27 janvier 2019

Sur le tournage de Let's Make Love 6

Le Milliardaire
Sur le tournage

Pendant la scène
During the shooting scene

- George Cukor, Marilyn Monroe & Arthur Miller -
lml-sc06-on_set-MM_Cukor_Miller-010-1 lml-sc06-on_set-MM_Cukor_Miller-011-1 lml-sc06-on_set-MM_Cukor_Miller-012-1 
lml-sc06-on_set-MM_Cukor_Miller-011-1a  lml-sc06-on_set-test_hair-1 

- Marilyn Monroe & Yves Montand -

Sur le plateau
On the set

- Marilyn Monroe & boy scout -
(remise d'une médaille ? / awarded with a medal ?)

lml-sc06-set-MM_with_boy-010  lml-sc06-set-MM_with_boy-011 
lml-sc06-set-MM_with_boy-012  lml-sc06-set-MM_with_boy-013  lml-sc06-set-MM_with_boy-014 

- Alan Whitey Snyder, Marilyn Monroe & des personnes de l'équipe du film -
Alan Whitey Snyder, Marilyn & members of the crew of the movie

lml-sc06-set-studio-011-1  lml-sc06-set-studio-011-1a 

Dans la loge
In her dressing-room

 - photographies: Lawrence Schiller -

- Marilyn Monroe & Yves Montand -


 - photographies: Robert Vose -

lml-sc06-set-dressing_room-by_robert_vose-010-1  lml-sc06-set-dressing_room-by_robert_vose-010-1a 

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06 janvier 2019

Sur le tournage de Let's Make Love 7

Le Milliardaire
Sur le tournage

Sur le plateau
On the set

- George Cukor, Marilyn Monroe & Arthur Miller -
lml-sc07-set-MM_with_cukor_miller-010-1  lml-sc07-set-MM_with_cukor_miller-010-1a  

- photographies: Bob Willoughby -

lml-sc07-set-chair-MM_by_Bob_Willoughby-020-1a lml-sc07-set-chair-MM_by_Bob_Willoughby-021-1 lml-sc07-set-chair-MM_by_Bob_Willoughby-030-1b 
lml-sc07-set-chair-MM_by_Bob_Willoughby-031-1a lml-sc07-set-chair-MM_by_Bob_Willoughby-031-1b 
lml-sc07-set-chair-MM_by_Bob_Willoughby-031-1c  lml-sc07-set-chair-MM_by_Bob_Willoughby-031-1d
lml-sc07-set-chair-MM_by_Bob_Willoughby-040-1  lml-sc07-set-chair-MM_by_Bob_Willoughby-041-1a 
lml-sc07-set-chair-MM_by_Bob_Willoughby-042-1 lml-sc07-set-chair-MM_by_Bob_Willoughby-010-1 lml-sc07-set-chair-MM_by_Bob_Willoughby-010-1b  

- Marilyn Monroe et un technicien -
- Marilyn Monroe and a camera operator -

lml-sc07-set-chair-MM_with_cam_operator-by_bob_Willoughby-1b  lml-sc07-set-chair-MM_with_cam_operator-by_bob_Willoughby-2 

- Marilyn Monroe & George Cukor -
lml-sc07-set-chair-MM_with_cukor-by_bob_Willoughby-1 lml-sc07-set-chair-MM_with_cukor-by_bob_Willoughby-2 lml-sc07-set-chair-MM_with_cukor-by_bob_Willoughby-3a 
lml-sc07-set-chair-MM_with_cukor-by_bob_Willoughby-3b lml-sc07-set-chair-MM_with_cukor-by_bob_Willoughby-4 lml-sc07-set-chair-MM_with_cukor-by_bob_Willoughby-4b 

- Marilyn Monroe & Richard Gheman (journaliste) -

- Marilyn Monroe, Yves Montand & George Cukor -

- Marilyn Monroe & George Cukor -
lml-sc07-set-MM_with_cukor-010-by_Bob_Willoughby-1a lml-sc07-set-MM_with_cukor-010-by_Bob_Willoughby-1b lml-sc07-set-MM_with_cukor-011-1  

