08 juillet 2015

Expo et Catalogue 17 Years Marilyn The Making of a Legend

catalogue-the_making_legend  17 Years | Marilyn | The Making of a Legend
> plus d'infos sur Photo Iconix  et sur Andrew Weiss Gallery 
> le catalogue (ci-contre) à $45.00 en vente sur andrewweissgallery.com 
Cette exposition internationale de photographies organisée par Andrew Weiss en 2014 a exposé sur trois continents le travail de sept photographes montrant la carrière de Marilyn de sa première à sa dernière séance photo. L'expo comprend aussi tous les types de photographes, de ceux de la presse, aux artistes professionnels, et aux simples amateurs. C'est une collection étonnante de photographies prises de 1945 jusqu'en 1962.
This international exhibition of photographs curated by Andrew Weiss in 2014 showcases on three continents the work of seven photographers spanning Marilyn’s career from her first to her last professional sittings. The exhibition also includes every type of photographer, from journeyman press shooters, to acclaimed international artists, to a rank amateur. It’s a stunning collection of photography from 1945 through 1962.  

> Les photographes:

William Carroll
Marilyn_Carroll_03  Marilyn_Carroll_07

André DeDienes 
Marilyn__deDienes_ADE53   Marilyn__deDienes_ADV41

Laszlo Willinger
1940s-Marilyn_Willenger_037  Marilyn_Willinger_027

Milton Greene

Kashio Aoki 
Marilyn_Aoki_04  Marilyn_Aoki_05

Bert Stern 
Marilyn_Stern_01 Marilyn_Stern_02

George Barris
Marilyn_Barris_2I  Marilyn_Barris_5I

> photographies sur le blog Photo Iconix 

05 mars 2014

Décès de William Carroll


Le photographe américain William 'Bill' Carroll est décédé dans sa maison en Californie le 27 janvier 2014 à l'âge de 98 ans. Il avait été l'un des premiers photographes à photographier Marilyn Monroe, qui s'appelait encore Norma Jeane, en août 1945 sur une plage de Californie.
(news sur legacy.com)

>> Sur le blog : les posts de Marilyn par William Carroll  

  1945_08_california_castle_rock_010_050_by_william_carroll_1  1945_08_california_castle_rock_021_010_by_william_carroll_1   1945_08_california_castle_rock_060_010_by_william_carroll_1 

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22 janvier 2013

Paris Match 10/06/1988

pm_n2037_coverLe magazine Paris Match n°2037, du 10 juin 1988, consacrait un article de deux pages sur Marilyn Monroe: "Marilyn Notre Amour ".

pm_n2037_article1 pm_n2037_article2 

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05 juillet 2010

Interview With Marilyn Monroe Photographer Bill Carroll

Interview With Marilyn Monroe Photographer Bill Carroll
Article published on June, 27, 2010
by LaDale Anderson
online canyon-news.com

BEVERLY HILLS—A historic exhibition is opening at the Andrew Weiss Gallery in Beverly Hills on Friday, June 25.  Rare never before seen photos of Hollywood icon Marilyn Monroe will be on display for the first time to the public.  Pictures by photographers Bill Carroll, George Barris and Bert Stern will be on display at the exhibition known as "Becoming Marilyn," which shows an in depth collection of Marilyn Monroe photos from her first pictures taken in 1945 to the very last in 1962.  Canyon News recently had the pleasure of speaking to famed photographer Bill Carroll about his career and rare photos of Ms. Monroe.

Q: When you hear the word photography what is the first thing that comes to mind ?

A: “When I hear the word photography I think I need to (laughing) get the lead out of my butt and take more pictures.”

Q: At what age did you realize this is my passion and this is what I want to do ?

A: “I fell into photography by mistake.  I was washing dishes earning $1 a day when I saw this magazine [called] Camera-Craft in San Francisco.  I was looking through the magazine where I saw you can sell pictures for $2-$5 a piece.  So for Christmas I saved my money and bought a camera, took pictures and began selling them, it was a way for me to earn extra money.”

Q: What was it like working with icon Marilyn Monroe?

