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08 février 2015

Bannière 2015 Février

Marilyn Monroe le 13 septembre 1954
sur le tournage de "Sept ans de réflexion".
Photographie de Elliot Erwit.


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02 novembre 2014

Marilyn Monroe, des années de réflexion


  Marilyn Monroe, des années de réflexion
article publié sur

La galerie In Focus, à Cologne, expose au Château Kolvenburg-Billerbeck, en Allemagne, huit regards de photographes célèbres sur Norma Jeane Baker de 1945 à 1962. Une chronologie de l'absolue photogénie de l'actrice américaine.
«Marilyn Monroe, in the Vew of Master Photographers » jusqu'au 4 novembre. Commissariat de l'exposition : Burkhard Arnold. Kolvenburg. An der Kolvenburg 3. 48727 Billerbeck. Galerie In Focus, Cologne.

libe-01  libe-02 
En 1945, elle est alors une jeune modèle de 19 ans. Andre de Dienes est photographe de mode.
Photo Andre de Dienes. Courtesy In Focus Galerie. Cologne

En 1946. Le photographe Andre de Dienes suivra la star et son évolution jusqu'en 1953.
Photo Andre de Dienes. Courtesy In Focus Galerie. Cologne

libe-04 libe-05 
En 1946. Bruno Bernard, plus connu sous le nom de Bernard of Hollywood, est le photographe des pin-up et du glamour. Il réalise des séances de photo-test dans son studio.
Photo Bruno Bernard. Courtesy In Focus Galerie. Cologne


libe-06 libe-07 libe-08
En 1950, pour le magazine «Life» qui ne publiera pas cette image, estimant que Marilyn n'est pas assez connue, et attendra 1953 pour la mettre en une.
Photo Edward-Clark. Courtesy In Focus Galerie. Cologne 

En 1953.
Photo Bruno Bernard. Courtesy In Focus Galerie. Cologne 


libe-10 libe-11
En 1954. Sur le tournage de «Sept Ans de réflexion» de Billy Wilder, où de nombreux photographes ont immortalisé la scène devenue mythique.
Photo Bruno Bernard. Courtesy In Focus Galerie. Cologne 

A New York, en 1954.
Photo Elliott Erwitt. Courtesy In Focus Galerie. Cologne

libe-13 libe-14
Avec son mari, Arthur Miller, en 1960. Eve Arnold, photographe de l'agence Magnum décédée en 2012, rencontre l'actrice en 1952.
Photo Eve Arnold. Courtesy In Focus Galerie. Cologne

A Los Angeles, en 1960. Eve Arnold et Marilyn Monroe collaboreront plus de dix ans ensemble.
Photo Eve Arnold. Courtesy In Focus Galerie. Cologne 

En 1962. George Barris est un des derniers photographes à shooter la star.
Photo George Barris. Courtesy In Focus Galerie - Cologne

21 janvier 2014

‘My Favorite Marilyn’


‘My Favorite Marilyn’

Article publié le 16/01/2014
By Jeff Ashworth and James Ellis
en ligne

The photographer who knew her best tell the stories behind the iconic images
Milton H. Greene, Joshua Green

  Marilyn Monroe's looks and allure made her a desirable subject for photographers around the world, and several photographers built their careers by documenting hers. The only thing more fascinating than the unforgettable images of Marilyn they captured are the memories many of them took home when the sessions were over. For the first time in one place, the photographers responsible for some of Marilyn's most beloved pictures pick their personal favorites.

The Black Sitting - Milton Greene

news2When Milton first met Marilyn, she said, "You're just a boy." He famously replied, "Well, you're just a girl." Thus began a friendship that grew into a business partnership through Marilyn Monroe Productions. Milton's son and the steward of his archives, Joshua Greene, describes the photos he believes best exhibit his father's work:

To me, the most powerful, important pictures of their collaboration are the Black Sitting. It was never done for publication; it was done completely for their own self-serving needs. Milton was one of those guys who would shoot a roll or two. He didn't overshoot. The thing about the Black Sitting that was so amazing is, it lasted four hours and he shot 28 rolls... 12 frames per roll.

Milton, Joe Eula - my father's friend who was there as a stylist - and Marilyn drank a bunch of red wine, listened to some great music and did this fantastic, amazing series of pictures using essentially a black velvet background over a daybed. The photos are very personal, and they show the sense of humor and sensibility that they shared and enjoyed together. It was just a bunch of kids playing in a playpen.

