14 novembre 2014

Property from the life and career of MM - 12/2014 - Photos


 A Marilyn Monroe signed vintage original 1941 panoramic photograph from Ralph Waldo Emerson Jr. High School. Monroe can be seen in the seventh row from the bottom and the 15th person from the right. Inscribed by the future Marilyn Monroe, among other classmates, on verso, “To a swell, nice & perfect girl Norma Jeane Baker” with “41” possibly written below her name. The image was originally owned by Norma Jeane’s classmate, Joan Boggs, to whom the inscriptions are written.
8 by 24 3/4 inches
Winning bid:$2,560 - Estimate: $2,000 - $4,000
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 A vintage black and white RKO studio publicity photograph of Ginger Rogers inscribed, "To Norma Jean Baker Sincerely Ginger Rogers 1937." In 1937 the eleven-year old Norma Jean was living with Grace McGee, a friend of Monroe's mother and a film cutter at RKO. It is possible that McGee arranged for the signing of this photograph for the young Marilyn Monroe. Monroe went on to co-star with Rogers in Monkey Business (20th Century Fox, 1952) fifteen years after this photograph was signed.
10 by 8 inches
Winning bid:$1,920 - Estimate: $800 - $1,200
juliens-mmauction2014-lot693a juliens-mmauction2014-lot693b 

 An image of Marilyn Monroe on her wedding day with first husband James Dougherty taken from a book. Inscribed and signed by Dougherty in blue ink. Attached to three other book pages of letters written by Monroe to Grace Goodard. This image can be found in the biography Marilyn: The Passion and the Paradox by Lois Banner (New York: Bloomsbury, 2012).
PROVENANCE From the Collection of Lois Banner
11 1/4 by 8 1/2 inches
Winning bid:$448 - Estimate: $200 - $300
juliens-mmauction2014-lot694a juliens-mmauction2014-lot694b 

 A black and white original vintage photograph of Marilyn Monroe with actor and golfer Joe Kirkwood Jr. marked on verso in pencil with the actress and actors' names. This image can be found in the biography Marilyn: The Passion and the Paradox by Lois Banner (New York: Bloomsbury, 2012).
PROVENANCE From the Collection of Lois Banner
4 by 5 inches
Winning bid:$375 - Estimate: $300 - $500

 A collection of five black and white original vintage photographs showing Marilyn Monroe in the Fox Studios employee stage show "Strictly for Kicks" in 1948. Accompanied by two copies of the April 1948 "Action" newsletter featuring an article on the production that includes photographs and mentions of Monroe. One of the photographs can be seen in the biography Marilyn: The Passion and the Paradox by Lois Banner (New York: Bloomsbury, 2012).
PROVENANCE From the Collection of Lois Banner
5 by 4 inches
Winning bid:$1,024 - Estimate: $500 - $700
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 A Marilyn Monroe vintage original photograph taken by Frank Powolny circa 1950.
PROVENANCE From the lost archive of Marilyn Monroe
10 by 8 inches
Winning bid:$768 - Estimate: $400 - $600

 A Marilyn Monroe vintage original black and white publicity photograph taken by Laszlo Willinger for the film All About Eve (20th Century, 1950).
PROVENANCE From the lost archive of Marilyn Monroe
10 by 8 inches
 Winning bid:$4,062.50 - Estimate: $400 - $600

 A Marilyn Monroe vintage original photograph taken by Phil Burchman circa 1951. Believed to be taken for 20th Century Fox publicity photographs. Marked at lower right "F999-S-259."
PROVENANCE From the lost archive of Marilyn Monroe
5 by 4 inches
 Winning bid:$768 - Estimate: $300 - $500

 A Marilyn Monroe vintage original black and white photograph circa 1950.
PROVENANCE From the lost archive of Marilyn Monroe
10 by 8 inches
Winning bid:$640 - Estimate: $400 - $600

 A black and white publicity image of Marilyn Monroe taken by Frank Powolny and used to publicize the film How to Marry a Millionaire (20th Century, 1953). The image is spuriously stamped on the back as being copyrighted by Robert F. Slatzer.
9 1/2 by 8 inches
Winning bid:$1,562.50 - Estimate: $400 - $600
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 A Marilyn Monroe vintage black and white photograph.
PROVENANCE From the lost archive of Marilyn Monroe
10 by 8 inches
Winning bid:$2,812.50 - Estimate: $400 - $600

 A pair of vintage photographs of Marilyn Monroe taken by Milton Greene in 1953. Each stamped on verso "Reproduction Forbidden."
PROVENANCE From the lost archive of Marilyn Monroe
7 by 5 inches
 Winning bid:$1,875 - Estimate: $400 - $600
juliens-mmauction2014-lot724a juliens-mmauction2014-lot724b 

 A Marilyn Monroe vintage studio publicity photograph for the film How To Marry a Millionaire (20th Century, 1953).
PROVENANCE From the lost archive of Marilyn Monroe
10 by 8 inches
 Winning bid:$1,600 - Estimate: $400 - $600

 A Marilyn Monroe vintage black and white studio publicity photograph for the film Gentlemen Prefer Blondes (20th Century, 1953).
PROVENANCE From the lost archive of Marilyn Monroe
10 by 8 inches
Winning bid: $576 - Estimate: $200 - $400

 A Marilyn Monroe vintage black and white studio publicity photograph for the film Gentlemen Prefer Blondes (20th Century, 1953).
PROVENANCE From the lost archive of Marilyn Monroe
10 by 8 inches
Winning bid: $448 - Estimate: $200 - $400

 A vintage black and white image of Joe DiMaggio signing a baseball.
PROVENANCE From the lost archive of Marilyn Monroe
10 by 8 inches
 Winning bid: $448 - Estimate: $150 - $300

 A pair of vintage original black and white photographs of Marilyn Monroe in Japan while on her honeymoon with Joe DiMaggio in 1954. DiMaggio can be seen in partial profile in the lower left of one image.
PROVENANCE From the lost archive of Marilyn Monroe
4 1/4 by 6 inches
 Winning bid: $384 - Estimate: $400 - $600

 A group of three vintage original black and white photographs of Marilyn Monroe at the Honolulu International airport in Hawaii during her honeymoon with Joe DiMaggio in 1954. The photographs were taken by a photographer who was tipped off that Monroe and DiMaggio were waiting in a secluded area of the airport. He and a friend, who was stationed in Hawaii with the Navy, went to photograph the newlyweds. The photographer gave the photographs he could not use to the friend, who kept them in his photo book of his time during the war and later sold the photographs at auction. Presumably, these photographs were never released for print. Monroe's thumb is bandaged, and some have accused DiMaggio of inflicting the injury. One of the images can be found in the biography Marilyn: The Passion and the Paradox by Lois Banner (New York: Bloomsbury, 2012).
PROVENANCE From the Collection of Lois Banner
and Lot 766, "Hollywood Legends," Julien's Auctions, Las Vegas, June 26, 2010
Largest, 9 1/2 by 7 1/2 inches
Winning bid: $1,875 - Estimate: $300 - $500
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 A group of seven contact sheets and one half sheet from Marilyn Monroe’s 1954 visit to Korea to entertain American troops. The black and white sheets show Monroe on stage, signing autographs, posing with servicemen, and behind a changing curtain in addition to images of the servicemen in the audience. Photographer unknown. Sheets marked on verso with numeric notations.
PROVENANCE From the lost archive of Marilyn Monroe
8 by 10 inches
Winning bid: $1,562.50 - Estimate: $600 - $800

 A group of four vintage original black and white photographs of Marilyn Monroe dining with troops in Korea in 1954. Also present is an image of a band performing on stage.
PROVENANCE From the lost archive of Marilyn Monroe
5 by 7 inches
Winning bid: $500 - Estimate: $400 - $600

 A group of four original vintage photographs of Marilyn Monroe visiting troops in Korea. Three show Monroe at servicemen’s bedside. Each has carbon copied information snipes and credits on verso from the United States Signal Corps.
PROVENANCE From the lost archive of Marilyn Monroe
5 by 7 inches
Winning bid: $625 - Estimate: $400 - $600

 An original vintage photograph of Marilyn Monroe and Joe DiMaggio taken while on their honeymoon in Japan. The photograph has been cut in half directly between the couple.
PROVENANCE From the lost archive of Marilyn Monroe
Each half, 4 1/4 by 3 1/8 inches
 Winning bid:$1,280 - Estimate: $600 - $800

 A pair of vintage candid images of Marilyn Monroe on the set of River of No Return (20th Century, 1954). Both images are believed to have been taken by Milton Greene; only one of the images bear his stamp on verso. Both photographs are stamped "Reproduction Forbidden."
PROVENANCE From the lost archive of Marilyn Monroe
7 by 5 inches
Winning bid:$576 - Estimate: $400 - $600
juliens-mmauction2014-lot756a  juliens-mmauction2014-lot756b 

 A Marilyn Monroe beard contest judge ribbon and photograph from the 1955 Bement Centennial. The white ribbon with gold tone print reads "Bement/ Centennial/ Official/ 1855-1955." Cardstock affixed to the top of the ribbon reads "Marilyn Monroe." Accompanied by a vintage black and white photograph of Monroe at the event. Stamped on verso "News Gazette/ Photograph," with photocopies of articles about the event. Monroe attended the Centennial celebration and served as a judge in the beard contest, among other activities, after a resident assisted her in paying a hotel bill in exchange for her appearance. Originally from the estate of Peter Leonardi. The image can be found in the biography Marilyn : The Passion and the Paradox by Lois Banner (New York: Bloomsbury, 2012).
PROVENANCE From the Collection of Lois Banner
and Lot 718, "Julien's Summer Sale," Julien's Auctions, Las Vegas, June 26, 2009
Winning bid: $640 - Estimate: $600 - $800
juliens-mmauction2014-lot762a juliens-mmauction2014-lot762b

 A black and white vintage photograph of Marilyn Monroe taken by Cecil Beaton in 1956. The photograph is mounted to board.
PROVENANCE From the lost archive of Marilyn Monroe
9 by 9 inches
Winning bid: $3,840 - Estimate: $1,000 - $2,000

 A Marilyn Monroe secretarially signed photograph accompanied by transmittal envelope. It appears the photograph was mailed out from Marilyn Monroe Productions to Bogota, Columbia, and returned.
PROVENANCE From the lost archive of Marilyn Monroe
10 by 8 inches
Winning bid: $11,250 - Estimate: $200 - $400
juliens-mmauction2014-lot766a  juliens-mmauction2014-lot766b

 A contact sheet of 24 images of Marilyn Monroe taken by Milton Greene during a 1953 photoshoot on the Twentieth Century-Fox backlot. Monroe was shot by Greene preparing for the shoot (some images include Greene) and in a peasant costume worn by Jennifer Jones in Song of Bernadette (20th Century, 1943). Photographer's stamp and numeric note on verso.
PROVENANCE From the lost archive of Marilyn Monroe
8 by 10 inches
Winning bid: $896 - Estimate: $400 - $600 

 An original vintage photograph of Marilyn Monroe taken by Milton Greene. Monroe is dressed as her character Chérie from the film Bus Stop (20th Century, 1956).
PROVENANCE From the lost archive of Marilyn Monroe
10 by 8 inches
 Winning bid: $1,125 - Estimate: $400 - $600

 An original vintage photograph of Marilyn Monroe taken by Milton Greene. Monroe is dressed as her character Chérie from the film Bus Stop (20th Century, 1956).
PROVENANCE From the lost archive of Marilyn Monroe
10 by 8 inches
Winning bid: $1,600 - Estimate: $400 - $600

