été 1961, Berverly Hills, chez les Lawford: Marilyn Monroe avec Frank Sinatra et le couple Lawford (Peter Lawford, membre du Rat Pack de Sinatra, et sa femme Patricia, la soeur des Kennedy), May Britt (épouse de Sammy Davies Jr., en arrière-plan), et Shirley MacLaine (assise au premier plan). Le groupe regarde le nouvel appareil photo Polaroid de Peter Lawford.
Photographies de
Bernie Abramson.

Summer of 1961, Beverly Hills, in Lawford's: Marilyn Monroe with Frank Sinatra, the Lawford (Peter Lawford, a member of Sinatra's Rat Pack, and his wife Patricia, a Kennedy' sister), May Britt (wife of Sammy Davies Jr., in the background at right) and Shirley MacLaine (sitting in front). The group looks at a photo from Peter’s new polaroid camera.
Photographs of Bernie Abramson.

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