Also, you don't see any nudity. Nowhere in the photos were there ever straight naked photos. He just didn't do that. Milton did that on purpose so Marilyn wouldn't feel betrayed or inappropriate, and this is a woman who liked being naked and didn't mind shooting naked. But Milton was a classy guy, and it wasn't necessary. To him, it was more the suggestion of nudity than the nudity. And that's what makes them so sexy. This is a timeless picture of a woman looking beautiful, and that's why it holds up. -Joshua Greene

The Actor Photo - Zinn Arthur

news3A former big-band leader and celebrity in his own right, Arthur found a second career as a photographer to the stars and captured some of the most memorable images of Marilyn at work in Hollywood. He first photographed her on the set of 1956's Bus Stop. Arthur's friend Frank Whitney and Katherine Van Acker, curator of Arthur's archive at the Image Works, Inc., share their thoughts on his favorite photo:

As a collection, Zinn liked the Bus Stop shots because he (and Marilyn) considered it to be her best film, thanks to Joshua Logan's direction. Josh was Zinn's best friend, and Zinn was a great admirer of Josh and his talents as a director. Marilyn loved Josh and how he brought out the best in her, and because Zinn was Josh's friend, she loved Zinn by association. - Frank Whitney

When Zinn was going to show someone, he wanted to be sure it was flattering. He wasn't out to overly sensationalize them or to take an unflattering picture. Zinn genuinely liked Marilyn. He was an entertainer. He understood what it was to be an entertainer and liked shooting them at work. This is a real moment. Marilyn was talking to the director of photography, and Zinn snapped off a few pictures and captured her in a flattering, nice way. - Katherine Van Acker

The Bedsheet Photo - Douglas Kirkland

news4One of only a handful of living photographers to have shot Marilyn, Kirkland has worked on the sets of more than 100 motion pictures and has shot as many celebrities, from Elizabeth Taylor to Michael Jackson. He photographed Marilyn in 1961 for Look magazine.

This is my favorite photo of Marilyn because it was her favorite. When she saw this photo she said, "That girl is the kind of girl that any man would want to be in that bed with. Even a truck driver."

On the first night of the shoot, she said, "I want a bed and white silk sheet. I won't wear anything but that white silk sheet. And I want Dom Perignon champagne and Frank Sinatra records." You felt like it was the real Marilyn there. The person who was behind "Marilyn." And that was the person I found myself taking pictures with. It was very sensual.

We were flirting like crazy, that's what it really came down to. She asked that everybody leave the room because she "wanted to be alone" with me. The energy was extraordinary, and it went into those pictures. That's why the pictures have been as successful as they have been. She didn't hold back. She gave the camera everything. - Douglas Kirkland

The Misfits Photo - Elliott Erwitt

news5After serving as a photo assistant in the U.S. Army during the 1950s, Elliott Erwitt went on to become one of the premier photojournalists of his generation, capturing iconic images of

John F. Kennedy, Che Guevara and Marilyn Monroe, among others. He was on the set of The Misfits to take photos of Marilyn hard at work on what ended up being the actress's last film.

My favorite thing about shooting Marilyn was how friendly and cooperative she was. She didn't mind me hanging around and shooting her candidly, even in the more personal pictures I took.

This photograph is my favorite, because it was a monumental task assembling all of these incredibly busy people together for the picture. I was taking publicity stills on the set of The Misfits and wanted to gather all the principal players in one photo. Photographing Marilyn was always easy once she arrived for the shot. The trick was getting her to show up on time. She was always difficult to pin down, which only adds to my pride at gathering her with all these stars for this photo. Now it's a record of the combination of talents present at the time. There was never any secret to get a good picture of Marilyn: Just aim the camera, shoot and let Providence do the rest. - Elliott Erwitt

The Pool Photo - Lawrence Schiller

news6In 1962, Marilyn was in freefall. She wanted to prove her value to 20th Century Fox and keep her name in the magazines. Lawrence Schiller, a 25-year-old photojournalist whose star was on the rise, was hired by Paris Match magazine to shoot her latest film, which would turn into a stunt of Marilyn's design: In one scene from the film, while swimming, she decided to be photographed nude, and off came her bathing suit. It would be their last collaboration.

A photographer is either a witness to something or he is a collaborator at an event. In this instance, I was both. The exploitation of the pictures was the reason she decided to do the scene nude. She could have done the scene with a flesh-colored bathing suit on and it would have worked perfectly, but she went further because she needed to achieve something else.

This photo became one of my favorites of Marilyn because years later it became my 8-year-old daughter's favorite. I showed her my photos and asked, "What do you think? Which is your favorite?" She chose this one. I said, "Why?" She said, "Because that's a picture that says everything but shows nothing." - Lawrence Schiller

"Marilyn Monroe's Lost Scrapbook,"
a Newsweek special issue, is on sale at Walmart, Barnes & Noble
and on newsstands nationwide.

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09 septembre 2013

Elliott Erwitt's Kolor

Elliott Erwitt's Kolor
Auteur: Elliott Erwitt

book_Elliott_Erwitt_kolorDate de sortie: 3 octobre 2013
Relié 368 pages
Dimension: 37 x 28,2 x 4,4 cm
Anglais, Allemand, Français, Italien, Espagnol
Éditeur: teNeues Verlag GmbH + Co KG
Prix : 93 Euros  
ISBN-10: 3832795774
ISBN-13: 978-3832795771
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Description: Des photographies couleurs prises par Elliot Erwitt, publiées pour la première fois. Avec un chapitre consacré à Marilyn (11 photographies) sur le tournage de The Seven Year Itch et des Misfits.