 A Marilyn Monroe vintage black and white photograph taken on the set of the film Bus Stop (20th Century, 1956).
PROVENANCE From the lost archive of Marilyn Monroe
10 by 8 inches
Winning bid: $1,024 - Estimate: $400 - $600

 A vintage photograph of Marilyn Monroe printed with two images of Monroe. Believed to have been taken by Sam Shaw circa 1958. The image shows Monroe in her New York apartment in front of her piano.
PROVENANCE From the lost archive of Marilyn Monroe
8 by 10 inches
Lot 787: Winning bid:$640 - Estimate: $200 - $400
Lot 788: Winning bid:$896 - Estimate: $300 - $500

 A pair of Marilyn Monroe vintage black and white photographs. One shows Monroe at a party. The other was taken on set and has a Milton Greene photography stamp on verso.
PROVENANCE From the lost archive of Marilyn Monroe
Largest, 8 by 10 inches
 Winning bid:$896 - Estimate: $600 - $800

 An original vintage black and white photograph of Arthur Miller taken by Dan Weiner circa 1952. Stamped by the photographer on verso with handwritten notions that have been crossed out.
9 1/2 by 13 1/2 inches
Winning bid:$128 - Estimate: $200 - $400
juliens-mmauction2014-lot797a  juliens-mmauction2014-lot797b 

 A pair of vintage original black and white photographs of Arthur Miller. In one, Miller stands smiling next to a bicycle. Image marked on verso “Apr. 1955.” The second is a professional photograph of Miller. Stamped with photographer Daniel Bernstein’s stamp on verso.
PROVENANCE From the lost archive of Marilyn Monroe
7 by 5 inches
Winning bid:$128 - Estimate: $200 - $400

 A Marilyn Monroe and Arthur Miller black and white vintage original photograph. Taken by Paul Schumach at the premiere of Some Like It Hot (UA, 1959). Photographer stamp on verso.
PROVENANCE From the lost archive of Marilyn Monroe
10 by 8 inches
 Winning bid:$3,125 - Estimate: $400 - $600

 A collection of approximately five vintage contact prints of photographs taken by Milton Greene featuring Marilyn Monroe and Laurence Olivier at a press conference for the film The Prince and The Showgirl (Warner Bros., 1957) and Monroe with Marlon Brando at the premiere of the film The Rose Tattoo (Paramount, 1955). Also includes a contact sheet with images of an event where Sammy Davis Jr. was performing live.
Largest, 10 by 8 inches
Winning bid:$1,125 - Estimate: $1,000 - $2,000

 A vintage 8-by-10-inch gelatin silver photograph taken by Milton Greene, depicting Marilyn Monroe with Laurence Olivier at a press conference for the film The Prince and The Showgirl (Warner Bros., 1957) in which they played the starring roles. The photograph has been encapsulated and includes a letter of authenticity from PSA grading it a "Type I" original photograph. The verso of the photograph is marked with Greene's identification stamp. Accompanied by a vintage medium-format print of the same image as well as an additional vintage print of Monroe laughing.
10 by 8 inches
Winning bid:$ 5,760 - Estimate: $2,000 - $4,000
juliens-mmauction2014-lot815a  juliens-mmauction2014-lot815b juliens-mmauction2014-lot815c

 A collection of Marilyn Monroe's personal photographs, including a photograph of Isador Miller (Monroe's father-in-law); two photographs of a television screen showing images of Monroe on The Jack Benny Program in 1953; a black and white image of an unknown woman, stamped by Milton Greene on verso; a color photograph of a manenquin holding up a champagne glass behind a sign that reads "Marilyn Monroe" dated "Mar 58"; a pair of images of two men in Scottish kilts; two photographs of children, one with an inscription on the back from "Ilah" (one of the children may be Joshua Greene); and a photograph taken behind the scenes of a film. Accompanied by a newspaper clipping of an image of Monroe.
PROVENANCE From the lost archive of Marilyn Monroe
Largest, 7 by 5 inches
Winning bid: $896 - Estimate: $300 - $500

A three-panel sterling silver custom-made Cartier frame, gifted to Marilyn Monroe by Nedda and Joshua Logan. The center frame houses a black and white silver gelatin print of the portrait Cecil Beaton took of Monroe in 1956. This image is purported to be Monroe’s favorite image of herself. The portrait is mounted to board and signed on matte by Beaton. The center frame is engraved at the top “For Marilyn Monroe Miller” and at the bottom “Love Nedda and Joshua Logan.” Joshua Logan directed Monroe in her 1956 film Bus Stop . The left and right frames house a handwritten letter from Beaton describing Monroe. It reads in part, “But the real marvel is the paradox – somehow we know that this extraordinary performance is pure charade, a little girl’s caricature of Mae West. The puzzling truth is that Miss Monroe is a make-believe siren, unsophisticated as a Rhine maiden, innocent as a sleepwalker. She is an urchin pretending to be grown-up, having the time of her life in mother’s moth-eaten finery, tottering about in high-heeled shoes and sipping gingerale as though it were a champagne cocktail. There is an otherworldly, a winsome naiveté about the child’s eyes… .” The portrait can be seen in images of Monroe’s living room, where it was housed from 1956 until the actress’ death in 1962.
Please note: This item will not be available for shipment or pick-up until January 1, 2015.
PROVENANCE Lot 22 "The Personal Property of Marilyn Monroe," Christie's, New York, Sale number 9216, October 27 & 28, 1999
16 by 46 1/2 inches, framed
Winning bid: $38,400 - Estimate: $30,000 - $40,000
juliens-mmauction2014-lot821a  juliens-mmauction2014-lot821b
juliens-mmauction2014-lot821c juliens-mmauction2014-lot821d juliens-mmauction2014-lot821e
juliens-mmauction2014-lot821f  juliens-mmauction2014-lot821g

 A vintage candid photograph of Marilyn Monroe at the September 27, 1959, American Friends of the Hebrew University (AFHU) awards ceremony in Philadelphia. Monroe's then husband, Arthur Miller, was honored at the event. Label affixed to the bottom center of the photograph reads "Hebrew University Dinner/ Sheraton Hotel Sunday Sept. 27."
PROVENANCE From the lost archive of Marilyn Monroe
8 by 10 inches
 Winning bid:$448 - Estimate: $300 - $500

 A vintage candid photograph of Marilyn Monroe at the September 27, 1959, American Friends of the Hebrew University (AFHU) awards ceremony in Philadelphia. Monroe's then husband, Arthur Miller, was honored at the event. Label affixed to the bottom center of the photograph reads "Hebrew University Dinner/ Sheraton Hotel Sunday Sept. 27."
PROVENANCE From the lost archive of Marilyn Monroe
8 by 10 inches
 Winning bid:$576 - Estimate: $300 - $500

 An original vintage black and white photograph of Marilyn Monroe and Arthur Miller taken by photojournalist John Bryson in Los Angeles in 1960. Matted and framed. Christie's lot sticker affixed to frame back.
PROVENANCE Lot 340, "The Personal Property of Marilyn Monroe," Christie's, New York, Sale number 9216, October 27 & 28, 1999
Sight, 13 by 9 1/2 inches
Winning bid:$1,920 - Estimate: $2,000 - $4,000

 A single Kodachrome wallet-sized candid photo print of Marilyn Monroe in her often seen disguise. The photo was taken in New York by a young fan who became acquainted with the star.
PROVENANCE From the Collection of Lois Banner
and Lot 788, "Julien's Summer Sale," Julien's Auctions, Las Vegas, June 26, 2009
3 1/2 by 2 1/2 inches
 Winning bid: $640 - Estimate: $200 - $400

 A photographic print of Marilyn Monroe, limited edition numbered 21/50, taken in 1962 by George Barris. Silver gelatin print, printed on double-weight fiber paper under the guidance and approval of George Barris by OneWest Publishing. Signed by the photographer and stamped by OneWest Publishing.
20 by 16 inches 
unsold - Estimate: $1,000 - $2,000


An original vintage photograph signed by Allan Grant. This photograph was taken on July 7, 1962, in Marilyn Monroe’s Brentwood home for an article in LIFE magazine that went to newsstands on August 3, 1962. Monroe died two days later, on August 5.
29 by 26 inches, framed
Winning bid:$3,750  - Estimate: $3,000 - $5,000

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30 mars 2014

29/06/1956 La conférence de presse à Roxbury

Le matin du vendredi 29 juin 1956, Arthur Miller et Marilyn Monroe se rendent à South Salem (un hameau à Lewisboro, dans le comté de Westchester, Etat de New York) pour régler les documents administratifs de la licence de mariage.
A leur retour à Roxbury, ils découvrent à l'angle des rues Old Tophet et Gold Mine, un nombre considérable de voitures, devant la maison de Miller, qui bloquent les rues. Les reporters ont anticipé l'annonce faite par Miller la veille, de tenir une conférence de presse avec Marilyn. Le cousin de Miller, Morty, et sa femme Florence, invitent Arthur, Marilyn et leurs parents (Augusta et Isadore Miller) à prendre le déjeuner chez eux. Pendant leur absence, d'autres journalistes arrivent chez Miller: jusqu'à 400 journalistes se réunissent devant la maison de Miller, piétinant l'herbe et grimpant aux arbres dans l'espoir d'apercevoir le couple. Mais comme ni Marilyn, ni Arthur, ne se trouvent sur les lieux, certains journalistes mènent l'enquête pour savoir où le couple se trouve. Parmi eux, la journaliste Mara Sherbatoff, chef du bureau new-yorkais du magazine français Paris Match, accompagnée du photographe Paul Slade, et du frère de celui-ci Ira Slade, 18 ans, qui leur sert de chauffeur. Mara et Ira partent chez Morty Miller, qui habite à environ 2 km de chez Arthur alors que Paul Slade reste devant la maison d'Arthur et finit de préparer son matériel photographique. Il fait très chaud, le soleil tape beaucoup. Mara et Ira se garent devant la maison de Morty et attendent.
On the morning of Friday, June 29, 1956, Arthur Miller and Marilyn Monroe go to South Salem (in Lewisboro, a hamlet in Westchester County, New York) to set the administrative documents of the marriage license.
On their return to Roxbury, they discover at the corner of Old Tophet and Gold Mine, a large number of cars in front of the Miller House, which block the streets. Reporters anticipated the announcement made by Miller the day before, to hold a press conference with Marilyn. Miller's cousin, Morty and his wife Florence, invite Arthur, Marilyn and their parents (Isadore and Augusta Miller) to have lunch at home. During their absence, other journalists arrive at Miller's home: 400 journalists gather at the home of Miller, trampling the grass and climbing trees in the hope of seeing the couple. But as neither Marilyn nor Arthur, are not here, some journalists investigate to find where the couple is. Among them, the journalist Mara Sherbatoff, head of the New York office of the French magazine 'Paris Match', accompanied by the photographer Paul Slade, and his brother Ira​, 18 years old, who serves as their driver. Mara and Ira go to Morty Miller's house, who lives about one mile and a half from Arthur's home, while Paul Slade remains outside the home of Arthur and finish to prepare his photographic equipment. It is a very hot day, the sun is a lot. Mara and Ira are parked outside the home of Morty and wait.