- Arthur Miller, Marilyn Monroe & Louella Parsons (journaliste)-
lml-sc07-set-MM_with_louella_parsons-miller-by_Bob_Willoughby-1  lml-sc07-set-MM_with_louella_parsons-miller-don_price-by_Bob_Willoughby-1a 

- Marilyn Monroe, Arthur Miller & Yves Montand -
lml-sc07-set-MM_with_miller_montand-by_Bob_Willoughby-1 lml-sc07-set-MM_with_miller_montand-by_Bob_Willoughby-2 lml-sc07-set-MM_with_miller_montand-by_Bob_Willoughby-3 

- Marilyn Monroe, Paula Strasberg & Jerry Wald  -

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29 décembre 2018

Photos promos de Let's Make Love - scene 7

Le Milliardaire
Photos Publicitaires

 - photographies: Arthur Zinn -

de gauche à droite (from left to right):
Frankie Vaughan, Marilyn Monroe
, Arthur Miller, Yves Montand
LML-sc07-studio-MM_Miller_Montand_Vaughan-011-by_arthur_zinn-1a  LML-sc07-studio-MM_Miller-010-by_arthur_zinn-1 
LML-sc07-studio-MM_Miller-020-by_arthur_zinn-1a LML-sc07-studio-MM_Miller-020-by_arthur_zinn-2  

Frankie Vaughan, Marilyn Monroe, Yves Montand, George Cukor
LML-sc07-studio-MM_Vaughan_Montand-010-by_arthur_zinn-1   LML-sc07-studio-MM_Vaughan_Montand-011-1 LML-sc07-studio-MM_Vaughan_Montand-011-1a 
LML-sc07-studio-MM_Vaughan_Montand-013-1 LML-sc07-studio-MM_Vaughan_Montand-013-1a LML-sc07-studio-MM_Vaughan_Montand-014-1 
LML-sc07-studio-MM_Vaughan_Montand-012-by_arthur_zinn-1 LML-sc07-studio-MM_Vaughan_Montand-015-1-by_arthur_zinn-1  LML-sc07-studio-MM_Vaughan_Montand-016-by_arthur_zinn-1a 
LML-sc07-studio-MM_Vaughan_Montand-016-by_arthur_zinn-1  LML-sc07-studio-MM_Vaughan-010-1 LML-sc07-studio-MM_Vaughan-020-1a 
LML-sc07-studio-MM_Vaughan-021-1 LML-sc07-studio-MM_with_cukor-010-1a   LML-sc07-studio-MM_with_cukor-010-1 

Marilyn Monroe

 - photographies: Arthur Zinn -

LML-sc07-studio-MM-010-1-by_arthur_zinn-1 LML-sc07-studio-MM-011-1-by_arthur_zinn-1 LML-sc07-studio-MM-012-1 
LML-sc07-studio-MM-012-2 LML-sc07-studio-MM-013-1-by_arthur_zinn-1 
LML-sc07-studio-MM-013-2  LML-sc07-studio-MM-014-1-by_arthur_zinn-1  LML-sc07-studio-MM-020-CS-1-01 
LML-sc07-studio-MM-020-CS-1-02  LML-sc07-studio-MM-020-CS-1-03  LML-sc07-studio-MM-020-CS-1-04 
LML-sc07-studio-MM-020-CS-1-05  LML-sc07-studio-MM-021-1  LML-sc07-studio-MM-022-1 
LML-sc07-studio-MM-023-1 LML-sc07-studio-MM-023-2 LML-sc07-studio-MM-023-4 
LML-sc07-studio-MM-023-4a LML-sc07-studio-MM-024-1 LML-sc07-studio-MM-024-2 

- Planches Contact -
Contact Sheet

LML-sc07-studio-MM-contact_sheet-2  LML-sc07-studio-MM-contact_sheet-3a    LML-sc07-studio-MM-contact_sheet-4 