> Extraits pages:

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28 août 2013

The Contact Sheet

The Contact Sheet
Author: Steve Crist

book_The_Contact_Sheet_CoverDate de sortie: avril 2008
Relié 192 pages
Langue: anglais

Éditeur: AMMO Books, LLC
Prix : 29 Euros
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Description: Ce livre n'est pas consacré à Marilyn Monroe, mais présente le travail de divers photographes: Elliott Erwitt, Robert Doisneau, Paul Fusco, Dorothea Lange, Alex Prager, Nan Goldin, etc...

book_The_Contact_Sheet_p1 book_The_Contact_Sheet_p2 book_The_Contact_Sheet_p3 book_The_Contact_Sheet_p4 book_The_Contact_Sheet_p5 book_The_Contact_Sheet_p6

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07 août 2013

15/09/1954 NYC - Sur le tournage de The Seven Year Itch partie 2

Sept ans de réflexion
Sur le tournage - scène 11   

Date: le 15 septembre 1954, à une heure du matin.
Lieu: entre la 51 et 52st Street, au croisement de Lexington Avenue.
Scène: il s'agit d'une scène mythique, l'une des plus célèbres de l'histoire du cinéma, qui reste sans doute la "scène la plus vue au monde", celle où la robe blanche de Marilyn se soulève entraînée par l'air d'une grille de métro. La presse en parla comme de "l'exhibition la plus intéressante depuis Lady Godiva".

Date: September 15, 1954, at one o'clock.
Location: between 51 and 52st Street on the corner of Lexington Avenue.
Scene: it is a mythical scene, one of the most famous in the history of cinema, which is probably the "most scene view in the world," the one where the white dress of Marilyn Monroe rises, driven by the blow of the subway grate. The press spoke of as "the most interesting exhibition since Lady Godiva".

Marilyn Monroe, Tom Ewell, le réalisateur Billy Wilder (homme en noir, chapeau noir), Johnny Graham (homme en costume, chapeau et cigar), manager de production de la Côte Est qui organisa la logistique pour le tournage des scènes à New York, et Natasha Lytess, la coach de Marilyn.

>> Photographies de George Barris
syi_sc11_on_set_by_barris_030_1 syi_sc11_on_set_by_barris_030_2 
syi_sc11_on_set_by_barris_040_1 syi_sc11_on_set_by_barris_040_1a
syi_sc11_on_set_by_barris_040_2 syi_sc11_on_set_by_barris_040_2a
syi_sc11_on_set_by_barris_010_1 syi_sc11_on_set_by_barris_010_1a syi_sc11_on_set_by_barris_010_2
syi_sc11_on_set_by_barris_020_1 syi_sc11_on_set_by_barris_020_2 syi_sc11_on_set_by_barris_020_3 syi_sc11_on_set_by_barris_020_4 

tsyi-299  tsyi-300  tsyi-301
syi_sc11_on_set_by_barris_021_1a syi_sc11_on_set_by_barris_021_2 syi_sc11_on_set_by_barris_021_3
syi_sc11_on_set_by_barris_021_4 syi_sc11_on_set_by_barris_021_5 syi_sc11_on_set_by_barris_021_6
syi_sc11_on_set_by_barris_021_6a syi_sc11_on_set_by_barris_022_1 

>> Photographies de Sam Shaw
syi_sc11_on_set_contact_by_shaw_1 syi_sc11_on_set_by_sam_shaw_010_1  
syi_sc11_on_set_by_sam_shaw_011_1 syi_sc11_on_set_by_sam_shaw_011_2 syi_sc11_on_set_by_sam_shaw_011_3
syi_sc11_on_set_013_1  syi_sc11_on_set_by_sam_shaw_021_1 
syi_sc11_on_set_by_sam_shaw_030_1 syi_sc11_on_set_by_sam_shaw_030_2 syi_sc11_on_set_by_sam_shaw_031_1
 syi_sc11_on_set_by_sam_shaw_031_2 syi_sc11_on_set_by_sam_shaw_031_3 syi_sc11_on_set_by_sam_shaw_041_2 
syi_sc11_on_set_by_sam_shaw_033_1 syi_sc11_on_set_by_sam_shaw_033_1a syi_sc11_on_set_by_sam_shaw_033_2
syi_sc11_on_set_by_sam_shaw_040_1 syi_sc11_on_set_by_sam_shaw_040_2 syi_sc11_on_set_by_sam_shaw_041_1 
syi_sc11_on_set_by_sam_shaw_042_1 syi_sc11_on_set_by_sam_shaw_050_1 syi_sc11_on_set_by_sam_shaw_050_1c

>> Photographie de Matthew Zimmerman

>> Photographie de Sam Goldstein

 >> Photographies de Weegee
syi_sc11_on_set_by_weegee_1 syi_sc11_on_set_by_weegee_2

>> Photographie de Tom Caffrey 

>> Photographies de Kas Heppner

>> Photographies de Frank Worth

>> Photographies de Milton Greene
syi_sc11_on_set_by_greene_02_1 syi_sc11_on_set_by_greene_marilyn_monroe_7yr_04 syi_sc11_on_set_by_greene_marilyn_monroe_7yr_05 syi_sc11_on_set_by_greene_01_1
syi_sc11_on_set_by_greene_marilyn_monroe_7yr_22 syi_sc11_on_set_by_greene_marilyn_monroe_7yr_23
syi_sc11_on_set_by_greene_marilyn_monroe_7yr_24 syi_sc11_on_set_by_greene_marilyn_monroe_7yr_25 syi_sc11_on_set_by_greene_marilyn_monroe_7yr_26

