sam_shaw_1
1954_09_09_NY_011_010_by_sam_shaw_1 1954_09_09_NY_011_020_by_sam_shaw_1 1954_09_09_NY_011_030_by_sam_shaw_1

 >> Au Saint Regis Hotel

   > Photographies de Sam Shaw >
1954_09_09_NY_hotel_St_Regis_010_020_by_sam_shaw_1 1954_09_09_NY_hotel_St_Regis_010_010_by_sam_shaw_1 1954_09_08_new_york_hotel_room_020_by_shaw_3
1954_sam_shaw1 1954_09_08_new_york_hotel_room_021_by_shaw_1  
1954_09_09_NY_hotel_St_Regis_011_010_by_sam_shaw_1 1954_09_09_NY_hotel_St_Regis_011_020_by_sam_shaw_1 1954_09_08_new_york_hotel_room_021_by_shaw_3 
1954_09_09_NY_hotel_St_Regis_020_020_by_sam_shaw_2 1954_09_09_NY_hotel_St_Regis_020_030_by_sam_shaw_2 1954_09_09_NY_hotel_St_Regis_020_050_by_sam_shaw_2
1954_09_09_NY_hotel_St_Regis_020_020_by_sam_shaw_1 1954_09_09_NY_hotel_St_Regis_020_030_by_sam_shaw_1
1954_09_09_NY_hotel_St_Regis_020_040_by_sam_shaw_1 1954_09_09_NY_hotel_St_Regis_020_060_by_sam_shaw_1
1954_09_09_NY_hotel_St_Regis_020_050_by_sam_shaw_1 1954_09_09_NY_hotel_St_Regis_020_080_by_sam_shaw_1 1954_09_09_NY_hotel_St_Regis_020_070_by_sam_shaw_1
1954_09_09_NY_hotel_St_Regis_030_020_by_sam_shaw_1  1954_09_09_NY_hotel_St_Regis_040_020
1954_09_09_NY_hotel_St_Regis_030_010_by_sam_shaw_1 1954_sam_shaw2 
1954_09_09_NY_hotel_St_Regis_031_010_by_sam_shaw_1 1954_09_08_new_york_hotel_room_012_by_shaw_1 1954_09_08_new_york_hotel_room_011_1 
 1954_09_09_NY_hotel_St_Regis_032_010_by_sam_shaw_21954_09_09_NY_hotel_St_Regis_032_030_by_sam_shaw_1 1954_09_09_NY_hotel_St_Regis_040_010_by_sam_shaw_1 

Séance "Chambre d'Hôtel"
Hotel Room Sitting
- Milton H Greene -

> Photographies de Milton H Greene

1954-09-09-NY-saint_regis_hotel-Hotel_Room-by_mhg-011-1  1954-09-09-NY-saint_regis_hotel-Hotel_Room-by_mhg-011-2 
1954-09-09-NY-saint_regis_hotel-Hotel_Room-by_mhg-021-1 1954-09-09-NY-saint_regis_hotel-Hotel_Room-by_mhg-021-2a 1954-09-09-NY-saint_regis_hotel-Hotel_Room-by_mhg-021-2 
1954-09-09-NY-saint_regis_hotel-Hotel_Room-by_mhg-021-1a  1954-09-09-NY-saint_regis_hotel-Hotel_Room-by_mhg-021-4a 
1954-09-09-NY-saint_regis_hotel-Hotel_Room-by_mhg-021-3  1954-09-09-NY-saint_regis_hotel-Hotel_Room-by_mhg-021-4 
1954-09-09-NY-saint_regis_hotel-Hotel_Room-by_mhg-020-1 1954-09-09-NY-saint_regis_hotel-Hotel_Room-by_mhg-030-1a 1954-09-09-NY-saint_regis_hotel-Hotel_Room-by_mhg-030-1 
1954-09-09-NY-saint_regis_hotel-Hotel_Room-by_mhg-030-2 1954-09-09-NY-saint_regis_hotel-Hotel_Room-by_mhg-030-3 1954-09-09-NY-saint_regis_hotel-Hotel_Room-by_mhg-030-4 
1954-09-09-NY-saint_regis_hotel-Hotel_Room-by_mhg-031-1  1954-09-09-NY-saint_regis_hotel-Hotel_Room-by_mhg-031-2 
1954-09-09-NY-saint_regis_hotel-Hotel_Room-by_mhg-032-1  1954-09-09-NY-saint_regis_hotel-Hotel_Room-by_mhg-032-2 

Planche Contact / Contact Sheet:

All photos are copyright and protected by their respective owners. 
copyright text by GinieLand.