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24 octobre 2018

Sur le tournage de Let's Make Love 16

Le Milliardaire
Sur le tournage

 Pendant la scène
During the shooting scene

 lml-sc16-on_set-010-contact_negatif-010-1 lml-sc16-on_set-010-contact_negatif-010-2 lml-sc16-on_set-010-contact_negatif-010-3 
lml-sc16-on_set-010-contact_negatif-011-1 lml-sc16-on_set-010-contact_negatif-012-1 lml-sc16-on_set-010-contact_negatif-012-2 
lml-sc16-on_set-010-contact_negatif-012-3 lml-sc16-on_set-010-contact_negatif-012-4 lml-sc16-on_set-010-contact_negatif-013-1 
lml-sc16-on_set-010-contact_negatif-013-2 lml-sc16-on_set-010-contact_negatif-013-3 lml-sc16-on_set-010-contact_negatif-013-4 
lml-sc16-on_set-010-contact_negatif-014-1 lml-sc16-on_set-010-contact_negatif-014-2 
lml-sc16-on_set-010-contact_negatif-015-1 lml-sc16-on_set-010-contact_negatif-015-2 lml-sc16-on_set-010-contact_negatif-015-3 
lml-sc16-on_set-010-contact_negatif-015-4 lml-sc16-on_set-010-contact_negatif-016-1  lml-sc16-on_set-010-contact_sheet-1  

Yves Montand, Marilyn Monroe
 lml-sc16-on_set-020-elevator-011-1  lml-sc16-on_set-020-elevator-011-2 
lml-sc16-on_set-020-elevator-012-1 lml-sc16-on_set-020-elevator-013-1 lml-sc16-on_set-020-elevator-013-2 
lml-sc16-on_set-020-elevator-014-1  lml-sc16-on_set-020-elevator-010-1 

lml-sc16-on_set-020-elevator-050-1  lml-sc16-on_set-020-elevator-041-1 

- photographies: John Bryson -

 Yves Montand, Marilyn Monroe, George Cukor

lml-sc16-on_set-020-elevator-020-1-by_Bryson-1  lml-sc16-on_set-020-elevator-021-with_cukor-1  lml-sc16-on_set-020-elevator-030-with_cukor-by_bryson-1 
 lml-sc16-on_set-020-elevator-040-1-by_Bryson-1a  lml-sc16-on_set-020-elevator-040-1-by_Bryson-1 
lml-sc16-on_set-030-by_Bryson-1  lml-sc16-on_set-030-by_Bryson-1-a 
lml-sc16-on_set-031-by_Bryson-1  lml-sc16-on_set-032-by_Bryson-1 

Sur le plateau
On the set

Marilyn Monroe & George Cukor

 Marilyn Monroe & Yves Montand

LML-sc16-set-cup_red-MM_Montand-010-1 LML-sc16-set-cup_red-MM_Montand-010-1a LML-sc16-set-cup_red-MM_Montand-011-1 

 Marilyn Monroe & Arthur Miller
lml-sc16-set-MM_Miller-010-1  lml-sc16-set-MM_Miller-010-1-signed lml-sc16-set-MM_Miller-011-1 
lml-sc16-set-MM_Miller-011-1a  lml-sc16-set-MM_Miller-012-1 

 Marilyn Monroe et le journaliste Donald Zec

12/05/1960 - anniversaire de Wilfrid Hyde-White
1960, May, 12 - Birthday of Wilfrid Hyde-White


> 15/05/1960 - jour de tournage de Gene Kelly 
1960, May, 15 - Day of shooting of Gene Kelly
LML-sc16-studio-MM_Kelly_Montand-010-1  LML-sc16-studio-set-MM_Kelly_Montand-010-1  LML-sc16-studio-set-MM_Kelly_Montand-022-1a 
LML-sc16-studio-MM_Kelly_Montand-011-1a  LML-sc16-studio-MM_Kelly_Montand-022-2  LML-sc16-studio-MM_Kelly_Montand-014-1 

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27 septembre 2018

Pendant "Let's Make Love", répétitions

Le Milliardaire
Sur le tournage

Marilyn Monroe répète les numéros de danses du chorégraphe Jack Cole pour le film "Let's Make Love" ("Le Milliardaire") - fin 1959  / début 1960.
Marilyn Monroe rehearses the dance numbers of the choreographer Jack Cole for the movie "Let's Make Love", end 1959 / beginning 1960.