1954-syi-by_gr-1-2  lot129d  

>> Photographies de George S. Zimbel
syi_sc11_on_set_by_george_s_zimbel_010_1 syi_sc11_on_set_by_george_s_zimbel_011_1 syi_sc11_on_set_by_george_s_zimbel_012_1
syi_sc11_on_set_by_george_s_zimbel_020_1 syi_sc11_on_set_by_george_s_zimbel_021_1 syi_sc11_on_set_by_george_s_zimbel_022_1 syi_sc11_on_set_by_george_s_zimbel_022_1a
syi_sc11_on_set_by_george_s_zimbel_023_1 syi_sc11_on_set_by_george_s_zimbel_024_1 syi_sc11_on_set_by_george_s_zimbel_025_1
syi_sc11_on_set_by_george_s_zimbel_042_1 syi_sc11_on_set_by_george_s_zimbel_024_1a syi_sc11_on_set_by_george_s_zimbel_043_1
syi_sc11_on_set_by_george_s_zimbel_030_1 syi_sc11_on_set_by_george_s_zimbel_031_1 syi_sc11_on_set_by_george_s_zimbel_032_1 syi_sc11_on_set_by_george_s_zimbel_033_1
syi_sc11_on_set_by_george_s_zimbel_040_1 syi_sc11_on_set_by_george_s_zimbel_041_1
syi_sc11_on_set_by_george_s_zimbel_044_1 syi_sc11_on_set_by_george_s_zimbel_044_2 syi_sc11_on_set_by_george_s_zimbel_joe_leaving
syi_sc11_on_set_by_george_s_zimbel_045_1 syi_sc11_on_set_by_george_s_zimbel_046_1 syi_sc11_on_set_by_george_s_zimbel_047_1
syi_sc11_on_set_by_george_s_zimbel_047_2 syi_sc11_on_set_by_george_s_zimbel_047_3 syi_sc11_on_set_by_george_s_zimbel_050_1

>> Photographies de Elliot Erwitt
syi_sc11_on_set_by_elliott_erwitt_020_1 syi_sc11_on_set_by_elliott_erwitt_020_2 syi_sc11_on_set_by_elliott_erwitt_020_3
syi_sc11_on_set_by_elliott_erwitt_020_4 syi_sc11_on_set_by_elliott_erwitt_020_5 syi_sc11_on_set_by_elliott_erwitt_020_6 syi_sc11_on_set_by_elliott_erwitt_020_7 
syi_sc11_on_set_by_elliott_erwitt_021_2 syi_sc11_on_set_by_elliott_erwitt_021_1 syi_sc11_on_set_by_elliott_erwitt_021_1a syi_sc11_on_set_by_elliott_erwitt_010_1
1954_eliott_erwitt_syi__2_ 1954_eliott_erwitt_syi__3_ 1954_eliott_erwitt_syi__4_ 1954_eliott_erwitt_syi 


>> Photographies de Garry Winogrand
syi_sc11_on_set_by_garry_winogrand_1_1 syi_sc11_on_set_by_garry_winogrand_5
syi_sc11_on_set_by_garry_winogrand_2_1 syi_sc11_on_set_by_garry_winogrand_2_2 syi_sc11_on_set_by_garry_winogrand_3 syi_sc11_on_set_by_garry_winogrand_4 

1954-syi-by_garry_winogrand_pp_17   1954-syi-by_garry_winogrand_pp_18 

>> Photographies de Charles Hagedorn
syi_sc11_on_set_by_charles_hagedorn_1 syi_sc11_on_set_by_charles_hagedorn_2 syi_sc11_on_set_by_charles_hagedorn_3

>> Photographies de John Randolph Hearst

>> Photographies de Bill Kobrin
syi_sc11_on_set_by_bill_kobrin_1 syi_sc11_on_set_by_bill_kobrin_2 syi_sc11_on_set_by_bill_kobrin_3
syi_sc11_on_set_By_Bill_Kobrin_4 syi_sc11_on_set_by_bill_kobrin_photos 

>> collection de Frieda Hull
1954-09-15-ny-collection_frieda_hull-246146_0  1954-09-15-ny-collection_frieda_hull-246148_0 
1954-09-15-ny-collection_frieda_hull-246145_0  1954-09-15-ny-collection_frieda_hull-246146_0b 

>> Photographies de Bruno Bernard
syi_sc11_on_set_by_bruno_bernard_1 syi_sc11_on_set_by_bruno_bernard_2 