> captures
1956-06-29-press_conf-cap-01-01 1956-06-29-press_conf-cap-01-02 1956-06-29-press_conf-cap-01-03
1956-06-29-press_conf-cap-01-04 1956-06-29-press_conf-cap-01-05 1956-06-29-press_conf-cap-01-06
1956-06-29-press_conf-cap-01-07 1956-06-29-press_conf-cap-01-08 1956-06-29-press_conf-cap-01-09

Peu avant 13 heures, Marilyn, Arthur et Morty Miller partent dans un break. Morty conduit très vite car il connait parfaitement la petite route de campagne sinueuse et cahoteuse. Ira Slade et Mara Sherbatoff suivent le break. Peu avant l'arrivée, Ira rate un virage et s'encastre dans un chêne. Le choc est si violent que même les reporters qui attendent dans l'herbe devant la maison de Arthur, entendent le bruit. Morty arrête à son tour sa voiture et avec Arthur et Marilyn, ils courent en direction de la voiture accidentée: Ira, le conducteur, est effondré derrière le volant et Mara, assise du côté passager, a été projetée contre le pare-brise, son visage, couvert de sang, est ouvert des lèvres au front, des dents sont tombées, sa poitrine est écrasée, ses jambes sont cassées et du sang coule dans sa gorge. Elle gémit doucement. Marilyn va aider à déloger Mara et va la poser au sol, à côté de la voiture. Arthur extrait le jeune homme dont les blessures sont beaucoup moins importantes. Paul Slade se précipite sur les lieux en courant, et fait pression sur l'artère de Mara afin de stopper les écoulements de sang.
Shortly before 1 p.m, Marilyn, Arthur and Morty go in a station wagon. Morty drives very quickly because he knows perfectly the small winding and bumpy road. Ira and Mara take off after them. Shortly before the arrival, Ira misses a turn and fits into an oak. The shock was so violent that even the reporters waiting in the grass in front of the house of Arthur, hear the noise. Morty stops his car and with Arthur and Marilyn, they run towards the crashed car: Ira, the driver, is crumpled behind the steering wheel and Mara, sat on the passenger side, has been hurled partway through the windshield, her face is covered by blood, cut from the lips to the forehead, teeth are felt, his chest is crushed, her legs are broken and blood flows in her throat. She moaned softly. Marilyn help to dislodge Mara and lies down her on the ground beside the car. Arthur extract the young man whose injuries are much less important. Paul Slade rushed to the scene, and puts pressure on the artery of Mara to stop the flow of blood.

1956-06-29-photo-01-1-by_Ossie_LeViness-Nydailynews 1956-rox-ontheqt3571 1956-06-29-photo-01-2

> captures
1956-06-29-press_conf-cap-01-16 1956-06-29-press_conf-cap-01-17 1956-06-29-press_conf-cap-01-18 
1956-06-29-press_conf-cap-01-19 1956-06-29-press_conf-cap-01-20 1956-06-29-press_conf-cap-01-21
1956-06-29-car_accident-cap07 1956-06-29-car_accident-cap08 1956-06-29-car_accident-cap09

Marilyn, Arthur et Morty reprennent leur break et accélèrent chez Arthur. Arthur est le premier sorti de la voiture, en se précipitant dans sa maison pour prévenir les secours. Puis, Marilyn et Morty suivent; avec ses lunettes de soleil et son chemisier blanc taché de sang, Marilyn est traumatisée: "Il vient d'y avoir un méchant accident un peu plus haut. Une fille a été terriblement blessée. C'est terrible".
L'hôpital le plus proche est à New Milford. Miller apprend que l'ambulance ne sera pas là avant deux bonnes heures; c'est alors qu'il précise à l'opérateur que la fille sur la route est Marilyn Monroe et que l'histoire fera les gros titres dans la presse le lendemain, ce qui va permettre d'accélérer les choses.
Marilyn, Arthur and Morty go back in their station wagon and accelerate at Arthur's home. Arthur is the first out of the car, rushing into his house to phone at the hospital. Then, Marilyn and Morty follow; with her sunglasses and white shirt stained with blood, Marilyn is traumatized: "There's been a very bad accident up there. A girl has-been terribly hurt. It's awful."
The nearest hospital is at New Milford. Miller learns that the ambulance will not be there before two hours, then he says to the operator that the girl on the road is Marilyn Monroe and the story will make headlines in the press the next day; this will speed things up.

> photographie de Samuel Goldstein
1956-06-29-photo-02-1-by_samuel_goldstein-1  1956-06-29-photo-02-1-by_samuel_goldstein-1a 

> captures
1956-06-29-press_conf-cap-01-10 1956-06-29-press_conf-cap-01-11 1956-06-29-press_conf-cap-01-12
1956-06-29-press_conf-cap-01-13 1956-06-29-press_conf-cap-01-14 1956-06-29-press_conf-cap-01-15
1956-06-29-car_accident-cap01 1956-06-29-car_accident-cap02 1956-06-29-car_accident-cap03
1956-06-29-car_accident-cap04 1956-06-29-car_accident-cap05 1956-06-29-car_accident-cap06

Marilyn monte à l'étage pour se changer et se préparer à la conférence de presse; elle met une chemise de couleur vert moutarde et une jupe noire en lin et malgré la chaleur, Arthur enfile un pull noir en col V par-dessus sa chemise blanche. Personne ne semble vouloir annuler. L'humeur de Marilyn varie entre le bouleversement provoqué par l'accident, et la colère contre son attaché de presse qui a laissé venir la télévision, un média qu'elle déteste. Une trentaine de minutes plus tard, Marilyn est prête et sourit aux journalistes. Mais l'atmosphère qui règne est étrange et dérangeante: pendant que Marilyn, Arthur et ses parents -Isadore et Augusta Miller- posent pour les photographes, l'ambulance arrive.
Marilyn goes upstairs to change clothes and prepare for the press conference, she puts a mustard green shirt and a black linen skirt and despite the heat, Arthur puts a black V-neck sweater over his white shirt. Nobody seems to want to cancel. The Marilyn's mood varies from the trouble caused by the accident, and the anger against his press secretary who left coming television, a media she hates. Thirty minutes later, Marilyn is ready and smiles at reporters. But the atmosphere is strange and disturbing: while Marilyn, Arthur and his parents -Isadore and Augusta Miller- pose for photographers, the ambulance arrives. 

 1956-06-29-photo-03-1-with_millers-1a 1956-06-29-photo-03-2-with_millers-1
1956-06-29-photo-03-1-with_millers-1 1956-06-29-photo-03-6-with_millers-1 
1956-06-29-photo-03-5-with_millers-1  1956-wed-filmland2571 
1956-06-29-photo-03-3-with_millers-1 1956-06-29-photo-03-4-by_Ossie_LeViness-Nydailynews-1 1956-06-29-photo-03-4-by_Ossie_LeViness-Nydailynews-1a

> captures
1956-06-29-press_conf-cap-01-22 1956-06-29-press_conf-cap-01-23 1956-06-29-press_conf-cap-01-24
1956-06-29-press_conf-cap-03-04 1956-06-29-press_conf-cap-03-05 1956-06-29-press_conf-cap-03-06
1956-06-29-press_conf-cap-03-07 1956-06-29-press_conf-cap-03-08 1956-06-29-press_conf-cap-03-09

Puis, Milton Greene, venu de Weston, gère les dernières dispositions techniques, donne des instructions aux journalistes et présente le couple aux médias, en leur précisant qu'ils n'auront que 20 minutes pour obtenir ce qu'ils veulent.
Then, Milton Greene, came from Weston, manages the latest technical provisions, gives instructions to journalists and introduce the couple to the media, stating that they will only have 20 minutes to get what they want.

 > captures
1956-06-29-press_conf-cap-02-01 1956-06-29-press_conf-cap-02-02 1956-06-29-press_conf-cap-02-03-milton
1956-06-29-press_conf-cap-02-04 1956-06-29-press_conf-cap-02-05 1956-06-29-press_conf-cap-02-06

Arthur Miller et Marilyn Monroe prennent place sous un grand érable. Marilyn va se montrer plutôt anxieuse, reportant son angoisse par des marques d'affection envers Arthur: elle caresse son épaule, l'étreint en le serrant par la taille, et elle se montre peu locace, laissant les déclarations à Miller qui lui, semble préoccupé, en embrassant le front de Marilyn, faisant de nombreux petits gestes de nervosité et fumant beaucoup. C'est la première fois, depuis sa comparution devant la commission, que les reporters l'interviewent. Le couple ne donne aucun détail sur leur mariage à la presse.
Arthur and Marilyn take place under a large maple tree. Marilyn will be rather anxious, transposing her anguish by some affection to Arthur: she caresses his shoulder, hugs him, hugging by his waist, and she shows little talkative, leaving statements to Miller who seems worried, kissing the forehead of Marilyn, making many small gestures of nervousness and smoking a lot. This is the first time since his appearance before the Committee, that the reporters interview him. The couple doesn't give any details about their marriage to the press. 

1956-06-29-photo-04-01-1 1956-06-29-photo-04-02-1 1956-06-29-photo-04-02-2 
1956-06-29-photo-04-01-2 1956-06-29-photo-04-04-1 1956-06-29-photo-04-04-1a 
1956-06-29-photo-04-03-by_Ossie_LeViness-Nydailynews 1956-06-29-photo-04-06 1956-06-29-photo-04-05-by_samuel_goldstein-1 
1956-06-29-photo-04-07a  1956-06-29-photo-04-07b 
1956-06-29-photo-04-07c  1956-06-29-photo-04-07d 
1956-06-29-photo-05-01  1956-06-29-photo-05-02  1956-06-29-photo-05-03 
1956-06-29-photo-05-04-1 1956-06-29-photo-05-04-1a 1956-06-29-photo-06-03
1956-06-29-photo-06-01-by_samuel_goldstein-1  1956-06-29-photo-06-02  1956-06-29-photo-06-07-by_ken_heyman-1 
1956-06-29-photo-06-05  1956-06-29-photo-06-04-by_samuel_goldstein-1  1956-06-29-photo-06-06 

> photographies de Milton Greene
marilyn-monroe-MW-179 marilyn-monroe-MW-180a marilyn-monroe-MW-181
marilyn-monroe-MW-187 marilyn-monroe-MW-189 marilyn-monroe-MW-203
marilyn-monroe-HT-14 marilyn-monroe-MW-250a marilyn-monroe-MW-188a
marilyn-monroe-MW-184 marilyn-monroe-MW-185 marilyn-monroe-MW-186
marilyn-monroe-MW-190 marilyn-monroe-MW-191 marilyn-monroe-MW-194
marilyn-monroe-MW-193 marilyn-monroe-MW-178 marilyn-monroe-MW-195
marilyn-monroe-MW-182 marilyn-monroe-MW-183 marilyn-monroe-MW-192

 > captures
1956-06-29-press_conf-cap-04-01 1956-06-29-press_conf-cap-04-02 1956-06-29-press_conf-cap-04-03
1956-06-29-press_conf-cap-03-01 1956-06-29-press_conf-cap-03-02 1956-06-29-press_conf-cap-03-03
1956-06-29-press_conf-cap-05-01 1956-06-29-press_conf-cap-05-02 1956-06-29-press_conf-cap-05-03
1956-06-29-press_conf-cap-05-04 1956-06-29-press_conf-cap-05-05 1956-06-29-press_conf-cap-05-06

Quelques déclarations:
> Arthur Miller, déclare, suite à l'accident: "
Je savais que ça arriverait. Cette chose terrible explique pourquoi je ne vais pas dire où ni quand nous nous marierons. Je pense qu'il y a assez de temps pour tout le monde de savoir quand cela arrive. Si la presse ne me laisse pas seul, nous partirons d'ici pour une destination inconnue.
Journaliste: - Mademoiselle Monroe, quel genre de mariage allez-vous avoir ?
   Marilyn: - Très tranquille, j'éspère.
> Journaliste: -Un petit garçon a trois voeux: faire de l'argent en premier, devenir un ingénieur en deuxième, et en troisième, il dit "quand je serai grand, j'aimerai avoir une blonde, avec des yeux bleus, elle sera comme Marilyn Monroe".
  Marilyn: -Je suis flattée !