> Marilyn Monroe, Jack Cole, Yves Montand

répétition / rehearsals: "My Heart Belongs To Daddy"

- photographies: John Bryson -

Marilyn Monroe & Arthur Miller
1959-11_1960-06-LML-on_set-rehearsal-020-1-by_john_bryson-1a  1959-11_1960-06-LML-on_set-rehearsal-020-2-by_john_bryson-1   

Marilyn quitte le studio après une journée de répétitions
Marilyn leaves the studios after a day of rehearsals

Après les répétitions, Marilyn est interviewée par Bob Crane
After rehearsals, Marilyn is interviewed by Bob Crane
> 1960
Bob Crane Show 


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Pendant "Let's Make Love", dans la loge - par Bryson

Le Milliardaire
Sur le tournage

Marilyn Monroe dans sa loge pendant le tournage du film "Let's Make Love" ("Le Milliardaire") fin 1959  / début 1960, essayant un ensemble bikini noir (l'étiquette du prix encore accroché) pour son mari Arthur Miller. Photographies de John Bryson pour le magazine Life.
Marilyn Monroe in her dressing room on the set of "Let's Make Love", end 1959 / beginning 1960; she fits a black bikini bathing suit (with the price tag still on it) for husband Arthur Miller. Photographs by John Bryson for Life magazine.

1959-11_1960-06-LML-dressing_room-black_bikini-010-1-by_john_bryson-1  1959-11_1960-06-LML-dressing_room-black_bikini-011-1-by_john_bryson-1 1959-11_1960-06-LML-dressing_room-black_bikini-014-1-by_john_bryson-1  
1959-11_1960-06-LML-dressing_room-black_bikini-012-1-by_john_bryson-1 1959-11_1960-06-LML-dressing_room-black_bikini-016-1-by_john_bryson-1 1959-11_1960-06-LML-dressing_room-black_bikini-017-1-by_john_bryson-1 
1959-11_1960-06-LML-dressing_room-black_bikini-013-1-by_john_bryson-1a  1959-11_1960-06-LML-dressing_room-black_bikini-015-1-by_john_bryson-1  1959-11_1960-06-LML-dressing_room-black_bikini-018-1-by_john_bryson-1a 

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Pendant "Let's Make Love"

Le Milliardaire
Sur le tournage

Marilyn Monroe sur le tournage du film "Let's Make Love" ("Le Milliardaire") fin 1959  / début 1960.
Marilyn Monroe on the set of "Let's Make Love" end 1959 / beginning 1960.

Dans la loge de la Fox
In the dressing-room of the Fox Studios

- photographies: John Bryson -

Marilyn Monroe & Yves Montand
1959-11_1960-06-LML-jacket_white-dressing_room-1-1-by_john_bryson-1 1959-11_1960-06-LML-jacket_white-dressing_room-1-2-by_john_bryson-1 1959-11_1960-06-LML-jacket_white-dressing_room-1-3-by_john_bryson-1  

Les couples Marilyn Monroe / Arthur Miller
Yves Montand / Simone Signoret

1959-11_1960-06-LML-jacket_white-dressing_room-3-1-by_john_bryson-1a  1959-11_1960-06-LML-jacket_white-dressing_room-3-1-by_john_bryson-1b 

- photographie: Robert Vose -



- photographies: Lawrence Schiller -

Marilyn Monroe , Yves Montand
et la coiffeuse Agnes Flanagan

1959-11_1960-06-LML-jacket_black-by_lawrence_schiller-010-1-HQ  1959-11_1960-06-LML-jacket_black-by_schiller-contact-1 