Extraits du journal de Bruno Bernard:
- Le magazine Redbook engagea Bruno Bernard pour couvrir le tournage de Marilyn dans The Seven Year Itch.
- New York - 14/09/1954. Si cela n'avait pas été pour mon travail (la couverture de Redbook) et Marilyn, dix chevaux ne m'auraient pas traîné sur le tournage de Seven year Itch. Zut. J'ai attendu trois heures au milieu des odeurs transpiration et des cris de la foule et d'une bande de paparazzis (...). Soudain, la foule a poussé un formidable hurlement. Marilyn apparaissait en chair et en os. Lorsque Billy Wilder, le metteur en scène, a dit "On tourne", Marilyn est sortie du théâtre, a fait quatre pas sur la gauche avant de s'arrêter juste au-dessus d'une grille d'aération. A ce moment précis, on doit imaginer qu'un métro quitte la station, l'air qu'il déplace soulevant la jupe de Marilyn. Pour mieux contrôler l'action, les accessoiristes ont disposé un ventilateur directement sous la grille. Dans certaines prises, la jupe blanche de Marilyn s'est soulevée au point de lui couvrir le visage, à la grande joie des spectateurs hystériques. D'après le scénario, Marilyn doit simplement dire: "Ah, quel soulagement ! N'est-ce pas délicieux ?!" tandis qu'elle prend plaisir à sentir cet air frais. 
La scène a été refaite trente fois parce que Marilyn se trompait à chaque fois dans son texte. Sous sa robe, elle ne portait qu'une petite culotte de soie blanche transparente. (...) DiMaggio, qui se trouvait juste en face de moi et près de walter Winchell, regardait le spectacle. Je me rendais nettement compte que la gêne de DiMaggio tournait à la fureur. Je me frayais rapidement un chemin à travers la foule, dans l'espoir de le calmer. Mais, avant que je n'arrive près de lui, il avait déjà quitté les lieux très en colère. Winchell (...) m'a dit que DiMaggio était parti "apaiser son tempérament de macho italien au Toot's Shor's". Roy Croft nous rejoignit: "Nous devrions plutôt nous réjouir qu'elle porte au moins quelque chose dessous".
L'absence de DiMaggio ne la troubla pas, et la déesse de l'amour poursuivit ses interminables prises devant son public new-yorkais extasié.
- J'ai vraiment besoin de faire ces photos de Joe et Marilyn pour boucler mon article. Depuis le couloir de leur appartement du Saint Regis, je peux entendre les éclats d'une querelle passionnée suivie par des pleurs hystériques. Je suis parti et je n'ai pas fait mes photos. (...) J'étais abbatu et silencieux. Rencontrant Roy dans l'ascenceur, il tenta de me consoler: "Tout n'est pas perdu. Comme il y avait trop de bruits de fond en extérieur, Wilder a décidé de refaire toute la scène à Hollywood." 

>> sources:
- Livres: Bernard of Hollywood's Marilyn / De Norma Jean à Marilyn, de Susan Bernard / Marilyn among friends, Sam Shaw / L'Encyclopédie d'Adam Victor / Marilyn Monroe et les caméras, de Georges Belmont / Les trésors de Marilyn Monroe, de Jenna Glatzer / Les vies secrètes de Marilyn Monroe, d'Anthony Summers.

All photos are copyright and protected by their respective owners. 
copyright text by GinieLand.



23 juin 2013

13/09/1954 Sur le tournage de The Seven Year Itch 15 - partie 1

Sept ans de réflexion
Sur le tournage - scène 15

Le 13 septembre 1954, Marilyn Monroe tourne ce qui sera la scène finale du film "Sept ans de réflexion", celle où elle est en peignoir dans l'appartement de Richard Sherman (Tom Ewell); et lui lance ses chaussures par la fenêtre. Il s'agit de la première scène tournée en extérieur, à New York, dans l'appartement situé au 164 East 61 Street. Près de 1000 personnes (des photographes, gens de la presse et beaucoup de passants et de fans), se sont amassés devant l'immeuble.

In September, 13, 1954, Marilyn Monroe shoots what will be the final scene of "The Seven Year Itch", the one where she is in a white robe in the apartment of Richard Sherman (Tom Ewell); and she throws his shoes from out the window. This is the first scene shot on location in New York, in an apartment located at 164 East 61 Street. Nearly 1,000 people (photographers, press people and a lot of shoppers and fans), were raised in front of the building.

> 1ère partie:
- Tournage de la scène
film_7yi_scene_robe_window_out_set_020_014_by_shaw_1   film_7yi_scene_robe_window_out_set_020_015_by_shaw_1
 film_7yi_scene_robe_window_out_set_020_013_by_shaw_1 syi_sc15_on_set_filming_010_1_in_1954_09_13 syi_sc15_on_set_filming_011_1 syi_sc15_on_set_filming_013_1
syi_sc15_on_set_filming_012_1 syi_sc15_on_set_filming_012_1a syi_sc15_on_set_filming_014_1

-Marilyn à la fenêtre
syi_sc15_on_set_window_020_1  syi_sc_window 
syi_sc15_on_set_window_020_2 syi_sc15_on_set_window_010_1
syi_sc15_on_set_window_051_1 syi_sc15_on_set_window_021_1 syi_sc15_on_set_window_022_1
syi_sc15_on_set_window_023_1 syi_sc15_on_set_window_024_1
syi_sc15_on_set_window_030_1  syi_sc15_on_set_window_050_1 
film-7yi-window syi_sc15_on_set_window_041_1
 syi_sc15_on_set_window_050_2a syi_sc15_on_set_window_050_2b syi_sc15_on_set_window_050_2c 
syi_sc15_on_set_window_052_1 syi_sc15_on_set_window_052_2 