Few Statements:
> Arthur Miller, said, refering to the accident: "I knew this would happen. This terrible thing explains why I'm not going to say when and where we'll be married. I think it's time enough for everybody to know when it happens. If the press do not leave me alone, we will leave here for parts unknown."
> Journalist:
- Miss Monroe, what kind of wedding will you have ?
   Marilyn: -
Very Quiet, I Hope.

> Journalist: -A little boy has three wishes: make money in first, to be an engineer in second, and third, he said "when i grow up, i'd like to have a blond, she had to have blue eyes, she has to be like Marilyn Monroe".
  -Marilyn: -I'm flattered !

1956-06-29-photo-07-01  1956-06-29-photo-07-02 

> photographies de Milton Greene
 marilyn-monroe-MW-196 marilyn-monroe-MW-199
marilyn-monroe-MW-200 marilyn-monroe-MW-201 marilyn-monroe-MW-202
marilyn-monroe-MW-197 marilyn-monroe-MW-198 

 > captures
1956-06-29-press_conf-cap-02-07 1956-06-29-press_conf-cap-02-08 1956-06-29-press_conf-cap-02-09
1956-06-29-press_conf-cap-02-10 1956-06-29-press_conf-cap-02-11 1956-06-29-press_conf-cap-02-12
1956-06-29-press_conf-cap-02-13 1956-06-29-press_conf-cap-02-14 1956-06-29-press_conf-cap-02-15
1956-06-29-press_conf-cap-02-16 1956-06-29-press_conf-cap-02-17 1956-06-29-press_conf-cap-02-18
1956-06-29-press_conf-cap-02-19 1956-06-29-press_conf-cap-02-20 1956-06-29-press_conf-cap-02-21
1956-06-29-press_conf-cap-02-22 1956-06-29-press_conf-cap-02-23 1956-06-29-press_conf-cap-02-24
1956-06-29-press_conf-cap-02-25 1956-06-29-press_conf-cap-02-26 1956-06-29-press_conf-cap-02-27
1956-06-29-press_conf-cap-02-28 1956-06-29-press_conf-cap-02-29 1956-06-29-press_conf-cap-02-30
1956-06-29-press_conf-cap-02-31 1956-06-29-press_conf-cap-02-32 1956-06-29-press_conf-cap-02-33
1956-06-29-press_conf-cap-02-34 1956-06-29-press_conf-cap-02-35 1956-06-29-press_conf-cap-02-36
1956-06-29-press_conf-cap-02-37 1956-06-29-press_conf-cap-02-38 1956-06-29-press_conf-cap-02-39
1956-06-29-press_conf-cap-02-40 1956-06-29-press_conf-cap-02-41 1956-06-29-press_conf-cap-02-42
1956-06-29-press_conf-cap-02-43 1956-06-29-press_conf-cap-02-44 1956-06-29-press_conf-cap-02-45
1956-06-29-press_conf-cap-02-46 1956-06-29-press_conf-cap-02-47 1956-06-29-press_conf-cap-02-48
1956-06-29-press_conf-cap-02-49 1956-06-29-press_conf-cap-02-50 1956-06-29-press_conf-cap-02-51
1956-06-29-press_conf-cap-02-52 1956-06-29-press_conf-cap-02-53 1956-06-29-press_conf-cap-02-54
1956-06-29-press_conf-cap-02-55 1956-06-29-press_conf-cap-02-56 1956-06-29-press_conf-cap-02-57

Après le départ des reporters, on apprend le décès de Mara Sherbatoff sur la table d'opération de l'hôpital de New Milford. Marilyn est affolée. Paula Strasberg, qui se trouve à New York, va déclarer que l'accident est un mauvais présage, ce que va soutenir aussi Marilyn. Arthur Miller, furieux de tout ce tapage, décide alors de se marier immédiatement, s'arrangeant pour que la cérémonie se tienne au Westchester County House de White Plains.
After the reporters leave, the death of Mara Sherbatoff on the operation table at the hospital in New Milford is learned. Marilyn is distraught. Paula Strasberg, who is in New York, will report that the accident is a bad omen, wich will also the idea of Marilyn. Arthur Miller, furious of all these disturbances, then decides to marry immediately, arranging that the ceremony held at the Westchester House in White Plains.
> sur le blog: article Le Mariage Civil d'Arthur et Marilyn 

> videos
- attente des reporters et l'accident


- accident et arrivée de Marilyn

- début de l'interview

- extrait de l'interview

- extrait de l'interview

> News TV:
USA: Arthur and Marilyn to marry
British Pathe People In the News

> dans la presse

Marilyn Monroe, biographie de Barbara Leaming
Les vies secrètes de Marilyn Monroe
, d'Anthony Summers
Marilyn Monroe, encyclopédie d'Adam Victor

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24 mars 2014

1/07/1956 Cérémonie Juive Mariage Marilyn et Arthur

Durant la semaine précédente (du 24 au 29 juin 1956) passée à Roxbury dans la propriété de Arthur Miller, Marilyn Monroe a demandé à Augusta Miller, la mère d'Arthur, de lui apprendre des recettes de plats typiquement juifs.
Par ailleurs, Marilyn insiste pour que les Miller téléphonent à un rabbin de la branche réformée du judaïsme, Robert Goldburg, qui accepte de lui donner une brève instruction religieuse et de célébrer la cérémonie nuptiale.
During the previous week (24 to 29 June 1956) into Roxbury, at the home of Arthur Miller, Marilyn Monroe asked to Augusta Miller, Arthur's mother, to teach her recipes from typical Jewish meals.
Furthermore, Marilyn insists for that Miller phone to a rabbi of the reformed branch of Judaism, Robert Goldburg, who agrees to give her a brief religious instruction and to celebrate the wedding ceremony.

Le dimanche 1er juillet 1956, soit deux jours après la cérémonie civile du mariage, est célébré le mariage juif de Marilyn Monroe et Arthur Miller. C'est Marilyn qui avait insisté pour obtenir cette cérémonie religieuse. La cérémonie du mariage est gardée secrète jusqu'au dernier moment.
On Sunday 1st of July 1956, two days after the civil marriage ceremony, is celebrated the Jewish Wedding Ceremony of Marilyn Monroe and Arthur Miller. This is Marilyn who has insisted to obtain that religious ceremony. The wedding ceremony is kept secret until the last moment.

1956-07-01-Marilyn_Monroe_Certificate_of_Conversion_to_Judaism1Plus tôt dans la journée, Marilyn Monroe se convertie au judaïsme -pour ce mariage- dans la ville de Lewisboro, dans l'Etat de New York: elle promet au rabbin Robert Goldburg, que tous ses enfants seraient élevés dans la foi judaïque et prête serment: "Je déclare, en la présence de Dieu et des témoins assemblés ici, rechercher le compagnonnage d'Israël".
Parmi les témoins se trouvent Arthur Miller, Kermit Miller le frère d'Arthur, et Milton H. Greene. Le rabbin lui remet un certificat de conversion (cf document ci-contre).
Earlier that day, Marilyn Monroe is converted to Judaism -for this marriage- in the town of Lewisboro in the State of New York: she promises to Rabbi Robert Goldburg, that all her children would be raised in the Jewish faith and oath "I declare, in the presence of God and witnesses assembled here, to seek companionship of Israel."
Among the witnesses are Arthur Miller, Kermit Miller the Arthur's brother, and Milton H. Greene. The rabbi gives her a certificate of conversion (see document).

1956-07-01-Ketubah_JewishPrenuptialAgreementArthur Miller et Marilyn Monroe vont signer le Ketubah, un accord prénuptial traditionnellement juif, définissant les droits et les responsabilités de l'époux envers la mariée. Ce document (cf ci-contre), richement coloré, est imprimé sur deux oblongues de feuilles et on peut y lire: "Je suis à mon bien-aimé, et mon bien-aimé est à moi. Aucun homme sans femme, aucune femme sans homme, et ni sans Dieu". Ce certificat témoigne que Arthur Miller et Marilyn Monroe ont été unis dans le mariage dans la ville de Lewisboro, à  Westchester, le 1er Juillet 1956, 22 Tamouz 5716, conformément au rite d'Israël et en conformité avec les lois de l'État de New York. Signé par le Rabbin Robert E. Goldburg et par les témoins: le frère d'Arthur, Kermit Miller, ainsi que du professeur d'art dramatique de Marilyn, Lee Strasberg.
Arthur Miller and Marilyn Monroe’s ketubah, traditionally a special Jewish prenuptial agreement, outlining the rights and responsibilities of the groom in relation to the bride. This beautiful, richly colored document (see above) is printed on two oblong 8 ½ in. x 11 in. leaves and reads, “I am my beloved’s, and my beloved is mine. No man without woman; no woman without man; and neither without God". This Testimonial witnesses that Arthur Miller and Marilyn Monroe were united in marriage in the city of Lewisboro, Westchester on July 1, 1956, 22nd of Tammuz 5716, In accordance with the rite of Israel and in compliance with the laws of the State of New York. Signed by Rabbi Robert E. Goldburg and witnessed by Arthur’s brother, Kermit Miller, as well as Marilyn’s acting coach, Lee Strasberg.

L'après-midi, les invités (amis et famille) attendent sur la terrasse en dalles de la propriété de l'agent littéraire de Miller, Kay Brown, une ancienne ferme, située à Waccabuc, près de Katonah, dans le Comté de Westchester, dans l'Etat de New York, pendant que les futurs mariés arrivent de Roxbury, où se trouve la propriété de Miller. Les invités sont au nombre de 25 (ou 30 selon les sources) et ne sont composés que d'amis très proches et de la famille de Miller: les enfants (Jane et Robert) et parents (Isadore et Augusta Miller) d'Arthur, son frère Kermit Miller, sa soeur Joan Copeland, son cousin Morty Miller et leurs conjoints respectifs, les Strasberg (Lee et Paula), les Greene (Milton et Amy, ainsi que Cecilia, la mère de Milton et Kitty Owen, la cuisinière des Greene), les Rosten (Norman et Hedda), mais aussi Jay Kanter (l'agent de Marilyn), le scénariste George Axelrod et le couturier John Moore. Il fait très chaud ce jour là, les hommes retirent leurs vestes et les femmes portent des petites robes d'été. De longues tables recouvertes de nappes blanches et des chaises pliantes sont installées dans le jardin, près de la baie vitrée de la maison. Comme à son habitude, Marilyn est en retard.
In the afternoon, the guests (friends and family) waiting on the flagstone terrace of the white home of literary agent of Miller, Kay Brown, a former farmhouse, located in Waccabuc, near Katonah, in Westchester County in the State of New York, while the bride and groom come from Roxbury, where there is the Miller's home. Guests are 25 (or 30 depending on the sources) and are composed of only close friends and Miller's family: children (Jane and Robert) and parents (Isadore and Augusta Miller) of Arthur, his brother Kermit Miller, his sister Joan Copeland, his cousin Morty Miller and their respective spouses, the Strasbergs (Lee and Paula) , the Greenes (Milton and Amy, and Cecilia, Milton's mother, and Kitty owen, cooker of the Greene), the Rostens (Norman and Hedda) and also Jay Kanter (Marilyn's publicist), the scriptwriter George Axelrod and the fashion designer John Moore. It is a heat day, so men remove their jackets and women wear little summer dresses. Long tables covered with white tablecloths and folding chairs are set in a large bay window. As usual, Marilyn is late.