Sur le plateau
In the set

- photographies: John Bryson -

Marilyn Monroe, George Cukor & Yves Montand
1959-11_1960-06-LML-jacket_white-on_set-by_john_bryson-010-1 1959-11_1960-06-LML-jacket_white-on_set-by_john_bryson-011-1 1959-11_1960-06-LML-jacket_white-on_set-by_john_bryson-012-1 

- photographies: Robert Vose -

Marilyn Monroe & Arthur Miller

1959-11_1960-06-LML-jacket_white-on_set-by_robert_vose-1  1959-11_1960-06-LML-jacket_white-on_set-by_robert_vose-1b 
1959-11_1960-06-LML-jacket_white-on_set-by_robert_vose-rehearsal-010-1  1959-11_1960-06-LML-jacket_white-on_set-by_robert_vose-rehearsal-020-1  

en janvier 1960 : Marilyn Monroe, Paula Strasberg et
le journaliste Stephane Groueff, envoyé par Paris Match.
1960, January: Marilyn Monroe, Paula Strasberg and the journalist
Stephane Groueff, send by French magazine Paris Match.


Marilyn Monroe et des membres de l'équipe technique
Marilyn Monroe with members of the technical crew

1959-11_1960-06-LML-on_set-jacket-010-1 1959-11_1960-06-LML-on_set-jacket-010-1a 1959-11_1960-06-LML-on_set-jacket-011-1  

Marilyn Monroe avec Yves Montand et le chorégraphe Jack Cole
Marilyn Monroe with Yves Montand and choreographer Jack Cole

1959-11_1960-06-LML-on_set-white_robe-010-1  1959-11_1960-06-LML-on_set-white_robe-020-1 

Yves Montand, Jack Cole, Arthur Miller

Arthur Miller photographié par John Bryson

- photographie: John Bryson -


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Janvier 1960, Sur le plateau de "Let's Make Love"

En janvier 1960, le journaliste Stephane Groueff interviewe Marilyn Monroe pour le magazine français Paris Match (l'article paraîtra dans l'édition du 20/02/1960 ) sur le tournage du film "Let's Make Love" ("Le Milliardaire"); l'interview avait été arrangée par le photographe John Bryson.

In January, 1960, the journalist Stephane Groueff interviewes Marilyn Monroe for French magazine Paris Match (the article will be published in the edition of 1960, February, 20) on the set of "Let's Make Love". The interview was arranged by photographer John Bryson

> Stephane Groueff,  Marilyn Monroe, Paula Strasberg

> Marilyn Monroe & Arthur Miller
1959-11_1960-06-LML-jacket_white-on_set-by_robert_vose-rehearsal-010-1  1959-11_1960-06-LML-jacket_white-on_set-by_robert_vose-rehearsal-020-1 

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26 février 2017

30/05/1958 New York, 444 East 57th Street

Le 30 mai 1958, Marilyn Monroe sort de son appartement au 444 East 57th Street de New York. Avec Arthur Miller, ils portent un bouquet de fleurs et des valises qu'ils mettent dans une voiture puis ils partent.
On May, 30, 1958, Marilyn Monroe exited her apartment at 444 East 57th Street in New York. With Arthur Miller, they carry a large bouquet of flowers and luggages into a station wagon and then depart.

1958-05-30-ny-444_east_57th_street-collection_frieda_hull-1-1a 1958-05-30-ny-444_east_57th_street-collection_frieda_hull-1-1b 1958-05-30-ny-444_east_57th_street-collection_frieda_hull-1-1c 
- de la collection de Frieda Hull, une fan des Monroe Six
-from the personal collection of Frieda Hull, one of the 'Monroe Six'