> photographies de George Barris
syi_sc15_on_set_window_by_barris_010_1 syi_sc15_on_set_window_by_barris_010_2 
syi_sc15_on_set_window_by_barris_011_1 syi_sc15_on_set_window_by_barris_011_2 syi_sc15_on_set_window_by_barris_011_2a
syi_sc15_on_set_window_by_barris_011_3 syi_sc15_on_set_window_by_barris_011_3a
syi_sc15_on_set_window_by_sam_shaw_serie1_013_1 syi_sc15_on_set_window_by_sam_shaw_serie1_013_2
syi_sc15_on_set_window_by_barris_012_1 syi_sc15_on_set_window_by_barris_012_1a syi_sc15_on_set_window_by_barris_013_1
syi_sc15_on_set_window_by_barris_020_1 syi_sc15_on_set_window_by_barris_020_2 syi_sc15_on_set_window_by_barris_020_3
syi_sc15_on_set_window_by_barris_020_4 syi_sc15_on_set_window_by_barris_020_5
syi_sc15_on_set_window_by_barris_020_6 syi_sc15_on_set_window_by_barris_020_7 
syi_sc15_on_set_window_by_barris_021_1 syi_sc15_on_set_window_by_barris_021_2 syi_sc15_on_set_window_by_barris_021_3

> photographies de Bob Henriques
syi_sc15_on_set_window_by_bob_henriques_1_1 syi_sc15_on_set_window_by_bob_henriques_1_2 syi_sc15_on_set_window_by_bob_henriques_1_3

> photographies de Garry Winogrand 

> photographies de Myron Ehrenberg

> photographies de Milton H. Greene

> photographie de Sam Schulman

 > photographies de Sam Shaw  
syi_sc15_on_set_window_by_sam_shaw_serie1_010_1 syi_sc15_on_set_window_by_sam_shaw_serie1_010_2 syi_sc15_on_set_window_by_sam_shaw_serie1_010_3
syi_sc15_on_set_window_by_sam_shaw_serie1_011_1 syi_sc15_on_set_window_by_sam_shaw_serie1_012_1 syi_sc15_on_set_window_by_sam_shaw_serie1_012_2

syi_sc15_on_set_window_by_sam_shaw_serie1_011_1a syi_sc15_on_set_window_by_sam_shaw_serie1_014_1a
film_7yi_scene_robe_window_out_set_031_010_by_shaw_1 syi_sc15_on_set_window_by_sam_shaw_serie1_017_1a
syi_sc15_on_set_window_by_sam_shaw_serie1_014_1 syi_sc15_on_set_window_by_sam_shaw_serie1_015_1 syi_sc15_on_set_window_by_sam_shaw_serie1_016_1
syi_sc15_on_set_window_by_sam_shaw_serie1_018_1 syi_sc15_on_set_window_by_sam_shaw_serie1_018_1a syi_sc15_on_set_window_by_sam_shaw_serie4_010_1  
syi_sc15_on_set_window_by_sam_shaw_serie2_010_1 syi_sc15_on_set_window_by_sam_shaw_serie2_010_1a syi_sc15_on_set_window_by_sam_shaw_serie2_011_1
syi_sc15_on_set_window_by_sam_shaw_serie2_012_1 syi_sc15_on_set_window_by_sam_shaw_serie3_010_1 syi_sc15_on_set_window_by_sam_shaw_serie3_010_1a

> photographie de Walter Jacobsen 

> photographie de Elliott Erwitt


 > planche contact

> dans la presse

> captures
syi_sc15_set_cap_01 syi_sc15_set_cap_02 syi_sc15_set_cap_03
syi_sc15_set_cap_04 syi_sc15_set_cap_05 syi_sc15_set_cap_06
syi_sc15_set_cap_07 syi_sc15_set_cap_08 syi_sc15_set_cap_09
syi_sc15_set_cap_10 syi_sc15_set_cap_11 syi_sc15_set_cap_12
syi_sc15_set_cap_13 syi_sc15_set_cap_14 syi_sc15_set_cap_15
syi_sc15_set_cap_from_the_legend_of_MM_01 syi_sc15_set_cap_from_the_legend_of_MM_02 syi_sc15_set_cap_from_the_legend_of_MM_03
syi_sc15_set_cap_from_the_legend_of_MM_04 syi_sc15_set_cap_from_the_legend_of_MM_05 syi_sc15_set_cap_from_the_legend_of_MM_06
syi_sc15_set_cap_from_marilyn_in_manhattan_01 syi_sc15_set_cap_from_marilyn_in_manhattan_02 syi_sc15_set_cap_from_marilyn_in_manhattan_03
syi_sc15_set_cap_from_marilyn_in_manhattan_04 syi_sc15_set_cap_from_marilyn_in_manhattan_05 syi_sc15_set_cap_from_marilyn_in_manhattan_06
syi_sc15_set_cap_from_marilyn_in_manhattan_07 syi_sc15_set_cap_from_marilyn_in_manhattan_08 syi_sc15_set_cap_from_marilyn_in_manhattan_09
syi_sc15_set_cap_from_the_legend_of_MM_07 syi_sc15_set_cap_from_the_legend_of_MM_08 syi_sc15_set_cap_from_the_legend_of_MM_09 