12 mars 2011

1/06/1955 Première The Seven Year Itch

1955_06_01_ny_syi_premiere_011_1Le 1er juin 1955, a lieu la première du film The Seven Year Itch (Sept ans de réflexion) au Loew's State Theater à Times Square, New York. Pour célébrer l'événement, une immense pancarte de seize mètres de hauteur est affichée devant le théâtre, représentant Marilyn avec sa robe blanche qui virevolte, qui reste l'une des plus célèbres scènes du cinéma. Les journalistes ont à leur tour interviewé les passants pour leur demander leur avis: certains new-yorkais étaient agréablement surpris ("I think it's correct!", "I think it's very nice!", "I think it's wonderful, wonderful, wonderful !"), alors que d'autres jugeaient cette photo de Marilyn indécente! Pour la soirée de la première, Marilyn Monroe est accompagnée de son ex-mari Joe DiMaggio, avec qui elle vient pourtant de divorcer. D'autres personnalités étaient présentes: Grace Kelly, Henry Fonda, Tyrone Power, Margaret Truman, Eddie Fisher, Judy Holliday et Richard Rodgers; ainsi que plus de 3000 fans et des journalistes de la presse et de la télévision. l'arrivée de Marilyn et de Joe a même été filmée pour figurer dans les news des cinémas.

>> Le théâtre
syi_premiere_Loew_s_State_Theatre_1955_05_19_times_square 1955_06_01_theatre syi_premiere_mm022_2_ syi_premiere_mm028_1_

>> L'arrivée de Marilyn et Joe DiMaggio
1955_06_01_ny_syi_premiere_021_1 1955_06_01_ny_syi_premiere_022_1 

1955_06_01_ny_syi_premiere_020_1 1955_06_01_ny_syi_premiere_030_1 1955_06_01_ny_syi_premiere_040_5a 
1955-06-01-premiere-245067_0 1955_06_01_ny_syi_premiere_040_4  
1955_06_01_ny_syi_premiere_040_2 1955_06_01_ny_syi_premiere_040_2c 1955_06_01_ny_syi_premiere_040_3
1955_06_01_ny_syi_premiere_046_1 1955_06_01_ny_syi_premiere_040_7a
1955_06_01_ny_syi_premiere_040_6 1955_06_01_ny_syi_premiere_040_7 1955_06_01_ny_syi_premiere_041_1
1955_06_01_ny_syi_premiere_042_1 1955_06_01_ny_syi_premiere_042_2 1955_06_01_ny_syi_premiere_042_3 1955_premseven
1955_06_01_ny_syi_premiere_043_1 21604_0696_3_lg 1955_06_01_ny_syi_premiere_045_1
1955_06_01_ny_syi_premiere_050_1 1955_06_01_ny_syi_premiere_051_1 1955_06_01_ny_syi_premiere_051_2
1955_06_01_ny_syi_premiere_051_3 1955_06_01_ny_syi_premiere_052_1 1955_premiere7ans40
1955_syiprem 1955_06_01_ny_syi_premiere_061_1 1955_06_01_ny_syi_premiere_062_1
1955_06_01_ny_syi_premiere_060_1 1955_06_01_ny_syi_premiere_070_1 1955_06_01_ny_syi_premiere_071_1

> Margaret Truman et Harold Arlen

> snapshots de la collection de James Collins, un fan des 'Monroe Six'
lot89024a lot89024b 
lot89024c  lot89024e  lot89024h 
lot89024d lot89024f lot89024g  