A: “I knew her when she was Norma Jeane.  I didn’t have to do too much I would just push the camera button.  The pictures that I took were her pictures, not my creation.”

Q: Are there any celebrities today you’d love to photograph?

A: “I do very little photography today.  I am continuing a long-time career in book publishing.”

Q: Is there anything you can tell us about Marilyn Monroe people would be surprised to hear about?

A: “I never saw Marilyn Monroe or pictures when she became an actress, I knew her as Norma Jeane.”

Q: When you’re getting ready to photograph a person what’s the first thing that pops into your mind?

A: “Get in that person’s head.  I tell them my objections, what I want to create and the use the picture will be to the public.  I must be on the same track as the participant or we won’t get good pictures.”

Q: What do you consider the most valuable piece of art?

A: “The message that it creates on the observer, whether it is an emotional or intellectual response.”

Q: What’s the secret to living a long and healthy life?

A: (Laughing) “It came with right genes. My mother lived to be 100.  I stay active and busy and these things work.”

Q: If you weren’t a photographer, what career path would you have chosen?

A: “I have had more careers than many can imagine.  I worked as a journalist; I worked at a bus company in management as well as book publishing.”

Q: Can you describe one photograph that you saw during your lifetime that stirred strong emotion in you?

A: “A picture of the Berlin Wall where people were standing and looking at it and hoping it would come down.”

Q: You took one of the very first portraits of Marilyn Monroe when she was Norma Jeane.  Did you know back then she would become this huge star?

A: “No idea at all.  I was trying to take pictures of a girl next door.  I had no idea of where she would go.  This was her first modeling job, I wasn’t sure if she could model or not.”

Q: Would you say the camera loved Marilyn Monroe?

A: “She was a natural in front of the camera. She was doing what she thought was right.  I just pressed the button. The pictures were her creations.”

Q: What advice would you give to aspiring photographers who would like to get into the business?

A: “I would tell them to look at photography backwards.  Start with the public.  What does the public want to see?”

Mr. Carroll is living a vibrant and healthy life at the age of 94.  Pictures by Bert Stern’s “Last Sitting,” Tom Kelley’s “Red Velvet” and Marilyn Monroe’s personal confidant and business partner Milton Greene will be on display at the gallery.
The “Becoming Marilyn” exhibition opens to the public on Friday, June 25, at 11 a.m.  The event will end on September 18.  The Andrew Weiss Art Gallery is located on 179 South Beverly Drive in Beverly Hills.  The gallery is open Tuesday through Saturday from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m.

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MM Photographer Bill Carroll Talks About Working with a Young Norma Jeane

Marilyn Monroe Photographer Bill Carroll Talks About Working with a Young Norma Jeane
Article published on June, 28, 2010
by Ivan Fernandez
online laweekly.com

Marilyn Monroe's legacy as the personification of the Hollywood lifestyle and glamour (along with its tragedies) is just one reason why the Andrew Weiss Gallery in Beverly Hills is running its current exhibit "Becoming Marilyn." The show features a collection of photos that span her 17-year career from the young and unknown girl-next-door named Norma Jeane to the blond bombshell remembered today.


Bill Carroll

Many famous photos line the walls of the gallery, as well as a number of never-before-seen shots of Monroe by Bert Stern, Tom Kelley, Milton Greene, David Conover. The latter is credited with launching her career.

Photographer Bill Carroll, Monroe's last living photographer of her pre-Marilyn years, shared his portraits of a nineteen-year-old Norma Jeane at the exhibit and made a personal appearance at the private reception on June 24.


"It was right after World War II," reminisced Carroll who took some of the first photos of the future icon. "I opened a laboratory, processing w hat was called Ansco color film. It was a film that the Americans had expropriated from the Germans where it was called Agfacolor. There were two laboratories processing that film. One in New York called Favelle and my laboratory in Los Angeles. Eventually, it grew into quite a good-sized business and I needed a cover card for the drug stores so they could see what I was doing."