1954-09-13-ny-tsyi-set-cap_by_jules_schulback-02-1 1954-09-13-ny-tsyi-set-cap_by_jules_schulback-02-2 1954-09-13-ny-tsyi-set-cap_by_jules_schulback-02-3 
1954-09-13-ny-tsyi-set-cap_by_jules_schulback-02-4 1954-09-13-ny-tsyi-set-cap_by_jules_schulback-02-5 1954-09-13-ny-tsyi-set-cap_by_jules_schulback-02-6 

> video

> video (color footage in Kodachrome by Jules Schulback)

> source captures:
Documentaires "The Legend of Marilyn Monroe", "Marilyn in Manhattan".

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22 juin 2013

13/09/1954 Sur le tournage de The Seven Year Itch 15 - partie 2

Sept ans de réflexion
Sur le tournage - scène 15

Le 13 septembre 1954, Marilyn Monroe devant l'immeuble au 164 East 61 Street, à New York, où elle tourne une scène du film "Sept ans de réflexion".

In September, 13, 1954, Marilyn Monroe in front of the the building at 164 East 61 Street, in New York, where she shoots a scene of the movie "The Seven Year Itch".

> 2ème partie: Devant l'immeuble
syi_sc15_set_front_010_1 syi_sc15_set_front_010_1a
syi_sc15_set_front_021_1 syi_sc15_set_front_022_1 syi_set_peignoir
syi_sc15_set_front_032_1 syi_sc15_set_front_032_1a syi_sc15_set_front_041_1

> photographies de Sam Shaw
syi_sc15_set_front_by_sam_shaw_1 syi_sc15_set_front_by_sam_shaw_1a syi_sc15_set_front_by_sam_shaw_1b


syi_sc15_set_front_030_1 syi_sc15_set_front_031_1 

> photographies de George Barris
syi_sc15_set_front_by_barris_010_1 syi_sc15_set_front_by_barris_010_2
syi_sc15_set_front_by_barris_011_2 syi_sc15_set_front_by_barris_1_2_in_1954_09_09 syi_sc15_set_front_by_barris_2_2  
syi_sc15_set_front_by_barris_012_1 syi_sc15_set_front_by_barris_012_2
syi_sc15_set_front_by_barris_012_3 syi_sc15_set_front_by_barris_012_4
syi_sc15_set_front_by_barris_012_5 syi_sc15_set_front_by_barris_012_6 syi_sc15_set_front_by_barris_012_7
syi_sc15_set_front_by_barris_020_1 syi_sc15_set_front_by_barris_020_2

- avec Billy Wilder

 > photographies de Bob Henriques

 > photographies de Elliott Erwitt
syi_sc15_set_front_by_elliott_erwitt_1 syi_sc15_set_front_by_elliott_erwitt_2 

> captures
syi_sc15_set_cap_front_01 syi_sc15_set_cap_front_02 syi_sc15_set_cap_front_03 
syi_sc15_set_cap_front_04 syi_sc15_set_cap_front_05 syi_sc15_set_cap_front_06
1954-09-13-ny-tsyi-set-cap_by_jules_schulback-01-1 1954-09-13-ny-tsyi-set-cap_by_jules_schulback-01-2 1954-09-13-ny-tsyi-set-cap_by_jules_schulback-01-3 

> video

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21 juin 2013

13/09/1954 Sur le tournage de The Seven Year Itch 15 - partie 4

Sept ans de réflexion
Sur le tournage - scène 15

Le 13 septembre 1954, Marilyn Monroe à la fenêtre de l'appartement situé au 164 East 61 Street, à New York, où elle tourne une scène du film "Sept ans de réflexion".

In September, 13, 1954, Marilyn Monroe at the window of the apartment located at 164 East 61 Street, in New York, where she shoots a scene of the movie "The Seven Year Itch".

> 4ème partie: A la fenêtre - dans l'appartement

syi_sc15_set_window_in_010_1 syi_sc15_Peig20 syi_sc15_set_window_in_014_1
syi_sc15_set_window_in_011_1 syi_sc15_set_window_in_012_1 syi_sc15_set_window_in_013_1

> photographies de George Barris
syi_sc15_set_window_in_by_barris_010_1 syi_sc15_set_window_in_by_barris_010_2 syi_sc15_set_window_in_by_barris_010_2a
syi_sc15_set_window_in_by_barris_011_1 syi_sc15_set_window_in_by_barris_012_1 syi_sc15_set_window_in_by_barris_012_2
syi_sc15_set_window_in_by_barris_013_1 syi_sc15_set_window_in_by_barris_013_2 syi_sc15_set_window_in_by_barris_013_2a

> photographies de Bob Henriques
syi_sc15_set_window_in_by_bob_henriques_1 syi_sc15_set_window_in_by_bob_henriques_010_1 syi_sc15_set_window_in_by_bob_henriques_010_2

> photographies de Elliott Erwitt

> photographie de Garry Winogrand

 > photographie de Sam Shaw  

> dans la presse 
syi-sc15-mag1a  syi-sc15-mag1b 

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19 juin 2013

13/09/1954 Sur le tournage de The Seven Year Itch 15 - partie 5

Sept ans de réflexion
Sur le tournage - scène 15

Le 13 septembre 1954, Marilyn Monroe tourne ce qui sera la scène finale du film "Sept ans de réflexion", celle où elle est en peignoir dans l'appartement de Richard Sherman (Tom Ewell). Il s'agit de la première scène tournée en extérieur, à New York, dans l'appartement situé au 164 East 61 Street.