> snapshots de la collection de Frieda Hull, une fan des 'Monroe Six'
1955-06-01-premiere-246150_0a 1955-06-01-premiere-246150_0b 1955-06-01-premiere-246150_0c 
1955-06-01-premiere-246150_0d 1955-06-01-premiere-246150_0e 1955-06-01-premiere-246150_0f 
1955-06-01-premiere-246152_0  1955-06-01-premiere-collection_frieda_hull-246151_0 

>> Carton d'invitation de Peter Leonardi 

>> video

>> Captures 1
1955_premiere7ans01 1955_premiere7ans02 1955_premiere7ans03
1955_premiere7ans04 1955_premiere7ans05 1955_premiere7ans06
1955_premiere7ans07 1955_premiere7ans08 1955_premiere7ans09
1955_premiere7ans10 1955_premiere7ans11 1955_premiere7ans12

>> Captures 2
1955_premiere7ans29 1955_premiere7ans30 1955_premiere7ans31
1955_premiere7ans33 1955_premiere7ans35 1955_premiere7ans36
1955_premiere7ans37 1955_premiere7ans38 1955_premiere7ans39

Ce jour était aussi celui de l'anniversaire de Marilyn, qui fêtait ses vingt-neuf ans. Joe organisa une soirée au restaurant Toots Shor's, après la représenation du film. Mais angoissée par son désir de reconnaissance de Lee Srasberg, avec qui elle a suivi des cours à l'Actor's Studio, Marilyn était nerveuse et se disputa avec Joe. Elle quitta la réception et le photographe Sam Shaw la raccompagna.

1955_06_01_ny_syi_premiere_car_1 1955_06_01_ny_toots_shore_010 1955_06_01_ny_toots_shore_020

>> Photo de Weegee
1955_06_01_ny_syi_premiere_by_weegee_1 1955_06_01_ny_syi_premiere_by_weegee_1a

© All images are copyright and protected by their respective owners, assignees or others.
copyright text by GinieLand.


03 mars 2011

Juin 1949 Jones Beach pool par Weegee

Pendant sa tournée promo du film Love Happy qui l'a amené sur la Côte Est des USA l' été 1949, Marilyn Monroe se fait photographier à la piscine de Jones Beach à Long Island, en juin 1949, par Arthur Fellig, surnommé "Weegee".

>> Séance en Maillot de bain vert émeraude
1949_Long_islang_jones_beach_pool_green_swim_by_weegee_02 1949_Long_islang_jones_beach_pool_green_swim_by_weegee_01 1949_Long_islang_jones_beach_pool_green_swim_by_weegee_03
1949_Long_islang_jones_beach_pool_green_swim_by_weegee_04 1949_Long_islang_jones_beach_pool_green_swim_by_weegee_05 weegee4
Weegee1aab 1949_Long_islang_jones_beach_pool_green_swim_by_weegee_07 1949_Long_islang_jones_beach_pool_green_swim_by_weegee_08  

 - Magazines -

Sunday News - 14/08/1949 - USA



>> Séance en Maillot de bain rose pâle
au Santa Monica Beach Hotel
Weegee_santamonicabeachhotel  1949
1949_Long_islang_jones_beach_pool_pink_swim_by_weegee_01 1949_Long_islang_jones_beach_pool_pink_swim_by_weegee_03 1949_Long_islang_jones_beach_pool_pink_swim_by_weegee_02
1949_Long_islang_jones_beach_pool_pink_swim_by_weegee_04 1949_Long_islang_jones_beach_pool_pink_swim_by_weegee_04a ph_weegee_pool_monroemp749099cn9
1949_Long_islang_jones_beach_pool_white_swim_by_weegee_01  1949 
ph_weegee_mailot2 1949
  weegee 1949_Long_islang_jones_beach_pool_white_swim_by_weegee_02
ph_rare_pic  1949_jones_beach_1  marilyn_1949
weegee23 weegee24

>> Couvertures de magazines

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