Marilyn Monroe en déshabillé noir en 1952
Marilyn Monroe in a black negligee in 1952

1952-studio_bed-black_negligee-by_aarons_bernard_preston-011-1 1952-studio_bed-black_negligee-by_aarons_bernard_preston-012-1 1952-studio_bed-black_negligee-by_aarons_bernard_preston-013-1 
1952-studio_bed-black_negligee-by_aarons_bernard_preston-020-1  1952-studio_bed-black_negligee-by_aarons_bernard_preston-021-1  

- Marilyn porte la nuisette non retenue pour le film "Niagara" -
- Marilyn wears the nightie not chosen for the movie "Niagara" -
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ph_bb_mag_cover ph_mag_TvForecast_1952_Oct4 

/!/ Selon les sources, les noms de photographes diffèrent
/!/ According to the sources, photographers' names are different
Bruno Bernard, Slim Aarons, Dave Preston ...

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