In September, 13, 1954, Marilyn Monroe shoots what will be the final scene of "The Seven Year Itch", the one where she is in a white robe in the apartment of Richard Sherman (Tom Ewell). This is the first scene shot on location in New York, in an apartment located at 164 East 61 Street.

> 5ème partie: Marilyn sur le sofa

syi_sc15_set_sofa_010_1_reading_script_1954_09_12 syi_sc15_set_sofa_021_1
syi_sc15_set_sofa_022_1 syi_sc15_set_sofa_030_1 syi_sc15_set_sofa_031_1
syi_sc15_set_sofa_020_1 syi_sc15_set_sofa_040_1 syi_sc15_set_sofa_050_1 
syi_sc15_set_sofa_071_1  film-syi-peignoir-2
syi_sc15_set_sofa_060_1 film-syi-peignoir-1 syi_sc15_set_sofa_070_1

> Marilyn avec Natasha Lytess

> photographies de George Barris
syi_sc15_set_sofa_by_barris_010_1 syi_sc15_set_sofa_by_barris_010_2 
syi_sc15_set_sofa_by_barris_011_1 syi_sc15_set_sofa_by_barris_011_3 tsyi-robe-1954 
syi_sc15_set_sofa_by_barris_012_1 tsyi-robe-sofa-fmf__barris__1954 syi_sc15_set_sofa_by_barris_012_2 
syi_sc15_set_sofa_by_barris_012_1b  syi_sc15_set_sofa_by_barris_012_2a  syi_sc15_set_sofa_by_barris_020_1 

> photographies de Bob Henriques
syi_sc15_set_contact_by_bob_henriques_1 syi_sc15_set_sofa_by_bob_henriques_1_1 syi_sc15_set_sofa_by_bob_henriques_1_3
syi_sc15_set_sofa_by_bob_henriques_2_1 syi_sc15_set_sofa_by_bob_henriques_1_4 syi_sc15_set_sofa_by_bob_henriques_1_5 syi_sc15_set_sofa_by_bob_henriques_5_2
syi_sc15_set_sofa_by_bob_henriques_1_2 film-7yi-__57__2_ syi_sc15_set_sofa_by_bob_henriques_5_1 
film-7yi-The_seven_year_itch_05  film-7yi-The_seven_year_itch_06 
film-7yi-The_seven_year_itch_07  film-7yi-The_seven_year_itch_08 
syi_sc15_set_sofa_by_bob_henriques_4_1 syi_sc15_set_sofa_by_bob_henriques_4_4 syi_sc15_set_sofa_by_bob_henriques_4_3

> photographies de Elliott Erwitt
film-syi-by_erwitt-1 film-7yi-1954 film-syi-by_erwitt-4
syi_sc15_set_sofa_by_elliott_erwitt_1_1 film-syi-by_erwitt-2 syi_sc15_set_sofa_by_elliott_erwitt_3_1
syi_sc15_set_sofa_by_elliott_erwitt_2_1 syi_sc15_set_sofa_by_elliott_erwitt_2_2 syi_sc15_set_sofa_by_elliott_erwitt_2_3
syi_sc15_set_sofa_by_elliott_erwitt_4_1  by_elliott_erwitt-MARILYN-MONROE-NEW-YORK-1956-2-BHC0342 
by_elliott_erwitt-CONTACT-SHEET-571-1956-1-BHC0351  by_elliott_erwitt-CONTACT-SHEET-NUMBER-573-1956-1-BHC0350 
syi_sc15_set_sofa_by_elliott_erwitt_contact_1 syi_sc15_set_sofa_by_elliott_erwitt_contact_2 1954

> photographies de Tom Caffrey
syi_sc15_set_sofa_by_tom_caffrey_1_1 syi_sc15_set_sofa_by_tom_caffrey_1_2 syi_sc15_set_sofa_by_tom_caffrey_1_3

> photographies de Garry Winogrand
syi_sc15_set_sofa_by_garry_winogrand_2 syi_sc15_set_sofa_by_garry_winogrand_3_1 syi_sc15_set_sofa_by_garry_winogrand_3_2

> photographies de Sam Shaw 
syi_sc15_set_sofa_by_sam_shaw_010_1 syi_sc15_set_sofa_by_sam_shaw_010_2 syi_sc15_set_sofa_by_sam_shaw_010_3
syi_sc15_set_sofa_by_sam_shaw_010_4 syi_sc15_set_sofa_by_sam_shaw_010_5

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