 marilyn-monroe-MW-054 marilyn-monroe-MW-055 marilyn-monroe-MW-056
marilyn-monroe-MW-057 marilyn-monroe-MW-058 marilyn-monroe-MW-059
marilyn-monroe-MW-066  marilyn-monroe-MW-067 
marilyn-monroe-MW-068  marilyn-monroe-MW-065 
marilyn-monroe-MW-062 marilyn-monroe-MW-063 marilyn-monroe-MW-064
1956-07-01-wed-house-window  marilyn-monroe-MW-126  marilyn-monroe-MW-018 
1956-07-01-wed-guest-1 marilyn-monroe-MW-141 marilyn-monroe-MW-140 

> Paula Strasberg

 > Amy Greene (à gauche

> Milton Greene

> Milton Greene avec Cecilia (sa mère) et Kitty Owen (sa cuisinière)

> Jay Kanter et Milton Greene

 1956-07-01-wed_miller-dressPuis Marilyn et Arthur arrivent: elle est vêtue d'un simple blue jean et se précipite dans une chambre à l'étage où la dame d'honneur, Hedda Rosten, l'aide à se changer avec la robe de mariée beige en mousseline de soie, signée des créateurs John Moore et Norman Norell, avec des fronces sur les manches et le corsage et une ceinture de satin sous le buste. Amy Greene a prêté son voile qu'elle a fait tremper dans du café une semaine auparavant, afin de renforcer l'aspect de douceur d'ombres beige du voile en auréole. (cf illustration de Michelle Shin ci-contre). Le costume qu'Arthur porte a été acheté par Milton et fourni par Jack Walker, un ami proche de Greene, qui a couru au magasin de mercerie pour hommes Mannie Walker. Miller le porte avec une cravate et a mis une fleur à sa boutonnière. Les autres dames d'honneur sont Judy Kantor et Amy Greene, qui a aidé Marilyn à se coiffer et se maquiller.

Then Marilyn and Arthur arrive: she is wearing a simple blue jeans and rushes into a room upstairs where matron of honor, Hedda Rosten, help her to change with the wedding chiffon beige dress, by the designers John Moore and Norman Norell, with ruching on the sleeves and bodice and a satin sash under the bust. Amy Greene has loaned her veil that she had soaked veil in coffee a week before, to enhance the appearance of smooth beige shadows of halo veil (see illustration below against Michelle Shin). The suit Arthur wears is actually purchased by Milton and provides by Jack Walker, dear friend of the Greene’s, who runs the Mannie Walker men’s haberdashery store. Miller wears a tie and put a flower in his buttonhole.
The other matrons of honor are Judy Kantor and Amy Greene, who helped Marilyn to make hair and makeup.

marilyn-monroe-MW-074-a  marilyn-monroe-MW-075-b 

Cependant, Marilyn semble perturbée depuis deux jours (en fait, depuis le mariage civil du vendredi): elle est nerveuse, anxieuse et se renferme sur elle-même, comme l'ont constaté Milton et Amy Greene. Milton avait d'ailleurs téléphoné à Irving Stein, l'avocat de Marilyn pour lui demander de "se tenir prêt en cas de difficulté de dernière minute". Pendant que Marilyn se prépare dans la chambre, Milton en profite pour discuter avec elle: "Je ne t'ai pas vu sourire de toute la journée. Tu es bien sûre de ce que tu fais ? (...) Tu veux vraiment de ce mariage ? Tu n'y es pas obligée, tu sais. Si tu veux tout arrêter, ce n'est pas compliqué", lui dit Milton. Des larmes commencent à couler sur le visage de Marilyn et Amy la réconforte en lui précisant: "On peut te mettre dans une voiture pour sortir doucement par la porte de derrière. Nous, on se débrouillera avec les invités. Le mariage civil pourrait certainement être annulé avant que le rituel religieux ne vint apporter sa solennité à l'union". Et Marilyn de répondre calmement: "Non, je crois que je ne veux pas me marier".
Milton sort de la chambre et s'apprête à renvoyer tout le monde, mais Marilyn le rappele: "Non, Milton ! On a invité tous ces gens, on ne peut pas faire ça, on ne peut pas les décevoir !"
D'après Amy, Marilyn avait vu un mauvais présage dans la mort accidentelle de la journaliste Maria Scherbatoff (le 29 juin, lors de la conférence de presse donnée avec Miller à Roxbury): "Mais elle savait aussi, présage ou pas, qu'elle commettait une terrible erreur en acceptant ce mariage". D'ailleurs, un autre ami de Marilyn confie: "Elle n'était pas sûre de l'aimer, mais elle n'était pas sûre non plus de ne pas l'aimer. Au cœur de sa confusion, cependant, était son sentiment qu'elle était dépassée avec cet homme. Son insécurité allait crescendo à cette époque. Elle ne pouvait pas s'empêcher de se demander ce que cet intellectuel voulait d'elle, et cela la rendait folle. Cherchait-il juste une femme trophée, comme Joe ? C'est ce qui se passait vraiment ici."

However, Marilyn seems disturbed for two days (in fact, since the civil marriage on Friday ): she is nervous, anxious and contains about herself, as noted by Milton and Amy Greene. Milton has also phoned to Irving Stein, Marilyn's lawyer, asking him to "be ready in case of trouble of last minute." While Marilyn prepares herself in the bedroom, Milton tooks the opportunity to discuss with her: "I have not seen you smile all the day. You're very sure of what you do ? ( ... ) Do you really want to this marriage ? You are not required on it, you know. If you want to stop everything, it's not complicated, " says Milton. Tears begin to flow on the face of Marilyn and Amy comforts her by saying "We can put you in a car to go out softly by the door behind the house. We will attend the guests. Civil marriage certainly could be canceled before the religious ritual come to bring solemnity to the union." And Marilyn answers calmly, "No, I think I don't want to marry." Milton leaves the room and is about to oust everyone but Marilyn recalls him: "No, Milton ! We have invited all these people, we can't do that, we can't let down them !"
According to Amy, Marilyn saw a bad omen in the car accidental of journalist Maria Scherbatoff whi diead (on June 29, just before the press conference with Miller in Roxbury): "But she also knew, omen or not, that she was making a terrible mistake by accepting this marriage." Moreover, another friend of Marilyn says:
"She wasn't sure that she loved him, but she wasn't sure she didn't. At the core of her confusion, though, was her sense that she was in over her head with this man. Her insecurity were running wild by this time. She couldn't help but Wonder what this intellectual wanted with her, and it was driving her crazy. Was he just looking for a trophy wife, as Joe had ? What was really going on here".

Pendant ce temps, le Rabbin Robert Goldberg et les invités patientent dans le living-room. Milton Greene accompagne Marilyn à la sortie de la chambre pour la mener au bras de Lee Strasberg, qui joue ainsi le rôle du père de substitution de la mariée en la menant à l'autel. La cérémonie, qui a lieu devant la cheminée de marbre du living-room, ne dure qu'à peine 10 minutes et se célèbre selon le rituel juif. Les époux boivent le vin rouge: Marilyn soulève son voile pour déposer ses lèvres sur la coupe. Elle prononce un "je le veux" d'une voix douce et tremblante. Ils s'échangent les alliances: au cours des deux jours précédents, Miller avait acheté un anneau d'or chez Cartier qui portait l'inscription: "A. à M., juin 1956. Maintenant Pour Toujours." Puis, Miller casse son verre en l'écrasant de ses pieds, en souvenir de la destruction de Jérusalem, et la foule s'écrie: "Mazel Tov!"
Meanwhile, Rabbi Robert Goldberg and guests wait in the living room. Milton Greene accompanies Marilyn from the bedroom and lead her to the arm of Lee Strasberg, who plays the role of a surrogate father to the bride, leading her to the altar. The ceremony, which takes place in front of the marble fireplace in the living-room, lasts just 10 minutes and is celebrated according to the Jewish ritual. The couple drink red wine: Marilyn raised her veil to submit her lips on the cup. She delivers an "I do " in a soft, tremulous voice. They shall exchange alliances: in the previous two days, Miller has bought a gold ring from Cartier's which bore the inscription: "A. to M., June 1956, Now For Ever." Then Miller crushes his glass under his feet, in remembrance of the destruction of Jerusalem, and the crowd cried "Mazel Tov!"

--- En attendant la mariée / Waiting for the bride ---

> Kermit Miller, Arthur Miller et Lee Strasberg
marilyn-monroe-MW-069  marilyn-monroe-MW-069-a 

 > Kitty Owen et Cecilia Greene

> Hedda Rosten, le Rabbin Goldberg et Arthur Miller
marilyn-monroe-MW-071-a  marilyn-monroe-MW-072-a  

--- La cérémonie / The ceremony ---
marilyn-monroe-MW-076-a  ph-greene-wedding-1956-06-29_c2  marilyn-monroe-MW-094-a 
marilyn-monroe-MW-095  marilyn-monroe-MW-125  ph-greene-wedding-1956-06-29_c3 
marilyn-monroe-MW-077  marilyn-monroe-MW-078  marilyn-monroe-MW-079 
marilyn-monroe-MW-080  marilyn-monroe-MW-081  marilyn-monroe-MW-085 
marilyn-monroe-MW-082-1  marilyn-monroe-MW-082-1-b  marilyn-monroe-MW-082-2 
marilyn-monroe-MW-031-1  marilyn-monroe-MW-083  marilyn-monroe-MW-084 
marilyn-monroe-MW-004-b  marilyn-monroe-MW-006-a  marilyn-monroe-MW-050-a 
marilyn-monroe-MW-051  marilyn-monroe-MW-051-b  marilyn-monroe-MW-053-a 
marilyn-monroe-MW-086  marilyn-monroe-MW-087  marilyn-monroe-MW-088 
marilyn-monroe-MW-089  marilyn-monroe-MW-090 
marilyn-monroe-MW-092  marilyn-monroe-MW-093  marilyn-monroe-MW-093-b 
marilyn-monroe-MW-007-a  marilyn-monroe-MW-052  marilyn-monroe-MW-052-b 
marilyn-monroe-MW-073  marilyn-monroe-MW-073-b 
marilyn-monroe-MW-091  marilyn-monroe-MW-091-b  marilyn-monroe-MW-005-b  

Ensuite, le repas du mariage prend des airs bucoliques, avec l'organisation d'un lunch en plein air dans le jardin.
Au menu: homard, dinde et champagne, ainsi que la pièce montée (les Miller s'étaient adressés à huit pâtissiers avant d'en trouver un qui accepte de la confectionner en quelques heures). Marilyn et Arthur coupent ensemble les tranches, et s'embrassent sans retenue. Arthur Miller, habituellement stoïque, se montre très attentionnée et enchanté de sa nouvelle épouse; et Marilyn semble très heureuse. Depuis plusieurs mois, les proches de Miller ont observé une aisance physique qui l'avait complètement transformé. Norman Rosten dira: "Le conte de fées était devenu réalité. Le Prince était apparu, la Princesse était sauve." Marilyn écrira au dos d'une photographie du mariage: "Espoir, Espoir, Espoir."
Then, the wedding meal takes bucolic aspect, with the organization of a lunch outside, in the garden.
On the menu: lobster, turkey and champagne and the wedding cake (Millers had approached eight pastry before finding one who agrees to make it in a few hours). Marilyn and Arthur cut the slices together, and kiss each other without restraint. Arthur Miller, usually stoic, is very caring and delighted with his new wife, and Marilyn seems very happy. For several months, Miller's closest friends have observed a physical ease that has completely transformed him. Norman Rosten will say that "The fairy tale came true. The Prince appeared, the Princess was safe." Marilyn wrote on the back of the wedding photography "Hope, Hope, Hope."

