Année: 1994 & 1995
Marque / Produit: Chanel n° 5 / parfum
Pays: France & USA
Réalisateur: Jean-Paul Goude
Musique: Marilyn Monroe "I wanna be loved by you"
Actrice: Carole Bouquet
Information: utilisation de la technique du morphing

Year: 1994 & 1995
Brand / Product: Chanel n° 5 / perfume
Country: France & USA
Director: Jean-Paul Goude
Music: Marilyn Monroe "I wanna be loved by you"
Actress: Carole Bouquet
Information: use of the morphing technique

CHANEL-1994-video_JP_Goude-cap01  CHANEL-1994-video_JP_Goude-cap02  CHANEL-1994-video_JP_Goude-cap03 
CHANEL-1994-video_JP_Goude-cap04  CHANEL-1994-video_JP_Goude-cap05  CHANEL-1994-video_JP_Goude-cap06 
CHANEL-1994-video_JP_Goude-cap07  CHANEL-1994-video_JP_Goude-cap08  CHANEL-1994-video_JP_Goude-cap09 
CHANEL-1994-video_JP_Goude-cap11  CHANEL-1994-video_JP_Goude-cap12  CHANEL-1994-video_JP_Goude-cap14 

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