- captures (footage de Frieda Hull)
1958-05-30-ny-444_east_57th_street-collection_frieda_hull-footage-1-1 1958-05-30-ny-444_east_57th_street-collection_frieda_hull-footage-1-2 1958-05-30-ny-444_east_57th_street-collection_frieda_hull-footage-1-3 
1958-05-30-ny-444_east_57th_street-collection_frieda_hull-footage-1-4  1958-05-30-ny-444_east_57th_street-collection_frieda_hull-footage-1-5 

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15 janvier 2017

See Marilyn Monroe in Long-Lost Film

logo_VF  See Marilyn Monroe Giggle Through Her Wedding Reception, Movie Rehearsals, and More in Long-Lost Film
Watch photographer Milton H. Greene’s lost footage of his most famous muse.

published in July 12, 2016
by Julie Miller
en ligne sur vanityfair.com

Fine-art fashion photographer Milton H. Greene captured some of the greatest stars of the 1950s and 1960s in his enduring portraits, including Grace Kelly, Elizabeth Taylor, Cary Grant, Sophia Loren, Audrey Hepburn, and Paul Newman. But it was Greene’s portraits of Marilyn Monroe—his muse, friend, onetime roommate, and professional collaborator—for which he is most famous.

The two met in 1953—the same year Monroe appeared on-screen in Gentlemen Prefer Blondes—when Greene photographed the bombshell for Look magazine. Photographer and subject bonded, and their relationship over the next few years yielded one production company (Marilyn Monroe Productions, whose titles include The Prince and the Showgirl), a memoir, and over 50 photo sessions.

Beginning July 16, the Morrison Hotel Gallery at the Sunset Marquis Hotel will display some of Greene’s never-before-seen photos from these sessions in its “Some Like It Hot” exhibit. The presentation will also feature 16-mm-film footage (previewed above), showing Monroe in rare and relaxed form—mostly out of the spotlight. Among the moments Greene captured: a cheerful Monroe kissing her third husband, Arthur Miller, and greeting guests at the couple’s 1956 wedding reception; Monroe performing a musical number in the 1956 romantic comedy Bus Stop; and the beauty preening between the sheets for an intimate photo shoot.

In a statement to Vanity Fair, Joshua Greene said of his father’s work, “There was an elegance to the simplicity of the sessions. Milton was not afraid to be vulnerable with his subjects, which created confidence and trust between them.

Photographer and Morrison Hotel Gallery co-owner Timothy White added of Greene and Monroe, “They spent a lot of time together and she often ran to Milton and his family for an escape from the pressures of Hollywood. With that trust came the access and opportunity for Milton to be with her and to photograph her freely. He became a trusted confidant who always had his still and movie camera with him as he documented her life.

Seeing this film footage for the first time gives you the chills,” continues White. “They’re like home movies, yet one of the biggest stars of our time has obviously let her guard down and allows Milton to film her most playful, private, and important moments in her life. . . . It’s a window into something we've never before seen . . . but always wanted to.

The “Some Like It Hot” exhibit will continue through July 24 (2016).

> extrait d'un JT américain - interview de Timothy White
et images des séquences tournées par Greene avec
des images inédites du mariage de Marilyn avec Miller
extract of US news - interview of Timothy White
and footages of Greene's home movies with unseen images
of Marilyn Monroe and Arthur Miller's wedding

1956-07-01-jewish_wedding_ceremony_marilyn_arthur-cap_JT_2016-01-1 1956-07-01-jewish_wedding_ceremony_marilyn_arthur-cap_JT_2016-02-1 1956-07-01-jewish_wedding_ceremony_marilyn_arthur-cap_JT_2016-02-3 
1956-07-01-jewish_wedding_ceremony_marilyn_arthur-cap_JT_2016-03-2 1956-07-01-jewish_wedding_ceremony_marilyn_arthur-cap_JT_2016-04-1 1956-07-01-jewish_wedding_ceremony_marilyn_arthur-cap_JT_2016-05-1 
> retrouvez les captures dans l'article consacré au mariage:
find all the screen caps on the article dedicated to the wedding:
1/07/1956 Cérémonie Juive Mariage Marilyn et Arthur


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