--- Dans la maison / In the house ---

> Kitty Owen (cuisinière des Greene) et Marilyn
marilyn-monroe-MW-033-b-with_kitty_owen-cuisiniere_greene  marilyn-monroe-MW-146 

> Lee Strasberg et Marilyn
marilyn-monroe-MW-142 marilyn-monroe-MW-143 marilyn-monroe-MW-144-a 
marilyn-monroe-MW-142-b   marilyn-monroe-MW-145 

 --- Sur la terrasse / On the terrace ---

> Marilyn, Arthur et Joan Copeland (soeur d'Arthur) 
marilyn-monroe-MW-137-a-with_joan_miller_sister  marilyn-monroe-MW-138-a  marilyn-monroe-MW-139-a 
marilyn-monroe-MW-138-b  marilyn-monroe-MW-138-c 

> Arthur, Marilyn et Kermit Miller (frère d'Arthur)
marilyn-monroe-MW-098-a-with_kermit_miller marilyn-monroe-MW-099-a marilyn-monroe-MW-100-a 
marilyn-monroe-MW-012  marilyn-monroe-MW-123-b 
marilyn-monroe-MW-122-a-with_kermit_miller  marilyn-monroe-MW-123-a  marilyn-monroe-MW-124-a 

> Arthur, Marilyn et Cecilia (mère de Milton Greene)
marilyn-monroe-MW-013  marilyn-monroe-MW-014
marilyn-monroe-MW-013-a  marilyn-monroe-MW-008-with_cecilia_mother_milton_greene 
marilyn-monroe-MW-096  marilyn-monroe-MW-097-a 

> Paula et Lee Strasberg, Marilyn et Arthur
marilyn-monroe-MW-217-a  marilyn-monroe-MW-217-b 

> Marilyn et Arthur
marilyn-monroe-MW-127 marilyn-monroe-MW-129-a marilyn-monroe-MW-131-a 
marilyn-monroe-MW-132-a marilyn-monroe-MW-133-a 
marilyn-monroe-MW-134-a marilyn-monroe-MW-135-a 
marilyn-monroe-MW-128-a marilyn-monroe-MW-130-a marilyn-monroe-MW-136-a 

 --- Le repas / The Lunch ---

marilyn-monroe-MW-173a  marilyn-monroe-MW-176a  marilyn-monroe-MW-177a 
marilyn-monroe-MW-102  marilyn-monroe-MW-103  marilyn-monroe-MW-158-b 
marilyn-monroe-MW-015  marilyn-monroe-MW-016  marilyn-monroe-MW-218 
marilyn-monroe-MW-101  marilyn-monroe-MW-216-a  marilyn-monroe-MW-148-a 
marilyn-monroe-MW-171a  marilyn-monroe-MW-104  marilyn-monroe-MW-109 
marilyn-monroe-MW-105-1  marilyn-monroe-MW-105-2 
marilyn-monroe-MW-106-a  marilyn-monroe-MW-107  marilyn-monroe-MW-108-a 
marilyn-monroe-MW-030-1  marilyn-monroe-MW-030-1-b  1956-wed-cap-lunch-1 
marilyn-monroe-MW-020  marilyn-monroe-MW-021-b 
marilyn-monroe-MW-022  marilyn-monroe-MW-019-b 
marilyn-monroe-MW-110 marilyn-monroe-MW-111 marilyn-monroe-MW-112
marilyn-monroe-MW-112-b marilyn-monroe-MW-112-c 
marilyn-monroe-MW-113  marilyn-monroe-MW-114 
marilyn-monroe-MW-114-2  marilyn-monroe-MW-115-a 
marilyn-monroe-MW-116-a  marilyn-monroe-MW-117-a  marilyn-monroe-MW-118-a 
marilyn-monroe-MW-119  marilyn-monroe-MW-119-b  marilyn-monroe-MW-120-a 
marilyn-monroe-MW-121-a  marilyn-monroe-MW-121-b 
ph-greene-wedding-1956-06-29_b1 ph-greene-wedding-1956-06-29_b2 ph-greene-wedding-1956-06-29_b3 
marilyn-monroe-MW-028-1  marilyn-monroe-MW-028-1a  1956-wed-cap-lunch-2
marilyn-monroe-MW-023  marilyn-monroe-MW-023-c  marilyn-monroe-MW-023-b 

> La pièce montée
marilyn-monroe-MW-060  marilyn-monroe-MW-060-a  marilyn-monroe-MW-061 
marilyn-monroe-MW-027-a  marilyn-monroe-MW-027-b  marilyn-monroe-MW-156 
marilyn-monroe-MW-157  marilyn-monroe-MW-028-2  marilyn-monroe-MW-029a 
marilyn-monroe-MW-029a-b  marilyn-monroe-MW-029a-c 
marilyn-monroe-MW-032-1  marilyn-monroe-MW-032-1a 
marilyn-monroe-MW-032-1-a ph-greene-wedding-1956-06-29_a3 marilyn-monroe-MW-149-a 
marilyn-monroe-MW-150    marilyn-monroe-MW-150-b 
marilyn-monroe-MW-151  marilyn-monroe-MW-151-b  marilyn-monroe-MW-152 
marilyn-monroe-MW-213-b  marilyn-monroe-MW-030-2  marilyn-monroe-MW-030-2-b 
marilyn-monroe-MW-214  marilyn-monroe-MW-215-LeeStrasberg_NormanRosten_JayKanter_PaulaStrasberg_IsadoreMiller  marilyn-monroe-MW-215
marilyn-monroe-MW-154-b ph-greene-wedding-1956-06-29_a1 
marilyn-monroe-MW-031-2-b  ph-greene-wedding-1956-06-29_a2 
marilyn-monroe-MW-031-2  marilyn-monroe-MW-031-2-c  marilyn-monroe-MW-221 
marilyn-monroe-MW-159  marilyn-monroe-MW-160  marilyn-monroe-MW-172a 
marilyn-monroe-MW-174a  marilyn-monroe-MW-175a 

> captures

1956-07-01-jewish_wedding_ceremony_marilyn_arthur-cap_JT_2016-01-1 1956-07-01-jewish_wedding_ceremony_marilyn_arthur-cap_JT_2016-01-2 1956-07-01-jewish_wedding_ceremony_marilyn_arthur-cap_JT_2016-01-3 
1956-07-01-jewish_wedding_ceremony_marilyn_arthur-cap_JT_2016-02-1 1956-07-01-jewish_wedding_ceremony_marilyn_arthur-cap_JT_2016-02-2 1956-07-01-jewish_wedding_ceremony_marilyn_arthur-cap_JT_2016-02-3 
1956-wed_miller-cap01-1  1956-wed_miller-cap01-2  1956-wed_miller-cap01-3 
1956-07-01-jewish_wedding_ceremony_marilyn_arthur-cap_JT_2016-03-1 1956-07-01-jewish_wedding_ceremony_marilyn_arthur-cap_JT_2016-03-2 1956-07-01-jewish_wedding_ceremony_marilyn_arthur-cap_JT_2016-03-3 
1956-wed_miller-cap02-1  1956-wed_miller-cap02-2  1956-wed_miller-cap02-3 
1956-07-01-jewish_wedding_ceremony_marilyn_arthur-cap_JT_2016-04-1 1956-07-01-jewish_wedding_ceremony_marilyn_arthur-cap_JT_2016-04-2 1956-07-01-jewish_wedding_ceremony_marilyn_arthur-cap_JT_2016-04-3 
1956-07-01-jewish_wedding_ceremony_marilyn_arthur-cap_JT_2016-04-4 1956-07-01-jewish_wedding_ceremony_marilyn_arthur-cap_JT_2016-04-5 1956-07-01-jewish_wedding_ceremony_marilyn_arthur-cap_JT_2016-04-6 
1956-07-01-jewish_wedding_ceremony_marilyn_arthur-cap_JT_2016-05-1 1956-07-01-jewish_wedding_ceremony_marilyn_arthur-cap_JT_2016-05-2 1956-07-01-jewish_wedding_ceremony_marilyn_arthur-cap_JT_2016-05-3 
1956-wed_miller-cap03-1  1956-wed_miller-cap03-2  1956-wed_miller-cap03-3 
1956-wed_miller-cap04-1  1956-wed_miller-cap04-2  1956-wed_miller-cap04-3 
1956-wed_miller-cap04-4  1956-wed_miller-cap04-5  1956-wed_miller-cap04-6 
1956-wed_miller-cap05-1  1956-wed_miller-cap05-2  1956-wed_miller-cap05-3 
1956-wed_miller-cap06-1  1956-wed_miller-cap06-2  1956-wed_miller-cap06-3 

> videos film footage

> photo de presse

.photographies de Milton H. Greene

Marilyn Monroe, biographie de Barbara Leaming
Les vies secrètes de Marilyn Monroe
, d'Anthony Summers
Marilyn Monroe, encyclopédie d'Adam Victor
Les trésors de Marilyn Monroe, de Jenna Glatzer
Marilyn Monroe et les caméras, Georges Belmont 
Life Remembering Marilyn
Marilyn in Fashion
de Nickens and Zeno

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15 octobre 2012

13/07/1956 Trajet New York - Londres

Le 13 juillet 1956, Marilyn Monroe et Arthur Miller partent de New York pour se rendre en Angleterre où Marilyn doit tourner "The Prince and the Showgirl" (Le prince et la danseuse). Une foule de personnes s'est regroupée à l'aéroport new-yorkais pour apercevoir le couple qui prend l'avion, accompagné par les parents d'Arthur. De nombreux journalistes de la presse écrite et aussi des caméras, sont sur les lieux. La presse va rapporter que le couple voyage avec 27 valises.

1956_07_13_NY_airport_010_1 1956_07_13_NY_airport_010_1a 1956_07_13_NY_airport_011_1
1956_07_13_NY_airport_020_1 1956_07_13_NY_airport_030_1 1956_07_13_NY_airport_031_2 
1956_07_13_NY_airport_020_2 1956_07_13_NY_airport_031_1 1956_07_13_NY_airport_032_1 

> de la collection de James Collins, un fan des Monroe Six
-from the personal collection of James Collins, one of the 'Monroe Six'


> captures
londres_arrivee_cap01 londres_arrivee_cap02 londres_arrivee_cap03
londres_arrivee_cap04 londres_arrivee_cap07 londres_arrivee_cap09
londres_arrivee_cap11 londres_arrivee_cap13 londres_arrivee_cap14

Le couple arrive à Londres le 14 juillet. La nouvelle de l'arrivée de Marilyn avait fait la Une des journaux, allant jusqu'à éclipser un très important discours du Premier Ministre Anthony Eden sur la catastrophe économique en Angleterre. Marilyn et Arthur sont assaillis dès leur descente d'avion à Idlewild Airport: près de 70 policiers sont présents pour assurer la sécurité car plus de 200 journalistes et photographes sont agglutinés sur le tarmac et dans l'aéroport.

1956_07_14_london_idlewild_1_airport_010_1 1956_07_14_london_idlewild_1_airport_010_2 1956_07_14_london_idlewild_1_airport_011_1
1956_07_14_london_idlewild_1_airport_020_1 1956_07_14_london_idlewild_1_airport_020_2 1956_07_14_london_idlewild_1_airport_020_3
1956_07_14_london_idlewild_1_airport_021_1 1956_07_14_london_idlewild_1_airport_021_2a 1956_07_14_london_idlewild_1_airport_021_3

> captures
londres_arrivee_cap15_2 londres_arrivee_cap18 londres_arrivee_cap18_2 

Dans le hall de l'aéroport, c'est la cohue entre journalistes et photographes. Laurence Olivier et sa femme Vivien Leigh viennent à la rencontre de Marilyn et Arthur. 