He continued, "About that time, a man by the name of David Conover, an Army photographer based in the Santa Anita racetrack in an Army photo center commanded by Captain Ronald Reagan, finds this pretty little girl and spends a couple of weeks running around California with her and drops off a roll of film to process. Well I was looking for a girl for my counter card who was a girl next door. I didn't want a model. I wanted a good-looking Plain Jane, the kind of kid you'd like to live next to."

Carroll asked Conover for her phone number and scheduled a shoot.

"It was her first modeling job," he said. "In fact, she got paid 20 dollars!"


After that day, Norma Jeane eventually signed on with a modeling agency and Carroll never saw her again nor did he ever know that she blossomed into Marilyn Monroe until 1985 while on a backpacking expedition through Yugoslavia.

"I was bitten by ticks and I came down with lyme disease," he said. "That's a bitch, I gotta tell ya. One day I woke up and my whole body collapsed. So I'm sitting in a doctor's office and I'm leafing through Time Magazine. There's a story about a photographer named David Conover. There's a picture in there, which I recognized as one of the pictures I had processed!"


Carroll spent the next six months digging through boxes of negatives filled with photos dating back to his first gig in 1934 until he found his buried treasure: photos of a young Marilyn Monroe posing on Castle Rock (which no longer exists) in Santa Monica in her own outfits.

"I sincerely believe that my pictures present a different woman than the one they know. I had no idea who Monroe was until I read that Time magazine 40 years later. I had no idea I had photographed the same woman."

Bill Carroll, gallery owner Andrew Weiss, curator Lily Yu 






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06 novembre 2007

Norma Jean Marilyn Monroe 1945

Norma Jean - Marilyn Monroe - 1945
Livre de photographies
Auteur: William Carroll

book_norma_jean_by_william_carroll_cover_1Prix éditeur: 10.93 Euros
Date de sortie: 30 avril 2004
Broché: 52 pages
Editeur : Coda Publications
Langue : Anglais
ISBN-10: 0910390711
ISBN-13: 978-0910390712
Ou le trouver ? sur Amazon.fr

Book Description / Description du Livre
A most unusual book of twenty long unseen photographs of Norma Jeane Dougherty, taken in 1945, a few years before she emerged as Marilyn Monroe. Enjoy this lovely lady as she gracefully poses for informal yet stimulating pictures on the beach north of Santa Monica, California. All in black and white in this remarkable collection of memorabilia at its best. In this book is a multi-page report of the entire day and the photo techniques used. These pictures represent her first commercial modeling assignment.
(résumé en français: Livre avec 20 photographies inconnues de Norma Jeane Dougherty, prises en 1945, quelques années avant qu'elle devienne Marilyn Monroe. Prenez plaisir à découvrir cette adorable dame avec ses poses gracieuses sur une plage du nord de Santa Monica en Californie. Tous ces noir et blanc réunis dans ce livre de collection; ainsi que le rapport de cette journée entière et des techniques utilisées. Ces photos représentent le premier accord commercial de Norma Jean en tant que modèle.) 

About the author / A propos de l'Auteur
William Carroll hired Norma Jeane for this one-day shoot at the beach for the sum of $20. Over 100 pictures were taken on Kodachrome film using a Mercury II camera. The best of these were used for a modest advertising campaign sponsored by Carroll's small chain of camera service shops. Carroll has photographed much of the western world and continues active in the field of video documentaries.
(résumé en français:
William Carroll embaucha Norma Jean pour une journée de photos à la plage pour la somme de 20 dollars. Près de 100 photos ont été prises par un appareil photo Mercury II utilisant une pellicule Kodachrome. Les meilleures de ces photos furent utilisées pour une modeste campagne publicitaire sponsorisé par la chaîne de magasins de Carroll. Carroll a beaucoup photographié des pays de l'Ouest et continue activement dans la spécialité de documentaires vidéos.)


