07 mai 2011

LIFE 22/12/1958

mag_LIFE_1958_12_22_cover_1Le magazine américain Life du 22 décembre 1958 consacrait un article intérieur de 10 pages, à Marilyn Monroe, photographiée par Richard Avedon. Intitulé "Marilyn Monroe in a remarkable re-creation of Fabled Enchantresses", on y découvre Marilyn métamorphosée en Lillian Russell, Marlene Dietrich, Jean Harlow, Theda Bara et Clara Bow, suivi d'un articlé écrit par son mari Arthur Miller "My wife Marilyn".

mag_LIFE_1958_12_22_p01 mag_LIFE_1958_12_22_p02 mag_LIFE_1958_12_22_p03
mag_LIFE_1958_12_22_p04 mag_LIFE_1958_12_22_p05 mag_LIFE_1958_12_22_p06
mag_LIFE_1958_12_22_p07 mag_LIFE_1958_12_22_p08
mag_LIFE_1958_12_22_p09 mag_LIFE_1958_12_22_p10

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Przekroj 22/03/2011

mag_polonaismars2011Magazine polonais, cet hebdomadaire est paru le 22 mars 2011 avec Marilyn Monroe en couverture, à l'occasion de la sortie du livre Fragments en Pologne. Plus d'infos sur le site web du magazine przekroj.pl 

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28 avril 2011

LIFE 20/04/1959

mag_LIFE_1959_04_20_cover_by_avedon_1Le magazine américain Life du 20 avril 1959 consacrait sa couverture à Marilyn Monroe "A comic Marilyn sets movie aglow" et un article intérieur de 4 pages, consacré à la sortie du film "Some like it Hot" (Certains l'aiment chaud).

mag_LIFE_1959_04_20_p2 mag_LIFE_1959_04_20_p3 mag_LIFE_1959_04_20_p4

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24 avril 2011

Modern Man December 1952

mag_ModernMan_1952_12_cover_smlLe magazine américain Modern Man de 9décembre 1952 consacrait un article de 2 pages sur Marilyn Monroe, montrant la trasnformation de la jeune Norma Jeane en la star glamour Marilyn.

mag_ModernMan_1952_12_Marilyn1of2_sml mag_ModernMan_1952_12_Marilyn2of2_sml

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22 avril 2011

Julien's Auction 05/2011 - lots 534 à 538

A magazine titled "Marilyn Monroe Pin Ups" published by the Maco Magazine Corporation in 1953. Includes 14 pages of photographs and various, if inaccurate, facts about Monroe.
Estimate: $100 - $200

Three original vintage black and white photograph of Marilyn Monroe in her wardrobe as Nell in "Don't Bother To Knock" (20th Century Fox, 1952). The Wardrobe boards, dated "12/3/51" show that the costumes were designed by Travilla. 10 by 8 inches
Estimate: $600 - $800

A Marilyn Monroe costume swimsuit from an unknown production. Swimsuit is dark blue with light blue ribbon across bust. Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer tag reads "M. Monroe 36," additionally stamped MGM under bust lining. This was purchased in the 1970s from the prop resale house Remember When in Salt Lake City, Utah.
Estimate: $6,000 - $8,000 
juliens_lot537a juliens_lot537b

A twenty-one typed pages dated from October 20 to November 5, 1954, containing detailed reports on the movements of Marilyn Monroe and her friends and suspected love interests. The pages are prepared for "City Detective and Guard Service" on the subject of "Dimaggio****Monroe."
They provide detailed accounts of the movements of Monroe and Hal Schaefer, Monroe's vocal coach for Gentlemen Prefer Blondes (Fox, 1953). While Schaefer was watched closely, the detectives noted everyone with whom Monroe interacted.
The entry dated October 24, 1954, reads in part, "…7:50 P.M. The Subject [earlier identified as Marilyn Monroe] arrived at 1312 Harper, parked and entered same. There was another auto parked in the drive-way, a 1950 Cadillac Conv. Lic. # 5N69948 Calif., registered to Jane Wyman--360 N. Camden Dr., Bev. Hills. Someone was playing the piano in the house. The husband of Jane Wyman is John Karger (he plays the piano), and it was our oppinnion [sic.] that Karger was in the house."
Joe Dimaggio hired private detectives to track Monroe's movements, as he feared she was being unfaithful. The detectives' observations state that one of the "operators" called DiMaggio and they noted his car in front of the building where the famous "wrong door raid" took place on the night of November 5, 1954.
Folded, 7 1/2 by 9 1/2 inches
Estimate: $800 - $1,200

18 avril 2011

LIFE 9/11/1959

mag_LIFE_1959_11_09_usa_cover_by_halsman_1Le magazine américain Life du 9 novembre 1959 consacrait sa couverture à Marilyn Monroe et un article intérieur de 3 pages, sur la série "Jump" du photographe Philippe Halsman, qui fixait dans son objectif des personnalités en plein saut, à travers ici des photos de Sophia Loren, Audrey Hepburn, Brigitte Bardot et Grace Kelly.

mag_LIFE_1959_11_09_usa_p1 mag_LIFE_1959_11_09_usa_p2

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LIFE 21/11/1960

mag_LIFE_1960_11_21_coverLe magazine américain Life du 21 novembre 1960 consacrait un article sur la rupture entre Marilyn Monroe et Arthur Miller, intitulé "End of famous marriage"; publiant des photos de tournage du film The Misfits.

mag_LIFE_1960_11_21_p88 mag_LIFE_1960_11_21_p89 mag_LIFE_1960_11_21_p90

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17 avril 2011

Movie Show January 1958

MovieShow_January1958_coverLe magazine américain Movie Show de janvier 1958, consacrait un article de deux pages intitulé Everybody loves Marilyn sur la participation de Marilyn Monroe à l'inauguration d'un building à New York.
(source Scans: site hollywoodcinderella.com )

MovieShow_January1958_001 MovieShow_January1958_002

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Playboy US January 1987

playboy_january1987_coverLe magazine -édition américaine- de Playboy de janvier 1987, consacrait un article de 10 pages sur Marilyn Monroe intitulé A loving tribute by Hugh M. Hefner et publiait des photographies d'Earl Moran.
(source Scans: site hollywoodcinderella.com )

playboy_january1987_01 playboy_january1987_02
playboy_january1987_03 playboy_january1987_04 playboy_january1987_05 playboy_january1987_06
playboy_january1987_07 playboy_january1987_08 playboy_january1987_09 playboy_january1987_10

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13 avril 2011

Playboy US January 1964

mag_Playboy_1964_01_cover mag_Playboy_1964_01_cover2

Le magazine -édition américaine- de Playboy de janvier 1964, consacrait un article de 8 pages sur Marilyn Monroe intitulé MM remembered, a retrospective tribute to a hollywood legend.
(source Scans: blog ACiDPoP! )

mag_Playboy_1964_01_p102 mag_Playboy_1964_01_p103
mag_Playboy_1964_01_p104 mag_Playboy_1964_01_p105
mag_Playboy_1964_01_p106 mag_Playboy_1964_01_p107
mag_Playboy_1964_01_p108 mag_Playboy_1964_01_p109

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