1956_07_14_london_idlewild_2_hall_010_1 1956-article-2054116-0E096E8D00000578-634_306x282 1956_07_14_london_idlewild_2_hall_012_1a 
1956_07_14_london_idlewild_2_hall_010_1a 1956_07_14_london_idlewild_2_hall_010_2 1956_by_tom_gallagher_1 
1956_07_14_london_idlewild_2_hall_011_1 1956_07_14_london_idlewild_2_hall_011_1a
1956_07_14_london_idlewild_2_hall_012_1 1956_07_14_london_idlewild_2_hall_013_1 1956_07_14_london_idlewild_2_hall_020_1 
juliens_lot561 1956_07_14_london_idlewild_2_hall_020_2 1956_07_14_london_idlewild_2_hall_021_1 1956_07_14_london_idlewild_2_hall_021_2
1956_07_14_london_idlewild_2_hall_021_3 1956_07_14_london_idlewild_2_hall_022_1 1956_07_14_london_idlewild_2_hall_024_1
1956_07_14_london_idlewild_2_hall_022_2 1956_07_14_london_idlewild_2_hall_022_2a 1956_07_14_london_idlewild_2_hall_023_1
 1956_07_14_london_idlewild_2_hall_030_1 1956_07_14_london_idlewild_2_hall_030_2 1956_07_14_london_idlewild_2_hall_030_3
1956_07_14_london_idlewild_2_hall_031_1 1956_07_14_london_idlewild_2_hall_031_2 1956_07_14_london_idlewild_2_hall_031_2_press
1956_07_14_london_idlewild_2_hall_032_3 1956_07_14_london_idlewild_2_hall_032_4 1956-london-1
1956_07_14_london_idlewild_2_hall_031_3 1956_07_14_london_idlewild_2_hall_032_1 1956_07_14_london_idlewild_2_hall_032_2
1956_07_14_london_idlewild_2_hall_032_1a 1956_07_14_london_idlewild_2_hall_033_1
1956_07_14_london_idlewild_2_hall_033_2 1956_07_14_london_idlewild_2_hall_033_3 1956_07_14_london_idlewild_2_hall_033_4
1956_07_14_london_idlewild_2_hall_033_5 1956_07_14_london_idlewild_2_hall_034_1 1956_07_14_london_idlewild_2_hall_034_2
1956_07_14_london_idlewild_2_hall_040_1 1956_07_14_london_idlewild_2_hall_041_1 1956_07_14_london_idlewild_2_hall_043_1
1956_07_14_london_idlewild_2_hall_041_1a 1956_07_14_london_idlewild_2_hall_041_1b
1956_07_14_london_idlewild_2_hall_041_2 1956_07_14_london_idlewild_2_hall_041_3 1956_07_14_london_idlewild_2_hall_041_4
1956_07_14_london_idlewild_2_hall_042_1 1956_07_14_london_idlewild_2_hall_042_1a 1956_07_14_london_idlewild_2_hall_042_2

 > captures
londres_arrivee_cap20 londres_arrivee_cap21_1 londres_arrivee_cap21_3
londres_arrivee_cap21_4 londres_arrivee_cap21_5 londres_arrivee_cap21_6
londres_arrivee_cap21_7 londres_arrivee_cap21_8 londres_arrivee_cap21_9
londres_arrivee_cap22 londres_arrivee_cap23 londres_arrivee_cap26
londres_arrivee_cap27_1 londres_arrivee_cap27_2 londres_arrivee_cap27_3
londres_arrivee_cap27_4 londres_arrivee_cap27_5 londres_arrivee_cap27_6
londres_arrivee_cap27_7 londres_arrivee_cap27_8 londres_arrivee_cap27_9
londres_arrivee_cap31 londres_arrivee_cap32 londres_arrivee_cap34 
londres_arrivee_cap36_1 londres_arrivee_cap36_2 londres_arrivee_cap36_3
londres_arrivee_cap36_4 londres_arrivee_cap36_5 londres_arrivee_cap36_6
londres_arrivee_cap36_7 londres_arrivee_cap36_8 londres_arrivee_cap36_9
londres_arrivee_cap36_10 londres_arrivee_cap36_11 londres_arrivee_cap36_12

Une conférence de presse est organisée dans le petit salon de l'aéroport et au bar du petit hôtel. Les journalistes posent des questions idiotes à Marilyn, la considérant comme une petite blonde stupide; ils lui demandent notamment ses habitudes de sommeil, ce à quoi elle réplique:
-"Maintenant que je suis en Angleterre, disons que avant de dormir, j'aime me parfumer avec de la lavande de Yardley's".
Les journalistes -quasiment tous masculins- vont être finalement totalement séduits par la star et sont surpris par ses réparties délicieuses. Le journal 'The London Evening News' va écrire dans ses colonnes: "Elle marche. Elle parle. Elle est aussi savoureuse que des fraises à la crème."  

1956_07_14_london_idlewild_3_hall_010_1 1956_07_14_london_idlewild_3_hall_011_1 1956_07_14_london_idlewild_3_hall_011_1a 
1956_07_14_london_idlewild_3_hall_020_1 1956_07_14_london_idlewild_3_hall_020_2 1956_07_14_london_idlewild_3_hall_020_2a
1956_07_14_london_idlewild_3_hall_020_3 1956_lot128503 1956_07_14_london_idlewild_3_hall_020_5
1956_07_14_london_idlewild_3_hall_020_6 1956_07_14_london_idlewild_3_hall_020_7 1956_07_14_london_idlewild_3_hall_021_1b
1956_07_14_london_idlewild_3_hall_021_1 1956_07_14_london_idlewild_3_hall_021_1a 1956_07_14_london_idlewild_3_hall_022_1
1956_07_14_london_idlewild_3_hall_030_1 1956_07_14_london_idlewild_3_hall_030_2a 1956_07_14_london_idlewild_3_hall_030_3
1956_07_14_london_idlewild_3_hall_030_2 lot1114-H3257-L78860397 1956_07_14_london_idlewild_3_hall_030_5
 1956_07_14_london_idlewild_3_hall_031_1 1956_07_14_london_idlewild_3_hall_031_1a 1956_07_14_london_idlewild_3_hall_031_2
1956_07_14_london_idlewild_3_hall_031_4 1956_london_RDA00097604 
1956_07_14_london_idlewild_3_hall_031_3 1956_07_14_london_idlewild_3_hall_031_5 1956_07_14_london_idlewild_3_hall_031_5a
1956_07_14_london_idlewild_3_hall_032_1 1956_07_14_london_idlewild_3_hall_032_2

> captures 
londres_arrivee_cap37 londres_arrivee_cap38 londres_arrivee_cap39
londres_arrivee_cap40 londres_arrivee_cap41 londres_arrivee_cap42
londres_arrivee_cap43 londres_arrivee_cap44 londres_arrivee_cap45
londres_arrivee_cap45_1 londres_arrivee_cap45_2 londres_arrivee_cap45_3
londres_arrivee_cap45_4 londres_arrivee_cap45_5 londres_arrivee_cap45_6
londres_arrivee_cap45_7 londres_arrivee_cap45_8 londres_arrivee_cap45_9

> photographies de Milton H Greene
  lot137d 1956-london-by_mhg-5 1956-london-by_mhg-H5945-L69789829
lot138c1  lot138c2 
 lot138a  lot138b  

Marilyn et Arthur sont escortés jusqu'à une limousine (une Austin Princess) qui les amènent à Parkside House, une propriété située à Englefield Green à Egham, à moins d'une heure en voiture de Londres. Le photographe Milton Greene et l'attaché de presse de Marilyn, Arthur Jacobs, s'y rendent aussi; ils sont escortés par quatre policiers en motos. Le couple Olivier les suivent dans une Bentley.

1956_07_14_london_idlewild_4_go_to_car_01_1 1956_07_14_london_idlewild_4_go_to_car_01_1a
1956_07_14_london_idlewild_4_go_to_car_02_1 1956_07_14_london_idlewild_4_go_to_car_02_1a

> captures
londres_arrivee_cap46 londres_arrivee_cap47 londres_arrivee_cap48

Puis Marilyn, Arthur, Laurence Olivier et Vivien Leigh se retrouvent à Parkside House, où Marilyn et Arthur vont loger. Ils la louent à Lord Moore, directeur du Financial Times, et à sa femme, la pianiste Joan Moore. Donald Zec, journaliste au 'Mirror' est présent pour accueillir le couple. D'ailleurs Marilyn permit aux photographes d'accéder à la propriété pour prendre des photos.

1956_07_14_parkside_010_1 1956_07_14_parkside_010_2
1956_07_14_parkside_011_1 1956_07_14_parkside_011_2 1956_07_14_parkside_011_2a
1956_07_14_parkside_011_3 1956_07_14_parkside_011_4 1956_07_14_parkside_011_5
1956_07_14_parkside_020_1 1956_07_14_parkside_020_2 1956_07_14_parkside_020_3
1956_07_14_parkside_021_1 1956_07_14_parkside_021_1_press_a 1956_07_14_parkside_021_2 
1956_07_14_parkside_with_Donald_Zec_writer_for_Mirror_1 1956_07_14_parkside_with_Donald_Zec_writer_for_Mirror_1a 
1956_07_14_parkside_with_Donald_Zec_writer_for_Mirror_2 1956_07_14_parkside_with_Donald_Zec_writer_for_Mirror_3 1956_07_14_parkside_with_Donald_Zec_writer_for_Mirror_4

> video 1

> video 2

> video 3

> video 4

> video "Marilyn and Miller go to England" sur youtube     

> video "MM arrives in England" sur youtube   

> video 'British Movietone News'

> dans la presse 
1956_london_27_luggage_MM_in_London 1956_london_mag_cover_G2SIO 1956_london_mag_idolos

On July 13, 1956, Marilyn Monroe and Arthur Miller leave New York, going to London where Marilyn should shoot 'The Prince and the Showgirl'. They travel with 27 pieces of luggage.
They arrive in London the July 14 where they meet Laurence Olivier and Vivien Leigh. More than 200 journalists and photographs are here and 70 policemen make the security service. A press conference is organised in the airport's hall.
They go after to Parkside House.

> Les vies secrètes de Marilyn Monroe, d'Anthony Summers.
> Marilyn Monroe et les caméras.
> Marilyn Monroe, de Barbara Leaming.
> Marilyn Monroe Les inédits, de Marie Clayton.



17 octobre 2011

19/02/1962 Miami Beach

C'est sous le pseudonyme Gloria Lavell, que Marilyn Monroe passe une journée à Miami Beach, le 19 février 1962, en compagnie d'Isadore Miller, le père de son ex-époux Arthur. Elle y reste une nuit, à l'hôtel Fontainebleau Swank. Elle passe la soirée avec Isadore: dîner au club Gigi de l'hôtel Fontainebleau, spectacle de l'hôtel Sea Isle et promenade sur Collins Avenue. 


> Article d'un journal local de la presse de Miami,
paru le 20/02/1962

1962_02_20_press_miami_01 1962_02_20_press_miami_01b

Marilyn a dormi ici

Elle est juste venu voir « Papa » et elle est repartie
Gloria Lavell a abandonné Miami Beach pour Mexico City.
Mais qui est au juste Gloria Lavell ?