* L'Avis d'un lecteur (posté sur amazon)
Fan de Marilyn depuis plus de 20 ans, j'ai sauté sur l'occasion en achetant ce livre regroupant des photos prises par W.Carroll... Très décue par la qualité du livre alors que ces photos existent en couleur et en meilleure qualité... On dirait un vulgaire journal quotidien! Dommage de dévaloriser ainsi la qualité du travail effectué à l'époque et il faut tout de meme le reconnaitre la rareté de certaines des photos présentes dans ce livre... A quand un vrai livre relié avec de vraies photos ?
* Mon Avis en Bref... La plupart des acheteurs de ce livre ont été considérablement déçu de par la qualité médiocre des photographies, car celles-ci ayant été réalisées en couleur, elles ont été publiées en noir et blanc et de plus, dans une très mauvaise résolution d'image !

 Vous aussi, donnez votre avis
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Août 1946, Castle Rock - Norma Jeane par William Carroll

Marilyn Monroe, qui s'appelait alors Norma Jeane, sur la plage Castle Rock State Park en Californie un matin d'été 1946 (juillet ou août) sous l'objectif du photographe William Carroll.

Marilyn Monroe, who was then named Norma Jean, on the beach of Castle Rock State Park in California, one morning in summer of 1946 (july or august), photographed by William Carroll.


- En maillot de bain deux pièces au motif de l'oiseau de la marque Catalina -


- Bonus sur le blog -

Plus d'informations sur le maillot de bain Catalina:
More information about the Catalina swimsuit:
- Dressing - Maillot de bain deux pièces motif de L'Oiseau de Catalina



- En maillot de bain deux pièces à rayures de la marque Catalina -


- Bonus sur le blog -

Plus d'informations sur le maillot de bain Catalina:
More information about the Catalina swimsuit:
- Dressing - Maillot de bain deux pièces rayé de Catalina

1946-08-CA-Castle_Rock_State_Park-blouse_white-by_william_carroll-010-1  1946-08-CA-Castle_Rock_State_Park-blouse_white-by_william_carroll-010-1a 
1946-08-CA-Castle_Rock_State_Park-blouse_white-by_william_carroll-011-1  1946-08-CA-Castle_Rock_State_Park-blouse_white-by_william_carroll-011-1b 1946-08-CA-Castle_Rock_State_Park-blouse_white-by_william_carroll-011-1c 
1946-08-CA-Castle_Rock_State_Park-blouse_white-by_william_carroll-011-2 1946-08-CA-Castle_Rock_State_Park-blouse_white-by_william_carroll-011-2a 1946-08-CA-Castle_Rock_State_Park-blouse_white-by_william_carroll-011-3 
1946-08-CA-Castle_Rock_State_Park-blouse_white-by_william_carroll-012-1 1946-08-CA-Castle_Rock_State_Park-blouse_white-by_william_carroll-013-1 1946-08-CA-Castle_Rock_State_Park-blouse_white-by_william_carroll-014-1 
1946-08-CA-Castle_Rock_State_Park-blouse_white-by_william_carroll-015-1 1946-08-CA-Castle_Rock_State_Park-blouse_white-by_william_carroll-015-1a 
1946-08-CA-Castle_Rock_State_Park-blouse_white-by_william_carroll-016-1  1946-08-CA-Castle_Rock_State_Park-blouse_white-by_william_carroll-017-1 

1946-08-CA-Castle_Rock_State_Park-blouse_striped-by_william_carroll-010-1 1946-08-CA-Castle_Rock_State_Park-blouse_striped-by_william_carroll-010-1b 
1946-08-CA-Castle_Rock_State_Park-blouse_striped-by_william_carroll-010-1a  1946-08-CA-Castle_Rock_State_Park-blouse_striped-by_william_carroll-012-1 
1946-08-CA-Castle_Rock_State_Park-blouse_striped-by_william_carroll-011-1 1946-08-CA-Castle_Rock_State_Park-blouse_striped-by_william_carroll-011-1a 1946-08-CA-Castle_Rock_State_Park-blouse_striped-by_william_carroll-011-2 

1946-08-CA-Castle_Rock_State_Park-tee_shirt_striped-by_william_carroll-010-1  1946-08-CA-Castle_Rock_State_Park-tee_shirt_striped-by_william_carroll-020-1 
1946-08-CA-Castle_Rock_State_Park-tee_shirt_striped-by_william_carroll-011-1 1946-08-CA-Castle_Rock_State_Park-tee_shirt_striped-by_william_carroll-012-1 1946-08-CA-Castle_Rock_State_Park-tee_shirt_striped-by_william_carroll-013-1 

