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Sur le tournage - scène 16 

Le réalisateur Joshua Logan dirige les acteurs Don Murray et Marilyn Monroe.
Director Joshua Logan gives instructions to the actors Don Murray and Marilyn Monroe.

> Photographies de Milton Greene
Photographs of Milton Greene

marilyn-monroe-BS-150  bs-sc16-film-010-2-by_mhg-1  marilyn-monroe-BS-149a 
marilyn-monroe-BS-154  bs-sc16-film-010-3  marilyn-monroe-BS-155 
marilyn-monroe-BS-121  marilyn-monroe-BS-011  marilyn-monroe-BS-380 
bs-sc16-film-010-4a  bs-sc16-film-010-4  H3257-L44539071
marilyn-monroe-BS-010  marilyn-monroe-BS-037  marilyn-monroe-BS-009 
marilyn-monroe-BS-129  marilyn-monroe-BS-181  marilyn-monroe-BS-5173 
marilyn-monroe-BS-159  marilyn-monroe-BS-160  marilyn-monroe-BS-161 
marilyn-monroe-BS-5117a  marilyn-monroe-BS-180 

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