Les invités saisonniers de l’Hôtel Fontainebleau Swank avaient besoin de donner un seul coup d'oeil à la blonde aux mensurations 37-23-37 et ils ont su tout de suite.
C’était Marilyn Monroe, la "Déesse de l'Amour" d’Hollywood qui était là.
Elle n'a tout simplement pas utilisé son nom d'actrice.
Marilyn Monroe, âgée de 35 ans, a réservé une suite à 125 $ la nuit à l’hôtel, dimanche soir, signant le registre sous le nom de "Gloria Lavell".

Une visite d'une journée
Elle demanda particulièrement aucune publicité ni d' interview pendant sa visite d'une journée - et sa demande a été accordée.

Marilyn, dont le troisième mari, gagnant du Prix Pulitzer, le dramaturge Arthur Miller, était uniquement ici pour rendre visite à son ex-beau-père Isadore Miller, qui séjourne à l'Hôtel Sea Isle, 14 blocs vers le sud sur Collins Avenue.

Un Secret
Miller refusa de révéler la conversation qu'il a eu avec Marilyn.
Elle a gagné son divorce mexicain d'avec Miller le 24 janvier 1961 pour cause d'incompatibilité.
« Elle n'était jamais venue à Miami Beach auparavant » dit Miller père.
« Nous avons dîné au Club Gigi du Fontainebleau et avons assisté au spectacle à mon hôtel. De là, nous avons marché sur Collins Avenue, en discutant. Beaucoup de gens l'ont reconnue, même sans maquillage, et elle leur a donné des autographes ainsi qu’aux employés de l'hôtel ».

Miss Monroe, qui a déclaré une fois aux journalistes qu'elle ne portait jamais de soutien-gorge, ni de gaines, ou toute autre forme de sous-vêtements, et faisait l'exception pour dormir avec un peu de parfum, a quitté hier après-midi Miami pour Mexico City pour de courtes vacances.
Mais avant d’embarquer, elle s’est rendue à Fort Lauderdale où son autre ex-mari, Joe DiMaggio, etait occupé avec les New York Yankees rookies à leur camp d'entraînement printanier.

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03 mars 2008

19/05/1962 Anniversaire de JFK 1

1/ Gala d'anniversaire de JFK

1962_05_19_NY_JFKBirthday_affiche_1Le 19 mai 1962 Marilyn Monroe participe au Gala pour l'anniversaire du président John F. Kennedy. Elle est vêtue d'une somptueuse robe de soie cousue à même son corps, sous laquelle elle ne porte aucun sous-vêtement, et porte une fourrure d'hermine blanche qu'elle aurait empruntée au département costumes de la Fox (qui ne cautionne pas la venue de l'actrice au Gala de JFK). Une foule de 15 000 démocrates sont venus acclamer les 45 ans de leur président au Madison Square Garden à New York. Jackie Kennedy, la femme du président, est absente. Ayant consulté la liste des invités, elle a emmené ses enfants faire du cheval en Virginie. Jack Benny, Henry Fonda, Ella Fitzgerald, Peggy Lee et Maria Callas doivent se produire. Après avoir abusé du Dom Pérignon dans sa loge car pétrifiée par le trac, c'est comme à son habitude que Marilyn arrive avec environ 40 minutes de retard. C'est après plusieurs annonces infructueuses pendant lesquelles les roulements de tambours et les projecteurs éclairent une scène vide, que Peter Lawford (le beau frère de JFK) présente Marilyn en des termes plutôt ambigus: "Mr. President, the Late Marilyn Monroe" ["late" voulant aussi bien dire "en retard" que "décédée"]. Marilyn chante sur scène le désormais mémorable Happy Birthday et Thank you for the memory. Puis le Président exprime sa reconnaissance à la chanteuse en déclarant: "Maintenant que j'ai entendu un "Happy Birthday" chanté d'une façon aussi douce et agréable, je peux me retirer de la politique".
la vidéo du passage de Marilyn (et paroles de la chanson) à voir ici

mm_1962_birthday3 1962_jfkprogram
mm_1962_birthday4 1962_jfk_letter_show

>> Photos
1962_05_19_NewYork_JFKBirthday_010   1962_05_19_NewYork_JFKBirthday_OnStage00100   1962_05_19_NewYork_JFKBirthday_OnStage00201withPeterLawford_1
1962_05_19_NewYork_JFKBirthday_OnStage00201withPeterLawford_1a 1962_marilyn_monroe_1962 
877_3__3_ 1962_05_19_NewYork_JFKBirthday_OnStage00211 1962_jfk 
1962_05_19_NewYork_JFKBirthday_OnStage00410_1 1962-jfk-11 1962_05_19_NewYork_JFKBirthday_OnStage00413_010
1962_05_19_NewYork_JFKBirthday_OnStage00341 1962_05_19_NewYork_JFKBirthday_OnStage00410_2 1962_05_19_NewYork_JFKBirthday_OnStage00500_020
1962_05_19_NewYork_JFKBirthday_OnStage00340 1962_05_19_NewYork_JFKBirthday_OnStage00600   1962-jfk-1 
245225_0 245226_0 245227_0 

> Photographies de Henry Grossman
   1962_05_19_NewYork_JFKBirthday_OnStage00212_by_henry_grossman_1 1962_jfk_by_henry_grossman_marilyn_monroe_19261962_337_1

> Photographies de Joel Yale

> Photographies de Bill Ray
mm_by_bill_ray-H5945-L80459557  mm_by_bill_ray-H5945-L80459135 
1962_05_19_NewYork_JFKBirthday_OnStage00320_by_bill_ray_1 mm_by_bill_ray_1 1962_05_19_BillRAY02
1962_05_19_NewYork_JFKBirthday_OnStage00300_2 1962_05_19_NewYork_JFKBirthday_OnStage00310 1962_jfk_29975
1962_05_19_NewYork_JFKBirthday_OnStage00330 1962_36 lot1200-H3257-L78858083

>> Captures
1962_05_19_NewYork_JFKBirthday_OnStage00200_010 1962_05_19_NewYork_JFKBirthday_OnStage00200_020 1962_05_19_NewYork_JFKBirthday_OnStage00202_1
1962_05_19_NewYork_JFKBirthday_OnStage00202_2 1962_05_19_NewYork_JFKBirthday_OnStage00203_2 1962_05_19_NewYork_JFKBirthday_OnStage00203_1
1962_05_19_NewYork_JFKBirthday_OnStage00400_01 1962_05_19_NewYork_JFKBirthday_OnStage00401_010 1962_05_19_NewYork_JFKBirthday_OnStage00401_020
1962_05_19_NewYork_JFKBirthday_OnStage00401_021 1962_05_19_NewYork_JFKBirthday_OnStage00401_022 1962_05_19_NewYork_JFKBirthday_OnStage00401_023
1962_05_19_NewYork_JFKBirthday_OnStage00411_030 1962_05_19_NewYork_JFKBirthday_OnStage00411_040 1962_05_19_NewYork_JFKBirthday_OnStage00412_011
1962_05_19_NewYork_JFKBirthday_OnStage00411_020 1962_05_19_NewYork_JFKBirthday_OnStage00412_020_c 1962_05_19_NewYork_JFKBirthday_OnStage00412_010
1962_JFK_cap_16 1962_05_19_NewYork_JFKBirthday_OnStage00412_030 1962_05_19_NewYork_JFKBirthday_OnStage00413_020
1962_05_19_NewYork_JFKBirthday_OnStage00414_010 1962_05_19_NewYork_JFKBirthday_OnStage00414_020 1962_05_19_NewYork_JFKBirthday_OnStage00419_010
1962_05_19_NewYork_JFKBirthday_OnStage00420_010 1962_05_19_NewYork_JFKBirthday_OnStage00420_010a 1962_05_19_NewYork_JFKBirthday_OnStage00420_020

245210_0 245211_0 245213_0  
245212_0 245214_0 245215_0 
245216_0 245217_0 245218_0 
245219_0 245220_0 245221_0 

Marilyn Monroe en fourreau blanc dans les coulisses du show d'anniversaire du Président John Fitzgerald Kennedy le 19 mai 1962 au Madison Square Garden à New York.

1962_05_19_NY_JFKBirthday_fur_010_010_1 1962_05_19_NY_JFKBirthday_Fur_010_020 jfk 
879_3__5_ 1962_05_19_NY_JFKBirthday_Fur_010_040 
1962_71 1962_05_19_NY_JFKBirthday_Fur_031_010_1 1962_05_19_NY_JFKBirthday_Fur_030_020_1 
1962_05_19_NY_JFKBirthday_Fur_021_010c 1962_05_19_NY_JFKBirthday_Fur_021_010 1962_JFK_in_fur_18 

 >> Marilyn escortée par son attachée de presse Patricia Newcomb 
1962_05_19_NY_JFKBirthday_Fur_030_010   1962-lot1035-203121_0 1962_jfk_1a
1962_05_19_NY_JFKBirthday_Fur_020_010_1 1962_05_19_NY_JFKBirthday_Fur_020_010_2 1962_jfk_kennedy 
1962_05_19_NY_JFKBirthday_Fur_020_020  1962_JFK_in_fur_H20 1962_jfk_01

 >> Marilyn au bras de son ex beau père Isadore Miller (père d'Arthur)
1962_05_19_NY_JFKBirthday_Fur_040_IsadoreMiller_010_1 1962_grossman_henry_marylin_monroe_madison_square_garden_1_
1962_05_19_NY_JFKBirthday_Fur_040_IsadoreMiller_030_1 1962_05_19_NY_JFKBirthday_Fur_040_IsadoreMiller_020_1
1962_jfk_avec_jackbenny 1962_05_19_NY_JFKBirthday_Fur_040_IsadoreMillersDad_1 1962_05_19_NY_JFKBirthday_Fur_042_1

 >> Marilyn discute avec Peter Lawford (beau frère de JFK)
1962_05_19_NY_JFKBirthday_Fur_041_PeterLawford_1 1962_05_19_NY_JFKBirthday_Fur_041_PeterLawford_1a

>> Le départ de Marilyn (et une carte postale)
 245224_0  1962_05_19_NY_JFKBirthday_Fur_011_020 
1962_05_19_NY_JFKBirthday_Fur_inCar_011_0100 1962_jfk_07 1962_05_19_NewYork_JFKBirthday_card_1 
1962_05_19_NY_JFKBirthday_Fur_inCar_010_010 1962_456 1962_05_19_NY_JFKBirthday_Fur_inCar_011_020
1962_05_19_NY_JFKBirthday_Fur_inCar_012_010a 1962_72 

- témoignage de James Haspiel, qui se trouvait dans le public

  - L'autre cadeau de Marilyn à JFK -
- The other gift of Marilyn to JFK -

Outre son interprétation scénique, Marilyn Monroe offrit à JFK un cadeau privé:
. une montre Rolex en or gravée au dos [JACK - With love as always - from - MARILYN - May 29th 1962],
. accompagnée d'un poème intitulé "A Heartfelt Plea on Your Birthday" [Let Lovers breathe their sighs / And roses bloom ans music sound / Let passion burn on lips and eyes / And pleasures merry world go round / Let golden sunshine flood the sky / And let me love / Or let me die !]. Quand JFK reçut ce cadeau des mains de son aide de camp Kenneth O' Donnell, il aurait répondu à ce dernier: "Débarassez-vous en", au lieu de le jeter, ce dernier l'aurait alors gardé pour lui. La montre fut vendue aux enchères en 2005 pour la modique somme de 120,000 $.
(>> sur le web: article sur cbsnews et sur watchrolex

1962_05_19_NewYork_JFKBirthday_poem_1 1962_05_19_NewYork_JFKBirthday_gift_1 1962_05_19_NewYork_JFKBirthday_gift_2

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