1946-08-CA-Castle_Rock_State_Park-sweater_red-by_william_carroll-010-1 1946-08-CA-Castle_Rock_State_Park-sweater_red-by_william_carroll-020-1 1946-08-CA-Castle_Rock_State_Park-sweater_red-by_william_carroll-020-1a 
1946-08-CA-Castle_Rock_State_Park-sweater_red-by_william_carroll-021-1 1946-08-CA-Castle_Rock_State_Park-sweater_red-by_william_carroll-024-1 1946-08-CA-Castle_Rock_State_Park-sweater_red-by_william_carroll-023-1a 
1946-08-CA-Castle_Rock_State_Park-sweater_red-by_william_carroll-022-1 1946-08-CA-Castle_Rock_State_Park-sweater_red-by_william_carroll-022-2 1946-08-CA-Castle_Rock_State_Park-sweater_red-by_william_carroll-023-1 
1946-08-CA-Castle_Rock_State_Park-sweater_red-by_william_carroll-030-1 1946-08-CA-Castle_Rock_State_Park-sweater_red-by_william_carroll-030-1a 1946-08-CA-Castle_Rock_State_Park-sweater_red-by_william_carroll-030-1 

William Carroll affirme que la session a eu lieu en août 1945: mais Marilyn avait à cette époque les cheveux châtains foncés et fort bouclés; elle s'est éclaircie les cheveux et les a lissés en 1946.

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Photographe William Carroll

Marilyn par William Carroll 

C'est le photographe David Conover qui présente Norma Jean à son ami photographe William Carroll, qui réalise en août 1946 sur une plage de Californie ces prises de vues pour un prospectus publicitaire louant les mérites de son laboratoire spécialisé en photographies couleurs. Carroll ne voulait pas d'une mannequin, mais juste d'une fille "girl next door" pour vanter les mérites de ses films pelliculaires. La séance photos avec Carroll est l'un des premiers contrats de mannequinat de Norma Jeane, qui est payée 20 Dollars. Après cette séance, Norma Jeane va s'inscrire dans une agence (la Blue Book) et Carroll ne va jamais la revoir. Ce n'est qu'en 1985, en feuilletant le magazine "Time" que Carroll tombe sur un article de Marilyn Monroe par David Conover et reconnaît l'une de ses photographies: "Je ne savais absolument pas que j'avais photographié Marilyn Monroe" dira-t-il. Il fait alors des recherches et parvient à retrouver quelques photos de cette séance, dont certaines sont apparemment perdues à jamais.
It's the photographer David Conover who presents Norma Jean to his friend photographer William Carroll, who makes - in August 1946 on a beach in California - these shots for an advertising praising the merits of his laboratory specialized in color photographs. Carroll didn't want a professional model, but just a "girl next door" to praise the merits of her dandruff films. The photo shoot with Carroll is one of Norma Jeane's first modeling contracts, she is paid 20 Dollars. After this session, Norma Jeane will register in an agency (the Blue Book) and Carroll will never see her again. It is only in 1985, when he flipped through the magazine "Time", that Carroll comes across an article of Marilyn Monroe by David Conover and recognizes one of his photographs: "I didn't know that I had photographed Marilyn Monroe", he says. He then researches and manages to find some pictures of this session, some of which are apparently lost forever. 

logo-william_carroll-1945-08-photo1 logo-william_carroll-1945-08-photo2 logo-william_carroll-1945-08-photo3 
logo-william_carroll-1945-08-photo4 logo-william_carroll-1945-08-photo5 logo-william_carroll-1945-08-photo6 

.1946, août: Plage de Castle Rock State Park - Norma Jean porte six tenues différentes - Californie.
.1946, august: Beach of Castle Rock State Park - Norma Jean wears six different outfits - California.
(> blog séance photos Août 1946 Norma Jeane par William Carroll )

 > blog posts tag Marilyn par William Carroll 

- Commentaires de William Carroll sur Norma Jeane:

About 8:30 on an August morning, bright and sunny as expected, I headed off toward the Pacific coastal area. On the way I was to meet this unknown and untried model known as Norma Jean Dougherty.”
en français: A environ 8h30 un matin d'août, lumineux et ensoleillé comme prévu, je me dirigeai vers un lieu de la côte Pacifique. Dans un sens, j'allais rencontrer ce modèle inconnue et inexpérimentée sous le nom de Norma Jean Dougherty).

