Illustration de Marilyn Monroe par Earl Moran


Provenance: Peinture appartenant au cartooniste Mickey Bach qui avait un tableau nu chez lui accroché au mur avec l'indication "Regardez cet espace !" et demandait à ses amis de le remplir, ce qu'ils ont fait: sept artistes y ont peint des illustrations: Dr. Seuss, Earl Moran, Andy Loomis, Jefferson Machamer, Henry Clive, Clifford McBride et un artiste non identifié. Earl Moran y a peint Marilyn Monroe.


 Unique painting with contributions by seven famous illustrators, including Dr. Seuss. Sixty years ago, cartoonist Mickey Bach hung a blank canvas on the wall of his home with the words ''Watch This Space!'' on it, with the intention of having his famous friends lend their contributions to the piece, which they did: Dr. Seuss, Earl Moran, Andy Loomis, Jefferson Machamer, Henry Clive, Clifford McBride and one other unknown artist all painted upon the canvas. Dr. Seuss' drawing features a Seussian character staring at an Andy Loomis drawing of a busty young woman, admiring her shapely figure as he says ''Nature Lover''. Jefferson Machamer paints a nude young woman staring straight ahead with her hand resting on the head of a Santa Claus painted by Henry Clive, with a caption reading, ''What are you wasting your time reading this for?''. Earl Moran paints a portrait of Marilyn Monroe and Clifford McBride paints a man and his dog, both looking happily startled. Portrait artist Randy Taslar paints an image of cartoonist Mickey Bach to upper right. Framed painting measures 35.5'' x 29.25''. Weighs 7.6 lbs. A fun piece in very good condition.
> source Nate D Sanders Auction


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