The girl people recognize as Marilyn Monroe, I don’t believe ever existed …Norma Jean is one of the very few (models) for whom … memories are clear and defined. She was impressive, to say the least. My day at the beach was with a delightful young woman who was articulate, intelligent and eager to do the very best she could.
en français: La fille que les gens reconnaissent comme Marilyn Monroe, je pense qu'elle n'a jamais existé... Norma Jean est l'une des très rares (modèles) pour qui ... les mémoires sont claires et définies. A vrai dire, elle était tout du moins impressionnante. Ma journée à la plage était avec une jeune femme délicieuse qui s'exprimait clairement, était intelligente et désireuse de pouvoir faire de son mieux).

In 1945 many Southern California photographers were using my AnscoColor film processing and printing service. My company was expanding… and our representatives needed point-of-sales material … demonstrating the quality of our work.”
(en français: En 1945 bon nombre de photographes sud californiens utilisaient mon processus de film photographique AnscoColor et les services d'imprimeries. Ma société se développait... ainsi que nos points de ventes en besoin de matériels... qui démontraient la qualité de notre travail).

- Interview de William Carroll (années 1980s):

William Carroll
(1915 - 2014)
photographe américain


William J. Carroll, surnommé "Bill", est né à San Francisco le 26 août 1915. Ses parents sont Charles Carroll et Caroline Rebholz.
Elevé en Californie du Sud, Bill était un homme intelligent, charismatique et indépendant.
Il a été chef, puis inspecteur d'avion, mais aussi inventeur et photographe professionnel - il a été l'un des premiers à utiliser des films en couleur en Californie en ouvrant son propre laboratoire de développement de films couleurs Afgacolor. Pendant qu'il montait sa propre boîte d'entreprise photographique, il a travaillé avec une nouvelle mannequin, Norma Jeane Dougherty, pour une publicité. Elle deviendra plus tard connue sous le nom de Marilyn Monroe.

Son esprit aventureux l'a inspiré à monter sur sa moto sur la route panaméricaine de l'Amérique centrale et du canal de Panama où il a commencé sa carrière dans le journalisme. Quelques années plus tard, Bill retourne en Californie pour continuer à écrire et il est devient connu en tant que journaliste automobile, écrivain et éditeur free-lance. Plus tard, avec le parrainage de Ford Motor Company, il conduit le Pan-American Highway de l'Alaska au Brésil, écrivant sur son odyssée de plusieurs mois à Aventura Alaska Brasil . Pendant les années qui ont suivi, Bill s'est impliqué dans diverses activités publiques locales et déménage de la Californie du Sud au Nouveau-Mexique et en Californie du Nord .
Il aimait la randonnée et parcourir le monde tout en continuant à écrire et à publier de nombreux livres et des histoires courtes.
Il a été membre de la Society of Automotive Engineers et Mensa.
Son frère Jimmy Pratt (qui était connu en tant que batteur de Swing et Jazz dans un Big band) et sa sœur Margaret Ann Lomax Bragdon sont décédés avant lui. Il meurt le 27 janvier 2014, à l'âge de 98 ans, chez lui, à McKinleyville, en Californie. Il laisse dans le deuil ses filles, Jeanne Collette ( Raymond ) de Orland en Californie, Sue Zann Carroll et Kim Kirchoff (Paul) de Washington; ainsi que quatre petits-enfants et six arrière -petits-enfants.

>> source: article sur southwest flair qui s'appuie sur le livre de Carroll intitulé “Norma Jean,” publié par Coda Publications of Raton en 2004 (voir dans presse-livres ici )

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